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Thursday, October 4, 2018

"But he is so qualified" (Is He Really?)

Image result for kavanaugh roommate roche Image result for kavanaugh roommate roche
I am reading comments from conservatives with the new mantra of "but he is so qualified".  

Qualifications is a multi-faceted reality.  Does a documented liar denote a qualification? well, maybe for conservatives and Republicans (specifically )to lie is an admirable and desirable quality.  

Does a penchant to step outside the realm of courtesy and expectations also qualify/ We remind of Kavanaugh's posing questions back to Democrat Party Senators and his over the top exhibition of judicial activism?

Watch starting at the 50-second mark......

But let's get t the business of lying in a Senate hearing as it relates to his past alcohol consumption. drinking and his over-the-top love of "beer" is a far lesser concern than the ever-present lie form the nominee.

Courtesy CNN News

Brett Kavanaugh's Yale roommate tells @andersoncooper that when he heard his Senate testimony he "knew he was lying."

Outright lies in a judicial confirmation hearing and over and partisan judicial activists comments from the witness has become acceptable via Trumpism. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Kavanaugh Via Media Matters; Trump In Mississippi

As Trump's reality TV show continues...

While considering what you just witnessed as a backdrop, take another look and listen to how the nation's 45th resident bullied Dr. Ford at an oozfest in Mississippi. Also, notice the roaring round of applause as Trump unleashes a form of misogyny. As you know Dr. Ford was the first of a few former associates who have accused Kavanaugh of sexual abuse.

Imagine that.