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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Suspected Russian Internet Operatives Are Working to Affect Your Vote

A few weeks ago Democrat Party Presidential primary candidate, Elizabeth Warren, posted an on-camera communication event in the kitchen of her home. within a matter of hours, what you see below-found its way across the Internet, and onto the willing desks of Fox News host Tomi Lahren.

Image result for Elizabeth warren black statue

If you need a closer look, check it out via Snopes dot com.

To be even clearer:
VS. this...
Related image
Upon seeing the images, my perception of the image was a photoshopped copy. Warren not only wouldn't own such an item. Moreover, she nor anyone working a camera would allow it to become part of the video. My mind immediately moved to the obvious level of intellect imbued in the person who would create such a propaganda item and to create the item with such an obviously dumb effort to impart a message.

Suspicion was a plume. 

Suspicions based on years of watching such garbage serve as feed to American racist and those who are targets of political dirty tricks.  And deep down, my mind also went to Russian Internet operatives, as even the US right replete with racist galore would probably not create such a dumb depiction. 

Before moving to news of yesterday related to the probable source of the racist statue, here is a link to the Snopes review of the matter.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow hosted a segment about growing evidence of continued election tampering via Putin's Internet army.

The message is clear. Russians helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election; Putin's Internet army is again as busy as ever working to turn voters against top Democrat Party Primary candidates.

Television viewers, readers and partakers in US social media be aware.

Friday, July 27, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Michael Cohen.Consigliere VIDEO

Is The Consigliere Ready To Speak?

Related image Image result for the godfather and his consigliere

As the backside of the following story unfolds, most of us can look back and think: well, of course, Trump knew of the meeting. As the meeting participants prepared for their 'dirt" session Trump gleefully stood on-camera and promised ''dirt on Clinton".

Last night CNN broke a story which has both sides of the Trump "payoff of the Playboy Model (bunny)" issue scrambling to control the media. Trump's camp will not admit to leaking the information. Michael Cohen's Camp indicate being

The CNN Breaking News of last night.

Well, now we have an admission of knowing via both camps based on the backside efforts to control the story. Does it actually matter who leaked the story?

It actually does matter. Let's see how MSNBC's Rachel Maddow covered the story as it broke on a competing CNN Show.

After the revelation, Trump's Number One Cable News rationalizer and supposed lawyer visited with Chris Cuomo. The segment is three minutes plus in run-time, and most of the talking is mere host/guest verbal jousting, at one moment Cuomo nails the segment regarding its worthiness regarding the Cohen revelation.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Yes, Trump has a credibility problem unsurpassed by any US President since 1776.

Trump's Politifact File

Giuliani said Cohen is a pathological liar.  If you look above it is obvious who is the pathological liar. 


Friday, April 20, 2018

Comey on the Maddow Show , GOP Releases Comey Notes, And A Dissolving Nation

Image result for comey memos
Well, James Comey's book has been released for public purchase. The former FBI head has been as visible as the 24/7 clock for about two weeks leading up to his book release this past Tuesday. Without question, his book promotion and anti-Trump TV and radio show appearance will continue for quite some time.It all makes for good TV.

As we suspect you have seen and listened to Comey (even if only briefly) during the course of the past two weeks, you probably have little interest in more from Comey. The former FBI director and his firing by Trump are newsworthy and critical to understanding matters related to the 2016 election and a president who may have connections to Russia's Putin.

Last night Comey spent an entire television hour with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. The interview was fairly unremarkable as Comey (over the past few weeks) has answered just about every question imaginable about his firing by Trump. Despite the long wait for the Maddow interview and the virtually over-time repeating of most questions from Maddow to Comey, the Maddow interview was buoyed a bit by the release of Comey's memo notes by conservative members of the House of Representatives. (See Twitter embed below). The hour included a few interesting points.

The Maddow show hour was broadcast in segments separated by advertisements. We have posted Maddow's "A" Block segment below ad link the MSNBC page on which the various segments are posted, here.

During his nascent public appearances, Comey comes across as credible. He admits to reflective thoughts regarding certain entries in the book and he seems honest when he responds to questions by stating "I dont know." 

Maddow's "A" Block segment

Regardless of all the twist and turns regarding Russian interference in the 2016 General elections, Trump's admission to NBC's Lester Holt that he fired Comey while mentioning Russia seems awful close to obstruction.

I mentioned the release of Comey's memo notes. The following twitter Post and thread is a remarkable rendition of the memo notes from Seth Abramson. The passages require a long read. I recommend reading them over time while recognizing the notes are important to current US investigation into Russian hacking and legal matters for Americans who may have facilitated Russian meddling in the US elections.

Somewhere between Russian election meddling (hacking, social media manipulation etc) talk of hookers, porn star trolling of a US president and the daily presence of a national con artist, we are not finding time to rest our minds.

Imagine the prospect of reading and hearing the words "golden showers" in the same paragraph or comment along with mention of a US President.


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trump Swamp Watch: Pruitt Circling Around The Quicksand

The Mashable has just published a list of Trump's number one swamp critter, Scott Pruitt-EPA Head. As we watch daily manifestations of Pruitt's over-the-top abuse of office and appointed privilege, recall Trump promised to rid DC of the swamp.

You should have known Trump is an acquirer and expander; he has expanded abuse of office without equal and his cabinet seems rotten with people who appear to feel the nation owes them a lavish and swamp laden lifestyle.

Last night's Rachel Maddow Show includes a segment worthy of the time it takes to view the segment. Scott Pruitt is an unequal crook who Trump seems to still hold in high regard. The EPA Head is a mantelpiece example of the "swamp" Trump campaigned on flushing out of Washington DC.

The portion of Maddow's segment starts at the 31: 33-minute mark and specific viewing can be stopped at the 25:40-minute mark.  It starts with Pruitt shabbily addressing his sweet $50 per night DC residence. 

The Rachel Maddow Show (there is no need to view the full 45-minute show) via The Daily Motion

While we often used video from MSNBC, the in-line with our existential liberalism, it is important to note NBC. MSNBC management broadcast a once per week show which seems out of place with the newsworthy foundation of the network. watch Hugh Hewitt in his glorious ignominious reality.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle hosted the segment with Hewitt and former George W. Bush Ethics Czar, Richard Painter

Trump was forced to replace HHS Head, Tom Price, due to issues related to Executive Branch abuse of charter flights. It is impossible to imagine the scope and depth of Pruitt's scandalous abuse has a long life in Trump's swamp.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Trumpism: Running Amuck (Despots, Dictators, Brutes, And Trump)

Trump Smorgasbord...The Shame

Image result for trump's despots

When Turkey's autocratic Prime Ministers won re-election, Trump call the despot to congratulate him and invited Erdogan to visit the United States and to specifically visit the White House.

Before we go one, it should be noted President Obama expressly avoided inviting Erdogan to the White House for reason which were made clear via the attack on peaceful protesters by the Prime Minister's security detail (bodyguards). What you about to see is horrific and typical of despots who order their henchmen to attack, disrupt, intimidate or even kill dissidents. The attack was outside of the despots living quarters as a guest to of the United States. 

If you voted for Trump and maintain a life in which you support the meandering clown, watch closely. This is the United States, not Turkey, Iran,Russia, Saudi Arabia, nor any of the African nation despots who squash any form of dissent. 

While an unfair question, do you think such an attack would have taken place had Barack Obama still occupied the White House? Why and unfair question? Barack Obama would never have entertained such a despot in the White House.

Image result for trump's despots

On another front we absolutely must visit with conservative America's GOP communications division: Fox News. Watch as Fox News, Martha MacCallum, host a political fight between a right wing mouthpiece and a left wing mouthpiece (to keep it balanced). 

You Tube

Martha MacCallum "Fox News" Spars With Panelist in Heated Trump Debate

If you have a bit more time, watch as CNN's Kate Bolduan handles in a very different manner the Trump paid surrogate booked by CNN Live show producers.

Is there any wonder conservatives and theri nascent party leader "carnival" Trump prefer Fox News coverage Vs that of media which for the most part works at a much more professional level? I will add, professional level with truth and fairness as s central point in most on-air discussions. (of course, with exception for CNN's silly 4 X 4 Left Vs. Right leaning panelists; also referred to as the Jerry Springer CNN panels. 

Eighteen contacts during the campaign!  A serious matter, even for those of you who find Trump and company palatable.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow

Eighteen contacts between Russian and the Trump campaign.

Is America still the "Beautiful?"


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Russian Hacker Arrested In Spain (VIDEO)

After Trump's remarks and now we know well before his remarks, US INTEL was monitoring and investigating potential Russian interference in the 2016 General Election. Donald Trump as the eventual winner over Hillary Clinton would again assist in raising Russia from the doldrums of a regional power to possible influence in Washington DC at the highest level. If we only knew as Trump exhorted Putin to enact levels of espionage against the US election process, what we now know. Better yet, if we could possibly have known what will eventually come from the possible Russian/Trump campaign collusion. 

As the weeks and months have passed since the first Trump official (Manafort) left his campaign through the firing of former Army General Mike Flynn (Trump's questionable National Security Council Head chose). We all watched as Director of the FBI Comey admitted at a Senate Hearing, his counter INTEL agents and teams have been investigating possible cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia operatives since early 2016.

Read through the following excerpts from a piece just published.
[ ] 
Authorities in Spain have arrested a Russian computer programmer thought to be one of the world’s most notorious spam kingpins. 
Spanish police arrested Pyotr Levashov under an international warrant executed in the city of Barcelona, according to Reuters. Russian state-run television station RT (formerly Russia Today) reported that Levashov was arrested while vacationing in Spain with his family.
[ ]  
“A U.S. Department of Justice official said it was a criminal matter without an apparent national security connection,” Reuters added in an update to an earlier version of its story. 
The New York Times reports that Russian news media did not say if Levashov was suspected of being involved in that activity. However, The Times piece observes that the Kelihos botnet does have a historic association with election meddling, noting the botnet was used during the Russian election in 2012 to send political messages to email accounts on computers with Russian Internet addresses. According to The Times, those emails linked to fake news stories saying that Mikhail D. Prokhorov, a businessman who was running for president against Vladimir V. Putin, had come out as gay.
If you didn't follow the link to the Krebs on Security piece, view the "A" Block piece from last night's Rachel Maddow show.  Suffice it to say, the FBI Web is closing in on Russian interference in the 2016 General Election.

Maddow: the apprehended Russian Hacker

Lawrence O'Donnell also offered a two-minute segment with guest Malcolm Nance. Security and INTEL expert. 
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Of Xenophpbia, Bigotry and GOP Politics (Via Its 2016 Front Runners)

Database em, ID em, and Badge em!

Let's take a quick look at American terrorists who have yet to be proven followers of the Muslim Faith. Most of the following images are linked to sources; not one source includes the word Islam nor Muslim.


Despite FBI reports of white supremacists and "home-grown terrorism" as the most serious threat to national security, we continue to find rampant paranoia, fear mongers, xenophobia, and over-the-top sheltering against an imaginary enemy. The 9/11 terror attacks and much more recent attacks in Paris France, Lebanon, and Mali, Africa speak to the danger of international terror. Terror worthy of scrutiny, appropriate counter-measures, and military readiness, but the attacks hardly serve as a corollary to recent comments from certain members of the current GOP heard of candidates for 2016 party nomination.

Ben Carson and Donald Trump have both spoken in a most heinous manner about Syrian refugees.  They have taken to microphones to deliver oratory that rivals that of Joseph Goebbels and almost reminds of the "cockroaches" label and refrain used by the Rwandan Tutsis to slaughter 800,000 Hutus.   Carson metaphorical reference to "rabid dogs, needs to further comment. We are committed to our position, Carson is insane and can no longer control what comes from his brain.  Trump's party leading acceptance of federal registers, immigration database, and ID'ing Syrian refugees is as despicable and "Un-American" as it comes. 

How can any party/campaign leading candidate with the following of the GOP front-runner escape overwhelming criticism for such comments? He feigns innocence and victimized along with an aversion to intervening from the RNC and GOP party leaders. RNC Chair, Priebus seems to be sheltering in a dark concern hoping no one calls upon him for comment. 
While Trump has gone on Fox News with innuendo of being entrapped, and "I did not say that a reporter asked..." MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has offered clear evidence of Trumps demagoguery.

TRMS Novembr 20,2015

We ran across a quick read an image on facebook that seems to embody the essence of Trump's comments.  

TRUMP DEFINITELY SAID WE SHOULD HAVE A NATIONAL MUSLIM REGISTRY — Although he's trying to walk it back, there is no doubt in our minds that Donald Trump meant what he said. Mother Jones magazine confirms this as well in their lead story, "Yes, Donald Trump Agreed That We Should Have a National Registry of Muslims". Of course Trump forgets that he said it on video tape. A registry is just a precursor to internment camps like we set up for Japanese Americans during World War II. While we're sure Trump wasn't talking about the equivalent of Nazi concentration camps, once you get on bigotry's slippery slope of xenophobia, all bets are off. This is why we're calling Trump out on his Muslim Registry. 

We often read about how we should avoid references to the Third Reich. it is virtually impossible to do so as we consider Tumps oratory, support from white supremacists groups and the actions of some supporters when faced with dissent. Over the past few years, we have grown to expect that ever-present high baby boomer chant of "USA, USA", USA" when dissent erupts at GOP events. It seems we are now expected to grow accustomed to what follows. 

During an Alabama rally, Trump was interrupted by a protester. He was summarily surrounded, beaten and kicked to the ground. Recall during Trump's last Alabama rally someone in the audience yelled "White Power!"

On Trump's orders ("Get out of
here") supporters attack a black man


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News Gives UCONN The "NAACP Championship" As Mimicked by SNL

When Media imitates satire, media fails even if via a slip. Freudian Slips can be very telling.

It is truly amazing when a network as "powerful" (according to Megyn Kelly) manages to stumble as much as Fox News.  It is so amazing MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's team of producers, writers and production staff developed a 60 second non-hosted segment that speaks volumes about the cable network on the  far Right.

We published a piece earlier today related to the latest Fox News stumble.

Remember. Roger Ailes said she hired Sarah Palin
"because she was hot." 


Eye candy and the delivery of news fails when it counts. 

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