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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Michele Fiore, (R) Nevada...

US conservatism has taken a turn towards pure insanity and disgust. Each week we find striking examples of the extent to which the US populace has allowed a national political party and ideology fizzle into a social quagmire can only spell danger for the nation.

Over the weekend, an Assemblywoman in the Great State of Nevada: Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) caught our attention.  Fiore came to national attention last April with her support from US anarchist ("Let me tell you about the Negro") Cliven Bundy. While the linked interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes garnered much praise from the Right, especially from rightwing social media, HateWatch aired a Youtube video that depicts Fiore as a supporter of the tax-dodging racist: Fiore shows an utter lack of social class and on-air  civility. 

Fiore's support for witch-doctor cancer patient medical procedures (baking soda) has no support from the FDA and the American Cancer Society, her efforts to advance the use of uncleared drugs  follows similar measures in five states: right to try” bills.

Think Progress published a piece about the Nevada lawmakers support for medical procedures that may provide zero effective relief to potential terminal patients.

“If you have cancer, which I believe is a fungus, and we can put a pic line into your body and we’re flushing, let’s say, salt water, sodium cardonate [sic], through that line, and flushing out the fungus… These are some procedures that are not FDA-approved in America that are very inexpensive, cost-effective.”
She has also commented as follows. 
 ....Nevada is already “the capital of entertainment” and this bill could help “make it the medical capital of the world as well.”
 ....Fiore made news last Wednesday for her assertion that “young, hot little girls on campus” need to be armed with guns to prevent themselves from being raped, saying that every citizen should “have the right to defend him or herself from sexual assault.”
 -Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R).
As reported by Think Progress, the Nevada Assemblywoman is reported to own a "healthcare company."  As shown below she is typically republican and illustrates the extent to which (sane and insane) people can acquire over-the-top weaponry.  

Christmas Card image?

Your GOP!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inkster, Michigan Man Beaten By A Band Or Cops. The Latest In The Series

COP Feast!

The video camera is revealing more cases of COP abuse against African-Americans. The latest episode in the series took place in the Great State of Michigan. An alleged unarmed citizens was pulled over by cops; the innocent middle aged victim was unfortunate in being pulled over by a cop with a record of heavy-handed law enforcement. The victim was fortunate in one respect: the video camera. Imagine Criminal Justice without the video camera.

Southern California Cop beats woman broad daylight.

South Carolina Trooper orders derive to show license and then shoots the compliant citizen

Ted Cruz so eloquently stated: "Imagine!"

Imagine the extent to which cop brutality against the black community would be either exponentially greater and exposed to a much lesser degree with the video camera. 

Imagine decades of such abuse hidden among the snickers and jokes of the boys black and blue as they sipped beers or as they feasted on donuts. 

Imagine back to Mark Fuhrman's comments about "nigger" abused in holding rooms and the glee to which he delivered his story to move developer. 

Imagine Rodney King's accusations without video evidence of the horror.

Now watch as MSNBC's Chris Hayes address the cop abuse. The Hayes segment includes video of the so-called "Robo Cop" reaching into pocket and drawing out a plastic bag. The relevant video segment this at the 5:14 minute mark and runs for 15 seconds. Hayes also offers the first MSNBC interview with the  beaten citizen.

How can we watch weekly examples of cop brutality against black people and not assume it has come to be the fun machismo thing to do? A game with a preordained loser with no prospect of serious remedy via the courts.  

My imagery of the Inkster brutality reminds of a pack of predators devouring fallen prey.  How about you?

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quinnipiac Yields Fox News Most Trusted; Methodology And A Testament To White High-end Baby Boomers

Image result for quinnipiac

Image result for fox news
Whenever pool results roll across our airways (TV predominantly) it pays to seek out the Sampling and Survey Methodology.

Quinnipiac commonly considered a reliable and non-conservative polling authority published survey results that warrant serious scrutiny. "Fox News Most Trusted among News Networks." The survey was apparently conducted (Survey Sampling International [SSI] ) among 1286 respondents with the following details:


73 % white


White   BlackHispanic
73% 13% 7 %


Quinnipiac indicates the survey was conducted in the scope of current Census demographic data. If my perception the methodology claim is correct, however I question the 7% Hispanic survey pool. Unless, the Other/DK/NA represent Hispanic poll respondents.

Political affiliation is a key survey demographic. The number of so-called "independents" and non-declared could include Fox News viewers who are factually conservative. It is impossible to view the data consideration of an over sampling outside the control of Quinnipiac.

Generally speaking, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, or what?

32% Republican

Republican   Democrat Independent 
32% 29%  27%



42 % over age 55

AGE IN YRS.......
18-34 35-5455+
  21% 32%  42%
126  310809

Quinnipiac reported an unweighted (N) [N=number ] of 1286.  Since I trust Quinnipiac not to report with such a discrepancy, I assume some respondents did not declare an age group.

En capsulized: 73% white over a third of respondents conservative and a respondent group skewed towards high end baby-boomers. The survey was (or is) literally a Fox News viewers dream.

Fox News most trusted (methodology)
PDF format
Sample and Methodology detail

MSNBC's Chris Hayes ran a segment last night that included a granted biased, perspective on how Fox News could yield such survey results. Notwithstanding, I stand committed to the survey as a testament to the fact most older white news viewers tune-in to Fox News and the SSI methodology should come under a bit of scrutiny.

Chris Hayes

Great points Chris, but don't forget the survey methodology, Chris!

If you would like a bit more regarding the Quinnipiac "Fox News Most Trusted", The Daily Kos offers this....


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keystone XL Failed To Pass A Senate Vote (A Temporary Reprieve)

Embedded image permalink

MSNBC's Chris Hayes, ALL In, reported on the "one vote shy" outcome as follows.

Forty-two thousands pipeline jobs is as phony a statistic as the GOP promulgated level of voter fraud across the United States. The number is a flat out. 
CNN's Carol Costello invited Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont, on her show for what turned into yet another "ditzy" set of questions very much common to the host. Costello's turned head, raised chin, pleading demeanor style of interview is indicative of where US electronic media has gone: "to the pits."

Watch a less than two minute segment of the interview.

For those who prefer a script of the segment clip If You Only News offers this piece.

CNN producers and writers know the KXL project only offers job numbers in the tens of thousands if the numbers are extrapolated to thousands of peripheral temporary jobs. The perfect example: restaurant workers who will provide sustenance as the project is completed. They also know the project offers less than 50 full-time jobs and they also know there is no prospect of US energy consumption from oil derivatives developed and pipeline for consumption in Asia.

Trans Canada's CEO seems a bit nervous and unconformable while answering questions about the project and the talk of 42,000 jobs.

When networks like CNN and Fox align with big business lies, the nation suffers journalistic malpractice. Of course, I am reticent to mention Fox News and journalism in the same set of words, as the network serves a greater purpose for the GOP and potential US oligarchs. 

Unfortunately, the pipeline will get another vote in 2015, once the 114th Congress is sworn into office. Pipeline legislation will pass in both Houses of Congress and it will be President's Obama veto pen that will stall construction yet again. 

The Koch brothers stand to gain far too much from the completed KXL to believe it will quietly evaporate into the annals of US history. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The ACA (The Good), GOP Resistance (The Bad), Koch Funded Attacks (The Ugly)

The Koch brothers's GOP is hell bent on repeal the Affordable Care Act. GOP leadership continue to rail about public perception of the law and it deleterious affect on the nation. Boehner and McConnell must be reading Drudge or Breitbart News for breakfast.

October 2013

CNN/ORC Poll (taken between September 27th and 29th of 803 nationwide adults, with a 3.5 point margin of error).

GOP Wrong About Public Opinion Of A.C.A.

The Morning Consult Healthcare Poll (taken between September 25th and 28th of 1,976 registered voters nationwide, with a 2 point margin of error).

GOP Wrong About Public Opinion Of A.C.A.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes has over the past two days broadcast meaningful information about the GOP's continued attacks on the ACA (AKA, ObamaCare). In addition to Koch brothers commitment to repealing the law, the GOP has no interests in any programs that benefit you and me. 

We start with a segment from ALL IN from yesterday (November 17, 2014). While I also feel the crass comments from the motor-mouthed academic Gruber, regarding the American public are reprehensible, his comments cannot be used to provide Fox News and GOP firing lines against a law that is benefiting so many Americans. Americana who either had no medical coverage or restricted and precarious coverage. In some case precarious coverage was welcomed and cherished by people willing to take the big risk of accident free health for lower premiums and astronomical deductibles and co-payments.

ALL IN November 17th segment

The Brookings Institute published a piece this past January, that adroitly addressed how the Affordable Care Act reaches into American society in ways only the inner core of plan framers could have visualized. I will add that visualization was problem if at all a reality may have been comparable to the hope of landing an spacecraft on a comet rolling along at 41,000 miles per hour.

The Brookings's piece included the following chart in its 13 point (must read) analysis and subsequent treatise. I have linked the Brooking page as a caption under the chart. 
Embedded image permalink
Brookings January 2014
Is there any wonder upper-crust conservatives are averse to the ACA?  If we think back to GOP aversion to all laws and federal programs that benefit the bottom 20% of Americans, their extreme abhorrence of the ACA is no surprise. There is value in reminding the public the GOP has Social Security and Medicare in its "program elimination" cross hairs; a fact that will never change. 

Hayes on earlier this evening (November 18th). 

When I think in terms of the ACA and GOP efforts to repeal the law, my mind visits  a few critical areas of contemplation.

I.  Koch brothers and GOP aversion to the laws stated above. Two of the wealthiest people on Earth would deprive the worlds less fortunate of life sustaining medical coverage.

II. GOP House leadership expended $86.4 million dollars on frivolous repeal ACA votes they knew would not find support int he US senate. ($1.6 million per vote X 54 votes) Thus House leadership marched to a drum that I feel was ratty-tat-tatted out of Wichita, Kansas. "We really must pay our debts." 

III. Ted Cruz led  Congressional conservatives in in shutting down the US government at $24 to $28 billion hit to GDP.

IV. Repealing the law would cast millions back to the ravages of pain and suffering while hoping they would not suffer illness or accident.  Let's not even think about living with no dental care!

V. I visit Charles Gaba's ACA Signup Dot Net and refresh my liberal excitement about the ACa by viewing a few charts.

The Original Graph (2014)



And then I thank the higher spirit whatever you chose to call it that the nation has a toe in healthcare for people who need it most or people previously held under the vile grip of US BIG HEALTH/BIG INSURANCE and BIG PHARMA ad their cash contribution on stiff politicians.  

The ACA works!

Jon Stewart explores... "IT IS WORKING" and cuts across the obstruction chaff. 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

UPDATE: MSNBC's Chris Hayes Blows KKK Interview; ANONYMOUS Steps-up With Real Purpose: #Hoodsoff

Any MSNBC viewer has to appreciate Chris Hayes's efforts to tackle the tough interview. Booking intriguing and "un-network" friendly guest is one thing, accomplishing the "good" progressive interview is yet another. Hayes has again dropped the ball when the perfect opportunity to dig deep and hard-hitting interview was within reach. Hayes interviewed an alleged KKK leader from the St Louis area and dropped the interview ball as if it was covered in molasses.

This link clicks to a piece I wrote the day of the interview.

Hayes's politeness and gentlemanly style manifest in another historic example of a guest over-talking the host while neutralizing the perfect interview opportunity. In March of this year, Hayes stepped into a hot zone with an official from the Koch brothers Americans For Prosperity. The guest literally took over the segment and performed a classic Gish Gallop tsunami on the "polite" host.
The Gish Gallop is the debating technique of drowning the opponent in such a torrent of small arguments that their opponent cannot possibly answer or address each one in real time. More often than not, these myriad arguments are full of half-truthslies, and straw-man arguments — the only condition is that there be many of them, not that they be particularly compelling on their own. They may be escape hatches or "gotcha" arguments that are specifically designed to be brief, but take a long time to unravel. 
Watch as Jennifer Stefano exhibited typical Right-wing dogma and Jerry Springer Show like yelling. Hayes sat and listened while feebly attempting to back-down the yelling demagogue. He eventually simply sat back and allowed the guest to runt he segment to commercial. Stefano's performance was base don strategy and in the eyes of people who support the Koch brothers, a political success. 

The segment is six minutes plus, and one needs to only view the final two minutes.

Hayes came back the next day with comments indicating he does not invite
guests to his show for outright confrontation and he relished the opportunity to "learn" from his guest. Well, I posit he did not learn from the Stefano's flogging as he continues, the hope of civil interaction with people who are literally uncivil.

On Wednesday of this week, Hayes book an alleged "Ferguson KKK" leader. While the guest exhibited intellect indicative of a member of the KKK, he did not pull a Jerry Springer performance and should have been corralled for the opportunity to facilitate a good interview. Yet. Hayes again allowed a guest to over-talk and spew inane talk that was stated (by the guest) to have a basis in internet chatter. 

If you recall the KKK leader interview (re linked here), Hayes's should lead his producers to avoid guest the host cannot effectively interview. Hayes is the perfect model of why some call MSNBC the "opinion" network.  A network with little value to some progressives as it appeals to an audience that obviously relishes soaking up comments from progressive guests who are often overbooked or repeat booked to the point of knowing word for word how they will respond to questions. Non-progressive hosts (ie., Todd, Mitchell, Scarborough) perform well for conservative viewers who tune-in to MSNBC. 

I commented above about Hayes's producers avoiding certain guests. The point is particularly relevant when you consider Hayes never actually interviews guest. He more frequently poses questions and sits chopping at the bit to partake in cocktail party like dialog.  He reminds me of the guy who always shows-up at the cocktail party with the sole mission of cornering a person (or people) for incessant and unending conversation. More often than not the serial conversationalist prefers one way dialog (from his mouth to the ears of his audience). Such people will even follow the disinterested conservation victim to the restroom to continue the talk. If one is successful at breaking away from the over-talker, he will quickly find another victim (listener). The "serial" conversationalist does not make for a competent television interviewer. 

After the KKK interview a few online media and social media came alive regarding Hayes "polite" interview. Crooks And Liars reported as such: "Chris Hayes Politely Interviews KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Arcona."

Mediate and The Wrap have reported on Hayes's response to concerns about the "polite" interview.  As with the Stefano interview, Hayes fiends a higher-order of seeking information for what he seemed to imply as fair reporting. The Wrap reported on a TVNewser piece in which Hayes defended the decision to book the KKK leader. 
Even with much social media brushback, Hayes wouldn't do anything differently, telling TVNewser: 
I still think it was the right call, in fact I may even feel that *more* strongly than I did last night. That said, I 100 percent understand why some people don't see it that way. We debated and wrestled with whether or not to do it and weighed the pros and cons and ultimately decided there was real news/journalistic value in putting him on. I've seen some people say we shouldn't have “given him a platform.” But I don't view that kind of interview as “giving him a platform.” There are different kinds of interviews we do on the show. One kind of interview is a reportorial interview with people who are principles in a news story, which is what that interview last night was. That's as opposed to interviews we do where we ask someone to comment on or weigh in on a news story. In those cases, I think you *do* inevitably invest the commentator with some authority or legitimacy, even if you don't agree with him. And clearly we would never ever have a Grand Wizard of the KKK onto the show to play *that* role.
Hayes smothers the TVNewser viewers in nothing more than a well crafted sophism. He sat through the interview like a high school journalism stud net being over-talked and chastised by a person who probably accepted the interview to spew the very garbage Hayes allowed. The KKK leader spoke of receiving "hundreds of calls" based on information from right-wing social media. He also stated receiving information from local police who were friends with his Klan members. A news item in an of itself, especially with the proliferation of KKK employed by police across the South.

Hayes did such a poor job of probing the police connection, it was truly embarrassing for this viewer who formerly supported MSNBC as credible progressive media. Moreover, his delineation of reasons for conducting the interview (types of interviews) doesn't speak to the fact he simply provided a platform for KKK lies. Think for a moment about the chance any potential protesters or person determined to perpetrate civil unrest would call a cop and threaten to "rape his wife. The comments from the KKK leader was a play on "white fear" and was a disgusting case of post Jim Crow KKK racist oratory.

Now I ask, "On what network did we hear the guttural racism?"  It wasn't on the customary right-wing media outlets like Fox News and the Limbaugh EIB Network. Hayes's "cocktail party" exuberance for dialog does not lead to effective presentation of the more disgusting elements of the far Right.  Basically, Hayes failed in his quest for "sharing all sides of the story" just as he completely flopped on his handling of the Jerry Springer like Jennifer Stefano.

Here is how to handle the KKK. Inviting such guests to a nationally televised news source and allowing the guest to spew KKK rhetoric is less than sane (MSNBC).

Well, of course, no major network would handle the KKK as follows via Twitter and Anonymous #OpKKK, but think again about the utility and sanity of MSNBC airing a KKK commercial.
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