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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Conservative Surrogate and Well Paid Mouthpiece Demurs On MIZZOU Racism

‘Nobody Got Hurt!' Kevin Jackson on MIZZOU racism.

megyn mizzou panel

Bigotry and racism are more often than not damaging to the psyche instead of the literal physical being. How can anyone relegate overt racism to "Nobody Got Hurt?"

During October 2013, noted black conservative, Kevin Jackson keyboarded a piece that fully revealed his niche in social America via this headline: "America Needs a White Republican President.If you read the piece you will find it a clear case of a facilitating racists and a clear example of a black man who has found a lucrative niche during our era of Obama.  The title of the book and the linked piece speaks volumes about Kevin Jackson.  What better to make whites comfortable with individual biases and bigotry (And racism) than an African-American who speaks their mindset? 

Jackson is fully aware of the nooks and crannies of American conservatism. He is a member of a political party that is proudly 92% white and a party that has no interest in reaching out to Black America. If you think the last sentence was harsh and without basis, check this out:

Look closely at the groups the 2012 Romney camp felt worthy of  outreach "Communities."

The omitted group delineates a conservative mindset and a core GOP value that Jackson manipulates for financial gain while literally oblivious or uncaring the extent  he paints a picture of "the fool." 

In 2010, Jackson was the centerpiece of an article developed and published by the River Front Times, a St. Louis, Missouri metro Area free press publication: Kevin Jackson wrote the book on how to win (white) friends and influence (black) people.  The piece is both revealing and point-on as a map of the psyche of the conservative opportunist. The following bulleted segments of the piece peak your interest.
Chapter 1: Find Your Message 
Chapter 2: Tell Your Story 
Chapter 3: Join the Tea Party 
Chapter 4: Find Your Niche 
Chapter 5: Make a Name for Yourself — And Protect It 
Chapter 6: Build Your Own Media 
Chapter 7: How Far Can You Go?
If you need a more descriptive map of the psyche of one Kevin Jackson, you should invest in a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and leave the map to old technology.  Jackson's "niche is clear as his consistent pandering to American whites via his I am not like them differentiation from African-Americans. He also a prime example of black conservatives who will never ever refer to themselves as "African-American." 

I won't dirty my page with references to Jackson as what some would call an Uncle Tom, but I stand committed to Jackson as a caricature of the fabled "House Negro" who spent the entirety of his life pleasing white plantation owners for favorite slave status.  If we allow our minds to think of the old South antebellum House Negro, we cannot avoid the reality of cases of "pleasing slavism" that facilitated the slave's family (e.g., food, physical comfort and avoidance of child sell-offs). Jackson's post-slavery slavism without doubt provides various forms of life-sustaining means and he is apparently successful at filling the role.  It is his job!  

Last night Jackson fulfilled his job description as an exemplary "pleasing slavist" and conservative black facilitator for whites. And, what better forum than Fox News with none other than "White Santa; white Jesus" Megyn Kelly.  The backdrop and well staged on-air kerfuffle centered around the recent resignation of the University of Missouri President and Chancellor.  Jackson as a St. Louis area resident cannot have escaped the decades-long reports of overt racism on the MIZZOU campus.  But, as the good slavist, it doesn't fit his niche and message to speak frankly about the deleterious effects of campus racism on the well-being of the entire student body and employee census.  He best serves in the role you will see and hear in the following Mediaite piece. 


‘Nobody Got Hurt!': Fox Panel Blows Up Over Missouri Protests, Political Correctness

megyn mizzou panel
A Fox News panel went off the rails tonight in a fierce argument over the University of Missouri protests and whether it’s yet another example of politically correct, overly-liberal college campuses.
Lisa Durden started by going off on the “idiot” president who resigned today under pressure, saying his “stupid pontificating” wasn’t enough to show he understood the issues the students were raising. And she was so fired up she gave Fox viewers her Twitter handle and basically said to bring it on.
Kevin Jackson called the whole thing “the most ridiculous thing that’s happening in colleges,” lamenting how the outrage is over-the-top for minor incidents that he said most people would “blow off.”
Durden jumped in to ask how people can just brush off ongoing racial slurs and an incident of a swastika made of feces. She kept going on about the president and said (presumably directed at him), “Take that, you idiot!”
Jackson pointed out the swastika was probably meant as a slur against Jews. Durden fired back, “Luckily I’m not a black person who only care about black people!”
Jackson said, “Yeah, you are,” and asked, “Who got hurt? Nobody got hurt!”
Watch above, via Fox News.
[image via screengrab]
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A "Differentiaior" Speaks Of Blacks Appreciating Gifts!

In October 2014, Daily Kos writer Bill Berkowitz keyboarded the this screed regarding Ben Carson and a visit with an ultra conservative radio show host: Mark Levin. The piece includes accurate depictions of the nascent phenomenon of "black" intellectuals and black celebrities who embrace the ideology of a political party that is 92% white with no outreach to the African-American Community.  

The very thoughtful piece from Berkowitz is well received and as stated above accurate. Yet, there is much more to the phenomenon. These people are African-Americans who, in my opinion, literally hate their ethnicity, hate the black culture and literally avail themselves as doormats for people who in aggregate regard the black community in ways just shy of life in Jim crow America. They live and postulate as minstrels who's every waking hour and minutes of deep sleep dreams are consume with vision of pleasing people who despite claims to the contrary oppress the Black Community. Whether in terms of overt appeasement of whites who relish their minstrel acts.....

The perfect example is the well known Obama hating 'black' conservative Kevin Jackson. The little tea party minstrel lives the good life off the psyche of whites who like little better than seeing an hearing a black person slam President Obama.

Let's consider an example..from his blog(October 9, 2014). Note how the opportunist minstrel positions the piece to appeal to his readers (Whites). He uses an image of a president who introduced Trickle-down economics to a nation that has experienced a deteriorated middle class and more impoverished people as a direct result of trickle-down economics. He positions an image of a president who was in the Oval Office during most corrupt of times in US history. (Exhibit A; Exhibit B). He offers an image of the first president to negotiate with terrorists and one who literally sold arms to Iran and chemical weapons know how to Saddam Hussein. In the case of arms sell to Iran, Reagan perpetrated the heinous acts to fund his Central America War against the Sandinistas of Nicaragua. Ultimately, Jackson entices with an image of a president who launched the nation into unprecedented non war years spending accompanied by tax cuts.  

Of particular note, you may notice he did to use an image of George W. Bush. The minstrel, Jackson, leveraged the man conservative America considered their ideology patriarch and Americans "felling good' president.  He ignore the white president who took the nation to two wars while cutting taxes, who lead through a era of sub-prime lending that damned near killed our nation, a president who sanctioned torture and who's team outed an active CIA agent as retribution against her husband. A man who would not support the Bush/Cheney lies of WMD. Jackson incites his audience about "wanting a white president; via an image of a false prophet while ignoring the penultimate example of a more nascent "white president."

As you read what follows, notice how the black minstrel sets his audience up for his brand of "foot shuffling" ignominious pandering.

America Needs a White Republican President
Admit it. You want a white Republican president again. 
Now before you start feeling like you’re a racist, understand you are not.

Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American.
In the pre-black president era, criticizing the president was simply the American thing to do. An exercise of one’s First Amendment right. Criticism had nothing to do with color, because there had never been a black president, or at least one whom people recognized as black.

So to criticize the president meant that you didn’t like his policies.

New Obama Popularity Poll 7-2-14 5:30 p.m.
WCTV - Tallahassee, FL
The election of a recognized black president was not supposed to change anything. In fact, it was supposed to (1) ease any perceived racial tensions, and (2) allow the government to focus on legislating without race. So America would be more free than ever to discuss the issues. 
Not the case. And that is why having a white Republican president is best for the country.

The opportunist used very strategic hooks to snare readers for his on man minstrel show.

These people have every right to hold social and political beliefs as Americans.  They posed a problem for the greater society in that they are so busy posturing themselves as different from other African-Americans, they literally damage relations in the minds of those to whom they speak.  They are existential  "Differentiators." (Look at me I am different from the masses of African-Americans; in fact do not call me an African-American, I prefer to be called a black conservative)

Since I started the piece with Ben Carson, lets take a look at his comment to a conservative audience.

Think about the extent of his statement and the deep appeal to whites who listen to his for of minstrel "play." 
In October, Dr. Ben Carson told conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin that: "Before Obama, people barely noticed skin color; that goes back 150 years. Blacks were happy and grateful for what we were given."
"....Blacks were happy and grateful for what we were given."    
Carson is from a humble background that is reported to have included food aid to his mother (and to him via default and the scope of aid programs). Why would he play to his audience with the very words, his audience finds both reinforcing and distasteful.

What were African-Americans given? Was Carson demurring and coddling to a mindset that since the first slaves arrived in the "New World" were given life sustaining items to maintain a life of human bondage. (Food,  Diet, Life of the Dead, Mal Nutrition form bondage) Was he reminding whites who abhor assistance to the black community (and to poor whites) their less than benevolent hand-downs were appreciated? Why were his comments stated as such? Could he have spoken appreciation for the right to vote and to seek an equal education for African-American kids? How about the prospect he was offering whites a thank-you for allowing blacks to eat in restaurants at an equal level or sit in the same bus or train terminals with whites? Were African-American "Given the right to seek a home in any community? "What we were given?"

Carson's playing to the radio audience was a far more vile example of The Differentiator than Kevin Jackson's inane money-grabbing rhetoric. Carson's minstrel (ism) clear ly reflects a mindset that can only be described as loathing of his blackness and severe indoctrination via an American Stockholm Syndrome. 

The black conservative will rail incessantly about the phoniness and disingenuous nature of the Democratic Party. They do so without one utterance about overt racism and bigoted wrongs from the party with which they align. While I am completely turned-off by the Democrats (of late), I recognize many who claim the GOP are inherently and diametrical averse to all things black.  Frankly, it seems the black conservative is also of that ilk.

Ben Carson is a learned surgeon. How could he allow the words, as delineated, above emanate from is brain across his lips into the ears of his audience. Comments with even more deleterious to those in the black community who fight against the perception of a culture of "accepting gifts" from the white community. 

And, Ben Carson would be president?


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fox News On Facebook, A Burst Of Fox On Twitter And Bill Moyers: GOP "Dog Whistle"

Recent court decisions reversing Republican strategy to restrict the vote has Fox News riled up even more than an improved US economy. There are some things that are not supposed to happen. The court decisions are so outside the conservative and Fox News paradigm, the network is reacting like a WWE wrestling match in which the pre-determined winner did not follow the script.

While CNN has taken to employment of the "black conservative" Obama hater Kevin Jackson for coverage of the St. Louis, Missouri protests.  I will give the network credit for booking inane drivel speakers like John Lott and allowing the talking-head to show their ignorance.  Actually, Lott is not ignorant. He is the archetypal Fox News guest who goes on camera, spews a wealth of false info and rest comfortably knowing the host (s) will provide cover. The host will close the set by covering the guest with flowing praise and tucking the guest away with supportive comment before moving to commercial break (eg, Hannity, Fox and Friends, Megyn Kelly, Bill Hemmer et al).

As to Kevin Jackson? CNN should be far more careful about telegraphing its efforts to appeal to conservative audiences while covering a protest related to a black teenager was summarily executed by a white cop. Is the network so consumed with appearing balanced network producers would book a avowed conservative to ward-off the prospect of a progressive view of the protests? Networks rarely make severe booking mistakes. Kevin Jackson is covering the St. Louis protest for a reason, and the reason points an indicting finger at CNN producers. Why not declare network intent to compete against Fox News as the new One America Network?  

CNN your political dirty skirt is showing!

Let's move back to Fox News and a burst of Twitter posts.

Killer Democrats, really?
Fox producers should have avoided this segment, California Congressman Duncan Hunter and his 10 captured ISIS infiltrators.
I will bring this exhibition to close with a two plus minute segment from Bill Moyers and Company. Ronald Reagan is without question the Father of Modern Conservatism and the catalyst of all racial divisiveness we experience today. He and his operatives (Lee Atwater et al) promulgated political strategy that has metastasized into racial divides only manifest in the ante-bellum South. 

The essence of GOP "dog whistle" politics and its racial charged base.

How pathetic is American conservatism?


Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lost Black Man Part II: The Insanity Report (March 2010)

The Insanity Report Dot Com uses A Soldiers Story (Denzel  Washington and  cast) to illustrate loathing at its very worst.
This screed is the promised in, The Lost Black Man Part I Post.  It is a cross post from The Insanity Report Dot Com web page and it is just over two years old.  

The vast majority of African-American's wholeheartedly respect the personal preferences of other African-Americans when one considers social and political preferences. We do so knowing an overwhelming majority of black people, due to a changed political  climate and politics of the GOP, are inclined to support the Democratic Party. Sure, we hear the arguments about how the Democrats use African-Americans for political expedience, and some may very well believe that assertion. For me, I lay my hat where I am most comfortable. There is no one in the nation who can point to the US poli/social Right and show me areas where there is true interest in minority rights.  One only has to watch the vile utterances of people like (from Part I) Jackson, Limbaugh, Neal Borowitz and many others to see there is no respect for the black community in the political right.  And there is even less for the nation's first African-American President. The Lost Black Man: Part I  One has to only watch the news of secret email from GOP officials that are purely racist and of vile demeaning intent.  I will retract all that I have just stated if anyone can point me to evidence of voter suppression from the Democratic Party. 

Yet the self-loathing Jackson does not write about ills of his party; he writes about a President who has done nothing deserve being compared to a Section 8 tenet (See The Lost Black Man Part I). 

As stated above the following screed is just over two years old. I suspect it was written as the likes of Jackson and other of his ilk, emerged from obscurity after of the election of Barack Obama. As opportunity president itself, there is always a 'carnival barker' there to attract the unknowing and the inclined to believe and yes the outright gullible.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Lost Black Man... Part I

Kevin Jackson
Author, The BIG Black Lie

The  following is Part I of a two part piece about a young black conservative who lowers himself to that of a cheap 'carnival barker' for what appears as enticement to purchase a book and for media appearance.  we are not suggesting that all African-Americans must blindly support President Obama. In fact, The Progressive Influence takes exception to certain Obama policies, but as you know were are 99 per cent supportive.  As we have posited in the past, author Jackson writes with a  purpose that must be addressed with counter comment and questions of 'what is the point". The second part of the work is a cross posted (with permission) from the web page: The insanity Report addresses what some fear as Jackson "self-loathing'. 

The Progressive Influence will not publish an image of Jackson, as we feel the image here would feed his obvious quest for attention, book sells and could contribute to further interest in his asinine drivel.

On Thursday of this week George W. Bush and wife journeyed back to the White House for an official time-honored unraveling and presentation of presidential portraits.  While at the event, Bush commented in jest about his portrait adorning a wall that might one day lead to contemplation by President Obama of, "what would George do".  Well, while recognizing the comment as a quip, my mind could not help but respond. Let's say my mind took me to where I am  100% certain President Obama's mind also took him, "I do not think so."

It is with a great deal of certainty the world knows that President Obama would think long and hard before thinking of matching his actions with the of Bush. Obama has already hoodwinked himself into too many "like Bush' mistakes (Afghanistan is one such SNAFU). Could the reasonable person, as the legal system often refers, seriously think that Obama would think in terms of, "....well what would George do". If he did such, I hope the very next thought would be, "OK, George would do this, let me go in a 180 degree opposite direction".  the right answer is more likely sitting at the 180 degree mark and that is a mark farthest away from :"What would George do".

Despite the complete contempt that George Bush carried away from Washington DC in January 2009, there are a few (very few) who claim fondness for, and positive reflection on one of the worst president in US History. Bush is quite probably the very worse considering his monumental mistakes, deceit, and nation killing administration, in a time when all intelligence should have pointed to, "Go in another direction." The 43rd President of the United States of America was even treated as a disfigured outcast during his last yer in office.

Before I get back to Jackson, allow a few comments about George W. Bush, who Jackson obviously considers one of the nation's greatest presidents.

I have never read Jackson comment about Bush being the greatest US president ever. But, take a read of the following. if you do not depict a level of affinity and worship reserved for the likes of Nero, Julius Cesear or Cleopatra, you are not reading from an open perspective.  I am post an excerpt of  a few passages only. The piece is comical as it gets and tragic simultaneously.  As I have written about Jackson previously, I stand by my assertion that he writes for effect.  Effect based in motive well beyond a love for conservatism. His verbiage and prose as obvious examples of one bent of reaching a specific audience for purpose of books sells and media appearances.  I ask that you notice the imagery he imparts as he attempts to demean the President of the Untied States of America with the shell of a character who was handed the 2000 Election and ruined our nation to the point of continuing struggles to return from the abyss.  

Notice comments from the excerpt below such as.... 
"To put it in the vernacular, “Bush owned the joint!” 
I must ask, what vernacular is the Jackson referencing?


a : using a language or dialect native to a region or country rather than a literary, cultured, or foreign languageb : of, relating to, or being a nonstandard language or dialect of a place, region, or country.

"He truly looked like the lord of the manor, there to check up on his new Section 8 tenant."
Therein lies the tragic. Jackson is so enamored with himself and his conservatism, He deploys a class Herman Cain, "The Differentiator" ("Look at me, I am not like them") utterance. Factually, speaking the utterance verges on the common conservative perception that black people are the sole benefactors of federally subsidized housing. His use of the rhetoricthus lays him squarely in the same pig-pen as the likes of Rush Limabugh, Neal Borowtiz, and Pat Buchanan. Of course, those are names Jackson probably cherish, in his role as 'a Differentiator". 

"Walking beside him was Little Barry, talking  and gesturing with his hands like he was making excuses for the stains Bush was about to see on the carpet or the holes in the walls. 
“Don’t worry Dad, I’ll pay for the damages,” Obama appeared to be saying."