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Friday, May 31, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: White House Lawn "Like Party", Ingraham Wall of Fame, and Red States Fact (Abortion)

It seems Trump morning included comment which couldn't even come from the mental concoction of a pre-teen. 

CNN (15 seconds)
Listen carefully and give the related CNN segment a one-minute viewing; linked here. How can any American follow the illogical lies of the nation's 4th President?  

Didn't Trump recently blast Nancy Pelosi for his exception of her on-air affect; including use of her hands?  
If you care to spend a few minutes reading about facts related to Trump's early morning lie attack, Media Matters offer the best summary, as yet. Media Matters for America, linked. Oh, let's not stop. Herewith is a quick fact check via CNN, linked.

Yes, the post-inauguration lies from Trump have to now stand well over 10,500 (verified). With record lying numbers as such one could begin to believe Trump even lies in his sleep. 

From Trump's lies to a reminder of the total commitment for Fox News to a social ideology some call whit nationalism. The phrase is a whitewash of the reality of white supremacy.  Laura Ingraham recently posted a set of images of Right-wing nutjobs she labeled "prominent citizens".  You will notice both Alex Jones, James Woods, and Candace Bergen the list.  Of significant interest and very noteworthy, Ingraham also posted one of the nation's most recognizable white supremacists on her screen feed to Fox News minions.  

That salute came at the end of a 17:26 minute RNC Convention speech I which Ingraham opened by equating, or making a weird analogy of,  Trump actions to that of a "god." 

Here is Ingraham'swall of fame via Media Matters. 

Did you read or hear about Trump's inner cabal ordering a US Navy warship named John McCain (named after the former Senators' father and grandfather...both Navy Vets to cover the name of the ship to avoid viewing by Trump? 

Let's close our run through Trumpism and US conservatism with a Twitter post of Democrat Party strategist Keith Boykin. A reminder of US conservatism and the politics which attract one-third of the US electorate. 

There is truly something horrible brewing in conservative America. 


Friday, May 24, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Doctored Video As A Right-wing Weapon

The Washington Post and other non-Fox News media are reporting on a clear case of right-wing anti-Nancy Pelosi Internet video subterfuge. Following a trump attack on Pelosi earlier in the week, someone or a team of criminals took it upon themselves to doctored (or edited) a video of the Democrat Party Speaker of the House of Representatives. The dirty trick is a short video of Pelosi appearing senile, and, or drunken.  

The Washington Post, linked here.

Former Federal attorney and former mayor of New York City, and now Trump stooge, Rudy Giuliani joined in on promulgating the edited video.  His re-tweet included the following words.  First, keep in mind, Giuliani has to know the video is fake, but how can one serve as the perfect stooge million if one allows the truth to dilute his subservience to Trump. 

Giuliani words tweet: "What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Her speech pattern is bizarre."

Talking Points Memo's reports on the edited video are noteworthy.  

As we consider the success of the edited video and the boosting from Fox News Business and Giuliani, it is important to note the following video did not receive like scrutiny from the Right. What follows is an obvious "mess".

The video as a weapon?  In January of this year, CNN's Jake Tapper broadcast a segment regarding the Congressional testimony of National Security Director Coates.  While the first 1:12 seconds of the video relates to international adversaries, the following portions of the video have proven to be point-on. 

Doctored 'deep fake' videos posing threat to elections, security

Remember Republicans don't win elections via straight campaigning, dirty tricks and election subterfuge (including voter suppression) are key weapons of the party on the right.  And how does the high information voter avoid becoming a victim of the GOP's election black hole?  

If you think this is a strategy and political weaponry misreported via CNN, think again. Fox News's Laura Ingraham also went video attack during a broadcast within the past 24 hours.  Watch the video Ingrahan weaponry, here (Media Matters). 

Don't accept the Right as an entity which has an inner core of honesty and fair administration of matters of politics.  

Live suspiciously and seek information.  


Monday, April 15, 2019

Fox News (FOXPEN)

What better way to end the day than with a reminder of why we do not watch Fox News?

FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network)

Name that Rapper. Laura Ingraham

Now hear this! Poll Numbers fit for a Carnival tent ticket.

Watch Dobbs a day later..after you used that figurative carnival tent ticket. OOOOPS!

The following is an excerpt The Mashable: 12 major Fox News quality reports from 2018. Or, should I type a lack of quality reports?

Eric Trump's anti-semitic comment

In September, while appearing on Fox News, presidential son Eric Trump took a shot at legendary journalist Bob Woodward and his Trump-related book by saying it was just an effort "to make three extra shekels." No one in the Fox News studio batted an eyelash.
Why was this such a big deal? As Mashable's Morgan Sung wrote at the time about Trump's use of "shekel":
The word for Israeli currency is also a favorite of 4chan and other racist boards. The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist neo-Nazi Holocaust denial site, frequently uses "shekel" to describe anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. 
Unless you're either literally in Israel or spending a lot of time in these alt-right spaces, it's pretty unlikely that you'll even use "shekel" in your daily vocabulary.
If it was just a blind spot for everyone involved, then that is one hell of a shared blind spot. The comments are even worse given the that a month later, a gunman killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue while shouting anti-semitic slurs. 
End Mashable excerpt

Oh, the Joy of Fox News. StumbleUpon

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Your GOP And A Developing Social Nightmare (VIDEO)

...absolutely reprehensible cryptofascist drivel and dehumanizing xenophobia... The Washington Press

Watch and listen as the GOP's number of elected (Congressional) racists spews Nazi venom on Fox Business.

If you are a High Information Voter (HIV) you know King's core beliefs regarding what he calls 'western civilization' (culture).  If you happened to be more of a LIV (Low Information voter) you probably missed this remark during the GOP RNC Conference.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes shockingly and ineptly allowed King to spew his brand of white supremacy and without malice, stopped other show guests from taking the racist to task nor allowing any form of guest or personal retort. Hayes later admitted a high degree of shock regarding King's comment and further stated he was professionally remiss via forbidding any response to the over-the-top racism.

While MSNBC producers and managers must have known of King's affinity for white supremacy and his associated tendency to speak as such, he was booked on the segment without regard for his history ad dogma.  

And how did Fox News management react to Kings Anti-Semite fooder for its viewers?  Two very short clips; one for reference and the other a 17-second response within an hour of King's Fox Business audience feeding.

Conservatives who go public with their core paradigm biases seem to appeal to the lowest denominator of human culture while offering titillation to the nation's racist underbelly. 

We offer another well-known xenophobe who consistently feeds LIVs with insane and seemingly contrived (for pay) fodder to their viewers and listeners.  

Says Ann Coulter said, "I am a settler. I am descended from settlers — not from immigrants."
Bloggers on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 in a Facebook post

See Politifacts, here.

Imagine that! Is it actually possible Ann Coulter believes such tadpole pool shallow rhetoric? I suggest not.

Coulter is practicing that time proven and critical aspect of business and outreach to customers. "Give the customer what she/he wants." Conservative America isn't a population base which truly believes in the GOP and conservative demagogues based on the long-standing lie about fiscal conservatism. No, I posit the vast majority of American conservatives are socially biased and by living in that mindset offers a storing foundation for growing white supremacy and overt racism which is oozing across the US.

Example, Fox News isn't a historic leader among evening news related broadcast because of Hannity, the former host O'Reilly, Carlson and their cadres of social degenerate guests pepper their viewers with the discussion of economic news or fiscal conservatism. They entertain their viewers with dogma regarding the Left mixed with an abundance of overt and covert bias (maybe even subliminally) lathered-up with an animus against nonwhites. 

If you actually believe your relatives, friends, and neighbors religiously vote for the GOP based on their love of country, concern with the federal budget or vote based in faith in their assumed religion, you should possibly think a bit more.  I offer they are socially biased in their everyday lives while serving as a safe and dedicated political base for much more sinister undercurrents in the US.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Facts, Alternative Facts, No Facts, Ugly Facts,

Image result for what is being reported is not whats happening
"What you are seeing in the news is not what is happening." Trump to the VFW.

Let's spend a few minutes on the various shades of facts absent in Trumpism.

First, a peep at the effectiveness of Trump's strategy as the following people were photographed abusing news reporters.

Image may contain: 12 people

Facts and Paris Dennard, response to Erin Burnett's question regarding Trump's now historic remarks following the killing of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville Virginia one year ago tomorrow:

"Erin Burnett, don’t ask me ridiculous questions."

Dennard had to know the question Burnett posed would be part of the segment. Yet, he refused to answer the question while applying a small dose of "Gish Gallop" deflection towards Burnett's Left-leaning guest, Joan Walsh. 

Dennard is an official on Trump's 2020 re-election team. He is also an unabashed Trump talking head and "presstitute". Actually, I suspect Dennard is paid both by the Trump circus as well as CNN.  

Facts are not an underlying core value of Trumpism.

While I recognize the following segment has a fairly long run time, it is important to view another Trump talking head: Candace Owens. The segment may have run longer than prescribed via show programmers and producers, based on Owens clear intent to Gish Gallop through the pre-defined tie parameters. An effective tactic many Rightwing talking heads deploy.

MSNBC Arl Melber The Beat with Michael Eric Dyson and Candace Owens. linked here.  

Living and serving as a black conservative isn't an issue. People have the right to political lean in any way they wish.  The problem with the Owen's, the Dennard's and the Darrell Scott's is their willingness to wave the conservative  (Republican) flag while the world now knows Trump is as a minimum a seething bigot. Of course, you know the next stage of racial animus (especially when one has the power to so readily influence race relations in our society).

When Burnett asked Dennard a question regarding race, a year ago national tragedy which ended in death, beatings, fired weapons,  and "Jews Will not replace us" manifestations.  Dennard's answer was typical. 

Facts?  A trait not imbued in the 45th President of the United States. 

ABC News

The reason facts serve as a dangerous void in Trump is as clear as this...

Image result for russian thank you for trump

And on a more serious and deeply rooted note, watch as Fox News's Laura Ingraham assisted in moving the psyche of her viewers towards increasingly overt acts of racism.  

While Ingraham returned to her set the following day with a typical Fox News denial of her intent the previous day, the reality is she fed her viewers what they tune-in to absorb. She followed the next show with an effort to placate her advertisers. The reality is her comments were as based on deep-rooted racism as David Duke's past as Leader of the KKK.

What is restraining the Right from simply opening up with its inner core aversion to diversity, its embrace of bigotry and its consistently underlying threads of growing racism? While Ingraham traipses on the periphery of overt racism, I posit she actually Venn Diagramed into racism comparable to Pat Buchanan. 

Watch the seamlessness and shamelessness of Ingraham and well known US racists and white supremacists. 

Fact: Ingraham laid a racist egg and 24 hours later she attempted to whitewash her remarks. Meme of the Day.

I'll close with the perfect example of why facts are not conducive to Trumpism. Actually, it appears facts are incongruent to the Trump supporter she ad core values.

Image may contain: 4 people, text

Yes, facts matter when facts are offered from, credible people. Herewith is yet another example of how the GOP is literally infested with people who do not hesitate to distort facts, lie offer fakery to cover their lives.

Florida GOP Candidate Accused of Faking College Diploma

Isn't there another famous case of a fake degree associated with Trunpism?


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ingraham Back On Fox News Delivering The Propaganda Against Starbbucks

Laura Ingraham is back on Fox News after her version of the "OOOPS" my advertisers are dropping me Fox News (non-previously announced) vacation.

Ingraham's segment related to immigration didn't go so well.  We do not have the full segment but the following Media Matters clip is poignant. While I question the judgment of attacking her based on her big misstep with David Hogg (advertiser protest), the guest's response to her challenge against him was newsworthy.

Ingraham is one step ahead of past former Fox News host who took incident induced vacations. Megyn Kelly returned from her "White Santa; white Jesus" remarks. Bill O'Reilly on another hand didn't; return from his sexual allegations (and payout scandal) induced vacation.

If you have a few minutes to spare, take a look and listen to Ingraham introducing typical Fox News demagoguery related the Starbucks incident which occurred a few days ago. She goes on a Fox News (business model) like criticism of the need for Starbucks to right the wrongs associated with its store managers handling of two African-American men sitting in the store. 

Starbucks is not a racist corporation by any measure. In fact, Starbucks Chairman, Howard Schultz, is a well-documented supporter of racist tolerance and diversity. No the problem with the Starbucks racially charged episodes is the very same problem as infests many across the nation: bias, bigotry and learned racism from parents and social settings (including schools). 

Ingraham focused on how Starbucks is (implied) bending over backward to avoid allegations of racism.  Well, I have to know Ingraham also saw this slip of another racists episode via a Starbucks store manager.

Starbucks as a people problem, but it wouldn't be wise to place the corporation on the same shelf with far-right, and very public privately owned corporations which have been known to practice regressive and non-inclusive policies.  

All said, the latter clip would to fit Ingraham's mission at Fox News.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Fox News' Ingragham Continues To Suffer Advertiser Abandonment

Image result for laura ingrahamA few weeks ago, Fox News, Laura Ingraham, demagogue entertained her seething audience with this tidbit about Parkland survivor. Apparently, Hogg previously mentioned he was busy applying to colleges and he stated he had recovered a few rejection letters.  He issued an innocent and honest remark which is pretty much common among most high school students who apply to colleges. College rejection letters are almost as common as the old school employment rejection letter (albeit a relic of the past). 

Laura Ingraham

David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA...totally predictable given acceptance rates.)  
11:45 AM - Mar 28, 2018
Rational Americans should only view Ingraham's tweet as a form of bullying a young kid who has dared to speak out against gun violence and school shootings. Hoog has even stated his parents own a gun (s), and his activism is against weapons which are currently available to millions who shouldn't have access (18 years old with a trobling AR-15). Ultimately the question is why was it important for a television personality to go after the teen.  In addition to common conservative dogma, one can also assume Ingraham was tickling, and enticing, her twitter followers who comprise a Fox News audience so necessary for earning millions in compensation she receives via a common formula. A formula as such: television and radio thrive off viewers who view advertisements which provide revenue for networks, shows, and channels.  The formula which led to the firing of Bill O'Reilly as news of his sexual abuse and harassment of women led to a dissipated advertiser base.  Yes. advertisers rule in television. The nation's number one purveyor of "news" without veracity offers entertainment important the largest of all cable news networks.

If you are not a viewer and subscriber to Fox News, you know the network isn't a traditional news network. It is without question a communications network for the GOP, white privilege and a pure communications department for Donald Trump. If you are a regular viewer or subscriber to Fox News messaging you know that one of your favorites hosts was assigned to an emergency, and previously unannounced, vacation after tweeting a silly and childish message about a nationally recognized survivor (and activist) of the Parkland shooting.

Ingraham fell victim to her own dedication to demagoguery, bullying, and devotion to Trump.  She fell into a self-crafted Generation X minefield only understood by Millenials and social media savvy Americans. 

The tech-savvy teenager responded as a true #Resistance combatant: Thinking, strategy, and execution with available weapons. 

Pick a number 1-12 contact the company next to that #

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers
2. @ATT
3. Nutrish
5. @Bayer
6. @RocketMortgage Mortgage
8. @Arbys
10. @Nestle
11. @hulu

The saga continues and Ingraham's managers and producers have to now live-in a tsunami of dissonance as to what to do with a dwindling sponsor base.  

No automatic alt text available.

Social Media site, The Wrap, maintains an up-to-date cataloging of Ingraham sponsors who have left or are leaving the show.  Just this week a couple of flagship sponsors left the show.

The Wrap

Laura Ingraham Loses IBM as Advertiser Boycott Continues to Grow

SlimFast Is 21st Sponsor to Drop Laura Ingraham’s Show After David Hogg Uproar

April 14, 2018, Ace Hardware rejoins Ingraham's show.