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Friday, April 27, 2018

Ending Trump's Fox News Interview

Do you recall yesterday's, Fox & Friends: The Big Trump Interview?Thirty straight minutes of total unpresidential behavior which was actually unbecoming a whining teenager.

As the interview started and ended, the faces of the show hosts told it all.

Pictures are great for snapshot imagery; the video drives the horror of the interview home. Watch as the show hosts and producers realize...this isn't working well at all.

CNN's Jeanne Moss also ran a segment on "THE INTERVIEW". If you look close you can see the panic on the faces as the hosts whether hear "end the interview" in their earphones or across the screens of their laptops (watch Kilmeade). Train Wreck.
One more:

Think Progress published a piece regarding their perception Trump made two very serious legal errors in his Fox & Friends appearance.  



Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News And Ray Rice Assault Coverage

NFL professional football Baltimore Raven's Ray Rice was (finally) terminated from his current multi-million dollar contract as an aftermath of a physical assault on his then girl friend.

NJ Dot Com
In July 2012, Rice signed a five-year contract with a max value of $35 million. That deal included $15 million in guaranteed money, all of which was paid as a signing bonus at the time the deal went into effect. In 2013, Rice also earned a $7 million option bonus, but that money has already been paid to him, too. 
On top of that, Rice collected $2 million in base pay in 2012 and $1 million in 2013 under the terms of the contract that got torn up. All told, that 2012 contract paid Rice roughly $25 million in two years. Per, Rice earned $3.194 million between 2008 and 2011, the four seasons he played for the Ravens before he signed his recently terminated deal. 
That means Rice made roughly $28.194 million in six seasons as an NFL player. But he stood to earn even more.
After receiving a pinch of a penalty from the NFL Commissioner, a full release of the video from TMZ led to a second look at Rice's future with his team and the NFL.

If you haven't yet viewed the full three and a half minute video, you have opportunity (below). Note the sly female swipe at her boyfriend was met (once out of human) view with an aggravating push on the woman. It appeared Rice enacted the push to induce the psychical reaction, She reacted and was rendered "Out cold")

We have visited the non-political issue for a reason. Fox New's and its continued diminution of women reacted to the elevator video quite unlike the media. In fact, Fox is the only network to broadcast the assault with frivolous buffoonery. Obviously, Fox must entertain its viewers with strict attention to its testosterone laden male audience.

Watch the Fox News morning crew play to its viewers without concern for over-the-tip misogyny and brutality form Ray Rice.  

"Take the stairs!"

Fox News without doubt appeals to a segment of the population that aspires to nothing higher than the highest level of a street curb (in a suburban township). The network's owner, managers and show hosts are as skilled as the owners and purveyors of the WWE, in entertaining at any level for the sake of entertainment. Fox, however, is much more serious in its impact on the nation as it is a widely viewed network.

The networks major mission is to rationalize, and propagandize the fallacy of Republican politics. Politics that poses a danger to our nation as surely as eight years of George W. Bush took the nation to the brink of total collapse while perpetrating complete economic collapse. Fox's anti-(President)Obama derangement is also as detrimental as GOP voter suppression and all too frequent GOP voter fraud.

Yet, Fox News would be a mere stop-off joke if the network did not have such an irrational audience of sycophant viewers who soak-up every utterance you saw and heard above.  If you read the TPI from time to time, you know my thoughts on Fox News "Legs and Thighs" news deliver model. The non-blonde in the image (right and left) below has again illustrated the incompetent and fallacy of host hired, frankly as "ass candy."  

Andrea Tantaros and company....

SE Cupp (former Fox leg model)
Cupp II

As an alpha male who certainly enjoys the eye-candy associated with prurient thought and mental process associated with libido excitement, I enjoy leg and thigh shots. However, we live in a serious, dangerous and manipulative world. The pursuit of information is soiled and diluted with libido enticing visuals. Think of the danger associated with "Judas goat" like pied-pipering of the predominate white male (35-65 year old) viewer demographic. Let's face it did Roger Ailes once comment he hired Sarah Palin "because she was hot?"  I should add, "hot" to Ailes is a carnal sentiment not shared by most American men. How about a couple of real life and first hand examples of the Fox News effect before I finish with a TPM report regarding the (willingly) leggy Tantaros (imaged above)?

I have an acquaintance who in 2008 oozed so much about Palin I was forced to challenge and push back. The guy is a conservative so I was not surprised about his affinity for the McCain/Palin ticket. After my push-back, the guy responded with: "She is an up and comer (for the GOP future)...and I'd like to "fuck here!"  Wow,  how do you respond that the level of disregard for all things decent and sensible. Another friend responded similarly within one year of the first interchange. Is there any wonder Fox News employs accordingly. Alas, the sadness of it all and the effective of Fox News's appeal to its more superficially shallow viewers.

The primary reason or this piece is the extent to which Fox News reaches to the lowest denominator for for entertainment. The comments form Doocy, Kilmeade and Hasslebeck, were guttural to put it mildly; to put it professionally the closing comment was a tip of the iceberg for Fox News. If you want to see the extent to which Fox management hiring practice has a diminutive affect on the quality of news in America, follow the Talking Points Memo that follows.

Andrea Tantaros's in a recent panel discussion of the Ray and Janae Rice physical abuse case, actually attempted to interject President Obama into the discussion. As you know from past reading on this site, there is little to nothing that Tantaros can say that surprises me. If you scroll and revisit the images posted above you can see she why fits the Fox News Model like an expensive glove. My interest isn't to specifically disparage "perceived lookers" as incompetent "opinion hosts", panelist, nor reporters.  Au contraire, my experience has been quite the contrary. News organizations have generally staffed their broadcast with competent professionals regardless of gender. A fact that changed after 1996 with the Fox News addition to US News and broadcasting. Thus my intent is to continue to highlight the Fox News's body of work that falls into a bundle labelled "the ignorant box." A "box" visited all too often by the Fox and Friends show hosts and the various and asunder "Leg and Thigh" models paid to deliver opinion and news. 


Thirty (30) seconds sums it up. what the slight of hand via the woman in the blue dress.

Need say more?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Media Matters: Fox News.... Doocy's Deficit Lie!

You Betcha!!!

Media Matters has provided insight into the deviate minds of Fox News producer/propagandist. Earlier this week Fox and Friends ended a segment with the nation's least credible TV morning host babble a lie about how President Obama has increased the deficit.  

Everyone knows that early morning news is a huge revenue magnet for the big three cable networks and the big three non-cable networks.  Most know early morning viewing demographics especially for males over age fifty. Hence, the heavy dose of "COUCH legs and thighs" on Fox and Friends.  If Fox News viewers had only Doocy and Kilmeade to entertain with anti Obama "red meat", the network would certainly lose market share.  

While Hasslebeck starts to open-up (pun unintentional)  with more leggy shots in the AM, her male co-hosts have the task of spewing inane drivel and lies to viewers. Viewers who we do not believe for the most part actually buy-into the morning "doocy-doocy." There is another sector of Fox News "low information" viewers who may actually believe each strategic lie from the Fox and Friends hosts. And, that leaves remaining viewers who without doubt run-off to work with a daily dose of Doocy, Klimeade and "Legs"...Excuse me, Hasselbeck. 

Media Matter explains how Doocy's Andrew Breitbart -like comments came from Fox News producers and writers.

The 137.7 percent deficit increase cited by Fox is ostensibly calculated by comparing the 2012 deficit to that of 2008. This figure, however, completely misrepresents deficits under the Obama administration, by picking erroneous start and end dates.

Two points. 

As President Obama took office in January 2009, he faced a veritable, Moby Dick Great Recession, that was close to a second Great Depression. Major infusions of Stimulus dollars were applied to the worsening recession like huge DC-10 aircraft dropping hundreds of thousands gallons of  (lake drawn) water on a forest fire.

Media Matters addressed the phony Fox News reporting very effectively.  I must ask a set of  important question. 

What is the current state of the Obama Deficit?  How did the president show such a pronounced jump in spending between 2008 and 2009?   What contributed?

The Deficit is decreasing!

Obama's spending seems to have fallen in a few critical areas.  

I. Stimulus to combat the Bush Great Recession and ward-off Depression
II. Unemployment payments resultant from the Bush area collapse (2007 - 2009)
III. War Debt and Obama escalation in Afghanistan . (an Obama expenditure no doubt) NO CHARTED AGAINST OBAMA BELOW
IV. The Affordable Care Act (an Obama initiative for certain) NOT CHARTED BELOW
V. Tax cuts

Wouldn't it be more fair and balanced to admit that Obama's sharp increase in spending in 2009 was majorly influenced by the state of the economy after Bush?  We only ask for fairness in reporting. 

Fairness at Fox is a form of misnomer.

FOX 2011 "Playing the numbers with Unemployment 2011"

On Monday, Fox News displayed a chart illustrating changes to the unemployment rate during 2011:
Note how the 8.6 percent unemployment rate in November looks higher than March's 8.8 percent rate, and about the same as the 9 percent unemployment rate in October.

More According to Egberto Willies, "Caught Lying Again....."

Department of Labor 2009 unemployment rate (7.8%) compared against unofficial unemployment rate of 14.7 per cent.  The Dept. of Labor unemployment rate never exceeded 10 percent.  (See Bureau of Labor Statistics chart Q4 2009)

Additional Media Matters analyses of Fox News lies and misrepresentations. The representations from Media Matters are not examples of an incompetent newsroom intern. You will see are stark efforts to manipulate the minds of those foolish enough to tune-in.

Of course, Media Matters nor this webpage, has a Hasselbeck to "COUCH Leg" you through the data. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fox And Friends Revamps The "Center" Position! (VIDEO Exhibitions)

Certain Cable Networks like a professional football team work to field an effective "Center" for execution of its game plan or business model.  

As I watched Elizabeth Hasselbeck accept a position at Fox News, I wondered about her show placement. It took about twenty minutes to figure she was destined for the "COUCH." It took yet another two minutes to come around to the reality that for Fox News Carlson was becoming a bit aged.

Carlson exhibited (word choice very intentional) much on the Fox News "Couch." Her exhibitions have been across the spectrum, and included exhibitions of complete idiotic lunacy which matched the idiocy of Kilmeade and Doocy. Although, I often debate with myself about my perception of cognitive processes of on-air news personalities regardless of network. The central thought is . "Is there one  who can surpass Doocy's idiocy." Needless to say, I fail with each excursion into trying to find a personality that even rivals Doocy.

Carlson's reputation on the "COUCH" fit the Fox News business model like a wet glove.  A few years back we published a few pieces which on the surface appear as libido ticklers, when in fact the pieces speak to Fox News strategy in attracting viewers. One exhibit appears a clear case on intentional raising of the skirt for a thigh shot; you cannot miss it if you watch. You will also notice CNN's efforts to capture viewership with their high/chair or couch format. Re-posted links to make a point: I, II, III.....

We posit Fox News has upgraded to a new and later model for retention of their early morning over 50 male audience. 

Huffington Post.....Hasselback 

One item is for certain, CNN has upped its morning COUCH, didn't you expect Fox to do same? Oh, we almost forgot...MSNBC still has no morning COUCH.  Maybe, the network paces a premium on credible news coverage and political commentary without the need for prurient exhibits.

If you think about what you just watched, you should know that MSNBC, "Does not have a COUCH."


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fox News And Tuesday Disgust: McCain " means Thank God?"

Unspoken, but easily glean-able from McCain's response was the word, "Idiot."
Look at the Fox News hosts faces as bigotry and racism are called out
(my words not McCain's)
Here is more of Fox News's unique brand of  bigotry/racism and obtuse levels of ignorance.  Brian Kilmeade and the ever-present and (idiotic) Steve Doocy on the SET!  For some reason I do not see the common exhibition of Fox News "Morning leg shots" from the couch.

"Some Say...." (who are "Some?")

"I don't know...." (Of course, you don't know you producers and writers wrote it for you!)

Think Progress...
On Tuesday, Kilmeade pushed back against McCain’s requests by arguing that American weapons could flow to extremists or terrorists in the region linked to Al Qaeda. He then played video of rockets slamming into government-held districts in the central Syrian city of Homs and pointed to opposition group members chanting “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar” as the rockets hit, implying that a reference to the Arab word, which is mainly used by Muslims to refer to God in Islam, betrayed ties to terrorism.
“I have a problem helping those people screaming that after a hit,” he proclaimed. 
Read more 

51 seconds of complete and disgusting entertainment.

I realize some tire of hearing and reading it. But what we have here is nothing shy of American xenophobia mixed with a healthy does of "white privilege" and 'kneaded' with unquestionable low ethics, sprinkled on top with lower IQ(itis), and placed in a Fox News oven for final preparation before feeding to Fox News viewers.

Why bother referring to Doocy and Kilmeade's on-air acts as Islamophobia.  Well it is, but there is more: bigotry and racism!

While we are visiting John McCain and his visit to the comfortable confines of Fox News, how about another shot of McCain vs. "the Ignorance" 

During the same segment, and prior to the ignorance in the video above, McCain answered another question from the "UN-Dynamic Duo."  The segment is 5:00 minutes long, the first half of the segment embodies yet another foray into Fox News idiocy and severe tendency towards misinformation. The last half of the segment is a rehash of the one above and closeout 'selling" from McCain.

While McCain is a good GOP soldier and pretty much avoids MSNBC, he might find host on MSNBC who are competent and intellectually curious (gifted) enough for questions he can answer without dealing with Fox News 'scripted" disgust and idiocy.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bigfoot Video, Fox News And Wonderment Of "WHY?"

Why do people watch and listen to Fox News? Make certain to read Mario's "scoop on the video" below." 

Repost via Mario Piperni Dot Com

Titans of Intellect Meet Up At Fox – Bigfoot and Kilmeade

Fox & Friends - Stupid  :
Most people who have spent any time at all watching Fox and Friends are aware that there is but a single word required to describe co-host Brian Kilmeade.

Stupid…as in really, really stupid.

They don’t get much dumber than Kilmeade but I never really understood the extent of his stupidity until watching the clip below. In it, Kilmeade professes his belief in Bigfoot and then, sounding every bit like a 7-year-old child hanging on to his belief in Santa Clause and the Easter Rabbit, has this bit of scholarly dialogue with a Bigfoot expert.
Kilmeade: “So, here’s my thing, doctor. What is Bigfoot afraid of? Have they heard bad things about humans? Why does he keep running? Why wouldn’t he come out and greet us?”
Bigfoot Expert: “As any wild animal, it usually avoids human contact. Those that don’t are either domesticated are on the verge of extinction. So, this very rare animal is adapted to reclusive, evasive types of behavior that avoid human contact.”
Kilmeade: “Well, if I see him, I’m going to tell him we’re friendly, not to be feared.”
If those words were spoken by anyone else, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and take it that they were being sarcastic and having a bit of fun with their guest. Not so with Kilmeade. The man really is that dumb.

As noted by a C&L reader, here’s what you need to wonder about: How is it that idiots on the right like Kilmeade have no problem believing in the existence of Bigfoot but refuse to accept the scientifically-backed fact that global warming is real.


But hey, while you try to figure that one out, you can take comfort in knowing that when Brian Kilmeade finally meets up with Bigfoot, he’ll be letting Sasquatch know that he has nothing to fear but fear itself.

BTW, here’s the scoop on the video that has Kilmeade convinced that Bigfoot is roaming the Canadian Rockies.
The website Death and Taxes pointed out that the video featured in the Fox News broadcast had been uploaded by a software company that created an iPhone app that uses augmented reality to add “Bigfoot” to smartphone videos in real time.
No one tell Brian, okay? It would also be nice if you didn’t say anything about Santa and the Easter Rabbit.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: FOX NEWS Caught Again! Be Careful Fox Viewers

Fox And Friends
Do these two look like two people, "CAUGHT"!

Fox News is well known for creatively deceptive reporting of news and the network is the master of the 'false graphics".  One would think the network has employed the ghost of Andrew Brietbart or the mentally diminished James O'Keefe (fake ACORN PIMP).

A while I continue to have no surprises from any corporation owned by Ruppert Murdoch one would think Fox News would learn a lesson.   It is as if their producers and ads writers awaken some mornings with full intent to do stupid and criminally amateurish reporting. As I often quip, it is kind of like General George Armstrong Custer awakening that fateful day at the Little Big Horn and saying, guess I will go over there an annoy Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Gall (Indian chiefs et. al). For those producers and writers, like Custer, things just do not always workout according to plan.

This morning was , 'just one of those days'.

Huffington Post - MEDIA
Liberal watchdog Media Matters noticed a discrepancy in the figures:

fox and friends

The show's mistake was to compare the official unemployment figure in 2009 with the so-called "real" unemployment figure in 2012. That figure takes into account data which is not included in the official number, such as people who have stopped looking for work. Thus, it is always higher than the official figure. (Official unemployment is actually .3 percentage points higher than in 2009, while "real" unemployment is .7 percentage points lower. 
Fox News told Mediaite that a correction will air on tomorrow's "Fox & Friends."

Media Matters Video (Also linked in text above) Listen at the disgusting and mumbling Laura Ingraham.

As I am certain you have read the Media Matters piece on the latest example of Fox News manipulation the minds of their viewers,  I will end this screed with the following words.

  • Do they not know, we know these are intentional lies and misrepresentations.
  • Do they not know that they are being watched and monitored? 
  • Do they not care they being busted speaks to their professionalism? This is not an isolated case of outright lying.
  • Do they not respect their sycophant viewers more than the exhibition above?
  • Do they not care that propaganda has been employed by many deceitful people throughout history, and all of those people suffered sad ends?
  • Does the phrase 'Yellow Journalism" not bother the owners, managers and producers of the network?  the on-air personalities are not smart enough to question the data; if they did they would broadcast it as ordered.

If you are a regular viewer of Fox News, you are either so preoccupied hating progressive America and your president, or your have little respect for information that enters your brain.  In other word, maybe you do not mind being lied to and manipulated.

Do not forget the Fox and Friends on-camera robots will speak a retraction and correction tomorrow morning. I think I will catch the retraction view Media Matters. I will not subject my brain to Fox News in any manner or form.

....And The Band Plays On......