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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Chuck Todd Challenged Congressman Jeffries; What Happened With Brokaw?

Yesterday one of MSNBC's resident conservatives and his production team hosted a segment replete with what some thought would be a balanced discussion of politics. As is the case with all things conservative, the segment ended with a dud comment from a Paleozoic Era NBC Nightly News host. A host who really should relegate himself to the role of a quiet conservative. Before we comment on Tom Brokaw's comments, let's digress some to make a point about Todd's production and the reality of a conservative show host flapping around like a fish out of water seeking to support Trump.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries D-NY. last week
“These are challenging times in the United States of America — we have a hater in the White House, a birther in chief, the grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Jeffries said at an event hosted by the National Action Network in Harlem. “One of the things that we’ve learned is that while Jim Crow may be dead, he still got some nieces and nephews that are alive and well.”
As we consider the United States since July 2015, it is impossible to avoid recognition of significant changes in national leadership. Leadership which reaches to the very top of federal governance: The 45th US President. In addition, to an overwhelming increase in nation's spending, as the Trump economy added $2 Trillion to the US deficit since January 2009, social regression in many forms has reached back to the days of the 1940s.

We are writing about matters related to Trump.

In the late summer of 2017, white supremacists and Jew-hating white men (and some women) held a well-planned protest against the removal of a confederates general statute in Charleston, SC. 

After the dust settled Trump and his staff worked to clean up his support for the white supremacists via perfunctory remarks which made little to no sense.  A year later Trump was reported to have stated his efforts to minimize his support for "both sides" was a  mistake. According to Bob Woodward via his book, Trump privately stated he regretted the efforts to clean up his "both sides" comments.

Let's visit a bit of data regarding growing racist hatred since Trump took office. Growth which he has yet to directly challenge. 
Image result for hate crime since trump  Image result for hate crime since trump

Related image

And, not a word of caution or condemnation from Trump. How could or why would Trump condemn when he has a current and past history of close association with the likes of:

Image result for trump inner circle white supremacists

And of course, you recall Trump was the leading messaging regarding the racist attacks on Barack Obama's citizenship as the 44th US President. 

Lets now play around with a related loose syllogism.

  • Major premise: All men are mortal. Minor premise: Socrates is a man. Conclusion: Socrates is mortal. (This is an example of Aristotle's famous "Barbara" syllogism.)
  • Major premise: Plants need to carbon dioxide to live. Minor premise: The oak tree is a plant. Conclusion: The oak tree needs carbon dioxide to live.
Image result for syllogism examples

Major premise: Whites supremacists and anti-Semites are major Trump supporters.
Minor premise: The Ku Klux Klan and US Nazis are white supremacists.
Conclusion: Trump is a favored leader of white supremacists and anti-Semites. 

US leaders of white supremacists and anti-Semites have for more than a century followed leaders who were referred to as "grand dragons."

Why would MSNBC's Chuck Todd join at least one CNN host in challenge Representative Jeffries use of an apropos metaphor regarding t/rump?  Why would Todd use the word "apology" when we have a man in the White House who has delivered the most heinous and disgusting attacks on fellow Americans?

The simple answer is the false belief that an occupant of the White House is due an artificial level of respect even when the occupant has proven to regard no one outside of his family with even an iota of respect. 

Even though what follows took place at the end of the Sunday Show, It seems Todd hasn't issued a comment about Tom Brokaw's foray into the ugly fissures of racism.

No matter Brokaw's intent, one's inner core values tend to eventually ooze to the surface. I offer such is especially true when given a platform such as Todd's Meet The Press. And especially when you have another well known Trump supporter sitting across the table in the form of MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt.

Do you recall Todd's remarks to an Ohio state official regarding the official's right to seek voter ID laws in his state? Only a conservative show host and ideologue would go there. Todd went there.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

National Review Editor Warns Against "White Nationalist" Labels

Image result for racist apologist
Watch the end of the following segment.  NBC stages a panel of liberal and progressive guests.   

Any rational human being would expect the conservative late boomer white editor of The National Review, Rich Lowry, to take exception to Joy Ann Reid's accurate depiction of a White House with a few too many so-called "white nationalists."


Lowery's argument is pure social folly and conservative apologist rationalization.  The actual answer is for Trump to rid the White House of anyone who holds views contrary to a healthy diverse America. StumbleUpon

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Donald Trump's Foreign Policy (Reality TV Fodder)

During the course of last week, Donald Trump sat through an interview with the Washington Post Editorial Board. The 100-minute interview is being both touted and lauded as the longest interview ever. I ask: Is that a surprise to anyone? Hasn't Trump's words bloviating emerged as the flavor of this year's GOP primary campaign?  

Have you ever heard of the old axiom: "Fake it to make it?"  If Trump any gifts (beyond his money) he has learend over time the art of the lie. He has learned how to manipuate, twist and rearrange communication for full affect in the minds of many who are inclined to sycophancy. P.T. Barnum borrowed a phrase from an adversary David Hannum. The phrase is best worn by Trump and the phrase embodies his comprehensive being.

"There is a sucker born every minute."

While Trump has used white America's fear of a changing society to grab and hold large swaths of GOP voters, the real demagogue showed in the Washington Post interview.

Trump doesn't have a clue about US foreign policy and it is obvious he either listens to no sane advisers, or he has no sane advisers. 

We offer the embodiment of Trump via links to his interview and a segment from this past weekend's Meet The Press.

Trump New York Times interview highlights

Trump New York Times interview full transcript

NBC News Meet The Press comments about Trump Washignton Post Editorial Board interview.

MTP on Trump's Twilight Zone Foreign Policy.

MTP longer version from Real Politics.



Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chuck Todd Hosts A "Serial Liar" And NBC's MTP Host Performances Like An RNC Executive


Earlier today, I published a piece about US media's role in moving the US from a slightly left of center nation to a decidedly more right of center mindset. The GOP and conservative oligarchs know that power of the media in support of their mission to transform the US into a regressive state with unquestioning privilege for the white male. And, yes since married women vote almost 98% along with their husbands. I have to add the GOP may add value to the lives of married women vs women who are not married, especially if the woman is of child bearing age. 

NBC's Meet The Press under Phil Griffin, president NBC, has been transformed into an unrivaled Sunday morning news outlet as integral to the GOP as the RNC's mission and goals. 

Take a look and listen to how NBC provided an uninterrupted platform for Paul Ryan, and I should add with hawking of Ryan's book. As you view the piece recall Chuck Todd is a major GOP and conservative shill who is unabashed in support of all things conservative. He has been known to for sake of discussion effectively adorn his GOP hat and uniform to embody the conservative mindset:
The Daily Kos (video). 

Paul Ryan on Being Vetted for VP Again of its competition.  

Todd knows that journalism involves not only providing question framed to illicit and answer, he has learned to master the Sean Hannity technique. Provide the answer in the question, thus freeing the guest to spew unsubstantiated talking points. The MTP host also knows Paul Ryan is a serial liar with no modicum of impetus to consider President Obama's economic policy in any manner other than with jaundice. The true journalist would at some point in the interview pose a probing question to his guest.

Todd is confident in his network's indifference to Ryan's history of lying, thus he his little need to concern with retort questions to the babbling politician.  Ryan's record time marathon may have been the "Lie of 2012 Campaign season". His fiery campaign acceptance speech was so full of lies his audience suffer a collective Pinocchio nose erection.

Do you recall Ryan's uninvited invasion of a DC soup pantry? The sly unethical candidate and his photo-op team invaded a soup pantry with the Ryan family feigning cleaning pantry pots and pans. Sadly, Ryan's penchant for fakery and lies must be an accepted norm within the confines of his family.
The Ryan kids had to know the pots and pans were already clean. Surely his wife knew the photo op was as fake as a Mitt Romney $13 dollar bill. Better yet the episode rivaled Mitt Romney's tan face make-up job at a (Latino) Univision event during the campaign. 

Any competent unbiased (non-shill) journalist or TV News host not employed by Fox News would have probed a bit regarding Paul's talking-point segment. On the other hand, I may have set myself up for the unwitting victim as I have disregarded my steadfast posit: "Fox News gives its viewers what they want to see and hear." Alas, failed to extrapolate same to NBC News.


Monday, November 24, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rudy Giuliani "‘The danger to a black child… is another black’

Rudy Giuliani speaks to Fox News (screen grab)
Rudy Giuliani speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Yesterday I published a piece with a segment from this past Sunday's Meet The Press (I.e, Chuck Todd's Personal Conservative hour). During a heated back and forth replete with copious over-talking, Rudy Guiliani and Michael Eric Dyson battled regarding Ferguson Missouri's "Killer Cop" Grand Jury proceeding. Here's a link to abbreviated clip of the segment (the full segment is is embed below).

 TPM                                                                                                          “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”                                                                                                                         
"It is the reason for the heavy police presence in the black community," he said. "White police officers won't be there if you weren't killing each other 70 percent of the time."                                                                                                                                                             Dyson  shot back at Giuliani and said, "this is a defense mechanism of white supremacy at work in your mind."                                                                                                                                                   Watch the clip via NBC:

Giuliani's crass comments were well beyond insensitive.  As I listened to the demagogue, I could not help, but recall his developing the likeness of Pat Buchanan. 

Yesterday I wrote about how Giuliani seemed to have lost his composure. He removed his glasses and his tone took a turn towards more confrontational words and non-verbal demeanor. A day later leads to more from the racist former mayor. I may have been generous regarding the former New York Mayor. References to the potential for racist rhetoric in yesterday's piece have been substantiated with a Giuliani "double down."

Giuliani , this morning, traipsed over to Fox News and completely fulfilled his assignment in feeding Fox News viewers. He sat with the perfect set of show hosts on Fox and Friends and spoke to the networks early morning viewers. People (Foxites) who watch a show that is by far the most ridiculous hosted news show on US television.
“The danger to a black child is not a white police officer,” he continued. “That’s going to happen less than 1 percent of the time. The danger to a black child — if it was my child — the danger is another black, 93 percent of the time they’re going to be killed by another black.”
There are only a few current event celebrities and news celebrities and talking heads who will opt to use the vernacular: "...another black." The infrequently used characterization of the black community is comparable to another and more common phrase from the Right: " people." It should be noted the phrase also emanates from some on the Left. I have heard Chris Matthews refer to the black people as "the blacks" as well as Donald Trumps famous use of the phrase. Matthews is, without question, far from a racist. Yet, he more than once has used the phrase when it is just as easily stated and fluid to say: "...the black people", or "black people." I posit references to the black community are comparable to language used by pre and post Civil War whites. Moreover, how often do you recall hearing a white person refer to people of color with one word monikers: "redskin", "buck", "squaw." There isn't any value in reciting more common extreme disparaging monikers frequently used by white supremacists. Yet, when the more commonly accepted media celebrities and pundits refer to African-American's as "the black" or "another black" the talking head should be called out.

Watch as Guiliani doubles-down with a very friendly crew on the Fox News couch.

Watch the video below from Fox News’s Fox & Friends, broadcast Nov. 24, 2014.
Black crime is an issue that needs exploring and remedial attention. But, Giuliani's use of "another black," was as disparaging as white supremacist use of the word "nigger." He knows full well Dyson cannot singularly remedy black death at the hands of other black people. Just as Giuliani cannot stop white murder perpetrated against other whites. Yet, he assumed that lofty 'white privilege' position by throwing what he probably felt was a nasty curve-ball to Dyson for the sake of winning an argument. Moreover, his universal defense of police who are proving to exercise abuse of power against young black people is astounding.

His spewing statistics regarding the tragedy of crime in the black community may work to 'salt' his argument for conservatives and the predominant Fox News white viewers, but his choice to "go there" is revealing. His comments clearly show why he was properly thwarted in his quest to sit in the Oval Office. The comments also show why his television appearances should be restricted to Fox News and feeding people who relish language vs. credible news and current event arguments.

Yesterday's piece included a link to a Tim Wise appearance on the MSNBC. If you did not visit the link, you should as a minimum, consider his remarks regarding "black on black" crime. Also know crime exists in a state of convenience and opportunity via close proximity , also people really do like birds flock in their own likeness. Any study of crime (killing and murder) will reveal data showing people perpetrate crime within their communities.

‘The danger to a black child… is another black’



The Ugliness Of Conservative America's Demagogues

A Visit on the Dark Side

We must start our early week review of conservative America with the ultimate racist: Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani joined a Meet The Press panel and during a discussion of Ferguson Missouri removed his glasses and spewed racist remarks much like the KKK leader who spewed similar garbage with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. He pulled out the "black on black" crime mantra and rubbed a tragic social problem in the face of panelist Micheal Eric Dyson. The Conservative dog whistle is no different than the Grand Dragon of the Traditionalist Klu Klux Klan stating St. Louis area cops received threat of spousal rape by protesters. Get it? Predominately white police forces and predominate black protest and the word "rape." Yes, you got it! Guiliani's "black on black" crime was tantamount to throwing a punching (after removing his glasses) and was little different than the KKK leaders use of racially charge oratory.


“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.” 
"It is the reason for the heavy police presence in the black community," he said. "White police officers won't be there if you weren't killing each other 70 percent of the time." 
Dyson shot back at Giuliani and said, "this is a defense mechanism of white supremacy at work in your mind."
Watch the clip via NBC:

In July 2013, Melissa Harris Perry hosted a panel that include race activism educator and lecturer Tim Wise. After the conservative phraseology cross ed the studio set, Wise patiently waited for an opportunity to retort against the racially convenient dog whistle. 

As we run through a few segments, we list the following segment right up front. One would think the GOP leader (of both houses) would have a better answer when asked about how he would respond to the president. 

Ted Cruz could only offer what amounted to gibberish diarrhea.

On CNN Lindsey Graham fulfilled his Sunday morning duties by calling the GOP House report on Benghazi the "C" Word: "full of crap."                                                 

Post by Andrew Rei.

Now, watch the power of the big pay check and its influence on human behavior. The Fox news demagogue knows the US was not "fine" before President Obama was elected president. He knows he lies and he knows his viewers are sympathetic ears who accept any line he shovels them.  Eric Bolling doesn't have an iota of credibility and is often the spewer of vile misinformation and disgusting humor on the Fox News Show "The Five." How about his recent comments about the woman United Arab Emirates (Muslim) fighter pilot who delivered ordinance against ISIL target? He quipped about "boobs on the ground."   Bolling knows the reality of Fox News viewers.

An easy pay check!

Watch as Bolling feeds his viewers pure unadulterated toiler fodder.

If Bolling is corrects if he speaks of.....
Reduced deficits,   
Less US troops at war,  
Elimination of DADT and DOMA, 
The Lilyledbetter Fair Pay Act,  
The Affordable Care Act,  
DREAMER executive action, 
Immigration executive action,  
Revived international  respect for the Office of the    Presidency, 
A revived and reinvigorated US economy, 
A vibrant auto industry hosting millions of thousands jobs in related industries 
Bolling also knows this.... Bolling also knows this.....

Bolling certainly knows his GOP fought the Stimulus as if re-fighting the Civil War and factually gave Obama $400 million less than the Administration request.

In 2012, the most telling of memes was published with a contrast of Reagan and Obama with consideration of lauding Reagan and vilifying Obama.

Bolling would not know the details of the facts in the meme, but he knows his oratory is pure bill for the ears of "toilets." 

But, when serving Tin Hat viewers the afore-mentioned facts and illustrations mean nothing.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday News Shows: The Media Home Of The GOP And Conservative America



You and me already know the Sunday Morning news shows are the domain of the GOP and, or, conservative talking  heads. Have you ever noticed McCain and Boehner literally breakout in hives about comments from the Left on Sunday Morning? I recall McCain distinctly complaining with a twisted face full of contempt about alleged Benghazi lies (cover-up) on the "Sunday News shows." 

You might recall a Rachel Maddow segment in November 2013 with McCain in full blossom against the UN Ambassador Susan Rice's appearance on the "Sunday New Shows." Watch as Maddow completely delineates McCain's asininity and the fallacy of Meet The Press's slants towards conservative dogma. If you decide to skip through the segment consider start your viewing at the 2:37 minute mark.

For those who prefer the straight-out video.

When politicians exhibit more consternation with Rice's appearance on a Sunday news show than concern for the unemployed and the poor, you know the middle class is no longer a constituent. Yet, Republican politicians are not singularly responsible for the Sunday Morning news pollution. Network and cable news executives and producers are also responsible for your "Sunday morning exclusive GOP news" diet. As ratings gophers and ideology ministers they are responsible for nurturing anti-administration derangement while moving your social and political paradigm to the Right. In fact, new producers are as over-the-top with conservative dogma as they low-keyed seriously coverage of the Bush debacle. Or at least, low key until Bush and GOP policy took all international markets to the brink of a world-wide depression.

We heard scant concerns about anything Bush/Cheney political malfeasance on the Sunday news show.  Do you recall piston-like Sunday reports of the following:

How about your recall at hearing any Sunday news host discuss this reality until the Obama second term?

Basically, the Sunday producers leverage GOP mantra and talking points as a revenue stream. A steam that feeds billions USD to major shareholders and millions in compensation to the hosts who deliver our (Sunday news) poison.  Pew Research reported in 2010 Americans 18 and older get out news from television.

Is there any doubt why news producers stack shows with conservative fodder for insatiable appetites? 

This past Friday The New York Times, The Upshot ran a piece from Derek Willis with a reminder of the poli/social conservative slant of Sunday News shows.
Conservative members of the current Congress have appeared more often on the network talk shows than their liberal counterparts. Senators and representatives from the conservative end of the ideological spectrum have made 57 percent of the appearances, compared with 42 percent for liberals, according to an Upshot analysis of data collected by American University.
Facts are pesky things! All read well up to the last word of that sentences: "University." Willis keyboarded farther with what read like rationale for the major right lean to cable and network news guest appearances, especially on Sunday morning. His message is as clear as the adverbs and adjectives he chose to make his point: "...slightly lopsided distribution." I am comfortable in my opine that a 57-42 separation for 50% is a far cry from "slightly lopsided." The separation is 15 points, not a seven (7) point Right; eight (8) Left separation for 50 percent.
This slightly lopsided distribution is primarily the result of three Republican senators’ frequent visits to the network shows: John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Because of the Republican Party’s control of the House during the past three years, its leaders and committee chairmen are presented with more opportunities to discuss the latest political news. 
Participants in the 2008 and 2012 presidential nominating contests also helped boost conservative representation: Paul D. Ryan, the Wisconsin congressman who was the G.O.P.‘s 2012 vice-presidential nominee, made 46 appearances between early January 2009 and Aug. 3 this year.
The behind the booking reality is stark, regardless of the "thoughtful" suggested explanation for the very lopsided separation. Let's think of the "stark" reality in the form of a question. "Why not offset with equal time to politicians or talking heads with counter views?" The reality of providing a "no cost" platform to the GOP is a disservice as it fails to remind how the GOP has failed to govern with concern for common.  

The heavily slanted bookings represents an irrefutable fact the GOP legislates and administers for constituents at the top layers of America's economic income distribution. Network and cable producers work just as you and me, at the bequest and orders of their bosses. The boss works at the direction of her/his executive directors who up the corporate hierarchy serve at the whims of the CEO. Ultimately, the corporate "rock star" CEO fulfills the mission handed down from Boards of Directors. 

The deliverable from all of the cycle above? Conservative dogma, reinforced on a weekly basis, eventually delivers  votes.  If you think the GOP isn't aware of the cycle, you might also still feel Saddam Hussein actually possessed WMD. 

If you have any doubt about the medias partnership with US conservationism, we will finish this piece like this.


Additional information: Media Matters

New York Times Analysis Finds Sunday News Shows Favor Conservative Guests

Report Underscores Ideological Imbalance On Sunday News Shows