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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Daily GOP (Conservative) Ignominious: Fox News Hires Mark Fuhrman To Defend Texas Cop

"The girl was no saint, either. He had told her to leave, and she continued to linger."

Fox News's has again reached to entertain its viewers with more reporting and commentary malfeasances. Fox News Management exercised its conservative propaganda via assigning the "Cops can do no wrong" task to Megyn Kelly. 

When communication and message experts seek to most effectively deliver a message, a critical decision is the messenger. Fox News has the perfect messenger in Kelly. Lets take five minutes and review a couple of examples of Kelly delivering Fox News ideology and propaganda.

'Santa just is white ... Jesus was a white man too',


Fox News On UC Davis Pepper Spraying: "It's a food product"

What you just observed was purposeful crafting of messages with proper characters for deliver of a message sinks deep. 

Talking Points Memo published a piece regarding the latest Megyn Kelly "Cops can do no wrong" broadcast.  And, Fox News delivered.  The discussion panel included one of the most famous racist (former) cops  in US History. Kelly's management team booked Mark "OJ Simpson Trial" Fuhrman.

Fuhrman's credibility re-established to that of a racist and Fox News's decision to book the racist for a segment that seems to have race as a core issue is unfathomable. Unfathomable only if the viewer actually desired a fair and balanced discussion of the incident.  The majority of Fox News viewers wouldn't want such analysis and discussion.

It is noteworthy to take account of Fox News's standard use of this language: "...The (person) was no saint." Should we believe sainthood would insulate the victims of cop abuse from heavy-handed treatment?  For that matter Fox News should consider identifying which of its employees qualify as a "saint."  Is it possible any of the African-American victims of cop abuse could qualify as a "saint?"

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


Media Matters
Fox's Tom Shillue: Video "Didn't Shock Me At All" Because The Teen "Was Intimidating The Cop." On the June 8 edition of Fox News' The Five, co-host Tom Shillue claimed the video "didn't shock me at all" because "the cops are breaking up a party, these guys are great." Later Shillue justified the officer pulling a gun on the unarmed teen claiming "he was intimidating the cop" by running in his direction. [Fox News, The Five,6/8/15] 
Fox Business' Lou Dobbs: "What In The World Are Police, We Have To Ask, Supposed To Do When People Who Don't Respect The Law ... Refuse To Obey?" Fox Business host Lou Dobbs defended the officer, asking, "what in the world" are police supposed to do when people "refuse to obey" their orders? [Fox Business, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 6/8/15]
Fox's Brit Hume On Brutal Responses By Police: "If You Obey The Police It Doesn't Usually Happen."On the June 8 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, senior political analyst Brit Hume claimed that arrests and actions like those taken by the officer in McKinney, Texas, don't happen "if you obey the police." [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 6/8/15] 
Fox's Kelly: "The Girl Was No Saint Either." Fox News host Megyn Kelly responded to the brutal video showing a teen girl being manhandled by a Texas police officer by commenting that "the girl was no saint either. He had told her to leave, and she continued to linger. And when the cop tells you to leave, get out." She followed this by saying "I'm not defending his actions, let me make that clear." [Fox News, The Kelly File,6/8/15] 
Sean Hannity Claims That Officer In Texas Was Justified For Pulling A Gun Because Teens Could Have Come Up And "Hit Them With A Shank In The Back." On the June 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks'The Sean Hannity Show, Fox News host Sean Hannity defended the Texas police officer, saying there is an environment of children not respecting the police, which President Obama has contributed to. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show, 6/8/15] 
Fox Guest Bo Dietl: The Teens Might Have Said "I'm Gonna Pop A Cap." On Fox's Hannity, guest and former NYPD detective Bo Dietl claimed that the police officer in the case could have felt justifiably threatened because the teens might have told him, "I'm gonna pop a cap." [Fox News, Hannity, 6/8/15] 
Fox's Doocy Questions "Rush To Judgement" Of Arresting Officer. On the June 9 edition of Fox & Friends, co-hosts Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Brian Kilmeade reiterated their network's defense of the McKinney police officer, airing several segments from prior programs that attempted to exonerate the officer and highlight his purportedly strong "track record." Doocy lamented what he called a "rush to judgement" in the case, stating "let's just figure out what happened, and then let the cards fall where they may"
Fox News and the feeding of its viewers with unbelieveable and callous messages should come under scrutiny along with the actions of the McKinney, Texas 'robo cop.'  

High information viewers/voters are insulted from Fox propaganda. Unfortunately, millions do not wear a high information badge, thus Fox fulfills its role for American conservatism, bankrolls billions in advertisement dollars and continues to drive wedges of intolerance among its viewers and the greater population.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Sarah Palin .....Drivel Mixed With National Embarassment

Small Image Of The Day!
While Fox News has an affinity for Sarah Palin, most know Palin is as shallow as a tadpole pool ad has the scope of know of a nocturnal slug.  From pens scribbled notes on her palm through severe misquotes while rambling through inane drivel on camera, we know what we are dealing with if we subject ourselves to Palin.  On the other hand, and in line with Fox News ratings, many fox News viewers have not accepted the scope of Palin's "carnival barking." They find her entertaining and while unfathomable many find her drivel relevant. I suppose they believe her comments. Well, I will adjust last comment a bit. They have to find her drivel relevant, if they tolerate to zany, under-educated choppiness of her rhetoric. 

Fox News understands how to provide the red meat to its Palin lovers.  First, you have to know Palin cannot receive a question she was not coached to field. If you recall the McCain/Palin campaign actually told the press they would cease to make Palin available if the campaign was not furnished questions in advance.   Not a problem for Fox !  

Fox News managers and producer are adept at their craft. Palin appears on-air via use of the Sean Hannity interview/question model: provide a narrative from of question that runs a full two minutes while handing Plain an opportunity always agree. Thus she simply finds opportunity to agree and then spews drivel like a jack-in-the-box until her inane nonsensical inertia runs its course, or until she needs rescue via her Fox News host.

We offer an example from the new Megan Kelly Show on Fox. Kelly is well paid, but one has to wonder how long she will tolerate the following level of comedy and insult even for low information viewers.

The following clips is seven minutes long.  Yes, once Fox hits the "go" button and Palin springs into action. Once unleashed It is impossible to stop Palin until she finishes her scripted remarks. Personally, I could not subject my brain to the full seven minutes, after the first lie, I simply moved to secure the embed.

Kelly either experienced an un-containable case of flatulence, was suffering a headache, or she wanted Palin to shut-up. Who knows maybe once Palin started to speak Kelly suffered all of the aforementioned.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fox News Rumblings? Level Playing Field Hannity?


POLITICO is reporting a possible change at Fox News. Could it be true? It is possible?  Another blow to the Fox News personality who once placed a survey on his web page with a question about the type of revolution one would support. One response was armed revolution.  It did not bother the host that the question alone verged on sedition.

Sean Hannity moving from 9PM? 

Could it be the demotion of a host who sat in studio with concern about looting and armed guards while his cohorts performed life saving duty in New Orleans post Katrina?
The Washington Post summed up Katrina's devastation this way: 
The rescue and relief effort over the coming weeks and months will have to address not only physical damage that may reach into the tens of billions of dollars, but also the peril to public health. In a major American city whose neighborhoods and streets are now submerged under water befouled by garbage, gas and debris, and whose hospitals -- if they have not been evacuated -- are overflowing, the authorities could have their hands full maintaining a decent level of public health. 
In such a dire situation, one might think that looting paled by comparison. But not to Hannity. 
Hannity introduced an interview with Charles Foti, Louisiana Attorney General, and a former New Orleans sheriff, by saying, "This morning, cameras caught people ransacking a grocery store, trying to gather as much food as possible." Nearly everyone in the video was African American. The video was show repeatedly throughout the hour.
After extending "our thoughts" to Foti, Hannity continued, "These images of looting have literally shocked the nation. How bad is it?"
Comment: I have not come across anyone shocked by the looting, but maybe that's just me. 
Foti answered, "When you think about that you have no electricity, you have no food, you have limited water and the grocery stores are closed, that may not be looting. That might be self-preservation, OK? That food will go bad anyhow."
Hannity: "I think you can make that case for food. But I see people taking clothes and other items - and to a large extent televisions."
As a human tragedy, Katrina's magnitude is still difficult to comprehend, but spare statistics hint at it: tens of thousands of homes destroyed; 2.5 million people without power; a death toll running into dozens and possibly scores.

A Hannity "Quick Hit."

Fox will replace Hannity with one of its staple of blondes. Yet, Fox throws their viewers a twist: a blonde with a law degree!." They would replace the woefully under educated Hannity with a lawyer. 

Since Fox News is about ratings, far more than substance or veracity, replacing Hannity with Kelly is no surprise. Fox would choose to overlook the following.

Pepper Spray Essentially Food Product! 

"Tool Time" and Pepper Spray

Many people know that Fox News won a 2003 legal case filed by a former employee who alleged refusal to submit to Fox News efforts to shape a news story led to her dismissal. The Daily Kos....

Now, a quick look at how The Drudge Report announces the prospect of a demoted Hannity to its readers.  We ask that you notice the scope and tone of the web posting. Let me define scope. How many male news hosts have you seen in photos while applying make-up?  The Right has a much depth as a set of automobile tires with 300,000 miles of wear.

Thu Aug 08 2013 11:56:26 ET

FOXNEWS is set to make its first primetime schedule change in 10 years, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
Superstar newswoman Megyn Kelly has landed the 9 PM slot, top sources reveal.
The shock announcement is set for later this month.
"It's all about Megyn," an insider explains. "She is the new face of cable news. She has it all!"


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fox News Toning Down? Roger Ailes Public Interview : TROJAN HORSE

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Roger Ailes, the inimitable one, declares a mellowing Fox News!

September 26, 2011
Comes forth a man who earns a reported $23 million per year, a man who helped elect a few GOP presidents, and a man who has presided over a cast of characters who have practiced ‘television yellow journalism'. Fox News can be categorized in no other way than  ’yellow journalism’.