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Friday, November 23, 2012

ANONYMOUS and Rove's ORCA.... Liberals Unite -Samuel Warde

 Cross posted from Liberals Unite Dot Com......Samuel Warde

Rumor has it that the cyber hacker group (hacktivist group), Anonymous, foiled Karl Rove’s efforts to steal the election from three key swing states: Florida, Ohio and Virginia.

You might recall that two weeks prior to the November 6th election, Anonymous posted a video warning Karl Rove not to rig the election, in which they told Rove that he was being watched and that if he attempted to rig the election, he would be stopped. That video went viral in just days.

The story begins with Velvet Revolution who offered a million dollar reward last month for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who rigged a federal election on November 6th.

As per their website:

“Velvet Revolution US Inc. (Velvet Revolution) is a non partisan 501(c)4 organization founded for the purpose of providing a means for citizens and organizations to mobilize and create a clean, transparent and accountable government. Velvet Revolution focuses on election protection, media reform, and corporate and government accountability. It uses various means to shine sunlight on these issues, including working with whistle-blowers, social media, law enforcement officials, and members of Congress. Velvet Revolution was co-founded by Justice Through Music and The Brad Blog, and it is a 501(c)4 activist, education and lobbying organization.”

Velvet Revolution’s reward specifically targeted Karl Rove noting:

“There has been a great deal of nefarious activity in the run up to this election mostly by partisans on the Republican side of the aisle. Karl Rove is receiving a great deal of scrutiny for raising hundreds of millions from GOP billionaires to defeat President Obama.”

On November 12th, Velvet Revolution received a letter from “The Protectors,” a group thought to be comprised of members of Anonymous. The letter, according to Velvet Revolution “mentioned the reward and went on to note that they began monitoring the ‘digital traffic of one Karl Rove, a disrespecter of the Rule of Law, knowing that he claimed to be Kingmaker while grifting vast wealth from barons who gladly handed him gold to anoint another King while looking the other way.’”

Velvet Revolution went on to state that:

“The Protectors” said that they had identified the digital structure of Rove’s operation and of ORCA, a Republican get out the vote software application. After finding open “doors” in the systems, they created a “password protected firewall” called “The Great Oz,” and installed it on servers that Rove planned to use on election night to re-route and change election results “from three states.”

The letter indicated that “ORCA[1] Killer” was launched at 10am EST and “The Great Oz” at 8pm EST on November 6th. “The Protectors” watched as ORCA crashed and failed throughout Election Day. They watched as Rove’s computer techs tried 105 times to penetrate “The Great Oz” using different means and passwords.

Finally, they issued the following warning to Mr. Rove: don’t do it again or they would turn over the evidence to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Here is the text of the letter itself:

Greetings to the good people of the Velvet Revolution
8 November 2012

Please we were to see that you put your faith in the hands of we protectors of democracy, and tempted too to claim your generous reward. But wealth does not drive us.

Two months prior to your offer, we chose to take a action against those who have subverted the will of the people in past elections, which resulted in terrible destruction across the globe. We began following the digital traffic of one Karl Rove, a disrespecter of the Rule Of Law, knowing that he claimed to be a Kingmaker while grifting vast wealth from barons who glady handed him gold to anoint another King while looking the other way.

After a rather short time, we identified the digital structure of Karl’s operation and even that of his ORCA. This was an easy task in that barn doors were left open and the wind swept us inside.

So what do we do with these doors? Do we lead them open and catch the thieves as they steal the prize? Or do we close them so they cannot steal the price?

Our decision-protect the citizens.

We coded and created, what we call, The Great Oz. A targeted password protected firewall that we tested and refined over the past weeks. We place this code on more than one of the digital tunnels and their destination’s that Karl’s not so smart worker bees planned to use on election night. We noticed that these tunnels were strategically placed to allow for tunnel rats[2] to race to the server sewers[3] from three different states. Ah yes, Karl tried o make it appear that there were more than three but we quickly saw the folly of his ploy.

We watched as Karl’s little boys and girls confidently ran their tests while Karl told his barons to smoke cigars.

6 November, 2012
10am EST -ORCA Killer
8pm EST-The Great Oz

We watched as Karl’s speared ORCA whale was beached, rotting with a strong stench across his American playground, unable to be resuscitated. We watched as Karl’s weak corrupters tried to penetrate The Great Oz. These children of his were at a loss-how many times and how many passwords did they try-exactly 105.

[1] ORCA is a reference to Karl Rove’s GOTV ubercomputer, which could actually be a vote tabulation manipulation software based system.

[2] A remote access tool (a RAT) is a piece of software that allows a remote “operator” to control a system as if he has physical access to that system. It is possible to remotely install a piece of software on a computer with the intention of taking control of that computer without the legitimate operator becoming aware of it. This connection type can normally only be made if the remote computer operator has the I.P address of the computer required to be controlled. Most “firewall” software usually “blocks” this type of invasive software. However, experienced computer software programmers have developed sophisticated programs to “bypass” typical firewall software. SOURCE

[3] A server sewer refers to a hack used on a “Secure Shell.” SSH is a method of securely communicating with another computer. The “secure” part of the name means that all data sent via an SSH connection is encrypted. This means if a third party tries to intercept the information being transferred, it would appear scrambled and unreadable. The “shell” part of the name means SSH is based on a Unix shell, which is a program that interprets commands entered by a user. SOURCE

If this story is true (and at this point there is no way to verify it) it could explain Rove’s meltdown on Fox News wherein he seemed to refuse to accept that Mitt Romney could lose Ohio. [As seen in the video below.]


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ANONYMOUS, Thom Hartmann, Karl Rove's ORCA


Earlier in the week I published a piece about ANONYMOUS' claim of hacking Karl Rove's ORCA.  The piece included a situation summary of the "HACKTIVIST" group's claim that was written by an associate: Benjamin T. Moore.  As I was developing a follow-up piece, I was alerted of an even more descriptive piece from Mr. Moore.   I am posting Mr. Moore's piece, with permission,  from The Whirling

Any information related to the ANONYMUOS claims will involve a bit of reading.  Your reading is the output of much work by the writer in putting together a cogent treatise about ORCA, hacking into the system, and how, if true, the actions may have impacted our lives.  Therefore, the following is not a short read. As is always the case with The Progressive Influence, read a bit and comeback for additional reading.  This piece is one such piece!
Benjamin  T. Moore

How Anonymous Saved America and the World

thank you anonymous header How Anonymous Saved America and the Worldby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

How Anonymous Saved America and the World

Those of us who’ve been paying attention to our electoral process have noticed some very disturbing trends and subsequent anomalies. I am probably giving some indication of my age, but I grew up in the era of real voting booths, curtains, tabs and levers.

voting lever 01 300x190 How Anonymous Saved America and the World
One of the most important levers you will ever pull.

I remember as a child holding my mother’s hand in a voting booth and watching her flip the little tabs and then pull the lever which opened the curtains and registered her vote. My personal belief is that all parents should take their children to vote with them. It is good training and exposes them at an early age to the most important of our civic responsibilities.

I am not a technophobe. I fully appreciate progress and the role technology plays. Our population is growing, more and more people are voting and we still expect to know the outcomes of our elections on election night. The notion that we could count these votes by hand and still have timely results has become an unreachable proposition.

Enter Computers

Using computers to record and count the votes makes receiving timely results easy. If properly deployed, you could know the final count from any precinct the moment the last person in line votes. Computers are machines, they’re non-partisan and they’re extremely efficient crunching numbers.. or are they?

ed felton computer scientist uncovering flaw in voting machine 300x205 How Anonymous Saved America and the World
Computer Scientist Ed Felton uncovering a computer flaw in a New Jersey voting computer.

The facts are, computers have vulnerabilities too. For one, they will do whatever they’re programmed to do. If the person programming them is partisan, computers can be programmed to return partisan results. Computers can also be hacked. They can be given a virus which rewrites their code. I can look at another human being and tell if something is wrong with them. They may appear feverish, sluggish, their speech may be slurred, their eyes may be red. There are thousands of subtle signs we pick up allowing us to know that one of our fellow human beings is just not right. Computers? Not so much.

A computer can be programmed to switch votes to any candidate a programmer, hacker or virus writer chooses and the persons casting their votes would be none the wiser. In many jurisdictions which have now gone to all electronic voting, they have also passed laws mandating the destruction of the paper trail. Those places that use paper ballots where you darken in a circle beside your choice, feed them into an optical scanner, many of those jurisdictions have passed laws mandating the immediate destruction of the paper ballots. The question is why?

Hacking Democracy

joseph stalin quote on voting How Anonymous Saved America and the World
This has always been the hard reality of democracy.

In the words of Joseph Stalin, “those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” The way things work today is, you cast your vote either using a “touch screen” computer system or a paper ballot you’ve filled out and fed through an optical scanner. At the end of voting those electronic votes are sent over the Internet to a central computer where the votes from all the precincts are tabulated and the election results are published.