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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Right-wing Derangement Gallery (Facebook And Twitter)

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Let's start with Rand Paul. Paul has stated publicly an affinity for "misinformation." The problem with an inner core that evolves around an inclination for misinformation is, it offers no respect for people to whom he speaks.

In 2013, The National Journal published an intriguing piece on the inimitable Paul. The screed is a bit long, but thoroughly delineates the Paul's craftiness, penchant to beguile while staged with a lede paragraph about Paul's affinity for "misinformation" An affinity that is deep rooted and without question contributes to his penchant for shady and shadowy acts (er. plagiarism et al).

Let's traipse trough a bit of major anti-Obama derangement. The newly coined Muslim Gang Sign!

Rudy Giuliani continues to expense a personality flaw that one can only describe as insane. If President Obama was not committed to his love of American he could easily have doused all efforts to bring the nation back from the Bush/conservative economic abyss. He also probably would not have order that killing of bin Laden were he a hater of the nation.  

What do you think about the Fox News African-American community expert? Rivera and his diagnosis of "happenings deleterious to the Black community. I strictly abhor Hip Hop music and its associated attire for feeble minded young men, but Rivera is ill equipped to earn millions on Fox News as Dr. Oz of the Black Community.

Post by Media Matters for America.
Dinesh D'Souza, admitted felon, goes totally racist calling President Obama a ghetto dweller "boy."


Fox News managers, editors, producers and writers send their most intellectual deprived host before cameras to deliver this message....

We must always remember. These deranged Americans are as human as you and me. They will do what it takes to garner attention and spread messages as long as their is an audience. If the nation was vehemently against such derangement there would be no market...and the behavior would not proliferate.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fox News's And Conservative America's War On Muslims

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Last October a noted Conservative (Republican talking head) reached back for a level of social retrogression that drives the core of the party. Of course, party leaders and rank and file members dare not speak as did Kincannon. Yet, we find other clear evidence of longing for a time long past. If you read Twitter post again, I doubt you can avoid the deep regressive imagery.

If the written imagery fails you, I offer the following image with associated link.

Wounded Knee Massacre
Part of the Ghost Dance War and the Sioux Wars
Mass grave for the dead Lakota after the conflict at Wounded Knee Creek

A few days ago, Fox News managers and producers entertained their sycophant viewers with the most unfathomable and disgusting exhibition of exactly what Kincannon sought via his October tweet.

Jeanine Pirro, the former District Attorney and TV show host (Judge Jeanine Pirro) turned Fox news demagogue, has a history of broadcasting anti-Obama, Anti-Progressive and inflammatory right-wing (nut job) segments. Pirro often comes across as the "Derangement Queen" of Fox News. Yet, she in most cases left the quasi-racist and bigoted segments to  the likes of O'Reilly, Hannity and Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus" Kelly. While I did not see the segment due to my total avoidance of Fox News, the segment drew worldwide attention.  All but Fox News viewers found the piece abhorrent and intellectually insulting with a heavy reminder of propaganda that facilitated past horrors throughout history of humankind: (Native Original North Americans, Black Americans and European Jews). The examples are based on historical fact and are posted without regard to judgments in regrading severity and deaths.

Pirro was handed a social "Bridge Too Far" and in the excitement of her derangement, she failed to consider the veracity of her guest and the danger inherent in his comments. She sat quietly, enticed Emerson and relished in the demagogue's rhetoric.

Before we post regarding the eventual Pirro and Fox News (perfunctory) apology, let's visit some reaction to the FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) entertainment.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes ad Eric Bohlert of Media Matters

Post by Media Matters for America. _____________

French TV Host mocks the comical Fox News network.

  CNN Money Pirro apologizes four times.  Where is the apology from Roger Ailes? I would match the four apologizes with one termination notice for the Fox New producers of the show and the on-air demagogue, Pirro.

Tampa Bay Times Politifact (Pundifact)

"There are actual cities" like Birmingham, England, "that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in." 
Pants on Fire!
— Steven Emerson on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 in an interview on Foxs News


Fox News visited the issue again this morning.

Post by Media Matters for America.

The problem with this episode of Fox News's propagandizing and subsequent apology is the fact such broadcast are not necessary to attract and retain viewers. Fox News management knows they have a loyal viewer base that will watch and listen to any broadcast and host/guest comment. Moreover, they to believe just about any comment from the network. Fox News managers understand the full extent of its symbiotic relationship with their viewers.

The Emerson interview and associated garbage from Pirro, were part of a far greater mission. The network was fulfilling its role as the GOP and conservative America's communication brigade. If you can find any place in your mind to believe Fox News producers did not know Emerson's comments were absent any level of veracity, you might be one to vote GOP in all elections.

You might also be a person embodied via the following image; one of my favorite illustrations of Fox News/ Fox News viewer symbiosis.
Yes the image is graphic, but so is the business model of Fox News.  To the matter of the apologies? My apology credo is "...the person should never have to apologize. If you find yourself forced to speak an apology you have failed in mental processes critical for communications, physical acts and associated behavior. Moreover, you may have acted from motive."  The latter was the case with the Pirro/Emerson interview, thus for me...apology not accepted.

An accepted reality of and expectation regarding the apology is the implied message of having learned a lesson that the person will not repeat.  Do you think for one second Fox News (producers and hosts) will not repeat it's Muslim "no-go' egregious commentary (in another form)?  Fox New viewers who watched the segment did not appear to go ballistic about its ridiculousness.  I posit the desired affect was driven home as is the case with all Fox demagoguery.

As with any business the business owner's prime goal is to give the customer what the customer wants. The customer rewards the business owner with return purchase (or in Fox's case, viewer ratings)...and the symbiosis continues.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Quick Facebook Traipse....

Have an early afternoon Facebook traipse on the TPI!

Of course......

When will the FCC find cause to intervene on Fox New's disgusting efforts to entertain its viewers?

Post by Media Matters for America.

I find a bit of racism in this post. How can anyone with any degree of color about them, find commonality with conservative Americans?

Wonder if this episode will make Main Stream media?

SCALISED..a party that has its skirts showing.

No Surprise here!

Life in conservative America continues to show signs of rotting on the vine.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Senate INTEL Committee Report.... “I don’t care what we did”

I have long posited Obama should have come into the Oval Office with "Change We Can Believe In" embossed on an order to the Department of Justice to investigate the scope and extent to which Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice perpetrated violations of International Law. The presidents failure to enact such an investigation not only riled many on the Left, it foretold Obama as a president who would work to avoid rocking the boat of peace between Democrats and Republicans. He avoided rocking a boat that was already lisping under the weight of GOP obstruction that started the evening of his Inauguration Day. President Obama's commitment to the protocol of not investigating the previous administration was admirable, but frankly a leadership miscarriage of Justice regarding International Law.

Is it so easy to forget the US prosecuted and executed German and Japanese war criminals after World War II?
We are America! I don't give a rat's ass if it [torture] helps, we are America! We do not fucking torture! We don't do it. Shepard Smith Fox News, April 2009.
The Senate INTEL Committee Report
Full exposure of the Bush "torture machine" has to come light with apparent approval of President Obama. Today's release of the 400 plus page summary of a report of over 6,000 pages represents an exhaustive committee investigation. You and I bore the cost of the report at the tune of $40 million dollars. It appears the full cost of the Iraq War will span many years into the 21st Century.  The $40 million pales when compare to the $81 million paid to a set of (seamy) psychologist who helped develop the Bush/Cheney "enhanced interrogation techniques." 

Will the Bush Era (two terms in the Oval Office) ever fade from its rightful place in the pits of US History? 

10 key findings

Post by Salon.

Now watch and listen as a former Bush communications director placed an exclamation mark on the darkest days of US History. Nicole Wallace utterly embodied the demeanor we have come to expect from conservative America. As I watched the segment and her piston-like over-talking and trite reaches to politicize the report release, I was reminded of the boxer who threw so many punches he literally punched himself into a corner and may as well have knocked himself out.

“I don’t care what we did”

We as a nation should have concern about the millions who share Wallace's draconian flip-out.

Let's checkout a few Facebook posts as we move into an era of US history never before experienced by those who preceded as denizens of the United States. 

Post by Salon.

Post by The Rachel Maddow Show.

Wolf Blitzer and his producers reported  and question typical to CNN: "hyperbolic and tin hat to the maximum?"  

The Right sizzles!

Post by Media Matters for America.

“I don’t care what we did”

Additional report from Think Progress, here.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Quick Hit: Right-Wing Watch

It is time for another quick foray into a Right-Wing Watch.  

Oh, how privileged thou art to practice such a level of "White Privilege!"

"I didn't mean any harm...!"  Well. now I think it safe to assume this bar has a patronage that is 100% white. Now, you know the basic focus of business..."give the customers what they want." One more point: "Do you think this bar caters to progressives and liberals?"  I think is safe to archive this one under "White Privilege" right next to the....

Rolling Stone Magazine may have screwed up on the "Jackie" rape story,  but hardly to the level the Right will use the work to disavow issues related rape.

Now, the chameleon Paul has come back with the following. You recall a few days ago he laid the death of Eric Garner on high taxes (Cigarette tax specifically); he and the party leader Rush Limbaugh. What a said little man: Rand Paul.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fox Conservative Circus And A Peep At Conservatives Gone Mad

Just a quick hit!

Fox proves it is not a news network in any sense. Chris Wallace and production team prove he is no journalist.

These GOP operatives are nothing more than elected subversives.

Post by Salon.

Juan Williams "earns his keep" via his "ready to go" panel seat in sympathy for Wilson.

Post by Salon.

Peter King shows his is far from in-touch with reality. Was Darren Wilson's job to execute an 18 year old? According to King by comment he feel as such.

Post by The Rachel Maddow Show.

Gas Chambers? Really?