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Friday, March 30, 2018

Fox News Demagogue Suffers Advertiser Abandonment (Video)

Fox News Demagogue Fails To Consider The Power of Young activist and corporate responsibility

Image result for laura ingraham show advertisers

David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA...totally predictable given acceptance rates.)— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 28, 2018
You know David Hogg as a leader in the flourishing #Our Lives Matter movement. Is it possible to possess a rational mind and fail to recognize the downside and gutter cesspool acts of attacking a 17-year-old who dares speak out against the guns Americans gun culture?  

How did the 17-year-old activist respond?  He responded as a person with social media wherewithal, rational thought processes and the activist he responded with a huge weapon. A weapon which carried a stinging lesson for consumer products companies which advertise on Fox News.  His Twitter response. 

After Hogg took to his Twitter account with an exhortation to flood Ingraham's advertisers with concerns about their support for the Fox News demagogue, show advertisers quickly responded. Yesterday afternoon four advertisers dropped the show; as of this morning, eight advertisers have withdrawn ads from the demagogue's show. 

Ingraham's apology (CNBC)

Of course, Americans who are of rational mind know Laura Ingraham is a far-right demagogue who can find no wrong in anything Trump, nor any wrong in anything anti-NRA or anything pro-gun restrictions.  Those same Republicans know more about Ingraham. She now has a show on FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) as well as a radio show.  If you are aware of the daily propaganda mission of Trump's most admired TV network you know she is now on Fox solely due to the firing of the network's former flagship demagogue, Bill O'Reilly. 

Ingraham fills O'Reilly ratings laden Fox broadcasts slot like an expensive leather glove. She feeds Right-wing viewer propaganda sponges comparable to O'Reilly with a slightly less inclination for on-air racism.  While she is less inclined towards weekly forays into feeding the bigoted minds of Fox News viewers, she never misses a beat when she finds an opportunity. How better to tickling her Twitter audience while offering favored remarks to the NRA than to attack one of the now very visible Parkland Shooting survivors?

Cable news has covered Ingraham's grotesque tweet, but as is generally the case MSNBC exceeds other networks in exposing the Fox News underbelly.  I don't believe there is an on-camera response to Ingraham which surpasses the scope and depth of comments from Republican Steve Schmidt (MSNBC contributor). 

"Another example of an adult acting terribly". MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt (Republican..Correction: rational Republican)

Of the 13 advertisers posted in Hoog's Twitter post, nine have to return corporate decency via dropping Ingraham. O'Reilly was fired from Fox News due to an avalanche of fleeing advertisers. Wonder how long FOXPEN with value Ingraham's entertainment potential as the day progresses?

Let's end with a segment from The Last Word (it includes additional comments about Ingraham's advertisers) along with a quick segment regarding #OurLives Matter as we move towards the November mid-term elections. Steve Kornacki and potential election impact (poll data). 

The Last Word


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Laura Ingraham Feeds Fox Viewers Pure Ugliness

I am just going to leave this here until a few newsrooms deal with Fox News's Laura Ingraham's over the top bigotry and verbal racism.

Crooks & Liars

'What’s Your Urban Agenda? Handouts?'

While we realize the only thing necessary for convincing Fox News viewers of anything, Fox News show hosts simply have to say the words. Let's see if any fact checkers address Ingraham's racism. It is possible we will hear or read about black employment while Trump has been in office. Well, OK but I am not convinced Trump isn't still riding at the head of an economic boom lingering form the Obama Years. What actual economic policy or legislation has Trump and company passed which will support the possible claim of great employment for the black community under Trump.

Fox News should probably stick with guest such as the next example and avoid the non-Trump lovers in the Black Community.

Maybe, Ingraham should also research related to the growing demographics of "urban" environments and so-called handout recipients.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Four Star Kelly Responds With Thoughts Of A Civil War Compromise

Image result for confederate flag meaning
Regardless of your social or political ilk, you have to recognize protest about remaining statues of Civil War Era Confederate Generals is all about taking down the US the major shame of vestiges of a US past which seems to be resurfacing.

The ongoing fervor (take the statues down or leave them stand), has come to the forefront of a national racial and social divide. Over the past few years the divide has become something of a social tsunami as whit supremacist have taken-up the brandishing the flag as a symbol of defiance to a racially divers nation.  On the other side of the fervor are African-Americana entities and protester who recognize symbols of the US confederacy for what it was: a movement to preserve and defend white supremacy.  You need go no farther than the Confederate battle field flag which became the post Civil War shield of defiance and racial purity.

The "Confederate Flag" as it is colloquially referred to, was the flag used in battle by the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. ... The flag's look changed over time, as did its meaning.
If we take the WIKI definition to its next logical point, the genesis of the flag, we find reason for movements to take down the statues and removal of the flag.

Image result for confederate flag meaning

Some Americans simply do not find the proliferation of white supremacy, its adopting Confederate statues and the Confederate Flag as acceptable. Especially, with consideration of total evil which is associated with the flag and statues; of which we are seeing brandishing of the Nazi Third Reich flag by some white supremacists.

I ask, why would Trump's Chief of Staff facilitate Fox News's continued support from the US Confederacy? Is it possible millions of Americans Fox News also support white supremacy and Nazism for a perspective of "all good?"

The Statues

As we lived through a day when the largest presidential scandal in US history continues to unfold it is noteworthy to find Trump's dispatched stooge (Four-star Kelly) sitting on Fox News answering questions produced to deflect from The Day of The Indictments.  

Apparently, Kelly was asked about the Civil war via a questions about removal of Confederate statues.  He immediately opened with a diatribe about the virtues of Robert E. Lee (a distinguished Southerner prior to the Civil War.   

It doesn't take much to know Fox News. The network fulfills its role in support all things GOP in a most effective manner. Thus, the network also performs its share of anti-tolerance of anything nonwhite.  We also know Kelly didn't simply sit and allow even a softball Fox News interview fire question at him without a pre-screened questions (and probably approval to ask certain questions).   He and his boss knew the questions regarding Robert E. Lee was coming. Kelly's choice of answered while accurate as to Lee's reputation as an army officer, we also lead with support for white supremacy.  If that reads in a harsh manner, you only have to considered the flag posted above.

Kelly also touched to that well-known conservative social Nirvana of "states rights."  A sure indication of support for the most regressive of conservative political policy and practice.  

The coup de grace was Kelly's idiotic comments regarding compromise.  Compromise?  How could anyone in the Abraham Lincoln Administration find compromise with regard to human ownership and its associated human bondage (human beings as chattel)? What we the North and South discussed sanctioning  specific number of slaves via owner choice of some weird human bondage lottery?  

Fox News's newest show host, Laura Ingraham, started her time at Fox News  (The Ingraham Angle show,) promulgating propaganda. Kelly was a conduit to an end, appease white nationalist and white supremacist while deflecting for the days events.  If you missed it above, know Ingraham bundled her racist quest with a question which included George Washington and a church in Virginia.

Take another look and listen:

There is simply something very wrong with Fox News's use of slavery as a tool to advance their brand of conservative propaganda.  Above and beyond common Fox News's business model, high ranking White House staff are well beyond decency and normalcy to expose any end to slavery in any manner shy of forced cessation. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Crooks & Liars: Hannity Unhinged

Laura Ingraham Smacks Down Hannity's Gun Fantasy

While waiting for the last press conference of the evening on the Las Vegas shooting, Sean Hannity allowed himself a moment of indulgence in his favorite testosterone-laden rescue scenario. In Hannity's toxic masculinity scenario, he's in the room with his (licensed, registered and permitted) gun at the ready. He waits for an opportunity, poised to take…

Friday, September 5, 2014

Right-wing Demagogues Laura Ingraham and Rafael Cruz And The Horrors They Speak:

Laura Ingraham


The ‘average black’ doesn’t understand why the minimum wage is bad

So, the people who elected Ted Cruz to the US Senate in 2010 paved the golden path for Cruz's racist father and his opportunity to scoop-up speaking fees. We have anxiously awaited document-able and video validation of the elder Cruz as a racist. His penchant for speaking on the far-right fringe is well documented and should serve as an indicator of what was to come. As is always the case, eventually all old dogs yield their inner core; they cannot change their bark.   

Cruz's inner core includes unadulterated racism to the level of blanket diminution of a people: African Americans.  Of course, Cruz uses the more common vernacular among Americans white elite and their reference to African-Americans as "the black." 

Of course, I have also heard Chris Matthews , MSNBC Hardball host, callously use a derivative of the vernacular: "The blacks."  I will readily admit use of the vernacular in some forms works very well and reciprocal use of "whites" can be found in certain TPI articles. Close scrutiny will find major differences in my use of "whites" and Cruz's "the black" and Matthews " the blacks."

I digress for sake of openness and fairness.

The last stop on the Rafeal Cruz racist roadshow was at a $25.00 per seat monthly meeting: Western Williamson Republican Club’s August meeting flyer.

While quoting language from a noted African-American conservative and Fox News stapled color commentator, Jason Riley, Cruz must have felt as comfortable as any member of the Ku Klux Klan while addressing the conservative meeting audience.

According to The Raw Story's Arturo Garcia, Cruz quoted as in this manner
Conservative activist Rafael Cruz argued that African-Americans need to be “educated” to oppose minimum wage laws, citing the work of a Black conservative member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, Buzzfeed reported. 
“Jason Riley said in an interview, Did you know before we had minimum wage laws, Black unemployment and white unemployment were the same? If we increase the minimum wage, Black unemployment will skyrocket,” Cruz said during a speech to the Western Williamson County Republican Club in Texas last month. “See, he understands it, but the average Black does not.”
BuzzFeed this past on Tuesday of this week provided five minutes of the Cruz demagoguery. 

"....the black must be educated."



Thursday, May 8, 2014

Laura Ingraham Competes For Fox News "Top Liar"

Fox even entertains viewer with a 'foot fetish!"

As we move closer to the fall mid-term elections, is it me or is Fox News gone complete derangement? We are accustomed to the grovelled voice Laura Ingraham's mis-guided opine and punditry, but her most recent case of constipation of the brain accompanied by diarrhea of the mouth, is a real top of the mountain "lie."

Snopes published a CNN video broadcast (great read) on September 18, 2012, with evidence Ambassador Stevens was not killed in the US Consulate attack. Stevens was, factually, rescued from the burned-out and smoldering building by sympathetic Libyans. He died in a local hospital within hours of his extraction from the Consulate.

CNN (well over 1.5 years ago)

Now for a Fox News perspective. If I located the Snopes piece in two minutes, Fox News managers are certainly aware of the truth regarding "dragged through the streets." Fox News managers continue to pull the viewers around like a crafty marionette team with illusions of "Mogadishu."

Laura Ingraham is a far cry from the skirting bigot and "pepper spray as a vegetable" validator (in chief) Megyn Kelly. When she delivers as follows with lies and manipulation of viewers, one has to wonder about Kelly's and Fox News to commitment to outright lies and propaganda.

PolitiFact.comThe Truth-O-Meter Says:
Laura Ingraham: U.S. ambassador 'was dragged through the street' in Benghazi
Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham restated a debunked talking point Sunday, claiming that the body of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was "dragged through the street" following the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi. 
"We have to not forget, we have four dead Americans," Ingraham said during a roundtable discussion about the Benghazi attack on ABC's This Week. "The ambassador's body was dragged through the street. Okay? It was beyond heartbreaking and beyond infuriating." 
Stevens' body was not dragged through the street, at least not in the way Ingraham suggests, multiple accounts and three official reviews make clear. 
The bottom line: Good Samaritans took Stevens to a hospital where he could receive medical treatment. 
The most recent summary of the events came from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in January 2014. In an appendix, the report provides a timeline. It has this entry for 1 a.m. Sept. 12, 2012: 
"Local Libyans found the Ambassador at the Mission Facility and brought him to a local hospital. Despite attempts to revive him, Ambassador Stevens had no heartbeat and had perished from smoke inhalation." 
Two other government bodies said much the same thing. An Accountability Review Board, headed by former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen and veteran diplomat Thomas Pickering, declared that Stevens was brought to the hospital by six civilians. "To the best knowledge of the Board these were ‘good Samaritans’ among the hordes of looters and bystanders," the review concluded. 
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee -- controlled by Republicans -- reported that "local Libyans found the remains of Ambassador Stevens in the main diplomatic building at the Benghazi Mission and transported him to the hospital. The Libyans apparently did not realize who the Ambassador was, but they alerted the State Department of his location by using the cell phone that was in the Ambassador’s pocket. Libyan doctors tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Ambassador Stevens upon his arrival at the hospital." 
The Associated Press interviewed the Libyan doctor who treated Stevens. CNN spoke to Libyans who said they had found Stevens. The CNN report includes amateur video that shows rescuers pulling Stevens through a window. 
It seems established fact that Libyans brought Stevens directly to the hospital and there were no signs that anything else took place. 
Our ruling 
Ingraham said that the body of Ambassador Stevens was dragged through the street. We reached out to Ingraham but did not hear back.
After reading three government reports and independent press accounts, we find that Stevens, overcome by smoke from the fire, was brought to a Libyan hospital where efforts to revive him failed. To be dragged through the streets implies disrespect. There are no reports of public abuse of his body. 
This claim was debunked long ago and the truth has been widely available. We rate Ingraham's claim False.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Laura Ingraham Out Paces Limbaugh With A Gunshot Audio Effect! Gun Shot!

Queen of the Right-wing demagogues plays gunshot sound over audio tape! A shooting sound!

OK, we are not into the daily ravings of right-wing talk radio. In fact, all AM radio hosted shows have converted to conservative dogma, as it sells.  Liberals and progressives plus "high information" Independents do not need daily doses of dogma filled hatred of the Obama Administration. When we have concerns we do not hesitate to air the concerns in forums known for a much higher use of cognitive process, backed with data and without over-the-top angst and Draconian exhibitions.   If you look close, you might find the AM radio demographics are perfect for GOP and conservative income streams (revenue and host contracts).  "High information" people get information from other sources and they do not have that 'clinging need' to reinforce horrid paradigms on a daily basis.

Horrid paradigms? As is the case with most Right-wing demagogues a good portion of their programs this week have been devoted to disparaging remarks about the 50th Anniversary March on Washington DC (over this past weekend.)

"Oh, do we have fodder for our sycophants on Monday."  Laura Ingraham was classic in delivery of her "red meat." She actually go out ahead of the king Right-wing demagogue: Limbaugh.

Ingraham not only took cheap shots at the gathering, she used march speaker topics for 'dog whistles' to her festering throngs.  It took her about one minute into the embedded video below to take the killing of Trayvon Martin to right-wing dogma about killings in the black community. She mentioned statistics. Statistics exist that show the murder rates are not much different from murder in white communities. Let's face the bottom-line issue. We interact within our own ethnic groups far more than other ethnic groups. If there are going to be murders, it will take place predominantly intra-ethnic group. "Black-on-black Crime!"

Twenty-three (23) seconds of pure truism on "black on black" from someone not of the black community: Tim Wise, diversity consultant, author, educator and "One who GETS IT."

The Ingraham Show.  The  following audio tape is eight (8) plus minutes long. I skipped through the Ingraham 'ditto head' remarks.  I have too much respect for my psyche, my grey matter and I have contempt for 'low information' people who rail about positions each day. The audio segment is eight minutes long. Can you imagine sitting listening to AM radio for the full run-time of shows like Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, Savage, Beck and others? Ingraham's gunshot antics hit at approximately the 4:40 minute mark as Lewis's comments are cut short.

Now. for a bit of background as to how propagandist like Ingraham gather their sustenance as feed for their throngs of ravenous listeners.
The linked Politifacts piece is a bit long, but full of relevant information for people who consider themselves "high information."  We will not use any article text to save your reading time and space in this piece. You have to check out the Truth-O-Meter on this one.
The Truth-O-Meter Says: 

"In the 513 days between Trayvon dying, and today’s verdict, 11,106 African-Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans."

Tweets on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 in tweets

A look at statistics on black-on-black murders

Linked article Read more after the coming break
We do not in any way challenging there is far too much killing in communities, the black community in particular. We take major exception to right-wing fear mongering and pro George Zimmermannism via use of flawed or skewered statistics.   If we are not a fully-integrated society, the relevance of the references to killings in the black community seem to accompany 'motive based messaging." 
Your Black World Dot Net published a piece this morning that encapsulates the many aspects of the truth related to "Black on Black" Crime. Chenelle A. Jones, Ph.D., Ohio Dominican University, wrote the piece. (NOTE: We realize many have disdain for long reads, but 'high information" people will read such works on an intermittent basis until done. So, we take the risk of thoroughness and delving deep)
Article excerpts
Excerpt One. There is no question that crime within the Black community is an issue.  However, there is a need to discuss and deconstruct this notion of “Black-on-Black Crime”.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) notes that most crime is intra-racial.  Statistics show that 84% of White victims are killed by Whites and 93% of Black victims are killed by Blacks (BJS, 2011).
Excerpt Two. So to argue that the intra-racial phenomenon of crime victimization is unique to the Black community is to demonstrate an inaccurate assessment of historical and contemporary crime and victimization trends.  Furthermore, to acknowledge the existence of “Black-on-Black” crime without equally acknowledging the existence of “White-on-White” crime is to perpetuate a myth of inherent black criminality, and Blacks are not inherently criminal.
Excerpt Three.The final issue with the “Black-on-Black Crime” argument involves the disparate treatment of Black and White offenders in the criminal justice system.  Whites represent a majority of the American population and are responsible for 54% of murders involving an intimate partner, 59% of murders involving a family member, 55% of murders involving infants, 56% of murders involving elders, 54% of s*x related murders, 53% of gang related murders, 70% of workplace related murders, 55% of arson related murders, 80% of poison related murders, and 53% of murders involving multiple victims (BJS, 2011).  Blacks comprise 13% of the population and are responsible for 59% of felony murders, 65% of drug murders, 50% of murders involving an argument, 56% of gun homicides, and 54% of murders with multiple offenders (BJS, 2011).
We will not comment additionally about the Ingraham cheap shot for her listeners. The gunshot sound effect speaks volumes about the GOP and its propagandist. they know how to play to GOP supporters. Ingraham piece linked.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mario Piperni: Boston, Bombings And The Usual Suspets

Cross posted from Mario Piperni Dot not stop here, check out Mario's page!

The Usual Suspect

APRIL 16, 2013 BY  

Conservative Hate Radio  -
Less than 24 hours after the tragedy at Boston and without a clue as to whom the perpetrator might be, the bigots have crawled out from under the rocks they call home…not that they were ever hiding.
In an email to members today, Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips claimed that the Boston marathon bombing occurred because “we have a government that is not committed to protecting America” since it isn’t willing to “destroy radical Islam.” Phillips said that “Radical Islam and perhaps even non-radical Islam” is a danger to western civilization, arguing that Muslims believe that “non-Islamic nations may be conquered or otherwise taken over.”
The email (in part):
Unfortunately the sad truth is we will be hit again. It will happen sooner or later. It will probably be sooner than later.
There are two reasons why we will be hit again. First, we have a determined enemy who hates us. Second, we have a government that is not committed to protecting America.
It is a pretty safe bet right now that this attack was carried out by an Islamist. It was a well-coordinated attack. In its publication, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula called for just this kind of attack…The only way we make sure this never happens again is to identify our enemy and then craft a strategy to totally defeat that enemy.
Meanwhile, on cue, the regular gang of narrow-minded bigots who oppose immigration reform are using Boston as further reason to push their hate agenda.
“Some of the speculation that has come out is that yes, it was a foreign national and, speculating here, that it was potentially a person on a student visa,” King says. “If that’s the case, then we need to take a look at the big picture.”
On immigration, King says national security should be the focus now, and any talk about a path to legalization should be put on hold. “We need to be ever vigilant,” he says. “We need to go far deeper into our border crossings. . . .We need to take a look at the visa-waiver program and wonder what we’re doing. If we can’t background check people that are coming from Saudi Arabia, how do we think we are going to background check the 11 to 20 million people that are here from who knows where.”
This, in my mind, raises all sorts of questions. I mean, again, we don’t know who did this, motivations, all of that. But it is interesting that at this moment — we are considering legalizing or giving regularized status to millions of people. Pretty much none of them have gone through any rigorous background checks, to have a temporary status in the United States. And we don’t — I just think that there are all sorts of security implications aside from the other arguments on immigration — national security implications that we don’t talk about with enough frankness and I think certitude here. We can’t stop every attack, but my goodness, if we had borders that were shut down and we actually had a proper screening process, maybe we could stop some of them.
Let’s say it again…ignorance and bigotry of the type displayed by King, Ingraham and the teabagger who crafted the letter above, pose more danger to the well-being of the United States than anything any terrorist group could ever accomplish.
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