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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Net Result of Years of GOPISM (VIDEO)

The prototypical conservative presidential candidate!

Excuse the brief commercial intro. "What we have here is a failure to communicate."   The movie, "Cool-Hand Luke".

If you want to see why the GOP resorts to the "southern strategy" to garner voters, Mitt Romney is the prototypical GOP presidential candidate.  As is covered in the following video, Romney will not garner enough African-American votes to aid his potential election in any way. He will not garner significant numbers of Latino voters to aid his quest for the Oval Office.  His party is busy alienating women voters 'by the bushels'.  And, despite the hope that his secretive financial trail has gone quiet, enough concern about his past has some voters on edge.  Factually, Romney's clearly penchant for 'the lie' will become more and more troubling for the man and his party.

Let's take a quick view of recent "credible' poll data about his receptivity to black voters.

The Rachel Maddow Show   |  Aired on August 24, 2012

Black, Hispanic Americans apparently not part of Romney victory plan

Rachel Maddow reviews new poll numbers showing Mitt Romney with zero percent support among black voters and underwhelming support from the Latino community as well, and wonder what tactic Republicans might employ to make up the difference in that support from American voters.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

GOP Has Boxed Itself Out of the Latino Vote!

The GOP is fizzling away as a political party. The Party is becoming a social movement with limited ethnic demographics and a tool for American business. (Large version of chart below)

Latino Decisions has published a detail study of Latino preferences in the November General Election.  The polling data indicates the GOP and their soon to be official leader of the party, have insurmountable work to do in the Latin communities across the nation.   We know that level of support the GOP has in the African-American community.  

We should also expect that the party has done little to improve voter perception in the Asian community from November 2008 through today. One also must wonder, other than Romney at the top of the ticket Vs. McCain sans Palin, if the party has made strides in the American Jewish community.  Data from a 2008 New York times 2008 Election Exit Polls should have served as a guide for the post 2008 GOP.  (Notice specific voter demographics in the link above)

Rather than work toward progress among the ethnic groups mentioned above,  the GOP did what it does best: agenda driven cronyism with big business, while imposing its social agenda on people.  I will remind that agenda has failed this nation since the last days of Richard Nixon's years in the Oval Office; with specificity for Ronald Reagan's policies through horrors and darkness of the George W. Bush years.  

A critical demographic for 2012 is the Latino vote.  As stated above, GOP strategist have to be of a mindset like the stumbling Rick Perry on the debate stage, "OOPS". 

The Latino Decisions poll results.

Latino Decisions

Latino Decisions is the leader in Latino political opinion research. Founded by professors of political science,Dr. Gary M. Segura and Dr. Matt Barreto, our firm leverages a unique combination of analytical expertise and cultural competencies that are unparalleled in the industry. Our team is comprised exclusively of credentialed research scientists with established publication records, rigorous methodological training, and experience with large-scale collaborative research projects. We employ our professional insights and specialized technical skills to produce the most accurate information about Latino political attitudes, experiences and engagement.
Our consistently reliable polls, predictions, and analysis of the Latino electorate are regularly cited by respected outlets including: Univision, the New York Times, ABC News, National Public Radio, impreMedia,NBC News, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and many, many others. Election Day and beyond, we work with a diverse client base of leading companies, research institutions, public policy, and advocacy organizations interested in a wide range of issues pertinent to the increasingly influential Latino community. 

by  on 07/18/2012

Latino Decisions released new national poll of Latino registered voters showing Barack Obama winning 70% of the Latino vote compared to 22% for Mitt Romney.  The poll, commissioned by the Center for American Progress Action Fund  and America’s Voice,  illustrates an increase in support for President Obama, and comes after a month of outreach to Latino voters, starting with the June 15 Dream announcement, appearances by the President and Vice President at NALEO and NCLR conferences, and comments opposing Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law.  This poll marks the first time Obama has received 70% of the vote in Latino Decisions polling on the presidential election over the past 20 months.
Information omitted here. Visit the Latino Decisions webpage for critical an relevant details.
This release is part of a larger poll by the Center for American Progress Action Fund  and America’s Voice  to assess Latino attitudes in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law, with additional results being released Thursday July 19th at an event at CAP, including Latino attitudes towards the Supreme Court decision. 

An important note on Latino polls

As the election draws near, more and more poll results will be reported for Latino voters.  We caution readers against relying on small Latino samples taken from a larger national poll.  Instead, more reliable results will be found in polls that focus exclusively on Latino voters and maintain a larger sample size.  For example, Latino samples taken from larger national polls are often small, between 80 – 200 and carry a margin of error between 8 – 11%. Further, because the overall target is all voters, the interviewers are not bilingual, and often try to call-back Spanish-dominant respondents who they could not communicate with in English.  This results in greatly underestimating the number of immigrant and Spanish-speaking voters in polls.  A recent poll from Quinnipiac  reported a sample of just 143 Latinos, and 14% of interviews conducted in Spanish, an unacceptably low number.  Finally, national polls are not designed to get an accurate geographic representation of Latinos because they draw a nationally proportionate sample of all Americans, and pick up Latino respondents wherever they surface.  The Latino population maintains substantially different patterns of residence than the national population and as such, the Latino sample is rarely representative of the overall Latino population.  For example, New Mexico has the 8th largest Latino population, but nationally it ranks 36th in size.  Likewise Ohio has the 7th largest population nationally, but ranks 20th among Latino states. 

Latino Decisions interviewed 504 Latino registered voters between July 7-16, 2012 using live telephone callers, sampled across all 50 states, and the Latino population in our sample is proportionate to the actual Latino population across all states. A mix of landline and cell phone-only households were called, and up to 5 attempts were made per number. Latino respondents had the opportunity to complete the survey in either English or Spanish, using fully bilingual callers, and overall 39% of Latinos chose to complete the survey in Spanish.  Overall, the sample has a margin of error of +/- 4.4%. Additional survey results will be reported over the next several days.

The Progressive Influence

The GOP is caught in an no-win predicament.  The party is empirically proven to be a party that has  an ethnic composition of 92% non-minority. We all know, even if we sympathize, it is a party that provides 'interference' and 'security'  for big business and often at the expenses of reason, rational thinking, and the desires of people. The party has proposed innumerable anti-immigration laws and in many states have passed laws that have 'disparate treatment' of Latinos.  Basically, the party has pushed itself into a corner of its own design. It has over time developed and 'salted' paradigms that now contribute to middle class and lower class citizens who ignore the dangers of GOP economics policy while they rail about Obama in the White House.  The Bush Tax cuts are running up the US Deficit by billions over the near term, yet people listen and buy-into 'job creators' mantra from the 'party of deceit'. They do not research and look back at GOP impact on our economic history. The numbers are glaring and telling. 

If the GOP attempts to quickly develop and deploy strategies to combat the Latino Decisions survey data, it will lose cred with its base.

The Latino Decisions data points to the classic, "Rock and the Hard place".