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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Big Crime Lie

Do you recall this from Trump's Gothic inauguration speech?
“the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.”
After one year in office, after the New York Times document 2140 Trump lies and after Politifact rated Trump as a liar at the plus 82% level, Trumps' information ministers and presstitutes are busy working to shape your thinking
Think Progress

Brennan Center crime data over a 29 year period.

Be very careful. The history of human kind has archive of recent national leader (dictators) who once in power turn nations into cesspools of greed, genocide, murder and the virtual death of their nations. 


Monday, November 27, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Code Talkers Met With Trump Racism

Image result for trump racism with code talkers
Utter racist

During World War II, The US Military (Department of Defense) deployed teams of Navajo Native Original Americans for radio communications.  It doesn't take even an average brain to know why the US forces would use native speaking Americans against the Japanese in the Pacific.

If you cannot fathom why US Forces would deploy the "code talkers", think in terms of Japanese mastery of American English. Now, think in terms of Japanese listening posts performing INTEL as the US and England successfully deployed in both World War II combat theaters.  The Japanese had no native language specialist to eavesdrop on the code talkers.  An effective war strategy and weapon based squarely in the realm of American diversity?

Well, a few minutes ago the nation's ill-prepared and insensitively bigoted president could not resist lowering his meeting with the code talkers to the level of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and all things racist in conservative America.

Take a look and listen to a couple of minutes from Trump's statements to the world in front of the visiting code talkers.

One day back for his 100th (vacation) day away from the Oval Office and Trump offers a super dose of racism.

How ironic the totally undereducated and ignorant Trump would continue to use a racial slur when the person called "Pocahontas" (resulting from tribal leadership fear of reprisals against the tribal princess) did so much to assist English colonists in the New World.

Lawrence O'Donnell via MSNBC's The Last Word offers a history lesson conservatives and racist should consider.

Racism is so very ugly. And, it took place on Trump's very first day back from the Thanksgiving Day holiday.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fact Check Dot Org: Trumpism

Fact Check dot org. allows reposts of its analyses,  A couple of such pieces drew my interest after considering the week that just ended.

The first piece, I have linked here Trump Misleads on High U.S. Drug Costsalong with a preference for a full post of the third piece (below). 

The second piece relates to Trump's Chief Of Staff who has grown well as a vital and high-level member of Trump's cadre of liars. (Video Backs Wilson, Not Kelly) . Politifact also ran an analysis of Kelly's comments: FALSE.

The third pieces, as an embed.

Trump Misleads on Insurer Profits


The Daily GOP ignominious: The Leaders Lies, The Staff Cover The Lie; Democracy Suffers

Image result for lies beget lies quoteHave you ever seen or heard the phrase "A Bridge Too Far?"  How about the possibility you may have seen the movie titled as such? If you haven't the words are such they are easily discernible and straightforward. The words denote the reality of a task or something which is outside of the reach of doable. No matter how hard one tried or how much effort extended the task always falls to the reality of "fail."

After the killing of four US Army Special Forces troops in Niger, the nation's 45th President built a bridge based on foundations which were not true (he lied) and fixing his lie is an impossible task for his "presstitutes" and top staff.

Trump's presstitutes are digging the administration deeper and deeper into a hole while moving "the bridge" farther and farther away after Trump responded to a Rose Garden question. A question about why after 10 plus days he hadn't commented once about the loss of four of our finest military assets. 
We to this day have no idea why Trump and his security and communications tea totally ignored the deaths for almost two weeks.  What we do know is the Trump team should have anticipated a question about the matter at the Rose Garden visit and should have equipped the communication (skills) deficient Trump with a better answer in the video above.  

Trump again reached back to Obama (and others who preceded him) for lie based efforts to rationale his failures. 

After days of proving the president was not accurate regarding his condolences wishes vs that of Obama, the arrival of the late Sgt. La David Johnson proved to push the Trump bridge out into the stratosphere.  Well, outside the reach of acceptable and rational comments from his presstitutes.

Before we move into Trump's webs of entanglement in which his staff and surrogates are forced to navigate, take three and one-half minutes for a perspective on Trump's lack of veracity and his penchant to simply lie as a first thought. 


With credible validation of Trump's first thought inclination to lie or to lie for effectiveness let's move into yet another week of Trump social catastrophe. Towards the middle of the week and with the arrival of Sgt Johnson's body, Trump went here:
Trump told the pregnant widow her husband: “he knew what he signed up for... but when it happens it hurts anyway.
If we jump forward to week's end and the "stunning" revelation Trump's Chief of Staff Kelly gave Trump those words and accompanying thoughts, the plight of the staff (as presstitute) starts to materialize from the evaporating fog of Trumpism. Problem, most former military highest ranking generals are not proper sources for seeking words of empathy to pass to a twenty-something pregnant wife. Generals are called on, at times, to affect war and killing, the young mother's experience with life has probably been consumed with love of family love of her very young children and love of her now deceased husband. 

End jump forward digression.

Kelly's words to the virtually illiterate Trump led to his coming forth with the revelation of his culpability and complicity I offer words to the widower which to her and her family seems insensitive.  I will not post Kelly's lie-filled performance to the White House Press Corp; I prefer to post Lawrence O'Donnell's effective dissection of Kelly's remarks.  The segment is very long, but not a minute wasted on setup and loquacious gobbled-gook. 

Kelly is not a tool to shave the rough edges from Trump he is, in fact, an enabler. 

From Kelly's lie filled performance, we move to one of the most despicable examples of growing US authoritarianism we have witnessed since Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (for those old enough to remember). 

Just think. the nation, US taxpayers, pay for the White House Press Secretary to roll-out each day as Presstitute Numer One and do stuff like this.

"If you want to go after General Kelly, that is up to you. If you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that is something highly inappropriate."

If you have never witnessed authoritarianism laced with utter (and dangerous) sycophancy, you just observed and heard it from the White House. Most rational and self-respecting people would not have even thought the thought Sanders spoke as willingly as her daily lies from the podium. 

On a more serious note, can you recognize the last national leaders who so surrounded himself with generals and a dedicated communications ministry?  If you need a hint, think about nascent growth and proliferation of white supremacist, anti-Semites and public exhibitions of Nazism. 

While on the topic of communications, propaganda, and mind-shaping demagogues let's spend a few minutes with a couple of Trump's most visible talking-heads and reactions from people who hold diametrically opposite views. One person is a Republican, Rick Wilson, and a non-Trump supporter. 

A well-known CNN contributor and conservative radio host and noted former congressional Trump rationalizers, took a step too far via blaming the Left for not taking the high road regarding Trump's  wallowing in the gutter.  

Republican Rick Wilson, an anti-Trump Republican, was having no of it today.

Jack Kingston, an over-the-top Trump rationalizer, continues to make a fool of himself while trying to straddle the moving Trump fence.

Kingston is almost as ridiculous as the former CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord.

Yes, Trump and his close cabal offer a bridge too far.  The real tragedy is Trump moves that bridge farther and farther out with each passing week. 

Last point; generals as the closets of advisers is not the tendency of a leader who cherishes democracy.