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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Trumpism: Kids In Fenced Cages?

Imagine your reaction if you saw a 2-year-old white or black kid being taken from the kid's parents with some supposed law enforcement trooper wearing rubber gloves? Let's be frank, imagine your reaction if you saw a little white kid being taken as such. We have come to the stark an ugly reality that in the United States, treatment of minorities doe not garner the same level of disdain from the majority population as seeing inappropriate treatment of white kids (and people in general).  We just keep it real.

Take a few minutes (very few) and watch and listen. Reports of ICE agents taking children under the guise of giving them a bath? Sound familiar? 

And how does the administration react when in front of the White House Press Corps?  We won't show video of Jeff Sessions based on our utter contempt for Sessions as a proven racist with Paleozoic social views.
Did she say the reporter didn't have the ability to understand short sentences?  Don't you wonder if she wasn't equipped with that remark from you know who?

If you need a nail in the coffin of the extent of disgust associated with the kid incarceration policy, checkout your Attorney General citing the Bible.  Before the one minute long clip remember Sessions is the person spoke as such in the past.

The Root dot com
When Trump was just an aspiring charlatan, still living off his daddy’s money, Sessions was busy warning a fellow black attorney to be careful how he talked to white people. Thirty-five years before the Senate confirmed him to lead the part of the government that enforces civil rights, Sessions told a white civil rights attorney that he was a “traitor to his race.” 
Hardly the mindset of a person who should serve as the US Attorney General. The godfather of a policy which has placed the US squarely on a mantel with other autocratic and dehumanizing regimes.

Now view sessions today, using the Bible in justification of incarcerating immigrant children. 

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