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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ben Carson Caught Plagiarizing? Even After Bush Gave Him Such An Esteemed Honor?

It seems Ben Carson is most assuredly your archetypal conservatives how aspires to high office. The man has been caught plagiarizing effect. Is the business of plagiarizing endemic to the GOP? I recall reading of plagiarizing the Left, but it seems conservatives are more inclined to 'go there."

Mediaite is reporting on Carson's false presentations or misrepresentation as such:


Ben Carson Caught Plagiarizing from

After calling attention to passages from Sen. Rand Paul’s 2013 book Government Bullies that were lifted word-for-word from a Heritage Foundation study, BuzzFeed is at it again. This time, the site is highlighting portions of potential 2016 Republican presidential Dr. Ben Carson’s 2012 book America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great. 
One source left un-cited by Carson was a website called, which apparently went online in 2002, but is currently down. But a cached page on on the history of socialism, contains a multi-paragraph passage, including the section below, that is repeated verbatim in Carson’s book:

Anytime you give to government the responsibility and authority to provide government-made jobs, old-age financial security, “free” health care, and “free” education and indoctrination of children, it will control the lives of the people who live under its jurisdiction, and individual liberty and freedom of choice are sacrificed.

BuzzFeed also found passages lifted from The Five Thousand Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, a Liberty Institute press release from 2011, a CBS News article from 2010 and more.

“If it is determined that additional citations or attribution are required, the appropriate revisions will be made in subsequent printings,” spokesperson for Carson, Sealey Yates said in a statement to BuzzFeed. “Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.”

Read the full report with extensive examples at

[Photo via screengrab]
Carson's spokesperson responded to the report in the same manner as most offenders: fiend no knowledge of the offense

A day later, the truth comes forth, but with a twist: the inevitable lie. The perpetrators had no intention to steal passages...on multiple occasions!


Ben Carson’s Literary Agent: He Had ‘No Intention to Plagiarize’

Dr. Ben Carson‘s literary agent recently apologized for the neurosurgeon’s apparent plagiarism from a website called, but explained that it was purely unintentional.

“We know for certain that Dr. or Mrs. Carson had no intent to plagiarize,” agent Sealey Yates told The Daily Caller in an interview. “That was not what they were trying to do.” 
The plagiarized sections of America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great were recently discovered by BuzzFeed, in which they found multiple incidents where Carson pulled passages from different sources such as the now-defunct, The Five Thousand Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, and at least five other places.
 Read more

Simply speaking, there is no way the "good doctor" and his wife did not know the full extent of their desktop fraud.

And, Ben Carson would be president!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

UPDATE: GOP "Outreach" to African-Americans, Bill O'Reilly And An Embarrassing News Network

UPDATE: O'Reilly admits mistake!(See at end of the piece)

GOP "Outreach" to African-Americans
Mitt Romney 2012 website Outreach Communities.
Could this be as far as it goes? The son of Juan Williams and Williams working for Fox News? 

Bill O'Reilly helps with outreach!

"Today's events excluuuuuuuded (not a typo) conservatives."  "No, Republicans an no conservatives were invited."  Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Number Show Host. 

Conservative America's number two demagogue, Bill O'Reilly, has stepped out unto "credibility" thin-ice, again.  Yesterday, O'Reilly literally raced to his air-time with invited guest James Carville to blast on the lack of Republicans invited to yesterday's March On Washington-Martin Luther King Commemoration event. The segment embedded below is typical O'Reilly: wrought with lies, misinformation and "Fox News Model" reporting.   

There-in lies the difference between media for high information viewers vs. media for low information viewers. O'Reilly was factually incorrect and pressed on like a wounded animal. The problem is, facts would be readily available within hours.  Facts are for those who want facts. O'Reilly's audience obviously has no interest in credible reporting. The viewing audience shows signs of immediate gratification via O'Reilly (fiction rooted) manipulation. Excuse me if the last set of words induced an undesirable image.  

We also find it amazing O'Reilly invited James Carville to his show. Carville will rekindle his work towards the White House as Hillary Clinton moves towards a decision to run in 2016. Carville is not an Obama Administration insider and from the nature of his answers to O'Reilly may not be an active DNC  or DCCC surrogate/pundit.  Many democratic insiders would have known that all members of Congress were invited to the event. Tim Scott, the only African-American in the US Senate, was invited as a non-speaker. Cantor and Boehner were invited.  John McCain was also invited.  

Of course, Carville may have known about the invites and fed O'Really "hangmans" rope. However, I did not sense that was the case by his reactions to the pressing O'Reilly.

The invitations went out.

Matt Wilstein, Mediaite, early this afternoon posted.....
Here’s a run-down of the top Republicans who were invited to the March on Washington anniversary event, and why they reportedly decided not to show.
  • Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush: It was notable that the two former presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who spoke at the event were both Democrats, with the Bushes nowhere to be seen. The 41st and 43rd president were both invited, but chose to decline because of health reasons. In a statement, George W. Bush said, “There on the National Mall our President, whose story reflects the promise of America, will help us honor the man who inspired millions to redeem that promise.”
  • House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH): The top Republican in the House declined his invitation because of a scheduling conflict. He is currently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and had no public events scheduled for Wednesday. Boehner did attend an official congressional commemoration of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech on July 31st.
  • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA): According to the Grand Forks Herald, Cantor spent Wednesday touring oilfields in North Dakota with Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) and meeting with the North Dakota Petroleum Council lobbying group.

The Rev. Leah D. Daughtry, who served as executive producer of the commemoration, told the Washington Post’s O’Keefe that her committee began inviting members of Congress to attend four or five weeks before the event.

We must assume O'Reilly's rhetoric was intentionally wrong and focused on entertaining his viewers. While our thoughts about the news competency at Fox News is well known, we have to say O'Reilly and staff's incompetence at this level is not even excusable when shows are crafted by college interns.  A simple call to any member of the White House communications staff could have yielded the fact many from the GOP were invited.  In fact, and sadly so, a call to Boehner's or Cantor's office could have yielded same.  

Why make the call, if your intent if to feed the ravishing throngs who tune-in for 'red meat?" If O'Reilly's on-air performance is what it takes to garner and hold a commanding audience, it is good his competition on other networks fall behind. How sad would it be to have exponentially more O'Reilly-like sycophants longing for fabrications and lies five evenings a week? 

It is too bad Scott of South Carolina was not invited as speaker. The newly appointed Senator would have been forced to turn-down the speaking opportunity. We do not for one second believe he would have attended, if the full of the GOP boycotted the event. The event organizers missed an opportunity in my opinion. But, the organizers are not politicians. 

Outreach and Right-wing media simply does not mix well?

If you have a few minutes now or later, check this out. MSNBCs Al Sharpton pokes big holes in Right-wing rhetoric and strategy. 

Since we linked the MSNBC piece just above, we feel it fair to offer the O'Reilly declaration of a mistake.

UPDATE: O'Reilly after 24 hours. How pompous!

46 seconds

"He said that he assuuuuuuuumed...."

After all is said, what did our mothers tell us early in life.

"Assume:  to make an 'assout of 'u' and 'me'." 

Multi-millionaire television news idols should have learned to never assume.

O'Reilly's admission leaves me with questions of competence and motive, as stated in the original post. His demagoguery and his know it all demeanor takes me back to a place where he garners viewers with pure red meat. Once in that place, I fail to understand the nature of on-air professionalism. Does the O'Reilly "Factor" have a research team?  Does his staff have access to telephones? If so does the staff dare do a quick check, as the demagogue mention in the clip? Or, is O'Reilly equally bullish and overbearing regarding his staff such that no one questioned the angle he planned to use during the segment?  

Mistakes happen. It seems O'Reilly blunder is no different than during many of his broadcast. When will his viewers realize, O'Reilly is not very different than Donald Trump.  They are showmen with less regard for veracity over shallow emotions from their viewers. Unfortunately, O'Reilly's formula works for him. And that is a sad reality.