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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stacey Campfield (The Sen): Strikes Again...Jews on German Trains/The ACA?

Stacey Campfield (The Sen)

The future of the GOP?  On May 5th, 2014, Campfield added an entry to his blog:

May 5, 2014

Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of manditory sign ups for "train rides" for Jews in the 40s.
Posted by 
Alas, another horrid and insensitive analogy from a GOP politician.  Why do we not hear the constant exhibition of such remarks and comments from Democrat? what is it about the conservative paradigm that they feast on such analogy, metaphor and characterization?   

Yes, The Tennessee State Senator "went there."  The Affordable Care Act is working for millions and working well. I have seen news show guests who indicated people are paying for their coverage at the 90% level. Where is the failure?  Where is the harshness?  How is the law in any way Machiavellian? The president made an inadvertent mistake in declaring. "you can keep your plan," but an analogy as that form Campfield is outright insensitive and disgusting.

Of course, Campfield responded to overwhelming criticism (Of his comments) with typical GOP modus operandi.  "Oh, you misunderstood my point." Or, "I was inarticulate."  Better yet, "I don't think I said that, I sad BLAH people."
  "......bureaucrats deciding who should be given life saving medications and who should be denied" and government funding for abortion
I could be way off base, but I do not believe the ACA provides for government funding of abortion.  I also fail to find any "court of choice" as to who gets medication and who do not get medications.  

The ACA as a step in the right direction yet she of Universal healthcare, has a few issues. The law seems to have missed detailed attention to higher -end middle income earners.  Crafters of the law also failed to properly assess American corporatist (and wherewithal of their highly compensated Law teams) and the extent to which corporatism would turn the law to its benefits. But, the law as delineated by Campfield simply does not exist.

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, delivered a segment on GOP "zygotes;" Campfield became an easy target.

Let's scroll through a Wiki chronology of Campfield from his first term in the Tennessee legislature.

WIKI Campfield Tennessee Legislature background

Tennessee House of Representatives

He was first elected in 2004 to the Tennessee House of Representatives.
In 2005, Campfield said that he was interested in joining the legislative Black Caucus.[6] Campfield described the group's bylaws as racist because he said they restrict membership based on race, which described as being more restrictive than the Ku Klux Klan's bylaws.[6] The leader of the Black Caucus considered asking members of the group to vote on whether to give Campfield honorary membership, but Campfield said he only wanted full membership.[7]
As of 2006, felons were eligible to vote in Tennessee as long as they are not delinquent on any payments of child support or victim restitution.[8] Because there is no law prohibiting voting by non-felons who are delinquent on child support payment, a bill was proposed dropping the eligibility for felons of being timely with child support payments in 2006.[8] Campfield opposed the bill, saying that one way a felon can show rehabilitation is by being timely on any child support payments.[8]
Campfield sponsored a bill to issue death certificates for aborted fetuses in 2007.[9] Campfield said he wanted people to be able to find out how many abortions were being performed in Tennessee.[10] Tennessee already required abortions to be reported to the Office of Vital Records, and the number of abortions performed in the state was publicly available.[10]
In 2008, Campfield sponsored a bill requiring public colleges in Tennessee to allow their full-time employees with state-issued handgun-carry permits to carry their handguns on campus.[11] The Tennessee Board of Regent opposed the bill, saying that only campus security police at universities should possess weapons on their campuses, and that local police are the best way to protect community college campuses.[11] Two years later, he sponsored a bill to make private the names of people with state-issued handgun permits, but not the names of people whose permits had been revoked.[12]
Campfield proposed a bill to ban teachers from teaching about homosexuality in Tennessee's public elementary and middle schools in 2008,[13] saying that the topic should only be discussed by each student's family.[14] The bill died in committee.[13] The Tennessee Equality Project opposed the bill, saying that teachers need not advocate for or against homosexuality, but they should allow students to debate the issue of homosexuality.[14]
In 2008, Campfield proposed a bill to prohibit Tennessee public colleges from admitting illegal immigrants.[15] Campfield said that if students cannot enroll in classes with unpaid parking tickets, then students should not be able to enroll in classes if they are in violation of federal immigration laws either.[15]
In 2009, Campfield introduced a bill to limit lottery winnings to $600 for people on public assistance.[16] Campfield said that people on public assistance should not be buying lottery tickets and instead should be using that money to buy food for their children.[16] Tennessee law already prohibited the use of public assistance money to purchase lottery tickets. The bill also prohibited prisoners from redeeming winning lottery tickets.[16]

Tennessee Senate

In 2010 Campfield was elected to the State Senate.[17] The seat was previously held by Tim Burchett.[3] His opponent, Democrat Randy Walker, had openly solicited support from moderate Republicans in the November election but was defeated 37–53%.[18][19]
Tennessee holds open primaries, where any voter may vote in any party's primary election.[20] Campfield introduced a bill to change to a closed primary.[20]The bill would only allow a registered voter to vote in a primary election if the voter was affiliated with that particular political party.[20] Campfield said that voters often vote in the other party's primary in order to vote for a weaker candidate or one that is closer to the voter's own party's politician positions, both of which Campfield opposed.[20] Campfield's time in the Tennessee Senate has been met with much national controversy and opposition:
If after that reading, you think the WIKI writer was a bit harsh, or that I am being harsh, read on.

2009 Masked Luchador incident at UT Neyland Stadium football game

Example of aluchador mask.
Rep. Stacey Campfield attended the October 31, 2009 Volunteers football game with the University of South Carolina at the University of Tennessee Neyland Stadium where he was briefly questioned, searched, and detained after the mother of two young girls complained that a luchador-masked Campfield had reportedly frightened two young girls in Section B seating (the girls had previously been told by UT stadium security that masks were not allowed to be worn inside the stadium for the Halloween football game). Campfield was reported as only having stadium seating admission tickets for Section LL upon being questioned by Knox County Sheriffs Department deputies and was then escorted outside of the stadium by two deputies.[43][44]
In 2013, my first exposure to Campfield was with Martin Bashir (Oh, how we miss Bahsir!), interviewed the Tennessee State Senator. We have added a bit of spice to the Campfield review via a 2013 Crooks & Liars piece.

Crooks & Liars

Tenn GOP Rep. Stacey Campfield Wants To Tie Welfare Benefits To Children's Grades (via
By Heather January 30, 2013 10:01 am - Comments It looks like "compassionate conservatism" is alive and well in Tennessee: Stacey Campfield, Tennessee GOP Lawmaker, Wants To Tie Welfare Benefits To Children's Grades : Tennessee state Rep. Stacey Campfield…


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Martin Bashir Show And GOP Obstruction: "Don't Cut Off Dr. Dyson!"

There are times when interviews take on a life of its own.  The  Martin Bashir Show this afternoon took such a turn.

While I am certainly very biased, my sentiments are,  the interchange you will see in the segment is both not a surprise and, in fact, was long overdue.

The interview started with a review of severe and overwhelming obstruction to 'all things Obama'.  Regardless of your political and social "lean" GOP obstruction is obvious and as factual as the 24 hour clock.

Martin Bashir moved the interviews to a discussion of "persistent" obstruction and the wheels came-off the interview. The MSNBC host moved to his term "persistent obstruction" after the GOP pundit indicated that Immigration Reform was stalled, stifled and generally not moving forward because of President Obama. President Obama!   The pundit then moved into GOP talking-point mode with attempts to tie Immigration Reform and the glitch laden ObamaCare website to "people's concern for the White House botching things up." Yes seriously, the pundit went there. He completely disregarded weeks and months of GOP public statement against immigration reform and Boehner's flat-out statement the measure would "go no place" in the House. 

As you view the video, keep in mind, the show host asked about "persistent obstruction."  His third guest , Professor Eric Dyson, did not initiate the point; he simply attempted to respond.  The GOP pundit must have forgotten he wasn't sitting on Fox News.

The segment is 11:43 seconds, but dare not turn away!

Why am I biased on this interaction?  I am biased because I have come to know the GOP.  How about a few facts.

1. The GOP deploys the "Southern Strategy" replete with code with each general election.    In 2012 Rick Santorum won the 'prize' accordingly.

Did you notice the hearty applause after Santorum applied a heavy coat f race baiting? The next day he fended innocent of saying "black people".  OK, But who were the "them" he referred to in the segment. If you missed "them" play it again.

2. The GOP and the Libertarian party (movement) are overwhelmingly white.  The GOP is 92% white and a recent polling study left the polling authority with the Libertarian party is 76% white and very much predominately  male.  Ninety-two percent of anything is by design.  The demographics are beyond, coincidence, consequence and far beyond some weird anomaly. The Statistics have meaning and are impossible to separate from association by design, policy, practice and paradigm. Therefore, it doesn't take a leap of deductive reasoning to know that the GOP has issues with Barack Obama far beyond his political party and his past as community organizer. Their angst also cannot be attributed solely to his "liberal agenda." Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States is far from liberal; he is pleasingly progressive.  To deny race as a factor in GOP "persistent obstruction" is equivalent to denying the GOP adheres to and promulgates a "southern strategy." 

3.  In 2012, the Mitt Romney campaign website told a story that was as clear as newly blown clear glass bottle. 

We offer the omission of African-America was 'by design." A design that clearly delivered a message as an indication of systemic bigotry in the GOP.  Mitt Romney campaigned for President of the United States not some lowly state representative. Yet, his website excluded any reference to African-Americans. The very reason we (more than should be necessary) use the vernacular: "The Invisible Negro."

4. Romney's top, and most visible, campaign official spoke volumes about the GOP as Romney traipsed around the country and across (parts of) the globe in campaign mode. John Sunnuu repeatedly spoke about President Obama in both overt language and covert code.  Sunnunu called Obama "lazy." He traveled with Romney to Britain and offended members of the press via referring to the US President as not of the "anglo experience" (paraphrased).  Romney himself quipped about he and his wife not needing to prove their citizenship while campaign in Michigan.  

5. How many instances of overt racist images and confederate flags waving in the blue skies have you witnessed since January 20, 2009. How many Confederate flags did you see during the Bush years?  Dialog from the likes of Steve King, Louis Gohmert, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, and all conservative media (especially the internet rag that employs the pundit in the video segment: The Daily Caller) have practiced unfathomable levels of race baiting that at times showed as overt racism.

We ask, why would the pundit take such exception to Professor Dyson's response to Martin Bashir?  It was as if he was primed and ready to spring, knowing GOP racism and bias that also contribute to obstruction would come forth.  We know the pundit knows his party, he knows his party is practicing voter suppression of minorities, he has undoubtedly heard racist remarks behind closed door or across his cell phone. Why jump into Dr. Dyson's minutes as he attempted to respond to the host?  why interrupt as the professor was making his points.  When you sit and and fulfill your mission via delivery of talking-points, you should be big enough to listen to points important to others.

Profeseor Dyson perceived he was being stepped-on by a pundit who sat quietly as Krsytal Ball spoke her comments. He sat quiet as Bashir made his and point and commenced the interviews (panel discussion). What is it about Dyson's points offended him so? Do you think he wanted to defray points related to race as a factor in GOP obstruction of the president's agenda? Was it literally being the object of the words, White Privilege?" The words can startling and harsh, but the words denote reality. Despite the fact many will disavow "white privilege," the vast majority of that number know of conferred privilege, and some even leverage the form of bigotry.

How would the pundit have reacted had Bashir leveled the very same point Dyson offered. No one on the panel had mentioned obstruction based in an aversion to a black president.  When it comes to a truism regarding  race and the GOP, the pundit objects. I have yet to see the man on television speaking abhorrence for the constant racial exhibitions form people who claim his political party or share his social paradigm.

If you disregard Professor Dyson's point, a point often delineated here in the TPI, you disavowed what you are see in the image below.  The image depicts a phenomenon never witnessed during the entirety of the Bush Years.  While Bush/Cheney almost mortally ruined the nation, you never once saw a black demonstration outside the white with disparaging flags and placards.

Therein lies 'White Privilege."

Of course, members of Congress (most are too sophisticated do mimic the racist in the image. But, rest assured the GOP pundit on the Bashir Show knows full well professor Dyson was correct in his points.

In the world of Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) and GOP obstruction, the pundits actions on The Bashir Show will receive praise. Later tonight and certainly tomorrow conservative Internet pages, websites and The Daily Caller will be filled with comment lauding the actions of the GOP pundit.   Here is a current headline from The Daily Caller:

'This Is A Joke!'

Daily Caller's Matt Lewis goes nuclear on race-card wielding MSNBC contributor

Isn't it amazing how the Right loves their war analogies!
The Joke is the sub-headline!

The pundits actions are no different than the man holding the Confederate Flag outside the White House. He attempted to step on a learned individual who has the platform to speak the truth. A truth the GOP and conservatives do not wish to have you hear. I should also point out, the Daily Caller headline is in congruent in an of itself. It starts with "This is a Joke" and then sub-headlines with the very script we anticipated.

Lewis not only didn't go nuclear, he was the recipient of a "hydrogen fusion" lesson in conferred privilege and failed in his attempt to deflect racial obstruction as a consideration of GOP unwillingness to work with the Obama Agenda.


Friday, November 15, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Palin Part II via Martin Bashir


Martin Bashir "clears the air." 

Earlier in the week we published about Sarah Palin's excursions (for money) into using slavery as a metaphor in reference to the US Debt. We feel she should avoid references to US slavery (and slavery in general). As we developed the earlier piece we added a passage about slavery as an affinity endemic in conservative America. An affinity that coincided with the election of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States of America.  We will leave past TPI screeds (on the topic) and nuances of GOP use of slavery as a metaphor to your thought processes.  Yet, we will challenge you to find examples of slavery as conservative 'code.' prior to Obama's election. 

The metaphor as reality is particularly disgusting when it emanates from a veritable walking clodpoll. Any use of slavery to make a political point is, in my mind, comparable to mounting a white horse and leading a Confederate Army rebel yell charge against a Union Army cannon platoon. There is no good outcome beyond temporarily exciting those who blindly follow into the canon fire and exploding cannon balls. Once outside the scope of the metaphor's impact on the frothing audience, the analogy stands for more intellectual scrutiny.

There are few who can intellectually destroy Palin's 'red meat" than MSNBC Martin Bashir.

As Bashir said, he could go one with one overseers book for a long time. The two examples Bashir broadcast indicate physical abuse associated with human bondage in Jamaica. I would imagine the institution of slavery has far more horrific stories. And, one should never underestimate the significance of slavery on the family of slaves and the long-term impact on a people in and out of slavery.

The topic is without doubt far more than comprehensible for a 'gold-bricking" GOP idiot like Sarah Palin. I have visions of Palin falling out of a boat and being unable to hit the water in a lake. 

Her comments about slavery did not end her attack on human decency. She also attacked the Pope as she sat for CNN interview. Her comments were in response to a question about Pope Francis. 

It should be noted Palin has apologized for comments made in reference to Pope Francis.  Even, if you, as a reader are atheist or agnostic you have to find her comments completely off base, unnecessary, crass and gold-bricking. 

We feel that Sarah Palin is beyond any semblance of decency. Your support for Palin contributes to her crass actions and makes you an enabler. If gold-bricks like Palin have smaller or no audience, they are forced to find other means of extracting income from people. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fitch Issues a Credit Rating Warning! Ameircans Know Who Is Driving The Train Wreck

The GOP keeps pushing.  

USA Today is reporting Fitch has issued a warning about the US AAA Credit Rating. As you read on, we ask that you keep in mind the federal government shutdown has been in the works for at least two to three years. Our research indicates it has genesis in uber wealthy plutocrats who sue political contributions (and only heaven knows other forms of enticements) to influence right-wing politicians.

Fitch issues warning on U.S. credit rating

Fitch Ratings said Tuesday it has placed its top rating on U.S. government's long-term debt on review for a possible downgrade, citing the drawn-out debate over raising the nation's debt limit. 
"Although Fitch continues to believe that the debt ceiling will be raised soon, the political brinkmanship and reduced financing flexibility could increase the risk of a U.S. default," the ratings agency said. 
The Treasury Department has said the emergency measures it has been using to manage the nation's finances under the existing debt limit will run out Thursday.

The signs are there and it appears the US House of Representatives (House Republicans) do not care. Boehner, Cantor and their tea party caucus are busily working to deflect their shutdown on Democrats and the president. Their failure in defunding the ACA has turned into an international embarrassment and has pushed the middle class to a cliff over and abyss of financing ruin.

If we look back a couple of days and a couple of news reports on the GOP Shutdown, the GOP mantra of "The American People" fizzles like most GOP presidential campaign.

Martin Bashir, MSNBC video segment. Linked

Nearly three-quarters of Americans disapprove of Republicans' handling of the budget crisis, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll released Monday. 
Disapproval of the GOP, which has risen steadily since just before the government shutdown began, is now at 74 percent, up 11 points from late September. 
A majority of Americans are also discontented with Democrats' role in the budget negotiations. But disapproval ratings for Democrats in Congress and for President Barack Obama, both of which started at a lower level than disapproval of Republicans in Congress, have remained largely unchanged in the past two weeks. Sixty-one percent of Americans now dislike congressional Democrats' handling of the crisis, while 53 percent dislike Obama's. Those are rises of only 5 points and 3 points, respectively, from before the shutdown began.
Republicans themselves are increasingly negative about their lawmakers. In the latest survey, Americans who identified as Republican were about evenly split on congressional Republicans' performance, with 47 percent giving them a thumbs-down. Sixty-three percent of "very conservative" Republicans, however approve
Other surveys have found similarly bleak results for the GOP. A Gallup poll last week showed the party's rating at a record low, while an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, also released last week, found that Americans assigned Republicans far more blame for the shutdown. The latter survey also found evidence of an "ideological boomerang” against the GOP, with support rising for a Democratic-controlled Congress, Obama's health care law and an expanded role for government.
Suicide is ugly whether committed by a person or a political party.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Empty Chairs" (GOP Photo Op) ...Like Ryan And The Soup Kitchen Photo Op in 2012

Do you recall Paul Ryan's fake visit to a soup kitchen during the 2012 presidential campaign? If you fail to remember how Ryan and the GOP goes about their business we offer a couple of quick reminders: the now famous Ryan (and Family) Soup Kitchen visit.
A.) Soup Pantry with pantry executive comment.
B.) Anecdotal with family introductions and (not so complementary music dubbed over)

Did you notice that Ryan used his family as active participants in the rouse?

It appears the GOP (with Ryan at center-point) is at it again. The following GOP (shutdown) photo opportunity is about as fake a depiction of the GOP as I have ever witnessed.

The following memes came from Facebook pages. I find them both interesting, telling and very sad. We have very wealthy people who secure positions in Congress, the continue to enrich themselves. They do nothing beyond obstruct President Obama and progress towards a better society. They play child-like games in fighting for party platform items the majority of voters voted against in 2012. Did they actually attempt to throw-in the Keystone XL Pipeline?  They practice GOP mind and paradigm alteration on those foolish enough to buy the game. They do so as "high information" people watch with disdain and contempt.

As you view the memes, think about when you have ever seen Eric Cantor without a suit jacket?  Think again about the soup pantry, and you might find the source of this shenanigan. It has Paul Ryan written all over it, and it stinks.

"Empty Chairs" ( per Rachel Maddow).

Do you think members of the 113th Congress who sat for the picture really think as do most of us? Do you seriously believe their most important focus is the public? Of course, any Democrat who would be crass enough to join this charade photo op. could also show with millions in income. No worries, the chance of  Democrat pulling a charade like the following is nil. Party leaders would better control if a member of the Democratic Party the urge to "play the American people" so cheaply. 

If we exclude meme verbiage  we have the perfect picture for "low information" people.

Linked image

The next meme rendition is a bit colloquial regarding use of the word "Chicks," but it makes a clear point about the GOP.  The representatives depicted in the image are truly representative a party that is 92% white and very much male oriented and male dominated.  

Linked image

Rachel Maddow lays it out in very frank terms.

Full link:

Martin Bashir earlier yesterday, address the "Empty Chair" Ploy. We are pleased MSNBC did not provide audio for the segment (Cantor's oratory). High information people simply do not like to be played (manipulated).

Full link: http://video.msnbc.msn

The GOP is on a crusade that is as flawed as the Bush/Cheney US charge into Iraq.  The  ACA is law (constitutionally supported law).  The 2012 election was one by a candidate who signed the legislation into law. The ACA is benefiting millions and will benefit millions more as time passes. How can a sane person move beyond feeling the GOP is operating "according to Koch," in their dogmatic attempts to chip away at the ACA?
I hear the daily refrain of "we are doing what the American people want!" Well, actually no. The very polls that GOP members of congress use to support their charade also indicate, poll respondents have no interest in a shutdown federal government.

Since, the GOP uses the mantra: "We are doing what the American People want!" Why did they completely ignore the 92% of survey respondents who want background checks for firearms purchases and tightening the Gun Show Laws?

This federal government shutdown is a GOP farce and indicative of the extent to which the party allows itself to "brain fart."

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Martin Bashir Speaks: "Clear the Air!"; MHP Laments An unprivileged World

No words necessary!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: MSNBC's Bashir And Matthews Expose GOP Ignorance And "War on Women"

A Political Party or Jurassic Social club?

Martin Bashir is a pure professional and a master wordsmith.

Chris Matthews delves into yet another GOP admission  related to voter suppression  against African-Americans. The subject of the audio tape, GOP elected official in the Great State of Texas later indicated he "misspoke."  How else can you say GOP -  for whites only.."  Where are those strategically visible and opportunistically visible  black conservatives?"

Matthews moves to yet another blatant example of the GOP "Shock and Awe" and "War on Women". We contemplated shortening this segment via editing out the minutes of dialog after Alabama's Session exposed his idiocy. We deferred to the  quality of dialog and the value it adds to the segment.

Why do men on the Right continue to push the abuse, shame and criminality of rape onto victims? What is it about the "southern" GOP mind that consistently exposes the true inner psyche of the GOP?  Most in the GOP manage their "spoken words" much better than the to two examples you just viewed. Do you think Chambliss and Session have staff and advisers? Or, do you think the staff and advisers ADVISED on their comments?  Do women actually vote for people like these two?


Monday, March 4, 2013

Scalia Shows His True Color and His Activism

After few days, allow me to look back at how some media perceived and reacted to Antonin Scalia's 'probing' the nation (via the SCOTUS) for the highest level of voter suppression.

We know for certain the US Constitution did not include passages (articles nor other words) related to the vote for people of color and for over 150 years did not include the right to vote for women.  The Constitution was amended to include voting rights for Black people and amended dated February 26, 1869 to allow women the right to vote. It seems intriguing Scalia's remarks about race and voting entitlements were spoken almost to the day 140 plus later.

Topically related Amendments to the US Constitution.

15thProhibits the denial of suffrage based
on race, color, or previous condition of  

  Feb. 26, 1869 - Feb.3, 1870 Full  text

19thEstablishes women's suffrageJune 4, 1919-  August 18, 1920Full text

2ndProtects an individual's right to bear armsSept. 25, 1789 -  Dec. 15, 1791 Full text

Suffrage From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Suffragepolitical franchise, or simply franchise, distinct from other rights to vote, is the right to vote gained through the democratic process.
If you are not at least somewhat concerned about GOP and conservative attempts to enact voter restrictions as election winning strategy, you either feel you have no worries (based on your race or gender), or you are insensitive to the rights of all Americans. Thus, you are fertile ground for the RNC and GOP.  You are are literally Rience Priebus, Karl Rove and Fox News gullible.  While you may not fully support GOP denial of Constitutional rights, any personal indifference places you well within the web of hardcore right-wing dogma and physical (voter suppression) manifestations.