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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A New GOP Sect; Watch It Grow

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"Identity Europa"

Since we spend moderate amounts of time reporting on growing racism and white nationalism at the core of the GOP, it is also important to note and report on new fissures. We are speaking of white nationalist (racist) offspring which feels it has something in common with the GOP.

Of even more importance, we do not find riposte actions from the GOP. Retort actions which would send a message to the white nationalist they are not welcome in the party. In the absence of such, we can only assume these movements are welcomed in the GOP.
A new hate group wants to take over the GOP via @msnbc
Is there any reason for more verbiage?  How about that GOP vote?

Utter racism follows. 

Former US Congressman (R-UT)

And here is how it ends.


Monday, October 1, 2018

US Conservatism's Love of Dictators From A Trump. Kim Jong Un, and Russia Perspective (Video)

Image result for trump, kim and putin
It is one of those days when sitting and developing a piece for the page, just isn't going to take place.  

Enjoy the social media reports and whatever you do, visit the MSNBC links towards the bottom of the age  The On Assignment segments with Richard Engel are award-winning journalism in my opinion.

First, let's visit with a couple of social media posts.
While I am enjoying a non-writing day, I cannot help but post a few additional items I viewed last night on MSNBC. If you viewed the segments from the On Assignment show you have no need to proceed.

The first segment relates to a nascent phenomenon of US conservatives literally loving the Russian society. Despite being one of the most repressive nations across the globe, US conservatives have latched onto Putin; Russia as surely as they continue to moniker Ronald Reagan as one of the nation's great presidents. Ronald Reagan was a facade of how US conservatives wish their world to exist. While the following segment doesn't touch upon Reagan's contributions to a rebirth of US racism (post the 1960s and ear 1970s.

From his overt affinity for Bob Jones University (with all known racist policies) through his part in advancing the GOP's successful Southern Strategy, and his outright disgusting handling of early AIDS cases, Reagan was the epitome of US social regression.  And, the GOP still to this day loves his being and legacy.  

Alas, the following segment doesn't visit Reagan's social regression beyond touching on Russia's anti-LGBT policies. As you view what follows, think about the dangerous abyss to which Trump has us all standing on the precipice and leaning over the edge.

Shameful isn't it?

How about some dessert?



Monday, September 10, 2018

Trump VS Obama Economy? (Video)

January 2018...the US economy.

Trump has a penchant for running around the nation banter "his" economy. When he isn't offering false prophecy regarding the US economy, his talking head minions are on all cable news networks doing same. 

This morning MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle hosted segment which straightforward deals with Trump's false weaponizing the current US economy. Before the 13 minutes video, we acknowledge the US economy is (basically) doing well. Sustainability is an issue, but we certainly credit the tax cuts (for the wealthy) and Trump deregulation for good spirits in corporate America. We have log posted the current economy is a continuation of the Obama recovery; without the recovery, it wouldn't be possible to have unemployment at 3.9 percent.

Recall, the Bush Sub-prime collapse was preceded by Bush deregulation and Bushes two tax cuts.

If you have 5:00 minutes give the following video a viewing. After the first five minutes, Ruhle embarks on almost eight minutes talk among her guests. 

If you are inclined to believe Trump, so be it. But, the wise American will seek to verify or fact-check just about all which emanates from Trump's mouth.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Makes A Point about Trump Incarceration

A twitter segment worth repeating.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Black Monthly Jobs Numbers ("Fake News")

Defending Against Alleged Use Of "N" World Leads To Press Sec'y SNAFU

Watch and listen as the White House Communications department either shows its level of utter incompetence, or the communications operatives sought to pepper its supporters and uninformed independents with false jobs numbers. The numbers feed to the Press Corp via Press Secretary Sanders were on first hearing farcically inaccurate while defying logic.

The numbers Sanders spewed were offered to offset allegations Trump is on tape using the "N" Word. Why would a denial of use of a guttural disparaging word require staking the platform with comments to assuage (allay or palliate) the psyches of listeners? The effort failed miserably and in accordance with other serious Trump Administration communications SNAFU.

We offer the full segment (question and response) from the CNN reporter, as well as a shortened version for additional clarity.  What follows adds to the reality of Trump's talking heads reaching back to the previous administration for punching bag comparisons.

Within mere hours Sanders appeared on Twitter to apologize for issuing "fake news."

Correction from today’s briefing: Jobs numbers for Pres Trump and Pres Obama were correct, but the time frame for Pres Obama wasn’t. I’m sorry for the mistake, but no apologies for the 700,000 jobs for African Americans created under President Trump

As we fold yet another episode of Trump "fake news" into US History it is important to recall and remember a key point. Trump recently hired a former Fox News executive, Bill Shine, to run his communications Department and serve as an adviser. As a Fox News top executive, we posit information from the White House will take on edges which fuzzy reality so much, we can expect more such apologies. While the Trump team disdains the apology, the words are unavoidable when issued to address failures in Communications 101 (check and recheck reportable data when possible). If the data is unverifiable, do not use the data.

But, in the Fox News world, it is much more easy and effective to as for forgiveness then pass on an opportunity to pepper viewers with false reports.

Market Watch published a piece this past April which effectively shows Shine's former network has issues with bias and reliable reporting.  Excellent read but includes one chart which requires a bit of discernment (the word use triangle).

Fox News is less trusted than CNN and MSNBC, Fox News graphic shows

Shouldn't the nation expect better from the White House?


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"Democrats Are Racists"?

As previously posted a segment of MSNBC's The Beat went off track yesterday. The derailment should have been as predictable as awakening each day to a new rash of Trump lies. The third-ranking cable news network pulled the pin on a hand grenade and waited far too long to dispense of the ordinance. It exploded. 

When networks allow conservative talking machines on their air, the network executives and producers desire criticism. We posted the (full) aforementioned segment in an earlier post. the following excerpt has been embedded to make a point.

Before the 46-seconds from the Twitter post, be reminded of this.

Image result for joseph goebbels memes
Conservative talking head, Candace Owens, arrived at the MSNBC camera setting equipped with Gish Gallop deflection and Goebbels -like strategy.

(Click red link)
How about that? 

Would someone please corner these people and ask them to clearly delineate and itemize the dogma they spew? The following simple set of questions, if posed directly with little patience for deflection, will prove the Gish Galloping Owens a mere conservative mouth-piece.

If the Democrats are the true racists...
Why is there zero examples of overtly racist politicians claiming party membership?  
Why is there no Steve King (R-IA) in the Democrat Party?  
Why isn't Pat Buchanan a Democrat?   
How about explaining why the nation's Nazis and white supremacists affiliate with the GOP?
Why not ask Owens such questions?


As Trump's World Turns: Racial Animus, Bias And A Lack Of Leadership

Let's take a quick review of a president who is obviously biased against African-Americans and a president who knows how to use the inner core of his followers for political advantage. 

Image may contain: 8 people, text

CNN's Jeffrey Tobin caught offset and asked a direct question about his perception of Trump's views on race.

The reason we opened this piece as we chose to open will become clear in a moment follow.

Yesterday MSNBC producers and show programmers suffered either a case of very poor judgment (while ignoring the prospect of "I told you so" reactions) or staged an ugly interaction which was as forecastable as the 24/7 clock. Ari Melber's The Beat was the forum for an interaction with a common example of Fox News like conservative guest dogma or CNN-like Jerry Springer staged verbal violence.

What follows is a segment in which the show host Melber via his producers lead with examples of how Trumps existential reality echoes that of the white supremacist Pat Buchanan.  Apparently, the Trump camp conservative and noted Fox News talking head Candace Owens wasn't pleased. Owens was clearly equipped for a mission which resembled a common debate (Gish Gallop) weapon/technique in an effort to burn a majority of speaking time in a segment which ran with tight time restraints.  I have long suggested or posited conservatives use the tactic whenever possible while speaking on non-Fox News TV.  

What follows is ugly but not uncommon when certain conservatives paid pundits are booked on MSNBC and CNN. 

The Beat/Ari Melber: linked.

Clearly, Owens was about deflection, distraction, and combat after watching comparisons of Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump.  Owens delivered an obvious performance goal without regard for the ugliness and unprofessionalism imparted by the Galloper. But then, do conservative talking heads really care about pride and professionalism. 

Herewith is another example of outright and unabashed lying and ridiculousness from another of Trump's black rationalizersL Darrell Scott. Notice the over the top praise of a person who actually fits the Pat Buchanan comparison like no other US President. Linked here.

If Trump isn't as a minimum sympathetic to the depiction which follows, he certainly does a great, wonderful and bigly (Trump-like hyperbolic adjective praise), job of disguising his inner core. A core which would lead any US president to speak out against growing cases of overt racism and white nationalist protests. 

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Rallies, Records And FOXPEN (Video)

The meme which follows while accurate will clash with other aspects of this post. The meme simply addresses Trump's record-setting short time in the Oval Office.


A couple of days ago we published a piece regarding Trump's carnival barking and entertainment rallies. The piece included a few pictures we ask you to consider viewing (quickly) before viewing the graphic below. 
As Trump 's World Turns:  Rallies, The Strange And The Hidden Ones
Since we didn't suggest viewing the piece videos, take a sample of how Trump has rallied his supporters to the point of pure hatred of US media (especially CNN).

Trump supporters filmed hurling sustained abuse at journalists ...

How did the nation get to a point of total fondness for Russia, overt exhibitions of whacked-out people, hatred of credible media and a president who cannot speak the truth as a matter of pathology? 

Answer: year after year of GOP Southern Strategy via Richard Nixon (Kevin Philips) and Ronald Reagan (Lee At Water and Karl Rove). A political strategy to wind southern votes as a voter bloc. Actually, a successful political strategy which has race at its core and nucleus.  As time passed the southern bloc has grown exponentially as deep-rooted forms of basis from whites who now seem convinced they retreated as a social minority. In a few words, the strategy is basically a ticket for: It is OK to embrace and show one's prejudices. The best way to do such? Vote religiously for social candidates from a party which now openly courts white bias, accepts white nationalism (white supremacy and associated hate groups), and embraces policy which many GOP leaders have successfully laid as a blanket over African-Americans and Latinos (e.g., "welfare queen" and recent indifference to natural disasters in Puerto Rico).  

All said we should not underestimate the power of Trump's number one rated cable network Fox News (FOXPEN Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network).  Take a look at how Fox covers Trump's insane rallies vs. CNN and MSNBC 

Image result for trump toilet head Propaganda really isn't a beautiful thing.

The Raw Story published a piece this afternoon which exemplifies the full measure of how right-wing propaganda works on the minds of some Americans.

 Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 2 people, text

PS: There is something very wrong when US politicians are running over to Russia and cuddling with politicians who serve a leader who is alleged to have killed journalists and has annexed a nation. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

White House Putin Video Omits Facts

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.

The truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.
Joseph Goebbels

We recently published a piece regarding Trump's attacks and war against most US Media (Fox News, AM radio, Info Wars and the National Enquirer excluded). The backdrop of the piece was yesterday's Air Force One trek to Kansas City, Missouri for a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) conference. The full video of yet another insane speech from Trump is embedded in the piece: As Trump's World Turns: “Lugenpresse” (Fake News, Lying Media).

The linked piece provides a viewing platform for what follows. During last nights Rachel Maddow Sow show viewers watched a revealing and tragic example of Trump's media manipulation and communications strategies. The segment includes a compelling case regarding the administration's efforts to minimize or hold as false Putin's clear indication he preferred Trump to win the 2016 election. The actual audio revealed Putin may have ordered his henchmen and cyber armies to assist with Trump's election. 
Rachel Maddow shows how the White House transcript and video of the Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki has been edited to remove the question asking Putin if he wanted Trump to win the election.— MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 25, 2018
Here is the full TRMS "A" Block segment.  Yes, it is a long view, but as is generally the case with Maddow, worth the viewing time.

The White House issued a statement indicating the translator's notes and camera shots were not in sync. Basically, the word is, the camera started rolling at a point of missing part of Putin's answers to questions.

We should never forget Trump recently hired former Fox News executive Bill Shine for work in this Communications Department as well as a top aide behind John Kelly. Shine was eventually released from the Murdoch empire after the sexual harassment issues related to the firing of Bill O'Reilly.  As a top executive at Fox, it is impossible to overlook questions of veracity and media credibility.  In 2015, Politifact ran an analysis of cable news networks and the "Truth"  Of course, Shine's Fox News came in first in the delivery of "False" news. Another critical factor when considering the scope via the Maddow Show, Sean Hannity has often stated he is not a journalist he is a talk host. 

Talk host? A carefully crafted set of words to cover Hannity's frequent misstatements and his counsel of the nation's 45th President.  
Joseph Goebbels would love that! 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: A Lie Machine and From Russia With Sex

578  Statements From The Politifact Trump File

Trump went behind closed doors with the Russian dictator for a full 140 minutes. Since we know Trump has sought this meeting since before his inauguration to the US Presidency, and we know Trump's major interest in life is personal wealth (and associated power), we have to assume the meeting wasn't with focus on the US.

Trump and his communications talking heads have come forth with a few comments about what Trump may have said to Putin, but is there any reason to believe what they tell us? I suggest there isn't a history of truthfulness, why would truthfulness all start after a meeting with Putin?  

The Politifact File linked above offers the stark and growing reality Trump is incapable of truth-telling. 

Before the following video with a former White House Staffer (stenographer), we offer a unique analysis via the Toronto Star. An analysis of 1,340,330 words from Trump since he took office:

Since most probably did not visit the Toronto Star link, we offer and except with highlights via The Pardu (of this webpage).

The Star piece was a piece for the history of humankind. 

Let's move to a video fo a foreign white House staffer.

All things considered, and placed in perspective, why did we experience what follows the day after Trump fired James Comey via TV News and a hand-delivered letter via a bodyguard.

The image below relates to the recent arrest and charges against a Russian operative who has resided in the US for years while attending college. She is a 29-year-old woman whose mission was to get close to Republicans for purpose of influence and only Putin knows what else. Her enticement?....her body and who knows what else. While her story is unfolding via charges against here, I wonder why she was in the contingent who received a "No US Media allowed" interaction int he Oval Office. A meeting at which Trump laughed and giggled about firing the FBI director Comey due to this Russian thing."
“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Mr. Trump said, according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”
Image may contain: 5 people, people standing and suit

Last night's Rachel Maddow show included another detailed and cogent expose on The Russian spy. The segment is 18 minutes, but I you do to watch any other media on this ice, consider giving the following video a review.

It seems the Russian spy developed a profile which would certainly be attractive to Republicans. Actually, beyond sex; she used guns to get to her prize interactions. Interactions for which she received much praise and accolades from her handlers.

The BBC also published a piece regarding the sex for access nature of the Russian operation.

With NRA Head LaPierre

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

With Rick "BLAH People: Santorum

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Do you recall when noted Fox News Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke popped-up in Russia?  

The sad irony of the bust and charges against the young spy is the reality of the full scope of denials from the Right regarding their love of Russia and the denial or disbelief Putin's espionage and attacks are real.

No US Media allowed at Trump Russian meeting.

No Media allowed in Kim Jong UN meeting.

No US Media allowed in meeting with Putin. 

Let's close with a little fun with Deductive Reasoning logic via a very basic syllogism.

A. Denying US Media access equals withholding information
B. Trump denies US Media with and regarding dictators
C. Trump is hiding something


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Some Members Of Congress Get It (Quick Hit)

New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries at last weeks GOP propaganda show in the US Congress.

Yes, he made some mistakes, but 75 members of Congress sat in a hearing room for one purpose only: to facilitate GOP efforts to discredit the Mueller Investigation into Russian election tampering and possible Trump Administration collusion.

Now watch an MSNBC contributor and former INTEL Security officer, Malcolm Nance, speak about the desperation of the GOP and those members who carried Trump's lunch in the hearing last week.


Monday, July 9, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Two Cable News Networks Avoid Trump Raliies

Image result for trump carnival man
What follows is a Washington Post video brief of Trump's rally in Montana. The full rally is reported by rational media to have been nothing shy of zany and erratic. Washington Post published this Jonathan Capeheart opinion piece regarding the Oozfest.

If you think back t the last time you heard a US President deliver such reality TV comedy and personal self-direct unctuousness consider sharing the name of the president. I suggest you will spend many hours reading or viewing video; I also believe you will come up empty-handed while considering the time spent as craziness on your part. You knew better when you read the challenge.

Trump/ss performance rallies simply validate the reality of a person who won the US presidency via the psyches of celebrity worshipping sycophants and the nation's voter apathy. Apathy in 2016 supported by Putin's cyber tricksters and GOP/TN success at suppressing votes.  

So Trump's ushers his team around the nation thrilling audiences with utter nonsense and narcissistic diarrhea.  He performs as such while his Korean carnival act unravels due to a lack of real substance and secret talks. His tickles audiences while alienating historic US economic and military allies with parallel suckling-up (spelling intentional) to international dictators and strongmen. Alas, he entertained in Montana while his Homeland Security ICE depfamilying force is failing to reunite immigrant children with their parents.  Some parents have been deported. And he entertained the Montana worshippers via disparaging two US war heroes, racial profiling Elizabeth Warren and poking fun at a movement  (#Metoo) which has proven effective in revealing man physical abuse of women. While his tariff retaliation starts to reach into our wallets and serves, he entertains. 

He entertains.....

He entertains...The US Presidency isn't this:

Entertainment isn't worth the letters of the word without visibility and coverage. The carnival barker is relegated to a meandering fool when the cameras are not present. Two cable news networks have taken steps to relieve its viewers of Trump's rally performances. Apparently, CNN and MSNBC network executives and producer sentiment fall in the realm of: 'Why bother and We are better than the coverage." In more simple terms, if we ignore the spoiled kid, he may modify his antics. 

Related image

Of course, there is one major cable network which not only will continue to offer Trump's carnival acts, the network reaps the reward of serving as Trump's state TV; a status which guarantees rating revenues and happy viewers.  

Media Matters

The excerpt image (below) regarding hours and minutes coverage comparison is accompanied by another telling graphic. The article also shows the extent to which Trump receives millions in free advertising via Fx News. Of course,e you know Trump recently hired a fired Fox News executive: Shine. A cast-off from years of sexual abuse charges and out of court settlements at the network. 
Kudos to CNN. Why does MSNBC even bother?


Friday, July 6, 2018

Pruitt A Long List Of Corruption

Image result for scott pruitt phone booth
$43K to $53K secret phone booth? Of course, this isn't an actual photo of the booth we Americans purchased.

Yesterday we posted this piece regarding the way late resignation (supposed resignation) of Scott Pruitt: major Trump Administration Swamp Critter.)

As a quick hit and as we move away from Priutt's all-time record DC corruption, MSNBC's Chris Hayes ran a segment last night worthy of your time.
The Trump Administration is setting records with each passing day. It is unfortunate many of the records will arrive in the annals of US History as shameful.


Trumpism: Kids In Court

Image may contain: 3 people, text

Why are the numbers regarding Trump's "Zero Tolerance" jailing of immigrant children a number which has no foundation, no accuracy anchor and no end to the ups and downs common to Trump's veracity scale? 

Will we ever find the actual number?

Have you heard stories of immigrant children forced into court and standing on tables?

Did you ever imagine you could live in a nation led by an administration which promulgates policies like those from the Trump and his GOP? 

Watch and listen this 46 seconds of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show with stand-in Joy Reid.
If that pique your interest give thought to watching the full segment. If you can watch and listen to the full segment without any remorse, empathy, and disgust (all bundled) towards Trump's and his "Zero Tolerance" policy, you are an enabler of a devolving nation.