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Friday, July 27, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Michael Cohen.Consigliere VIDEO

Is The Consigliere Ready To Speak?

Related image Image result for the godfather and his consigliere

As the backside of the following story unfolds, most of us can look back and think: well, of course, Trump knew of the meeting. As the meeting participants prepared for their 'dirt" session Trump gleefully stood on-camera and promised ''dirt on Clinton".

Last night CNN broke a story which has both sides of the Trump "payoff of the Playboy Model (bunny)" issue scrambling to control the media. Trump's camp will not admit to leaking the information. Michael Cohen's Camp indicate being

The CNN Breaking News of last night.

Well, now we have an admission of knowing via both camps based on the backside efforts to control the story. Does it actually matter who leaked the story?

It actually does matter. Let's see how MSNBC's Rachel Maddow covered the story as it broke on a competing CNN Show.

After the revelation, Trump's Number One Cable News rationalizer and supposed lawyer visited with Chris Cuomo. The segment is three minutes plus in run-time, and most of the talking is mere host/guest verbal jousting, at one moment Cuomo nails the segment regarding its worthiness regarding the Cohen revelation.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Yes, Trump has a credibility problem unsurpassed by any US President since 1776.

Trump's Politifact File

Giuliani said Cohen is a pathological liar.  If you look above it is obvious who is the pathological liar. 


Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Smorgasbord Of "Your" President

Image result for trump can grab

We have been down this path before. The cyclical nature of US politics and administration in Washington DC almost ended in an international catastrophe as George W. Bush left office in 2007/08/09. Democrat economic policy and a move towards a more humane nation brought the nation back from the abyss within one year of President Obama taking office.

But for some, a desire for a more regressive nation is simply too tempting to allow our world to develop in a positive manner.  If we add a dose of celebrity worship and a fascination with spending our evening hours giggling through various TV shows, we end in a political hell with a person leading our nation who seems to have a major affinity for totalitarian regimes and international despots. 

It is time for a media run through Trump (the nation killer).
Speaking of grown-ups. We do not have such in the Oval Office.  Watch the reality show performance.

Now give 14 seconds for another look at your president.

Presstitute sits in silence behind her bosses "tapes" lie.

Surrogacy with an accent and grounded in a black hole of misleading into which can only be described as shillism.


While totally biased Nancy Pelosi offers an increasingly obvious assessment of Trump.

While it appears off topic, we cannot resist a report regarding Fox News.

And, no matter how bad it gets trumps sycophants persevere.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jobs Numbers Continue To Show Growth, Unemployment Dips A Notch To 5.8%


Take look at a chart from the Rachel Maddow Blog's Steve Benen. While the Democrats spent the entire 2014 mid-term campaign season running from President Obama and his economic team like a pack of scared rabbits, the US economy continues to show signs of overcoming eight years of Bush style Reaganomics and two wars coupled with malicious manipulation of budgets within the administration's purview.

The October 2014 jobs numbers are in and unemployment down a notch to 5.8%. The lowest unemployment rate in six years.  You know what took place approximately six years ago. Since you expect me to blow the "I love Obama horn" allow me to throw you a change-up off speeder: Bush left office after eight years.

Maddow Blog....Steve Benen

The economy added yet another 200,000 plus jobs marking the 14th consecutive month of plus 200,000 private sector hires.

Benen also included another chart in the piece that is as related to the chart above as Democrats are at improving the US economy.

Now for a look at a major difference ow Clinton left Bush a thriving Jobs environment (especially public sector jobs) and how Bush left a diametrically opposite picture for Obama.

If we add Think Progress's behind the image look at Private Sector job growth, our appreciation for Obama's jobs record should have been front an center in the mid-term campaigns.  

The real bothersome aspect of the chart and points clearly illustrated therein......GOP governance is a clearly reality as the nation moves towards 2016.  'Within days of their wins on November 4th, Both Boenher and McConnell have declared  their commitment to the Keystone XL project and repeal of ObamaCare without any mention of maintaining economic growth and momentum as delineated in the charts above.

President Obama will survive the coming impeachment process from the GOP. It will happen as surely as the GOP takes money from the Kochs. They has the LEFT down and they have opportunity to punish Obama for the temerity associated with being elected twice. They also wish to punish you and me for electing him twice. My point?  As long as Obama is in the Oval Office, we as a nation have opportunity to appreciate job growth and lower unemployment. Rest assured a DEM loss of the Oval Office in 2016, will lead to regression to lower job growth and higher unemployment.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Executive Orders As "Edicts" From A King?

As we watch the GOP strategy to combat President Obama's apropos impetus to "go forward without them" via portraying a false premise and reality to people who believe their B/S.

Now for high-information data vs. playbook strategy.

MSNBC's Steve Benen and the Maddow Blog. 

President Obama told Americans last night, “In the coming weeks, I will issue an Executive Order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally-funded employees a fair wage of at least $10.10 an hour – because if you cook our troops’ meals or wash their dishes, you shouldn’t have to live in poverty.” Republicans aren’t taking it well.

Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas), for example, called the president a “Socialistic dictator” and the “Kommandant-In-Chef.” He probably meant “chief,” but the point was clear.

If you are up need to see Republicanism at its worst, think about their "King" and "Tyranny" mantra with consideration of what follows.

Since, we have a party that is combating their "Just Say No", (Nancy Reagan's slogan against the former War on Drugs) against all things Obama, we want to offer another subplot rooted in tyranny and deceit often forgotten.

George W. Bush used dipping into to other federal budgets without approval to help fund his War in Iraq. If that is not federal government malfeasance, I need to re-educate myself.

Moreover, I often read and hear about GWB's seeking approval from both the US congress and the United nations before his crusade into Iraq. Well yeah he did, fully equipped with false premise, fake evidence and deep lying from all in his inner circle with Collin Powell as the most visible operative.

If you truly think GOP Obstruction as you are living it is "cool" and the right thing to do, you are factually as unAmerican as any wild-eyed quack you watch on Fox News.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mass Killings On The Rise, Cop Killings On The Rise, NRA Actively Fighting Controls And Citizens Die!

Embeded in linked piece below

Rachel Maddow and the TRMS team, have put together an interesting, intriguing and tragic look at mass killings in the United States.  The information indicates a deterioration of the mental health of some in our nation and, like it or not, availability of weapons of personal destruction.

Before moving into the Maddow piece, and a well crafted article by Maddow Blog  the Maddow Blog, we are going to digress a moment at yet another cop killing of an innocent citizen.  Our reason for digression relates to an overarmed society and mental disorders.  I ask that you keep in mind, the prospect that mental disorders runs the gamut from severe biases through head banging discussion with ones-self (as well as phsyical abuse of animals and, or, people).

The story you are about to read relates to an all too often case of cops shooting young African-American males.  It seems the young hoodlums that deserve the treatment you are about to witness, get away with their crimes, while innocent people fall victim to paranoia as in the linked 911 call.  This episode relates to a cop who shot a young automobile accident victim 10 times (out of 12 shots) and after the victim had been unsuccessfully tasered.  Linked CNN

While we have maniacs in our society who have access to lethal weapons, we also have mentally deficient law enforcement officials with at least seven to eight killing apparatus on their leather waste belt (and probably another hidden in ankle holsters). 

Alternet Dot Org.

The Root Dot Com

Again, we inserted the digression as another fissure of gun abuse in the nation.  The fact the nation's latest mass killer was African-American is of no relevance (as he was apparently insane) to the central point of the Maddow Show segment. The salient point: weapon availability to people who without doubt show (someone) signs of mental instability.  Police officer (quick draw) instability is unfortunate as it is undoubtedly, in part, due to high crimes rates endemic among some young African-American males. And, yes it most assuredly takes an unstable person to shoot an unarmed person 10 times out of 12 shots, regardless of  impetus.

End digression

United States mass killings via Rachel Maddow and Joan Conaway.

The Conaway piece....

It seems the gun lobby, the GOP and many Americans have grown completely callous about growing cases of murder via the gun.  The answer is not with unrealistic (Fahrenheit 451) ridding the nation of firearms. I am in fact a multi-firearm owner with no interest in handing over firearms.  I am also rational enough to see the statistics indicting a need for some sort of intervention. The intervention could be a national reporting program of people who have shown document-able evidence of deteriorated emotional states.

Before we end this piece, consider a couple of NPR audio segments about Aaron Alexis.  The signs were there, the warnings were there and no one paid attention. Like Edward Snowden (as Maddow indicates) he also received a Secret Clearance and military base access via contractor status. 
NPR, Here and Now: Naval Yard Shooter.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ryan and Cantor Grace The Stage At Secret Koch Event!

Eric Cantor (left) and Paul Ryan are pictured. | AP Photo
The meeting featured talk of emerging GOP Senate primary challenges, sources say. | AP Photo
The Rachel Maddow Blog

Steve Benen via the Rachel Maddow Blog is reporting Paul Ryan (former VP candidates) And Eric Cantor (House Majority Leader) secretly attended the annual Koch Brothers retreat. It is also being reported each fulfilled speaking roles.  
Rep. Paul Ryan, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez secretly spoke to wealthy donors at the Koch brothers' recently concluded summer gathering on the outskirts of Albuquerque. 
The 2012 vice presidential candidate and No. 2 House Republican are return participants to the twice-annual seminar.... A spokesman for Cantor's office declined to comment, while Ryan's office did not immediately respond to questions. ~Steve Benen August 8, 2013
Eric Cantors office declined to comment?

Paul Ryan's office, "no immediate response to questions!" 

What we know about the Kochs (in brief):

The Koch Brothers: are two of the wealthiest people on Earth.
We recognize the Kochs Brothers has the GOP at the end of their Over-sized money-clips.  The Kochs are so much an overseer of the GOP, Herman Cain declared in 2008, he was "...their bother from another mother!"  Cain had to know what we know about the Kochs. Therefore, we posit Cain's very public schmoozing (to keep it clean) was strict to facilitate influxes of cash. 

There is little doubt the Koch funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has it fingers on every state legislature in the nation. Some states more than others, but nonetheless, the pour money into the development of legislation (for the betterment of corporations) with subsequent hand-off of legislation to state legislators. There is something outright sinister ans self-serving about ALEC.  We find it truly revealing the LEFT has no such legislation developing adjunct to government. 

How could such high level politicians and elected officials spend time and effort sneaking around at events sponsored by the likes of the Kochs. Is there anything int he abbreviated list above that would give you cause to suspect the Kochs have the "interest of the people" at the core of the expenditures?

Do you now see why people like Cantor will avoid all jobs bills from the LEFT, while personally sponsoring a bill to eliminate "over-time" pay for hours worked over 40 hours per week?   Cantor stated overtime has an impact of family life and contributes to taking parents away during critical child rearing stages.  Is it a stretch to imagine industrialist like the Kochs would love to see over-time out of the Fair Labor Standards Federal register?   Since we are there, do you seriously think corporations large medium or small, will suddenly stop forced over-time to meet demand?  Cantor says fill the  (pay) void with Compensatory time-off. Cantor must believe the majority of Americans watch Fox News! 

Do you now see why the House has held 40 votes on repealing Obamacare?

How about all the climate or environment issues voted down by the House republicans? 

And, how about Mitch McConnell's declaration of one-term for Obama?

When high level politicians hobnob with the worlds wealthiest, it is not possible to avoid thinking of the politician major focus. 

Maybe, just maybe that is one reason Barack Obama catches hell from LEFT leaning industrialist for not hobnobbing. 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Deficit Decreases Faster Than Forecast..With Caution!

Decreases in the deficit are welcome and must be recognized as a credit to the few in the White House!

Federal deficit/surplus
Federal outlays
Share of gross domestic product

The Maddow Blog's Steve Benen delineates on  the decreasing deficit. And CNN Money reports on  a deficit falling far faster than forecast. We should be clear that while economy are taken-aback by the rapid deceleration they caution about the future. I wonder if these same economist as simply wrong in their analysis and opinion. 

On another front, I have noticed the GOP has completely given-up on the words: debt and deficit. The obstructionist are pursuing more fastidious and facilitating political triggers. The buzz words this month are: Benghazi, IRS Abuse and the newly divulged AP stories. Oh, the Right feels that have Obama now and they feel wounding Hillary will pave a path for a triumphant march into the Oval Office in 2015.   They feel that have a victory in blocking a Senate vote on gun purchase background checks.  

Do you want to see and read why they are mums on the deficit? 

Maddow Blog 

If the current laws that govern federal taxes and spending do not change, the budget deficit will shrink this year to $642 billion, CBO estimates, the smallest shortfall since 2008. Relative to the size of the economy, the deficit this year -- at 4.0 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) -- will be less than half as large as the shortfall in 2009, which was 10.1 percent of GDP. 
Thanks in large part to higher taxes on the wealthy, which Republicans said would not reduce the deficit, deficit reduction is picking up speed at a pace few could have predicted. We're now looking at over $400 billion in deficit reduction in just one year, and about $800 billion in deficit reduction since President Obama took office. 
Let's say this plainly: for those who saw the federal budget deficit as a "problem," it's fair to say this problem has been largely fixed. 
Additional sources


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Evidence Based World: Jobs, Unemployment, And Our Improving Economy

And.....the improvement continues, albeit it slowly.
The week's market performance are indications of the slowly improving economy.  Despite repeat "Obama failed economy" comments from conservatives and Right-wing propaganda outlets (e.g., Fox News, Limbaugh, and pundits), our "Evidence Based" world looks different. The following one minute video speaks to an improving economy.   After the video we want to focus on a key economic indicator: Jobs. 

ImageBefore we move to Steve Benen's charts (and comment), let's refresh our memory with a quick "Evidenced Based" digression

We finish the comparison with the Obama Stimulus, and the jobs picture after the Stimulus.

End digression....
Steve Benen's work for the Maddow Blogs helps understand the monthly jobs figures for January and the unemployment rate which ticked up to 7.9 per cent.

.......The unemployment rate was effectively unchanged at 7.9%, and as is often the case, austerity measures undermined the employment landscape -- while America's private sector added 166,000 jobs in December, the public sector lost 9,000 jobs. Indeed, over the last three months, the nation's private sector added 624,000 jobs, while 24,000 government jobs were lost. 
It'd be easy for Washington to improve the latter number and lower the unemployment rate, but congressional Republicans won't allow it. 
Regardless, today is the day the BLS publishes its revisions for all of 2012, and that's where we see the genuinely good news. Not only were the job totals for November and December revised up considerably -- 127,000 jobs combined -- but for the entire 2012 calendar year, we learned this morning of an additional 335,000 jobs that had not been previously reported. 
That means 2.17 million jobs were created just last year, which is the best annual total since 2005, and tops seven of the eight years Bush/Cheney was in office. [Update: You'll want to check this out.]

Read more (linked title above)

Benen's link at the end of the text able navigates to the following chart. The chart shows real "Evidence Based", as per Hillary Clinton, data and illustration of the nation's recent jobs history It indicates that the GOP under Bush administered an economy that was a jobs failure. Since the chart was developed without a dedicated legend, we are posting a few words from Benen's 2.1.2013 post. 
So, let's take a minute to take a closer look. I put together this chart this morning, showing annual job totals from the start of Bush/Quayle through the end of 2012. Blue represents Democratic administrations, while red represents Republican administrations, and darker colors represent job creation overall, while lighter colors represent job creation in just the private sector. 
What does this tell us? A few things. First, Clinton and Obama outpace Bush and Bush in creating new jobs, even though both Democratic administrations inherited weaker economies. 
Second, the 2.17 million jobs overall in 2012 really was the best year since 2005, and surpass seven of the eight years of Bush/Cheney. While 2012 obviously wasn't robust for job creation, it managed to surpass three of the eight years Clinton/Gore was in office, too. 
And third, while the private sector has done better than the overall economy under Obama, under his three most recent predecessors, the opposite was true.

An "Evidence Based World....."

Are we better off now?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

GOP Busted for Voter Fraud

If you are a progressive, you probably watched the Rachel Maddow Show Monday night   Apparently, the GOP has been caught red-handed 'cheating' via sophisticated voter registration strategies, potentail voting machine treachery, and flat-out manipulation behind the scenes.. I find it impossible to believe the sniveling Chairman of the RNC has no involvement in the surreptitious voter fraud.

The Maddow segment is  it long. however, if you want perspective on the underhandedness and level of unconstitutional acts the GOP is willing to expend, it is a must watch.

Al Sharpton's News Nation....

The Maddows Blog (w/Steve Benen)

The Republican National Committee ran into a little trouble last week when Strategic Allied Consulting, a controversial conservative firm hired by the RNC to register voters, was accused of systematically submitting fraudulent voter registration forms. The RNC, which was paying the firm millions despite a history of similar controversies, quickly ended the relationship.
But as the scope of the scandal grows, it appears the Republican National Committee has been left in a bind -- with five weeks until Election Day, the party has no Plan B, and has now given up on registering new voters.
The Republican National Committee ended efforts to sign up new voters before the deadline in key states for the presidential race because of questions raised over registration applications tied to the party.
Republican parties in Florida, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia -- all states that both campaigns view as competitive -- fired Glen Allen, Virginia-based Strategic Allied Consulting, the company in charge of registrations, said Kirsten Kukowski, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. The national committee also canceled its contract with the company, its only vendor signing up new voters, Kukowski said.

Read more 

....And The Band Plays On......