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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good Leadership As Evidence By Staffing ("Hire The Best")

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If it looks and smells like a swamp, folks it is a swamp.

Staffing the Organization

The effective leadership benefits from and is identified via the quality of her/his executive team choices.

Just before the 2016 General election, CNBC broadcast a Q & A  interview with candidate Trump and John Paulson, funds manager. 

Paulson asked a question regarding making the US government more effective: "What would be your criteria for selecting key administrators?" Amongst the many words Trump gave the audience and the television viewers the essence of his comments was: "I would hire the best (paraphrased)."


Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator is the most corrupt cabinet official across the full scope of modern US history.


In mid-March (2018) Media Matters posted a timeline of Pruitt scandals. The following link navigates to the Media Matters piece but keep in mind the piece runs through March 18, 2018.  Over the past month, Pruitt has been the subject of many additional reports of swamp-like scandals. Link here.

Talking Points Memo is reporting Trump has apparently commented the He may not have the "best" with all cabinet heads

As stated above, leadership is accompanied via staffing decisions and the quality of hire.