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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ted Cruz via Jon Stewart (Kissing Rehearsal)

After Ted Cruz's announcement speech, Jon Stewart took to the airwaves with his (and his staff's) take. As is always the case the The Daily Show team point out a few items mainstream news would never touch. One item was the Cruz (and wife) kissing rehearsal. Damn, does the GOP do anything impromptu?

Stewart and all media beyond Fox News are reporting the Liberty University audience was not all seats filled based on interest in Ted Cruz. The school has mandatory monthly attendance at Convocation with a fine assessed if the student doesn't comply.
“Students at Liberty University were required to attend a partisan political speech where a small-government conservative who had just promised he would respect privacy rights told them if they cared about freedom, text your information to a mysterious address that collects your cellphone number for undisclosed purposes,” he said.
A quick review of the "Campus Guide" book offers validation of one reason Cruz sought to make his announcement at the University.

 Linked excerpt from Campus guide (Page 2 ad 3)
 • Convocation is an assembly of the University community and its purpose is to develop campus unity, disseminate information, and challenge students spiritually, socially, morally and intellectually. Convocation provides forums for the social and political issues of the day, as well as educational topics of diverse interest for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff. Guest speakers from the world of business, politics, education, religion, and the sciences also help to make Convocation a refreshing and challenging time. 
All students are required to attend Convocation on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This includes all resident students, commuters, undergraduates, graduate and seminary students. Failure to attend Convocation without proper approval will result in the issuance of four points. Resident must check in with their Resident Assistants upon arrival and sit in their as sit in their assigned section in order to be counted as present. Failure to attend will result in the issuance of four points.
Stewart's segment:

No one does  it like Stewart and his team  and he won't be replaced seamlessly . StumbleUpon