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Monday, September 2, 2013

Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang, Kenneth Copleand And Childhood Measles

Ed Schultz

Religious dogma gone astray! Measles among the congregation and false prophecy from a military Chaplin. 

We are not writing to malign those who worship God and certainly are not blanket criticizing all religious leaders.  But, some place among far too many cases of child abuse and lavish riches from congregations and other means of garnering revenue, something has gone terribly wrong.

Dogma gone wrong and children suffer.....

Vaccinations work to eliminate diseases.  There can be no argument with the statement as there can be no logical argument against immunizations, from childhood through Pneumonia vaccines for older citizens.  Anyone who disputes facts related to immunizations has to either suffer from a mental disorder or the person is railing from a motive perspective.

Leon Ferranti has published a great inforgraphic (with associated ) data related to disease elimination and vaccinations.

We at the TPI understand the allure, the good the faith,  and the bad associated with organized religion. We get it comprehensively! Spirituality and worship of "heavenly perceptions" have been as much part of mankind as has the development of weapons for hunting game and tilling the soil for agriculture to feed the family unit. We get it, we really do get it!

Our reticence comes full blossom as we watch from afar. We see faith based leadership as church members obviously cannot see them or they simply do not care. Exhibitions of overwhelming opulence and irrational dogma from the pulpit causes a great deal of consternation and questions of just how dangerous and opportunist are some of these ministers. Could faith and devotion be so blind such opulence is not viewed comparable to the money-brokers allegedly roused from the temple by Jesus Christ? Maybe, complaining against the minister could summons the wrath of the church, or worse yet, in their minds, the wrath of God. 

Would you like to take a journey through Corporate Ministries? Our brief journey will end with a look at the lavish life trappings of the minister who preached against immunization and vaccination: Kenneth Copeland.

Opulence (tax free mind you) Gallery
Joyce Meyer's Compound (Click link for full  tax free opulence)
Photo: from Obscenitease Apparel

Tax them and TAX THEM NOW!
Olsteen's Mansion
The Bishop Eddie Long's Tax free opulence
         The Rev. Creflo Dollar Jr. Sliver Coud Rolls Royce

Kenneth Copeland's spread! (Click for larger view)

Let's get back on task after a few peeps at purely obscene opulence, in part, at our expense. These entertainers do not pay taxes. 

How about religious dogma which contributed to a congregation with full disdain for immunizations? Disdain ordered from church leadership with full expectation of compliance with fear of violating a man or woman's preaching. Violation of mankind's preaching with unwritten doctrine including sins against the minister's lord and savior. You know what lies ahead, correct?  Of course, you know.

We start with an almost incoherent backtrack from Kenneth Copeland's daughter. A measles outbreak has infested 21 church members; mostly children. Did I again keyboard Kenneth Copeland? How about another look above at the last mansion posted above? 

Copeland's daughter (minister)

Kenneth Copeland, as a sickening wealthy minister,  is culpable in an infestation within his congregation that did not have to happen. Could it be the unwitting victims of Copeland dogma and entertainment actually, in a way, paid for their loved one's to suffer with the measles.  

The political operative who serves as Chaplain

Egberto Willies published a screed based on a segment form MSNBC's, The Ed Show.  How Ed Schultz and his staff located a charlatan zany enough to avail himself to the knowledge and cognitive abilities of Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang, is amazing. The alleged Chaplain appears to have a script from which he annoyingly reads throughout the interview. He raises his head only to spew anti-Obamacare talking-points. His talking-points are typically "GOP false" and his forays into scripture appear to be nothing more than lies.  The chaplain may have great success with low information people, but his notes failed him miserably. 

Egberto Willies Dot Com
Ed Schultz: The Christian faith is very clear, feed the poor, and heal the sick. Is it really Christ like to take healthcare away from Americans that should have healthcare that could save their lives? … 

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Obamacare takes healthcare away from, a half a billion dollars was taken away from old people, from Medicare to fund basically a slew of people who refuse to get jobs.… 

John Fugelsang: You know Jesus never asked a leper for copay. And in Matthew 10:7-8 commands his followers to heal the sick. Now every option of healthcare on the exchange allows for a woman to choose a provider that will only allow abortion in cases of rape or incest. Where the chaplain is being disingenuous is that the only time that this will ever pay for an abortion is in the case of rape or incest or if you believe as the chaplain does that contraception is the same as abortion. So I’d like to ask the chaplain if I could, Jesus never at any point in the gospels condemns abortion even though people were terminating pregnancies at the time. He does however come out quite frequently against killing the sinner through the death penalty. So have you sir ever once protested your tax dollars being taken to fund state sanctioned killing.… 

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Jesus said in Mark 15 that if anyone disobeys or dishonors his mother or father he should be put to death. Jesus said in Luke 17. 

John Fugelsang: No sir. He did not say that. He is quoting Leviticus. He is throwing that back in the face of the Pharisees. Some of us know that story sir.

Egberto offers compelling points regarding The Ed Show interview. If you are truly a high information reader, you might want to visit Egberto's site (linked above). We offer one last look at how some practice their ministry.  Is it a stretch to think acts such as these are staged?