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Friday, July 18, 2014

The "Ugly American".....Fox, Limbaugh And Howard Stern Fan Prank Caller

Fox News reporter pleased his management team and producers, but drew scorn from another Fox personality.

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren sharply criticized Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes for "very bad taste" over tweeting petty attacks on the president in response to the deadly crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.
Starnes has tweeted that Obama isn't "interested" in the crash because it doesn't involve "beer or golf," "Russia bracing for a severe hash tag from the Obama Administration," and "Obama won't comment on Malaysian jetliner crash until he's had a chance to read tomorrow's paper."

Huntington Post on the opportunist Limbaugh as he feeds his flock of sycophants.

The radio show host called the disaster "an opportunity" for media outlets to distract viewers from the controversy surrounding President Obama and US border security. He suspected that CNN had already swept the immigration crisis under the rug andretreated back to its "wall-to-wall" coverage of the plane. 
Limbaugh called the whole thing "very eery."

We offer a finale that doesn't poke at the the pathetic state of conservative America. During a segment of yesterday's The Cycle, Krystal Ball and Cycle producers efforts to perform emergency studio news broadcasting fell victim to a prank caller. 

We do not criticize Krystal Ball for the live (on-air) prank.  Susceptibility to such subterfuge is inherent in media effort to "one-up" the competition with "scoop" coverage. Since, some of you spend time listening to Jock shows like Stern's show, the name also falls on you.  Trash begets trash and trash was taken to a new level when we consider the deaths of 200 plus innocent people.  While, we have taken our criticism outside the realm of Right-wing ignorance and feeding garbage to viewers, we do feel there is a conservative lean towards the prank call.  Let's face it, the prank caller didn't make it on Fox News. Of course, we do not know if the caller attempted to invade a Fox News broadcast. 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Morning Java Quick Hit: Existential Hillary! Yes or No!

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!

How about a comment from MSNBC's Krystal Ball on Hillary's possible run in 2016 to go along with your Sumatra,  Kopi Luwak IndonesianKenya AA, Tanzanian, French Roast, Kona Coast, 'Black Ivory' [Thai Elephant Dong],  Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso,  Moyobama Peruvian Organic, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian?
                                 Coffees of the World

I, The Pardu, agree with every word spoken by Krystal Ball, MSNBC's The Cycle......

Don’t run, Hillary
Krystal shares why she doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to run in 2016 and why Elizabeth Warren should take her fight for the middle class to the White House

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Addctinginfo: The Truth On Obamacare

Reblog from Addicting Info's Egberto Willies........

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Krystal Ball Tells The Truth On Obamacare (VIDEO)

Krystal Ball on Obamacare
In a single epic rant, Krystal Ball served up more useful information on Obamacare than any journalist to date.
MSNBC Krystal Ball’s closing essay on The Cycle today was epic. It was on point. It was a message that journalists should have made clear to the American citizenry long time ago. Unlike what MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said, that is the job of journalists. Journalists are responsible for telling the truth. Journalists must not allow their craft and the nation’s airwaves to be polluted with lies. Chuck Todd, David Gregory, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and their ilk have damaged the process by allowing Americans to have been lied to and distracted by misinformation that in many, has metastasized as truth.
Krystal Ball hit the home run of truth one more time. This is a woman who never shies away from controversy. I actually met and spoke to her at the Netroots Nation 2011 convention where it was obvious b– both from her poise and the reaction she got to her speeches — that she was not just another talking head.
Ball hammered several points about the Republican kamikaze mission void of any redeemable values. She stated the truth that Conservatives’ alternative to Hillarycare’s liberal healthcare proposal was one by  Wharton Business School professor Marl V. Pauly. That proposal was subsequently adopted by Conservative/Republican Think Tank Heritage Foundation. His proposal required individuals to purchase private insurance called an individual mandate. It was within a bill cosponsored by 22 GOP Senators. It is the same bill that was adopted by Mitt Romney (Romneycare) and it was adopted by President Obama who went against his initial support of Single Payer in order to appease Republicans.
Ball later excoriated Republicans. She said she does not understand any longer what it means to be a Conservative. Do they not believe in efficiency anymore? Do they no longer believe in the free market? She wonders why Republicans are sabotaging Obamacare as opposed to helping make it more efficient. She finds it surprising that while Republicans have normally spoken about states’ rights, they have abrogated their duty causing the Federal Government to set up exchanges in their states instead.
Ball hits back at the GOP ad that encourages young people to not take advantage of Obamacare and risk not getting necessary preventative care or healthcare if something bad were to afflict them. She says,
The GOP is saying to young people we would like to have the government stick an unnecessary trans-vaginal probe if you want an abortion but when it comes to health insurance don’t take any government help. Don’t go to the state or federal government operated insurance exchanges to buy private insurance. Stay away. Stay uninsured. Skip that pap smear. Skip that tetanus shot. Skip that prenatal care. Skip that cholesterol test. And if you die an agonizing death and unnecessary death; one that could have been prevented by the health insurance reform that bears the President’s name, at least you know your death would have not been in vain. You would have died to serve the noble and patriotic cause, not of conservatism but of hurting this President.
Read more 
Krystal Ball on The Affordable Care Act


Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Cycle, Fumbling Cupp, and A Winner With Ball

I am going to post a segment of MSNBC's Cycle. The Cycle is not a news related show that I will rush to watch each day. While I think a couple of the hosts are worthy of sitting and soaking up their dialog,  for me a couple of the four are real sleep inducers. I will spare one of the names as that level of specificity is not critical to my point in this screed.

For sake of supporting my macro posit, I offer the name of the one "so-called" conservative on the panel.   SE Cupp fits the model of the show from a number of perspectives.  She is conservative, she fits within the carefully crafted show host age demographics, and she sits across from the other woman on the panel.  A nice mix and an appropriate balance for MSNBC, eh?  The staffing model is weak!

Yes, Cupp is a major reason I do not go out of my way to watch a The Cycle. Of course, my avoidance radar failed me today for a brief time (actually two segments).  I watched a segment about the "sequester". The host was Michael Scherer, White House correspondent, TIME. The two sequester embeds below span the scope of that which I found intriguing and telling.

Segment One is a full 11:39 minute segment. Segment Two is an excerpt from the full segment and reinforces my thoughts on the most conservative host on the panel.  Viewing both segments is not necessary. Segment two embodies my point on Cupp and GOP strategy.

Segment 1. The Sequester (Full segment)


Segment 2. Watch Cupp's feeble lead-in (sneak attack) "gotcha" attempt.  Her motive appears to be an attempt to interject the popular GOP talking point and mantra of , "Obama's sequester", "His sequester", "the Administration's sequester".  Watch closely as the host's feeble setup moves along.  She  moves "the hook" along replete with fairly unprofessional "yeahs" as if  nudging to the attempted zinger question.  Also notice the competent correspondent answered from a perspective of knowledge and facts, thus sinking the 'bubble' of the flailing Cupp.  The planned setup squirted-out like a child's damaged water-gun. Do not forget to watch till the end of the short segment. Cupp's (non-verbal) facials tell all. "OOOPs, that did not work at all. Oh well, I get paid for this, so what".  


Seriously, I do not know factors related to Cupp's contract as a member of the panel, but I question MSNBC's choice of the panel's most conservative host. 

As to today's show, I offer another perspective on anbother segment. 

You simply have to watch the show closing segment (closing remarks) from Krystal Ball.  The segment is shy of four minutes, but one of the most cogent points I have heard on the network in a few days.


Point well stated!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Drawbridge Republicans"

"Drawbridge Republicans"

Would you like to spend less than 10:00 minutes (exactly 7:16 minutes) viewing the difference between a 'learned' professional and a misplaced and rather amateurish interviewer? Before I go one I should clarify, the video below is from an afternoon MSNBC show (to be introduced in a moment) . 

There is another difference in the two on camera personalities I reference.  One is an experienced journalist who has a strong degree of compassion for the nation's middle class and for people who are less fortunate that the nations top 20 per centers.  The other, is the conservative host of  the Cycle, an MSNBC afternoon current events show, that may soon need serious tweaking as to staffing.  As I have stated on many occasion, the Cycle's SE Cupp adds little credible punditry and positing to the cast of four.  Watch Matt Miller address Cupp's effort to rationalize Romney/Ryan (ism). Apparently, Miller has coined a phrase he calls "Drawbridge Republicans".  

Obviously, Miller is a guest who would be hard to overrun from the host's chair. However, Cupp provides no fodder to put the guest on his heels in thought.  As the interview comes to an end, It seems Cupp resigns herself to the reality that she has been educated and her feeble counter points have failed.  I also encourage you to watch the on-camera eye contact "reaches" form another co-host: Toure'.  He reaches for eye contact with Steve Kornacki and it you can read human non-verbal behavior, you should be able to read Toure's unspoken non-verbals.  As Cupp is the only conservative on the panel, Toure' could have reacted to Miller's painting Cupp into a corner.  On another hand, Toure's non-verbals 'eye reaching" could be a sign that there is a dynamic brewing among the hosts.   While Kornacki's return gaze is not view able, Toure's eye movement is telling.

 Let see how it flows and get a better understanding of  "Drawbridge Republicans".

Drawbridge Republicans

Saturday, July 28, 2012

MSNBC's The Cycle Dissolves.... Unprofessional SE Cupp Style

July 27th open to SNBC's The Cycle, followed the format of all news shows on MSNBC. Romney's very poor showing on the first day of his European trip took front programming.   Coverage of the Romney Olympics SNAFU was expected from the progressive network as much as we know his stumbles would not be an item of discussion of Fox News.  The following segment came off without serious glitch. However, if you watch closely you can see one host was primed and ready for a serious case of Romney moating (protect the misguided and aloft Romney at all cost). A subsequent segment is the reason for this screed. The second segment is a classic example of a problem within  The Cycle's host crew. 

Romney gaffes and campaign stumbles..... 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
After a few minutes of discussion of topics other than the Romney visit, The Cycle crew again visited the Romney gaffes. Gaffes that manifest due to an increasingly obvious weak campaign team, or an  " I'll do it my way Romney".  The Olympic preparation comments were easily avoidable as they were the result of a lack of attention to protocol and an absence of basic common sense. Steve Kornacki spoke after the brake about being given additional time to discussion a topic. He started by bring-up the Romney gaffe again.  (NOTE: In another clip (below) and after the complete breakdown of the discussion, Kornacki told Cupp his point was to place the gaffe in perspective via talking about other matters critical to the coming election). We witnessed what can only be described as GOP punditry at its worse.   Cupp immediately jumped to the defense of the GOP candidate in an attempt to disavow Romney's interview incompetence as  'not a gaffee'.  I suspect a more seasoned pundit than the spastic and alarmingly unsophisticated SE Cupp would have handled the interchange much more professionally. 
My point can be best illustrated by a bit of editing for purpose of observation. The original slip picks up at the 52 second mark of the segment.