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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Koch'd, Trump, Paula Dean, Reagan, Obama

      Non-Progressive News

Reagan on Social Security. Now why do Republicans to the MAN so often evoke the ghost of Ronald Reagan?  In today's GOP the man would be a pariah.
Republican hero and Tea Party icon Ronald Reagan had this to say about Social Security back in 1984.... Of course, conservatives have selection amnesia regarding the statement.
Posted by Too Informed To Vote Republican on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Black Flordia State University quarterback slugs woman...Scarborough takes it where conservatives live: "blonde woman." Race matters!
So, if she hadn't been blonde then...?
Posted by Mediaite on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ted Cruz deploys his "If you fall for this, I got more coming: routine." He works a cheap offense against the interview host with hope of placing the person back on their heels...and then he zings them. Well, he was sitting across from Katie Couric. Regardless of your thoughts on Couric, she can handle an interview subject like a Yo-Yo. Cruz was no exception.

Ted Cruz needs serious medical attention for this burn! He just got put on blast.
Posted by The Everlasting GOP Stoppers on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bill Kristol joins Trump and reminds of his hawkish support for invading Iraq! Not the pundit to follow, conservatives. He has a history of "Judas Goating" the nation to dark places.

One would think Paula Dean would hold off on any references to race or ethnicity. She has obviously overcome her problems with revelations a past filled with overt racism. Well, just like a spoiled child. Once, the flak subsides, the child goes back to their inner core.

Paula Deen in hot water..what was her staff thinking?*! #Madison #BlackEagle #UrbanView #PaulDeen #Blackface
Posted by Joe Madison - "The Black Eagle" on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In the midst of a minor discussion of how Dean may have concocted the Tweet release to drive publicity, and counter points about the net-net affect of her tweet as racism, one stood tall with a comment that, for me, settled the discussion. Dean's act, even if deleted, was yet another sign of her inability to move away from her inner core racism. While some argued it was a publicity stunt, others argued well it was about her Cuban husband (from Cuba get it) and still others found the tweet deeply offensive. 

Facebook comment:
Cary Last Name Deleted First of all, it's DESI, not Dezi. As in DESIDERIO ARNAZ, his full name. Secondly, he was a CAUCASSIAN CUBAN, not a "brown Cuban". Cubans come in all shades and colors, just like Americans. The ignorance and racism is just rampant.......

Well, there you are, argument place din perspective Dean's post was racist and should never have been thrown-up on Twitter. Now tell me this, are you still watching her kitchen performances?

The latest in how Fox News "salts" the minds of its viewers. Recall Gender Equality for Fox and its viewers is tantamount to full equality for all Americans (and that is a problem for most conservatives).  So, Fox goes after the conservative psyche with a horrific utterance from a horrific "money talk whore": If Gender equality was alive and well, men could hit women  Well, as basic an ignorance premise as I have read this week.  Men are not supposed to hit men, why would any Fox News viewer find the Fox News "money talk whore's" comments palatable. 

This is a medical professional that regularly speaks on television.
Posted by Media Matters for America on Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Ya simply have to believe
The GOP's number two racist (since Pat Buchanan has grown quiet), Rudy Guiliani. Speaks out in support of fellow New York and uber wealthy racist, Trump.  Birds of a feather really do flock together. Imagine either of these men sitting in the Oval Office. 

Go ahead America and the GOP...give the Koch's free reign on our National Parks!  Tar Sands mining and oil platform drilling/pumping for oil!


Now how did this get in the Gazette?


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Your GOP At Work..And A Shot Of Fresh Air

The nation has handed the GOP both Houses of the US Congress.  Make no mistake, the win in November was solely due to voter apathy regrading mid-term voting and irrational decisions from the democratic party (e.g., Immigration Executive Order after the elections). Nonetheless, the GOP has a grip the nation that will lead to a wrenching of the middle class and efforts to hand opulence to its money broker benefactors. 

While many Americans will trod along with little attention to the deleterious affect of the GOP laden Congress, High Information voters (HIVs) will stay vigilant.

Let's do a quick walk though of happenings in conservative America.  We also offer a bright light of hope at the end of the post.

A Koch coughs and spews contempt for average Americans.  He wants no more Minimum wage, yet he is personally worth $43 billion USD.  How pathetic is the GOP and Libertarians?

How many times have I written about Fox News and its obvious business model of giving its viewers what they want? The managers, and producers at Fox News are not unintelligent swamp rats. They are astute at manipulating the psyches of their viewers and in return they reap a hefty financial gain for Ruppert Murdoch. they also earn at the level of opulent, so disseminating current event propagnda (cannot call it news). is no surprise.

Check-out a couple of posts that address the Fox News broadcast (business) model.  The second inset is as shameful as it gets.

Post by Salon.

Every time Rand Paul opens his mouth the full extent of his ignorance exudes. 

Recall that time age old adage: "The fool that keeps his mouth is never discovered to be a fool." 

Every heard of Karma....Can you imagine a president of the US some physically deprived even when not intoxicated?

On the other side of the political spectrum!