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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"STOP And FRISK" Is Yet Another Form Of Jim Crow.

New York City authorities, Police Chief and mayor, have taken credit for reducing the murder rate in New York City.  They do so as national statistics show national violent crime rates are markedly down over the past 25 years. It looks like New York City's violent crime data trends right along with national data.

Charts via Mother Jones

                                Without regard for possible innocence?

Yet, both Bloomberg and the stoic Chief Kelly have been on a "We wanna Stop and Frisk" rampage since a federal judge ruled last week their practice and procedure is unconstitutional.

The rhetoric for the outgoing mayor and his Chief of Police is simply not supported by empirical data.  What is factually represented is the manner in which the harassment practice has adverse impact on African-American's and Latinos. 

Since Mayor Bloomberg and Chief Kelly started the unlawful practice reports are 4.4 million "stops" have been performed. Is it necessary to state the proportion of stops who were African-American and Latino?  We will illustrate the proportion.

The data reflects exponentially more stops of Black and Hispanics, but overall far more illegal "items" found on whites.  The data does show a high number of gun seizures from black stops. Now, that last sentence was a Fox News angle. If you look closely at the number of total stops during the period of over 4 million, you will see a proportionate relationship that is startling. Correction, there is a disproportionate relation in the numbers! Black "stops" were 2.3 million with 16,000 seizures; white stops of 435,000 yielded the same number of seizures. If you take a look at the number of "other weapons" seized, one might wonder about the practice of zeroing in on young black and Latino males vs all young males (excluding young Asians).  It appears young Asians get a free ride!

Data is really boring but it is irrefutable as Ronald Reagan once uttered, "Facts are stubborn things."

The Guardian
State senator Eric Adams, who retired from the NYPD after rising to the rank of captain during a 22-year career, said commissioner Ray Kelly described his views on stop and frisk during a July 2010 meeting in the office of then-governor David Patterson.

Adams had traveled to Albany for a meeting on 10 July 2010 with the governor to give his support for a bill that would prohibit the NYPD from maintaining a database that would include the personal information of individuals stopped by the police but released without a charge or summons. In discussing the bill, which ultimately passed, Adams said he raised the issue of police stops disproportionately targeting young African American and Latino men.

"[Kelly] stated that he targeted and focused on that group because he wanted to instil fear in them that every time that they left their homes they could be targeted by police," Adams testified.

"How else would we get rid of guns," Adams said Kelly asked him.
NYPD officers frequently classify black and Hispanic men ages 14 to 20 as “the right people” for the purpose of stop-and-frisk. In particularly candid testimony, Chief Esposito, a high-ranking NYPD official, answered questions about NYPD’s approach to stops that targets “the right people, the right place, the right time.” The exchange went this way: 
Q. Quality stops are stops that are in the right place at the right time, correct?
A. Yes.
Q. And targeting . . . the right people, correct?
A. Among other things.
Q. And the right people would be young black and Hispanic youths 14 to 20, correct?
A. At times. [pause] You failed to mention reasonable suspicion.
The intent of Bloomberg and Kelly's Stop and Frisk is clear. Instill fear in segments of the population. The very sad part of "instilling fear" is the real fact that many of the 2.4 million stops of Black young men and men were not stops that yielded a seizure. Instill fear is a powerful tool. It has been used by dictators and despots for centuries. It was used effectively in the Jim Crow South to force obedient subservience upon million of black people. 

Joy Ann Reid filled in for Martin Bashir, MSNBC, this afternoon. Ms Reid delivered a searing and revealing expose` on New York Cities Stop and Frisk policy and Mayor Bloomberg's campaign to have the discriminatory (and racist) practice re-instated.

I could very well end the screed at this point with Joy Ann Reid's poignant. 

While the issue is as serious as any unfair and unequal treatment in America, I refuse to move way without a couple of shots that befits the ridiculousness of the practice.

Neither image below depicts a New York City Police officer. In fact, the image to the left which appears very much photo-shopped, appears to be in an African nation.