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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Comedy Central's Stewart and Colbert Pokes Fun At 60 Minutes!!!

Lara Logan on Benghazi reportLara Logan...and 60 Minutes. Some people simply have a dark cloud over their heads. Now, what about Logan as a journalist even approaches the caliber of former 60 Minutes investigative journalist? We in no way are speaking about Anderson Cooper.

Logan's comments this past Sunday night:

The Colbert Report

We will leave these post at this point. We can add nothing that would make the point more poignant.  

MSNBC Shows How GOP and Fox News Again Flops (Head First)

Small image of the day!

The collateral damage from the 60 Minutes Benghazi fiasco continues. My viewing of MSNBC last night was undoubtedly shared by millions. If you watched last night you can skip re- runs of the segments embedded below. If you have not watched the following segments missed electronic journalism and associated opining at its liberal best. You also missed how media will grab the throats of its competitors when the competition goes completely outside the scope of professionalism 60 Minutes far exceeded any semblance of professional and forces look backs at the 60 Minutes of old with thoughts of a former investigative giant.

This past Sunday, Lara Logan spoke about her botched and very much "yellow journalism" Benghazi segment.  Ms. Logan and 60 minutes committed far more than a simple and egregious mistake. The network news magazine committed the ultimate sin of broadcasting; an outright lie that should have been verifiable via any journalism college intern.  The network was purely pandering to right-wing viewers and joint Obama (and Hillary) Derangement to the maximum.

Fox News and various Benghazi obsessed members of the US Senate took-up the 60 minutes "dog whistle" and ran with it right into the living rooms of viewers who lust for right-wing lies and misinformation. Neither Fox nor the obsessed opportunist in the US Senate have addressed their culpability in spreading the Benghazi lie. 60 Minutes has publicly acknowledged its part in the fiasco. 

Ms. Logan this past Sunday appeared much more reserved and deflated. We notice Ms. Logan is much more professionally attired for Last Sunday's airing of 60 Minutes than the enticing attire for the original broadcast. 

Original broadcast image

Sunday November 10, 2013

It is one thing when Fox News follows the 60 Minutes fiasco with much accolades and followup derangement. from Fox News that was an expectation. It is yet another when 60 Minutes preempts the Fox News (and at times CNN) "skin" news as while delivering an on-air segment. Maybe, 60 Minutes recognized the demographics of the Fox News viewer and added a bit of "skin with that false news."  The business model works at McDonalds, why not ratings lusting networks. 

Our reason for continuing to "go there"  and comment about "skin with that news" has nothing to do with prurience (or lack there of). We are concerned about the quality and veracity of news shows (television and radio) as a medium for disseminating information vital to good decision-making. The concern is enhanced by a recent Gallup poll with findings that indicated most Americans get their news from television. 

The following 30 second embed is Lara Logan's 60 Minutes ending segment this past Sunday.

If you missed the MSNBC reporting on Fox News and Republican feasting subsequent to the 60 Minutes segment, give it a few minutes. What you are witnessing is politicking at its lowest denominator. Lindsay Graham was in Congress when the Bush years experience far (far) more embassy related deaths than the nation suffered in Benghazi.  It is clearly obvious some on the Right, Fox News and 60 Minutes are guilty of politicking towards 2016. The GOP is what it is and will never change. Fox news is what it is and will one day be forced to change as it is to a credible news source. 60 Minutes was caught doing what is very popular these days, pandering and spreading false information to garner right-wing viewers.

Al Sharpton's take on the developing story.

Chris Hayes's, ALL IN, set-up to his 13:00 minute segment in classic form.  In summary, 60 Minutes and CBS had every opportunity to handle its "apology" segment in a manner 60 Minutes management chose not to consider. 

And Chris Matthews closed my evening with strong suggestions for Obama to "strike back." When bullies are allowed to run a muck  they only get worse. They do not back off unless burned.

Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) has actually become a sub-industry for US media.  Every major news network and tow major cable news networks have published or broadcast segments that have been proven misleading (to keep it somewhat professional).  

We realize a portion of the population can be described as Obama haters. We also know the GOP will pursue Benghazi until the party loses the 2016 Presidential Election. They will do so despite any evidenced that could also point fingers at their culpability in the tragic deaths of four Americans. Despite easily accessed data included in the following graph, the GOP persists with a ghost hunt that will probably never yield desired results.

Both John McCain and Lindsay Graham were active members of the US Senate during a considerable part of the period depicted above.

When news shows like 60 Minutes join in the shark feeding fest, ultimately the network flagship broadcast suffers along with the parent company: CBS.  60 Minutes has lost one viewer who will never return.  Or, maybe I will return when the news magazine rids of faux journalist like Lara Logan and forsake its obvious efforts to garner far-right wing viewers.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

60 Minutes Fires Continue.....

....and "fires" is what happens when the nation and its media moves to the Right.  

When media moves Right it is without exception in pursuit of revenue yielding ratings that have prove lucrative. Two classic examples are Premiere Network's and Limbaugh's daily racist, sexist homophobic and anti-progressive "derangement" and Fox New's early morning and evening anti-Obama insanity. Both work to return sponsor dollars to Premiere and Fox while feeding lies and misinformation to their ravenous viewers and listeners.

During 2013, we have observed other tepid toe-in-the-water exhibits of misinformation broadcasts from ABC and NBC, along with the astronomically 'cheap' and unprofessional 60 Minutes Benghazi episode. 

Media Matters has followed the 60 Minutes debacle since its first broadcast. David Brock, Media Matters, sat for a discussion of 60 minutes and the mindset that leads to such journalistic miscarriages.

Earlier today Media Matter's Eric Bohlert blogged about, "How CBS Could Have Avoided The 60 Minutes Benghazi Fiasco."  

Bohlert's piece is 'point-on' regarding an avoidable fiasco precipitated by violating the former standards of network and 60 Minutes executives. 

About the time David Brock was speaking with Al Sharpton on MSNBC's Politics Nation, Media Matters's Joe Strupp published a piece that completes the cycle on 60 Minutes (management, producers and host Lara Logan) foray into the unfathomable.  The network 'played' to ratings and pandered to Benghazi derangement that continues to serve as "the anti-Obama, anti-Hillary, issue of the decade.  The Right is, as you and I know, politicking towards 2016. The media follows Graham, McCain, Issa, Ayotte and others like subservient ducklings nipping-up ratings tidbits of like ducklings nipping morsels from pavement.
Mary Mapes
Former 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes, who was fired for her role in a controversial 2004 story about President Bush's service in the Air National Guard, accused CBS News of pandering to a right-wing audience with her former program's recent Benghazi report, for which the network has been criticized and forced to retract.
"My concern is that the story was done very pointedly to appeal to a more conservative audience's beliefs about what happened at Benghazi," Mapes said by telephone from her Texas home. "They appear to have done that story to appeal specifically to a politically conservative audience that is obsessed with Benghazi and believes that Benghazi was much more than a tragedy."

The problem with 60 Minutes is in the capable hands of the media monitoring organization: Media Matters. It doesn't take an imagination to know that the Benghazi broadcast was to be a ratings boom. A boom at the expense of truth and credibility for the once storied news magazine. But, those issues pale in comparison to the real danger: Media callousness in seeking ratings and false communication to the viewing public.

As evidence in the Politics Nation piece above, Republican "Banghazi firebrands" and Fox News are continuing to use the story as fodder for low information people who obviously relish Obama Derangement. As stated by Al Sharpton, Fox News has not addressed the two week fizzle of the Dylan Davies story beyond their references to its original broadcast on 60 Minutes. What we ask, what is that other than a form of Fox News propaganda?

CBS Logan Apologies, 60 Minutes Exposed and The Proliferation Of "Skin News"

"60 Minutes," that storied and pioneering television news magazine has finally "come-forth" with an official on camera acknowledgement of culpability in Benghazi derangement. CBS has apparently taken down a page related to their false story as part of their current mission in cleaning up the mess. Moreover, Ms. Lara Logan, with titillating (pun unavoidable) attire sat this morning in full apology mode.

Logan on for the 60 Minutes, "Whoops!"

My avoidable pun above, may seem a bit snarky.  Yet, I remain committed to my inner thoughts that the current model of exposed female skin and news is the domain of Fox News and should be left over on Fox, despite the reality the expositions may garner viewers. 

Yesterday, we developed a reference "deck" with linkage to a Media Matters story that was a prelude to CBS's developing retraction and apology for the story. We are going to post the deck here for a reason. I will join you and close after this deck.

Media Matters for America

CBS News Pulls Troubled Benghazi Report As New Reports Eat Away At Source's Credibility

Blog ››› ››› TYLER HANSEN
60 Minutes Report
CBS News pulled a crumbling 60 Minutes report on the 2012 Benghazi attacks from its website and YouTube channel amid new information from The New York Times that corroborates claims that CBS' star witness provided conflicting accounts about what he witnessed the night of the attack. Jeff Fager, CBS News chairman and 60 Minutes executive producer, hinted that a correction may be forthcoming.
Maybe CBS 60 Minutes Management should avoid the Fox model of leg, thigh and cleavage as a starting point of whatever is forthcoming from the network.

At great risk of appearing prudish to those who want a dose of prurience with their news, the Fox News couch, the CNN Chair, and the Logan image from 60 minutes (above) are strictly ratings tools. If you take time and look closely at viewer demographics when the exhibitions are most prevalent, you will see why producers deploy the tool. Ratings tools we refer to as "strategic disclosure." We offer a few examples that require a bit of time (video). The first example clearly shows the focus of the CNN show producer via camera operators positioning the camera with movement for best shots of the person in "The Chair."  [UPDATE: the segment has been removed from YouTube .... Interesting] Other examples follow. 

We realize many readers have visited the links  posted below for reasons other than our anti-skin in news message, but the work is nonetheless relevant. Relevant regarding 60 Minutes and Ms. Logan's use of (broadcast) titillation. Again the Logan image above had to have been approved for broadcast and re-approved. I do not believe that 60 Minutes segments are live broadcast.  

Skin and News

If we consider demographics of early morning news viewing, we could find exactly why the networks deploy "strategic disclosure." 

October 8th TPI post excerpt....
I invite you to watch a segment from this morning's News Day Show. The on-air version of "strategic disclosure" includes strategic camera positioning with as many as 16 quick shot views during six minute interview. 
(NOTE: We have foudnn the video has been removed form You Tube. wonder if the removal validates our posit on the 16 roving quick shots. ) 
If you compare what you have just watched with the table just below, you will find men comprise the major viewer audience during the "strategic disclosure" shows. Early mornings and early afternoons seem to find more strategic disclosure target opportunities.  
(A most glaring and obvious Fox News exhibition)



"At great risk of appearing prudish...." Ratings wars will continue as revenue drives all business. Should revenue center on orbiting around prurient on-camera exhibitions of the female anatomy? According to Gallup and Pew Research a majority of people get their news from television.

Pew 2010

If Gallup and Pew data is correct and extrapolates from study/poll respondents across the greater population, the nation needs credible news coverage more than ever.  We have one network with significant viewership that serves as a Right-wing communications and propaganda division of the GOP. That Network frequent uses "strategic disclosures" during certain viewing periods throughout the day. When former credible networks adopt the Fox delivery model the quality of news suffers and can become a vehicle for issues oriented derangement.  "60 Minutes' " Logan and the fake Davies, are prime examples.  

We are fortunate MSNBC, PBS, ABC and NBC and (radio) NPR are not inclined to develop "strategic disclosure" (the couch the chair nor the cleavage) model. Yet, both ABC and NBC have over the past months stumbled badly with stories that were not based in fact.

We end with a contrast of Logan's attire for the introduction of the Benghazi the subject 60 minutes piece against her attire in the apology today's video above.  Take a look!  Did notice a "big" difference?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CBS Starts Process Of Coming Clean On Lara Logan and Dylan Davies Benghazi Report

After waiting just over one week in anticipation of how CBS would handle its role in the most recent foray into Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS), the network has stepped up. We thought sharing a couple of reader comments from Media Matters's would add flavor to CBS' grievous misguided following Fox News down a path of misinformation.
I expected different from CBS. I guess the Foxification of the other networks continues, CNN is already Fox Lite, and right-wing ditwit Jonathan Karl is White House reporter for ABC. 

It certainly won't with me, not that it counts for a lot with the CBS brass. 60 Minutes used to be the crown jewel of television reporting, now they bring on some loser who falsified his story and then give the clown a book deal under a CBS subsidiary. Lara Logan then quips, oopsie! that was an "err" not to report that we are basically paying the guy for the story - a story that has been proven to be a lie.

How the mighty have fallen. Sad.
Doesn't CBS know the "Gather em, Record em, and Broadcast em" path is the exclusive domain of Fox News? Some Media Matters readers are calling Fox led ODS: Foxification.  We think it very apropos. Networks are vying for ratings via 'red meat' stories which resemble the Fox News Model current event/propaganda information model.

Does the addition of Lara Logan to the 60 Minutes Team mean it has (in some way) lowered its journalistic standards? Since, we know on-air personalities have producers and broadcast writers, where are the 60 Minutes team members who seek to verify and re-verify stories. Yes, the Dylan Davies episode reminds of Ruppert Murdoch new operations.

Here is a snippet of the previously referenced Media Matters piece.
The controversy stems from the October 27 edition of CBS' 60 Minutes, in which Davies, who used the alias Morgan Jones, claimed to be an "eyewitness" of the September 2012 attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. He claimed that during the attack he entered the compound, confronted an attacker, and later went to a Benghazi hospital where he claimed to have seen Ambassador Chris Stevens' body -- a story that, according to The Washington Post, did not match the account in an incident report he gave in which he said he "could not get anywhere near" the compound the night of the attack.
After the revelations from the Post, Media Matters chairman David Brock called on CBS to retract its report. Many veteran journalists and media ethicists criticized 60 Minutes' reporting. Facts also emerged about the connection between CBS and Davies' repeated attempts to "profit off his brush with disaster," according to Foreign Policy magazine: 
Jones has other ways of cashing in as well. This week, his book titled The Embassy House was published by Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, which is a part of CBS Corporation, which owns 60 Minutes -- a fact not disclosed in the 60 Minutes story. His book is also going to make it on the silver screen. In October, Thunder Road acquired The Embassy House for a feature on the Benghazi attack produced by Basil Iwanyk and executive produced by Taylor Sheridan. 
Despite admitting error in failing to inform viewers on the financial conflict, CBS still "aggressively defended the report's accuracy," including Davies' account of the attacks, according to the Times. What's more, Logan, who interviewed Davies for 60 Minutes, blamed "intense political warfare" for the criticism of her report and claimed that, despite the fact that he admitted he lied in at least one of his accounts of the attacks, Davies "never had two stories. He only had one story." Logan failed to specifically address any of the problems with the report.
Read much more, here.

Comments posed above are "point-on." As a nation we are possibly seeing the impact of high ratings (Fox News evening shows) as a 360 degree symbiotic relation with people who love "red meat." People who respond to surveys that included a question about armed revolution (Sean Hannitys website) despite the fact the question may have embodied a form of sedition. Viewers who apparently welcome O'Reilly's and Hannity's crass shouting at guest and unprofessional name calling. Without a doubt, Fox appeals to "non information" ODS people, who feed off stories that are are either, fabricated, twisted for impact, or misleading. Should we expect long-standing credible media to join the quest for viewers (revenues) to the point of rushing to broadcast at the expense of journalistic commonly accepted standards? If we accept such, recent examples from ABC (1, 2), CBS, NBC and associated affiliates we must also accept the networks are turning their corporate mission\s and focus to revenue driven propaganda. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Benghazi As Political Strategy And Television Ratings Magnet!

Media Matters adds to its revelations about 60 Minutes Benghazi fall into "Yellow" journalism.

As you follow the 60 Minutes version of Fox News, add a another perspective to your gray matter.  As we consider the attacks, a critical issue remains unanswered: "Why the fixation on the Benghazi tragedy when our history includes attacks on embassies and consulates that resulted in hero accolades for the victims along with no lingering attacks of previous administrations?" 

The meme and chart provide clear evidence of the dangers of ambassadorial service.  My memory may fail me, but I do not recall any level of political strategy and right-wing mantra associated with the many deaths and injuries. In fact, the chart just above shows far more attacks when republicans occupied the White House.  

While, the question is rhetorical, we will ask: "Why is Benghazi different?"  "Why is it such a lingering focus Benghazi when Congress refused additional embassy security funding worldwide?" Why are the deaths in Banghazi not considered with Ambassador Stevens three times refusal of additional security forces at the embassy?"  The questions are rhetorical; the answer lies in politics.  If you need more think about Hillary Clinton 2016, and President Obama's legacy.  Think really hard about 2016.

Here's How CBS Correspondent Lara Logan Describes Her Dubious Benghazi Witness

Lara Logan Dylan Davies
It's clear that CBS correspondent Lara Logan truly admires Dylan Davies, the British security contractor with a starring eyewitness role in the 60 Minutes report that has galvanized new attention on the September 2012 attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Asked in a Q&A about why Davies (identified by CBS with the pseudonym "Morgan Jones") had decided to speak with the network, Logan said he "is tortured by guilt that he was not able to save his friends in the U.S. Compound, that he wasn't able to save Sean Smith's life or Amb. Stevens' life." 
"That may sound ridiculous to people who couldn't think of anything more insane than rushing towards a burning building that is overrun with al Qaeda terrorists," Logan continued, "but Morgan Jones is the kind of man who would do that and who did do that. And when he failed the first time, he went back again."
There's just one problem. The story Davies told CBS diverged wildly from the account he gave his superiors in an incident report that was obtained by The Washington Post.  
The October 27 60 Minutes segment featured Davies and his seemingly heroic efforts "scaling" the compound's 12 foot wall, disabling a terrorist "with the butt end of a rifle" and ultimately seeing the lifeless body of Ambassador Chris Stevens in the hospital. But according to the Post, Davies wrote in his incident report the day after the attack that he spent most of that night at his Benghazi beach-side villa and learned of Stevens' death from a colleague.
Fox News had previously interviewed Davies several times but stopped after he asked the network for money; his new book, billed as an "Explosive Eyewitness Account" of the attack, was released two days after the 60 Minutes report and has already been optioned for a movie. These are all factors that undermine Davies' credibility and should have given CBS pause.

We await a response from 60 Minutes.  If CBS ignores the alleged false report, the network will appear very much Fox News like.