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Monday, July 30, 2018

Kochs Turning On Trump? (Video)

Koch Freedom Partners ad as an appetizer

Surrounding himself with civilian and military “yes” people so he can overthrow government and become dictator. Are you ready to “Hail, Feuer Trump!”

In 2015, The New York Times published an article related to Koch brothers plans for Election 2016 Spending.

We actually have no idea the extent of Koch spending on placing Trump in the White House and moneyed support to the GOP holding two houses of Congress. The figures are without question exorbitant and it was such without consideration of potential continuous from the Koch brothers "Donors Club of wealthy conservatives who commonly contribute along with the Kochs

If we look back at David Koch's part in the 1980's Libertarian Party Platform, we find a few items which stand out like a Fly in your Ice Cream.  Even as far back as 1980, at least one Koch has been active in Paleozoic Era (regressive) policies.  Noticeable in its absence from the Libertarian Party Platform were bullets related to federal spending.  

Image result for libertarian party platform 1980

The Koch brothers since 1980 have not developed from their socially regressive ideology. But, they have been loquacious regarding federal spending. Their support for the GOP includes a history of well-documented support for cutting federal spending while openly espousing tax cuts (hence the 1980s platform).

We also remind you, the Kochs benefited mightily from Trump's early term approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. While Snopes rates reports of potential profit for the Kocks via the pipeline project as Pants of Fire, I find it impossible to believe with major land holdings of the Canadian Tar Sands, the Koch aren't garnering enormous additional wealth from Trump's signature pen. Another Koch victory via Trump is the tax cut for the nation's wealthy.

The tax cuts guarantee the Kochs billions per year in tax savings. it should be noted after the tax law was signed, reports circulated the Kochs gave Paul Ryan $500,000.

The Kochs are in no way friends of the people nor do they work towards advancing social reforms. They are longstanding social regressives who are instrumental in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which focuses on developing law drafts for handoff to eager state and local politicians.

As time has passed and the reality of Koch support for yet another Oval Office 'loser' comes to light like a devil with a comb-over, it appears the Kochs are flip-flopping on their conservative party head. 

Politico recently published a piece centered around Charles Koch's possible split with His brother David on matters of post-Trump election politics.  Maybe the time is right along with growing evinces Trump is losing his mind while the GOP Congress moves the nation back to Pre Word Was II policies.  

Well, wouldn't you know Trump's ill-advised Tariff strategies and practices; have touched the Kochs?  As David Koch moves ever so close to "retirement" his Wichita based brother, Charles, is turning and aiming his vast wealth and behind the scenes political maneuvering against Trump's tariff policies.

Multiple intentional media are reporting Charles Koch is turning into a tariff Chameleon. He is turned his colors from Trump red to a facade of possible false (or opportunist) liberal blue. Maybe the public reports are only related to tariff policy, but any Koch against Trump won't bode well for the GOP going forward.


Koch Brothers' Network Pushing to Curb Trump's Tariff Powers | Time


CNN (June 2018)

While self-serving regarding the Koch business empire, the Charles Koch sniffing of liberal ideology (regarding tariffs) brings thoughts of the image below.
Related image
Bring him in and suffer greatly, or and more apropos, never trust a smiling Spider.

How did Trump react to the Koch news?  Linked here.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Democrats Who Are Beyond Blue Dogs!


NINE DEMOCRATS VOTE WITH REPUBLICANS TO APPROVE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE — Here are the traitors, DINOs (Dems in name only, or POMAs as I call them). These nine Democratic senators voted with all the Republicans present to approve the  Keystone XL Pipeline, already approved by the House. If both bills can be reconciled and passed, President Obama will veto the bill. It will take 67 senators for an override of the president's veto in the Senate and it would also require the votes of 2/3 of those present in the House to override a presidential veto. If all 435 members of the House of Representatives vote, then at least 290 must vote to override Obama's veto. This probably won't happen. Nevertheless, it's discouraging to see Democrats supporting the Fossil Fuel "nail in America's coffin" because the XL Pipeline symbolizes a doubling down on oil global warming versus a move to renewable energy. Shame on these nine senators!

The New York Times published an informative piece about KXL and its political umbrella. An umbrella with a fabric made of US dollars.

You might also link to view a list of US Congressman who receive "subsidies" from Big Oil and Gas.

Unfortunately, the list is undated and is noticeably absent Democrats who are joining the GOP in support of projects that provide no real value to the US citizens while providing copious amounts of money to uber wealth oil and industrial barons.

Despite and absence of Democrats whoa re increasing voting to support Big Oil and Gas, the list certainly carries a message. it speaks to why the GOP will introduce and pass a bill authorize full construction of the KXL, while maintaining a hands-off of any bills related to jobs and the economy.

Tracy Knauss's POMAs are a shameful group of legislators who warrant a bit of exploration regarding their contribution from Big Oil and Gas. Stay tuned for a look at the nine POMA's and how they may or may not accept dark money form industrialist or their front dark money operations.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GOP Plan To Repeal And ObamaCare!

The 2014 mid-term election have passed into US history.The GOP took won a majority in  the US Senate and joins with a Majority of corporatist legislators in the House.  Fun times for the GOP!

At the top of the post election GOP agenda...approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Grand Ol Party must payback the Kochs who stand to gain $100 billion for development of tar sands land they own in Canada.  And, it is time to give the Kochs a gift in repealing a laws that is against their vision of America. A law once repealed will return US healthcare to the days of insurance executive pay opulence, denied coverage, higher premiums for women. 

Alas, some in the party are coming to the rescue of millions who previous either had no medical coverage or who had coverage that only provide assistance with catastrophic illness disease or emergencies.

Let's take a look at a GOP plan.

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


House GOP Unveils O-Care Repeal-Replace Bill After Big Election Wins

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

Read more 


Corrected: House GOP Re-Ups O-Care Repeal Bill After Big Election Wins

Corrected: This article originally stated that Price's bill was newly introduced Wednesday. It had already been introduced, but his office…

Another perspective the Paul "I ran a marathon in record time" Ryan at the controls.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bill Moyers And The Keystone XL Pipeline

Bill Moyers and the fallacy of the Keystone XL Pipeline....

New Film Destroys TransCanada’s Sunny Keystone PR Campaign (via Moyers & Company)
TransCanada’s PR team offers dozens of videos featuring happy “straight talk” — in both English and French — about its Keystone XL pipeline. In them you’ll meet the smiling TransCanada environmental specialist who says she grew up in Nebraska…


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oil Spills And Contamination Is An Existential Reality! Keystone XL Anyone?


Some messages need little introduction. Big Oil and Keystone XL is one such topic. We offer a video journey over time and the horrors of contamination. 

Are we so blind and subservient we cannot grasp the full measure of how "Big Oil" doesn't give a damn about our environment. Big Oil is singularly responsible for overwhelming efforts to restrict advancement towards alternative energy sources. Yet, oil companies are quick to back away form their major contamination and they do so behind armies of corporate lawyers and payments to those who have the power to force Big Oil in ways beneficial to Earth's climate.

Exxon Valdez Tanker spill March 24, 1989

(, this video opens with Exxon Valdez Captain Joe Hazelwood's radio call to Coast Guard, accompanied by The Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel. It concludes with a simple message: "British Columbians have spoken. Will Stephen Harper listen?"
Paul Simon's music label granted the rights to use the song for a small honorarium after the Coastal First Nations wrote to him personally, telling him about the Great Bear Rainforest and the danger that oil tankers pose to BC's coastal communities.

Read more after break below

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Keystone XL Project Equals 35 Permanent Jobs!

I am also findng it impossible to believe people are actually falling in-line behind approval of this project . Even MSNBC's Ed Schultz has caved in support of Nothern Leg approval. Why hand the Koch brothers bllions more, lay waste to large swaths of pristine Nothern midwest states breadbasket land, to provide oil products to Asia?  Job?  Read on!


The Keystone pipeline creates "35 permanent jobs" after construction, according to a government report.

Van Jones on Monday, February 3rd, 2014 in a segment on CNN's "Crossfire"
CNN's Van Jones says Keystone pipeline only creates 35 permanent jobs

The debate over whether President Barack Obama should approve the Keystone XL pipeline often turns to jobs, but should it? Liberal CNN Crossfire host Van Jones says the pipeline is not the jobs creator supporters talk it up to be.

"Every time we have a show, somebody says something ... about Keystone, and somehow Keystone is going to create all these jobs," Jones said in the Feb. 3 episode of Crossfire. "Then it turns out, look at the actual numbers. It turns out the actual numbers are 3,900 temporary jobs in the construction sector and 35 permanent jobs."

Ralph Reed, a conservative activist who founded the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said Jones’ claim is unfair because a long-anticipated report by the U.S. State Department says the project will create 42,000 jobs. Reed went on to say the report cleared the main argument against the project, that it’s bad for the environment.

We are fact-checking claims from each pundit about the project. Here, we’ll focus on Jones’ claim about the project creating "35 permanent jobs."

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would stretch 875 miles from Western Canada to Steele City, Neb., where it would connect with existing pipelines and usher 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Because TransCanada’s project crosses international borders, the company had to file an application for a presidential permit. As part of the process, the president directs the Secretary of State to determine whether the project "serves the national interest." Secretary of State John Kerry has not yet issued a recommendation to Obama based on the study.

Obama is under political pressure from all sides, with environmentalists and Democrats like Jones on one side who want him to shut it down and Republicans and some Democrats supportive of organized labor on the other who say it would strengthen the country’s energy independence and, yes, create jobs.

When the State Department released its 11-volume report about the pipeline’s impact Jan. 31, 2014, the big headline in most news coverage centered on its finding that the pipeline project would not significantly contribute to carbon pollution. Some see that as giving Obama an opening for approval.

With that backstory out of the way, let’s crack open the chapter on jobs.

There’s plenty of debate over how many jobs the project would create during construction.

The State Department report puts the total at 42,100 jobs, though the definition of a job in this sense is a position filled for one year. Much of the construction work would come in four- or or eight-month stretches. About 10,400 seasonal workers would be recruited for construction, the State Department said.

When looked at as "an average annual job," it works out to about 3,900 jobs over one year of construction or 1,950 jobs each year for two years.

The rest of the jobs would be the result of spillover spending (formally called indirect or induced economic activity) as Keystone workers buy equipment and materials to complete the project and spend their money on an array of services, including food, health care, and arts and entertainment. As you might expect, it’s much harder to measure the widespread effect on job creation.

There’s no doubting that most of the economic activity comes during construction. Jones honed in on jobs after construction, which aren’t really a source of sharp debate.

"There’s very few jobs operating pipelines," said Ian Goodman, president of the Goodman Group Ltd., an energy and economic consulting firm in Berkeley, Calif. "That’s one of the reasons why pipelines are attractive to the oil industry. They’re relatively inexpensive to build and operate."

The report says the project would provide jobs for about 35 permanent employees and 15 temporary contractors.

The full-timers would be "required for annual operations, including routine inspections, maintenance and repair." Some would work in Canada. The U.S. employees would work at pump stations along the pipeline route as well as a Nebraska office.

The project’s impact on housing, property taxes and service industries once in operation? Not much. Not much is known about the contractors’ workload except they would provide additional specialized support.

Still, arguments about the relatively small number of permanent jobs from the pipeline often belie the nature of construction jobs, which are comprised of temporary projects by definition, said Matt Dempsey, a spokesman for a coalition of pro-Keystone groups known as Oil Sands Fact Check.

"You build it, you move on," Dempsey said.

Our ruling

Jones said the Keystone pipeline will only result in 35 permanent jobs after construction.

The numbers, as reported by the State Department, back him up, though that’s the nature of any big construction project, be it a highway or monument.

Jones’ claim is True.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Billionaires’ Carbon Bomb..... "Building Keystone XL Pipeline Will Mean $100 Billion in Profits for the Koch Brothers"

$100 million dollar windfall!

When you think of your net worth and your earnings power, do you ever imagine a figure at what point you might feel satiated, and maybe sit back with the thought, "Now, that could be enough money for me, my family, for maintaining business operations for generations and any philanthropy (should you have that inclination)?"

A thought wasted on these plutocrats corporatist.

How about the prospect of being two of the wealthiest people on Earth with an opportunity to earn an additional $100 billion via approval of a pipeline?  A pipeline that travels from Canada across the health of the Midwest (and tornado alley) with fissures across the Mississippi River with end terminals on or near the Gulf of Mexico. The Keystone XL Pipeline offers that opportunity to the Koch brothers. International Forum on Globalization (IFG), A progressive think tank, has completed and published a report that may explain over-the-top GOP support and dogma for the pipeline.

Koch Cash Dot Org published the October 2013 report in pdf form. We are posting a (must read) link to press page with the Google map embed below. 
Below is our Google map showing all the Koch Assets in the tar sands as well as interests all along the proposed pipeline itself. Or if you prefer to see it the whole page itself, click here.

View Koch Assets Map in a larger map
one piece key
Wealth is a state of being that has grown to a common expectation and standard in the United States. According to Huffington Post, October 17th 2013, America blows away the rest of world when considering individual wealth.  

The U.S. Blows Everyone Else Out Of The Water In 1 Key WayThe Huffington Post  |  By Posted:   |  Updated: 10/17/2013 11:38 pm EDT

That one way? We're really, really good at creating really, really rich people -- like, $50 million-plus rich. Just ignore the fact that our 400 wealthiest people are worth more than the entire bottom half of the country combined. And now, the chart:
rich people

Wealth in the US is such that the people who comprise our upper  (uber wealthy) crust 20% have carved a special niche comparable to a caste system. Caste systems exist in environments where in aggregate people accept their plight and scrap among themselves for trappings of the good life. 

The US caste systems differs via the very nature of its uber wealthy obscenely opulent button pushers: the Koch brothers. The Kochs are biblical "temple money brokers" who, if you are follower and believer of scripture, Jesus extricated from the Money Changer Temple." 

When do we say, "enough is enough?"  Since first mention of an expanded XL version of existing Keystone Pipeline (beyond the current Keystone Pipeline), conservatives, politicians, and even a few noted quasi-Democrats (e.g.,Harold Ford) have spoken frequently and loudly about approval of the project. Outright lies about potential jobs and to decreasing US energy dependence, have peppered Pipeline-friendly media and barraged the Obama Administration.

Studies have documented the fallacy of thousands of jobs from the project and the US will soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the leading energy producer on Earth.  Additionally, the Keystone XL Pipeline will deliver fossil fuel derivatives to overseas market in Asia (China). Before, we move on, it should be noted the Canadian Province of Alberta has denied approval of  a western pipeline (to the Pacific Ocean) based on inadequate safety measures from tar sands oil producers.

Why should the United States stand-in as a conduit for pushing the Kochs to the top of  the international uber wealthy?  What should the heartland of the United States become the next potential major oil spill? While we dread the thought, what if that spill deposits tar sand sludge into the nation's busiest commercial thorough fare? Catastrophe in either scenario would lead to armies of Koch Lawyers combating corporate responsibility much like that of British Petroleum and the Gulf Oil Spill.

From another perspective, why should the US pave a path for uber wealthy people who have serious social shortcomings probably handed to them by the John Birch Society co-founder Fred Koch.
 DNA that today manifest in attempts to re-segregate a school system in North Carolina. The brothers are Ayn Rand like Libertarians who suffer from innate contempt for people who are less fortunate regarding. financial wherewithal, jobs, medical coverage and who are simply unfortunate as denizens of the middle class or poor.

We can find no rational justification for spending $200 million to combat the ACA, when neither the Koch's nor their families have need for medical insurance.  If we place the $200 million in perspective,  there should be little doubt why the House of Oz voted 45 times to repeal or defund the ACA (at a cost of over $65 million). Can you imagine a  GOP Government shutdown, without approval via the party's major "Money-Brokers?"  The shutdown cost the nation $24 billion tangible dollars and untold international ramifications.

Now we find the Kochs will benefit at the tine of $100 billion with full development of the tar sands fields in Canada.

Al Shaprton, Politics Nation provides a poignant segment on people who would rule our nation without regard for common people. 

It is important to know, if you are reading this piece, you are probably one of America's common people. When you go to the voting booths and vote GOP, know that you are handing the Koch's another $100 billion dollars! You are also voting to elect Koch approved candidates who will work to advance Koch plutocracy detrimental to the well being of the nation.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keystone XL Pipeline: The Ugly, The Bad And The Secret Funnel!

If you approve of a Canadian corporation building yet another pipeline across the heart of the American Midwest, that is your prerogative.  If you oppose Obama's potential approval of the northern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline, as an American, that is also your prerogative. Before, moving-on, I am anticipating you know Trans Canada has an existing Keystone Pipeline (See bold red pipeline in 2011 MCT image, left). The XL project is a "brontosaurus" version surrounded by a protecvtive moot of lies (jobs), misrepresentations (safety and jobs), and financial contributions (Congress, lobbyist, surrogates and stooges across party lines).  Most Americans have no idea there is active development and funding of a 'secret' pipeline that is even more dangerous to the nation than the XL pipeline. 

On August 15, 2013 USdailyrepresent Dot US's Jasper McChesney published an infographic about the secret pipeline (posted below). The secrecy surrounding this pipeline is focused on you, me and others who allow ourselves to continue as unknowing subjects in the active and flourishing world of international corporatism.

While the secret pipeline is as old as US history it has grown with time to a reliable funnel of contributions to political campaigns.  The funnel was given a major fissure with the SCOTUS ruling on the Citizens United case in 2010.

USdailyrepresent Dot US

The House of Representatives voted to approve the Keystone. Sources: Maplight. (
Congress' Secret Pipeline!

H.R. 3 Northern Route Approval Act  (Project as an Eden's Garden for Members of Congress)

Keystone XL: The Push

Keystone XL: Imminent Danger

More to come on Keystone XL......


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Keystone XL Pipeline, GOP Support And "Snuggling" Animals!

Did you know Keystone Pipeline already exists? Trans Canada wants a larger XL  Extension!
Would you like to be reminded of how Big Business Big Oil, Lobbyist, law firms and advertisers manipulate you, me and public opinion?

The ultimate example is a 30 second Keystone XL Pipeline commercial running on national television. The "ad spot" is running on networks that appear to draw viewers seeking news related information.

The 30 second spot!

Allow me to leave a question that I will answer in a few minutes. 

The question.  "What about the advertisement stands out like an oil leak in your driveway or garage? What is missing from the advertisement?  The answer will follow.

I have seen the advertisement on both MSNBC, and CNN (as sparingly as I watch CNN), yet not of Fox News.  Frankly, I void Fox News like a path lined with rattlesnakes; thus viewing over there is practically impossible. However, we must factor-in another dynamic. Fox News serves as the GOP's television media outlet, so there is no need to spend thousands on the thirty second spot.

A decision on construction of the northern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline still awaits the Obama Administration. Apparently in March of 2012President Obama spoke favorably about the southern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline (AKA the Gulf Coast Pipeline), and construction is almost complete. 
If you are a high information person, you know the  XL Pipeline is at the center of much back and forth regrading approval or non-approval. Frankly, I feel President Obama will acquiesce and approve the Northern leg; and that will be very much to my personal chagrin.  

The pipeline traverses far too much of North America for me to feel at all comfortable about the inevitable pipeline breaks, leaks and other maladies. Maladies that always occur when transporting fossil fuel derivatives.  

If we provide a look at the skeleton foundation of US gas and oil pipelines the image looks busier and more intricate than our highway and road systems. Take a look!

Map of major natural gas and oil pipelines in the United States. Hazardous liquid lines in red, gas transmission lines in blue. Source: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

If you spend a few minutes on the Propublica "Pipeline Safety Tracker" you will find these man-made tubes are also dangerous to human life in the form of work related accidents.  Linked here

A pipeline horror that can potentially affect every person who lives in the United States is depicted in this, and associated, graphics.

The article associated with the "toxic liquid spills" graphic reveals even more unnecessary pipeline horrors.

This summer, an Exxon Mobil pipeline carrying oil across Montana burst suddenly, soiling the swollen Yellowstone River with an estimated 42,000 gallons of crude just weeks after a company inspection and federal review had found nothing seriously wrong. 
And in the Midwest, a 35-mile stretch of the Kalamazoo River near Marshall, Mich., once teeming with swimmers and boaters, remains closed nearly 14 months after an Enbridge Energy pipeline hemorrhaged 843,000 gallons of oil that will cost more than $500 million to clean up. 
While investigators have yet to determine the cause of either accident, the spills have drawn attention to oversight of the 167,000-mile system of hazardous liquid pipelines crisscrossing the nation.
Read More

Trans Canada has an active and busy website devoted to the Keystone XL Pipeline.  As you view website header info below, you might find an answer to the question posted above.   Of course, most of you quickly discerned the manipulative aspects of the 30 second advertisement.  Let's move to Trans Canada.

Keystone XL Pipeline will be the safest and most advanced pipeline operation in North America. It will not only bring essential infrastructure to North American oil producers, but it will also provide jobs, long-term energy independence and an economic boost to Americans.

Keystone XL Pipeline will 
support the significant growth of 
crude oil production in the 
United States. Read More

Jobs & Economic Benefits
Construction of the 1,179-mile
Keystone XL Pipeline will require
9,000 skilled American workers.
Read More

Environmental Responsibility
Oil pipelines are safe and efficient,
and TransCanada has one of the 
best safety records in the industry.
Energy Security
Keystone XL has the potential to
reduce the amount of oil America
 imports from unstable regions of 
the world.

We have written and posited much Trans Canada's spending on lobbying for pipeline construction. There is no need to rehash those figures and implied messages and data from the reading.

Before we finish with a couple of additional examples of what appears 'cash for speak', the answer to the questions above.
Trans Canada and "slick" consultants, lawyers, and advertising agency professionals intentionally left the word, "pipeline" from the ad spot.  Why would that be a desired state? Why would I not want you looking at my eye , if I had a black, blue or well-punched eye?  What is it about the word pipeline that it was left from the ad spot? If you are still wondering why, look above. Pipelines are not safe! -The Pardu
We suggest it is yet another form of mind altering manipulation. Manipulation at which the GOP and the nation's conservatives have sharpened such when compared to a razor blade, the blade would appear dull.  The Right has operatives and highly paid professionals who have taken Nixon's CREEP Team tricksters craft to a much highly and more cerebral level. Now, you might say, "The GOP had nothing to do with the Trans Canada advertisement. Really think a bit deeper.

"Approve the Keystone (P_ _ _  l _ ne) XL!"

While on this topic, allow another example of "the spin." If you want to really see how low we have gone with cognitive exploration of topics watch these three (highly compensated) buffoons.  The segment is so much about minutia, I suggest a quick view of the beginning of the segment and pick it up again at the 2:45 mark.  "Animals warming and snuggling under the pipeline!"

The Kudlow Report

Three questions:

1. If the data above is accurate, and we trust it without question, what happens if the XL PIPELINE breaks into the Mississippi River? There is a fissure from the main pipeline across the nation's most  critical inland transport artery. Thus, concern for all who live in the United States.

2. Why did the Canadian province of Quebec reject an Enbridge Corp. Tar Sands pipeline (The Western Gateway) in part based  on a lack of adequate safety related response from Enbridge?  Better yet, why couldn't Enbrigde respond if they pursed a western gateway to Asia?

3. Kudlow and CNBC....What is with the silly-dilly approach to the broadcast? Have we given up on making points to people who consider the XL Pipeline a critical issue? Are we not playing to the "giggly" crowd that has turned our television shows into laugh track filled expositions, reality shows, and Judge Judy type programs? Surely, the audience for the Kudlow Show is beyond "low information" tricks! ....AND THE BAND PLAYS ON.....