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Thursday, May 16, 2013

FoxPEN Fox and Friends Ignore Facts And Pursues Hyperbolic Fear

Watch the ignorance exude from FoxPEN's (Fox Propaganda and  Entertainment Network) most idiotic trio.

Watch and listen to what Carlson says about the email. Today's news reports that the CIA is the major culprit (And maybe for good cause) in the talking point development.

Now, imagine your life with these three as your choice for analysis and comment mouthpieces. 

Do these folks not care that every hour this story grows legs? Those legs point more towards CIA actions and national security.  They actually do know such. The problem is they know their audience and the audience soaks-up this stuff as if watching WWE wrestling matches. At least the professional wrestlers have Actors Guilds license. Fox News personalities should have same license.

  Fox News’ Fox & Friends, broadcast May 16, 2013.


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Media Matters: Fox's Doocy Falsely Claims Health Care Ruling Creates A Tax That's "Going To Hit Everybody"

Pants on Fire

The following should not surprise readers of The Progressive Influence.  The Fox & Friends morning brain trust, followed its producers directions; use the Courts ruling of the constitutionality of tax consequences for refusal to secure health coverage.

If you can take the inane drivel, watch Doocy, Carlson and Kimeade do what they do best: give television news shows a bad name.  Two points..... I stretch my imagination to refer to the show as news show. Second,  I could only watch for a brief momnet or two. You might pay focused attention to the 'very cognitive' Doocy as he sets-up the "Medicare Killer' Paul Ryan, with, " is going to hit everybody isn't it".  

June 29, 2012 11:05 am ET
From the June 29 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

Regardless of Ryan's answer, which I frankly did not watch, it is impossible for the ACA to result in taxes on "Everybody".

The strategy from the Right was clear within hours of the historic SCOTUS Decision. The Court ruled the commerce clause in relation to the ACA's mandate was unconstitutional, but the right to place the penalty for refusal to secure health coverage in the realm of the IRS as a tax was constitutional.    Ah and Alas the Right grab its time proven 'false mantra' of not raising taxes, revive the presidents comments about not increasing taxes on the american [people, and developed their strategy going into the fall elections.

A few excerpts from Media Matters.

Right-Wing Media Respond By Claiming Obama Instituted "Massive" Tax "On All Americans"