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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WSJ Uses A Black Hitman To Go After MSNBC!

We never realized that News Corp. was so diverse!

Let's take this one from the top.  Around the change of 2013 to 2014, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry attempted to entertain viewers with an all too familiar "year in review" segment replete with a panel of comedians for insertions of frivolity.  We posit 'year in review" segments are mere time air-time fillers with no serious relevance to networks that have a news business model.  While the last comment may read as a bit 'stiff' and curmudgeon-like, we suggest such segments are best left in the domain of late night talk shows or SNL skits' especially when offered with comedians for "color commentary" (excuse the unintended pun... we sought a sports analogy) and presented outside the  scope journalistic standards . That said, Ms. Harris-Perry apologized for the comedian induced comments (she did not personally make the comments and at least one of her panel also issued an apology) and she did so with the most heartfelt emotional delivery as I have witnessed in the entirety of my experience with public apologies. While she did not make the egregious comments, she certainly partnered in developing the segment which included a planned set of words regarding the Romney photo. The apology was in order and professionally delivered.

If you read here often, you may know my personal beliefs and paradigm relates to: "apology. "If we manage ourselves with more critical thought, self-analysis of our actions, and consideration of ultimate impact on others, we will never need to issue an apology. In other words, "Check yourself out before exposing yourself to the need to apologize."

Let's move to another media episode that did not garner an apology. It, instead, was dealt with via lies about "tongue-in-cheek", charges of a lack of humor via (mainstream media), and an advertisement for the host network.

The Christian Science Monitor published the following video segment which covers the Megyn Kelly "White Sante and White Jesus" proclamations as thoroughly as any media. It is a bit long and the video quality is well shy of high definition, but it is comprehensive in scope and delivery.  We ask you to note Kelly's obvious management developed advertisement for Fox News after addressing the issue.  (Forget our racist segment, they attack us because we are "powerfuI.") Kelly may have issued an apology.  I did not see nor hear an apology for offending millions who feel Santa is a mystical spirit  available for the cultural interpretation of people who chose to portray the spirit in terms other than those postulated via "White Privilege". It is also important to remember, Aisha Harris was very careful in not suggesting that Santa is black.  She chose a surrogate object, we suspect  to facilitate humor and to avoid the very scorn reaped upon her article by the very racist Fox News network.  Oh, and Megyn Kelly was no more attempting tongue-in-cheek as I am singing this screed to you.  Her body language, matter of fact look into the camera and privileged host seat comments addressed the issue such that her predominant white audience would derive satisfaction.  And, she did so with an all white panel, while (for effect) inserting "Jesus" into her scornful retort to Ms. Harris. Hey, gotta reach those Fox News evangelicals!

We want to remind, Kelly is a non-credible news personality, before we move to more recent examples of Ruppert Murdoch owned and operated racist business models and 'mind-blowing' crass. Not only were her remarks at the end of the embedded segment ridiculous, contrived and uppity (Fox News uppity), her remarks should be taken in the same context as the following.

In 2011, RT News explored Megan Kelly and Bill O'Reilly's insane analogy of pepper-spraying a group of college protestors  as comparable to being sprayed with a vegetable!

Ok, so Megyn Kelly's position in the two segments above was that of a Fox News "tool." Why did we go there?

I am still re-running the first segment for a clear apology (again I may have missed it).  We remain astounded that Fox News management and producers took Kelly's remarks and inserted a commercial via use of the word "powerful" as an adjective in reference to the network. Much more significantly, we used Kelly's racism, in light of the current attack on Harris-Perry and MSNBC from Murodch owned Fox News, WSJ, and (employee) talking heads. Of course, Murdoch's management chose an obvious republican "Black" talking head to level charges of 'tokenism at MSNBC.  Why expose your criticism to counter scrutiny via use of a white talking head?  Facetiously, the impact is just not the same, and use of the black talking-head, in the minds of the feeble-minded and "privileged" conservative. Theoretically, the black critic carries more impact on conservative viewers. The bottom-line, "See the black guy said it so it is true and we canto be labelled racist."  If you need a quick example of how it works click this link.  

After the interview, Juan williams was hired by Fox News after being terminated from his contract at NPR. I read reports O'Reilly was instrumental Williams's hire after being fired as a result of his Fox News "color commentary" (pun in this case intended).

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal's Political Diary writer, Jason Riley joined WSJ Opinion Journal host Mary Kissel in a guttural attack on MSNBC that was clearly aimed at 'red meat' for the conservative WSJ audience and fodder for Fox News viewers.

If you give the segment a viewing, you will see how Ruppert Murdoch has taken US media to a level lower than olden days of "Yellow Journalism."

Jason Rile and Mary Kissel......

Before close let's have a little fun with a set of  quais-syllogisms.

A. Ruppert Murdoch owns Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.
B. Murdoch is staunchly conservative and competes politically and socially with MSNBC as new entities political enemies
C. We can assume that Murdoch properties and employees would reach the level of deploy nerve gas to win-out both politically and socially over MSNBC. 

A.  Jason Riley is a black person (many Black Conservatives do not care for the words "African-American.") who works for the WSJ.
B. WSJ management develops a video segment to disparage MSNBC and by default all African-American's hired by MSNBC.
C.   Riley's comments must be accurate because he is black. 
A point-on syllogism.

A.  All Murdoch properties work to advance conservatism
B.  The WSJ and Fox Are Murdoch properties
C. Therefore, MSNBC progressivism is a logical target for Murdochs conservatism

Jason Riley's remarks read as clear efforts to attack MSNBC and to do so with what he calls "mediocrities."

me·di·oc·ri·ty  \ˌmē-dē-ˈä-krə-tē\
: the quality of something that is not very good : the quality or state of being mediocre
: a person who does not have the special ability to do something well


WSJ Columnist: MSNBC Has a ‘Pattern’ of ‘Hiring Black Mediocrities’ to ‘Race-Bait’

Riley said that MSNBC has established a pattern of hiring African-American hosts that he describes as “mediocrities.” 
Riley, a Fox News Channel contributor, insisted that he “didn’t buy” Harris-Perry’s first tweeted and later tearfully broadcast apologies to the Romney family and to interracial families across the country.
“She suggested that it was sort of a segment gone awry,” he continued. “I somehow doubt that.” He said that the intent of that segment was neither “uplifting” nor “constructive.” 
RELATED: Ann Coulter Calls Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC’s ‘Token’ African-American
“I think the segment went exactly as planned,” Riley asserted. “Her apology was really about the blowback.” 
“I think there’s a pattern at MSNBC of them hiring black mediocrities like Melissa Harris-Perry,Michael Eric DysonTouré, and, of course — the granddaddy of them all — Al Sharpton, simply to race-bait” Riley asserted. 
He added that these and other MSNBC hosts routinely assert that “all of black peoples’ problems are caused by white people, and if you disagree with that, Mary, you’re a racist.” 
Riley concluded that MSNBC’s modest ratings are “encouraging” that there is little “appetite” for the kind of discourse he identified. However, he said that these points of view are not “representative of the larger black population” or “responsible.”
"Mediocrities." Jason Riley via his comments illustrates the lack of professionalism and seriousness with which Murdoch properties goes about it business.  He agrees to sit on camera to disparage 80 plus percent of MSNBC's African-American hosts and contracted pundits.
Riley specifically stated....
He added that these and other MSNBC hosts routinely assert that “all of black peoples’ problems are caused by white people, and if you disagree with that, Mary, you’re a racist.” 
The statement is so over-the-top hyperbolic and factually inaccurate, it is shameful. Shameful, but not surprising, if you are fortunate enough to have some understanding of conservatives 'yellow journalism.' 

Whenever, a person speaks in absolutes such as "all" and "every" it is virtually impossible to back-up the statement with data. Therefore, you reveal yourself to consideration of motive driven mantra spoken without a modicum of substance.

While MSNBC employees more African-American straight news hosts and talks news (opinion) host we question the wisdom and motive of Riley's attack on over half of the professionals.  

"Race-baiting -"mediocrities."  
Riley's choice of plural noun used as an adjective is without merit and hypocritical to keep my comment clean and civil.  First, his adjective denotes incompetence and a person possibly working outside the scope of effectiveness. His choice of word is wasted as we consider the education levels of both Harris-Perry and Dr. Eric Dyson. Both are learned professors who are more than capable of intelligent, cogent and relevant news related point-counterpoint with associate dialog. Al Shaprton's experience in matter of Civil Rights activism and advocacy, his research staff and production team more than qualify as a competent deliverer of news stories and analysis; as evident by his virtual mistake free broadcasts since the show first aired. Both Sharpton and Toure are capable and willing to speak frankly about matters of race as race due to the GOP is an everlasting and growing area of discourse. While, there are tiems when MSNBC hosts will label a subject racist, the charge emanates for host across the MSNBC racial spectrum. While would Riley's focus on African-Americans who work for MSNBC and who rightfully speak about racism, he criticizes without without inclusion of Chris Matthews who often and rightfully so, levels the charge?  You can answer that one! 

Should MSNBC apologize for staffing its programming with diversity unequalled among all major news networks? Should the network stifle what we all see as ever-present, over-the-top and growing examples of racism from conservative America and specifically some in the GOP?  Do you recall hearing either of the aforementioned msnbc personalities use the words "all black peoples' problems" when addressing the impact of racism and oppression from whites against black?  I watch MSNBC on 'the daily' and I have never heard such and I doubt MSNBC management would allow false assertions to the level charged by RIley. As to the matter of "watching," I do not recall Jason Riley speaking so very publicly about numerous and increasing racism from the GOP. 

In closing, allow me to revisit a topic that I have posited about since starting The Progressive Influence. Jason Riley's should think introspectively before use of the word "mediocrities" to denote his perception of people hired who are not qualified to speak on topics relevant to the mission of the network: news and news analysis.


The first image above is part of a revealing study in FOX "news leg-ology." If you watch carefully the subject in the blue dress appears to accept direction from off camera. In any case the hand-dress-raise is as intentional as my keyboarding this piece.

We ask, does Jason Riley and the Opinion Journal (WSJ) producers care to leer into their own corporate family for exampled of Riley's misapplied "mediocrities."  We are in no way asserting the photo subject above are "mediocrities."  We will, however, refer you to this very short audio clip from Grethcn Carlson, Fox News host, as we close.

Former Host Gretchen Carlson: "Pants Were Not Allowed On Fox & Friends"

We close with what has to be the perfect example of why no one from Murdoch's empire should speak related to "mediocrities." I am certain at least one of these people were hired for other than then mental acuity and commend of current events.  In fact the last gentleman pictured below is the perfect example of what Riley's speaks.

FoxNews blondes hired by Roger Ailes over the years.

If you are going to use the word or imply 'token', make certain that "Someone has shut the front door!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Voice Cracks Through An Apology!

...and Fox News continues to spew hatred and book guest who write about assassination of a president. All the while you and I do not seem to grow to levels of anger that lead to major confrontation of Fox News as a bully. We all know when bullies are left to practice their abuse it only grows worse.

Meilssa Harris-Perry
Closing out a saga, that truly should not have taken place. Melissa Harris-Perry issued a voice cracking apology for her involvement in last week's segment in ridiculing an image of Mitt Romney with his grand kids. One grand-child and the newest member of the Romney Family is adopted African-American. We know the genesis of thought that brought forth the "poor judgment." (Linked) We also know that a repeat of such will not take place. Another hope is that MSNBC will review other news related practices as we posited yesterday. If given too much time to fill and with no effort to do raw news, host and their producers reach to entertain. After a time, entertainment can lead to the same level of mental-processes required to sit and watch celebrity worshiping reality shows. 

We digress a sec...what about the completely inane MSNBC Steve Kornakci game show segment? 

As an example Ms. Harris-Perry also included comment about the child of Kanye West and Kim Kardarsian. Should news related shows evolve to all too frequent mention of host affinity for celebrity worship?

Before the segment, let me state Harris-Perry has added much to the broadcast portfolio at MSNBC. Let there be no mistake, we are not joining conservative networks like Fox and CNN in calling for actions against the highly credible MSNBC host. We simply would love MSNBC expend much more tiem an energy in covering real news stories (with comment and analysis) and less frivolity that provides momentary chuckles. When we reach for chuckles, we join Fox in their quest for anger and hatred. We also follow CNN as it thrushes around seeking ratings with no direction and and horrid tsunami of right-wing coverage of all stories.

Here’s the video, from MSNBC:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: E.W. Jackson Joins The Fray And Embarrasses Many In His Party.

The Daily Caller on E. W. Jackson's outlandish and asinine rhetoric.
“The notion that I do not see a difference between slavery and abortion is preposterous,” he said.
The Honorable Pastor and Attorney E.W. Jackson.
E.W. Jackson: Nothing 'to rephrase or apologize for'

Would you like to see the extent to which the GOP has dissolved into guttural manifestations which are dangerous for the Untied States?   Of course, the examples are many, but let's focus on a politician/pastor/attorney who is following the path of Herman Cain, Allen West and Ben Carson (Anti-gay educator).  Any review of the latest GOP African-American mouthpiece has to follow a few very basic questions.

I. Why do African-Americans' who wish to pave a path in the GOP have to resort to dehumanizing exhibitions on contempt for others?

II. Why is it African-Americans who aspire to high places in the GOP have extensive levels of education, yet they seem to have a total disregard for others in the African-American Community?  

III. If any can locate information regrading the post 1980s GOPs, it is clearly obvious the listed "educated MEN" chose to practice selective history. "Selective History" that personally benefits each in his own selfish way.  Do they not realize that 96 % of African-Americans have reasons for their support of Democratic party?

In 2011 Herman Cain's blanket indictment of the black community as brainwashed, was uniquely revealing in the scope and depth of these men who have an affinity or their 92% white party.  The very same dynamics that leads to 96% African-American support for the Democratic Party are prevalent in the 92% population of the GOP. People live where they are comfortable and for reasons that satisfy their human psychological, social, and physical needs.

IV. Why is it the "Black Conservatives" (as they seem to have disdain for the words "African-American") never ever speak publicly about the horrible manifestations of overt racism from the Right?  Each of the "differentiators" ( "The Differentiator".... "Look at me, I am not like them.") listed above have leveled copious comments at the black community, agencies that provide support to eh black community and President Obama. 

Mediaite:   Cain to Neal Boortz....."Obama: Never Been A Part Of The Black Experience In America"

The Republican Jewish Coalition: Allen West, "Obama take road show down the road."

Maybe, West's remarks contributed to the 68 percent support for Obama in 2012. 

Allen West web page (that will not receive a link here) 
Allen West “The Obama administration is indeed aiding, enabling, and abetting our enemy, radical Islamic jihadists”
Really West, why are so very many of those same people now with their savior?
Ben Carson's ill-fated visit to the Lion's Den (Sean Hannity show).  

You must know, as do I, these men frequent Fox News for a reason. In addition to the probability the network truly espouses their views, they also know the network places each in the best position for their role as, "differentiator."   

Not one of these men has gone back on Fox News to deplore overt racism practiced by many in the GOP. Nor, has Fox News offered them a platform for such. Moreover, not one of the men has spoken publicly about the fact that Fox News often verges on matters of race via their number one propagandist Bill O'Reilly.

Yes, Jackson is the "New Black Guy" for the GOP out the great commonwealth of Virginia.

The video that starts this piece reveals much about  E.W. Jackson.  The New "Mouthpiece" takes his rhetoric and the depths of his sickening words are offered well beyond the friendly confines of Fox News.  Of course, I should say, to date; he will surely become a welcome guest starting this week.

Melissa Harris-Perry summed up Jackson in her latest Letter from Melissa segment over this past weekend. 

Can you imagine listening to Jackson pastor a congregation on Sunday morning?



Saturday, May 25, 2013

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry: Virginia GOP Candidates For Governor and Lt. Governor!

Video Quick Hit.... Words beyond Perry, not necessary.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

MSNBC Hosts Err On The Side Of Political Correctness

Propaganda gets unnecessary time and Left media reels from comments on behalf of Rand Paul? Rand Paul?

We all know the effectiveness of propaganda.  Since the beginning of human conflict, propaganda has played a key role in influencing minds. Since we are North Americans, how about a few examples of propaganda (We make no assessment of good or bad propaganda).

Pre-Revolutionary War
Mocking denouncement of Governor-General Chalmers in 1751, a year before the Proclamation of Enlightenment:
"Keep that man away, his hands can't be trusted... with our wives, or our country!" 
Cartoon from 1777. Depicting the failure of British Incursions of 1770.Image
"They've come back for more and they can't hack it. Coe's made sure they leave red faced and red coated."
The Civil War
Sort of reminds of Dinesh D'Souza's
book and film garbage
No words necessary
The House Breaker and Thief

Much more recent in US History
WWII                                                         US Jim Crow

OH, how times have changed!

Propaganda from the conservative Right is much more prevalent than at any time in the history of mankind.  Our  ancestors and more recent generations did not have the opportunity for uninterrupted propaganda delivered directly into the home.  Propaganda in the morning,  propaganda throughout the day and major Right-wing propaganda via FOXPEN (Fox News Propaganda and Entertainment Network) throughout the evening, if you so choose.

You are correct!  MSNBC also offers a full schedule of politics and news based commentary and reporting. Often, I view MSNBC segments are required viewing that satisfy a dire need to offset the propaganda from Fox News and the indifferent irreverence of CNN. Although  I admit, from my perspective,  CNN offers more direct news than either MSNBC or FOX News.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

MSNBC Video Showcase MHP to Husted of Ohio

Cross posted from MSNBC Dot Com....

This is simply classic, typical of Melissa Harris-Perry and a send away for the GOP and obvious voter suppression.

  • BlogBanner_MelissaHarrisPerry_976x100

Jon Husted’s voter suppression will haunt him

Given all of the focus on Ohio this past Tuesday, and then the results, I felt like my letter this week just had to go to one particular Buckeye.
MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry had a message for Ohio Secretary of State and Katherine Harris wanna-be Jon Husted, if he thinks minority voters in Ohio are going to forget about what he did when he's up for re-election in his state -- Jon Husted’s voter suppression will haunt him:
Dear Ohio Secretary of State Husted, 
It’s me, Melissa. May I call you Jon? 
How are you feeling today? Still a little sore, I’d imagine. Getting beaten so forcefully with all that backlash had to sting a bit. Probably gonna leave a mark. After all, you spent the better part of this year throwing the full force of your power as secretary of state into restricting the right of some Ohioans to vote. And on Tuesday, it boomeranged back upside your head something fierce. 
After Ohio governor John Kasich and state Republican legislatures tried to restrict early voting the weekend before the election, President Obama’s campaign sued to restore early voting for allOhioans. When a district judge agreed with the Obama campaign, you gave us the first indication of just how far you’d go to stop people from voting. 
Not only did you appeal that decision, you also ordered county election boards to “defy” the judge’s order and “not” restore the early hours. Fortunately that judge called your bluff and ordered you into court to explain yourself. 
You backed down rather than go before the judge, maybe because you thought you’d have better luck with the appeals court. Nope. They too, agreed that Ohioans should be allowed to vote the weekend before Election Day. 
So what you’d do? You appealed again. This time to the Supreme Court, which promptly shut you down with a one-sentence statement from Justice Elena Kagan. 
But Jon, I’ll give you this—you are nothing if not persistent. Because denied of all your attempts to limit the days, you limited the hours, and shortened the time available to vote last weekend compared to the same weekend in 2008. 
You’ve been a busy guy, Jon. Between all that time spent trying to block voting on the weekend before Election Day, you somehow managed to eliminate early voting on all other weekends where it had previously been allowed and fire two Democratic election board members who tried to permit it. 
And with only four days to go until Election Day, you attempted to twist the knife one last time. Last Friday, you issued a directive—in opposition to Ohio election statues—to put the burden on voters for mistakes written on provisional ballot forms—all but ensuring that some of them would get thrown out. 
Once again, the courts will not be fooled by your shenanigans. In a hearing disputing your directive on Wednesday, a federal judge said that “…it was filed on a Friday night at 7 p.m. The first thought that came to mind was democracy dies in the dark. So, when you do things like that that seeks to avoid transparency, it appears, then that gives me great pause but even greater concern.” 
The voters’ response to your tactics? Not only did the African-American vote not get suppressed—it turned out in historic numbers. In Ohio, African-Americans comprised 15% of the electorate, that’s up from 11% in 2008, and nearly 200,000 more votes. 
Latino voters also turned out in larger numbers, and made an even stronger showing for President Obama than in 2008. That’s all despite long lines that wrapped around blocks and hours long waits in frigid temperatures to vote. Because you see, Jon, those voters you tried to suppress have a long memory. They remember when people like them faced literacy tests and poll taxes and arrests and beatings and lynchings and burnings and shootings—all in pursuit of the right to vote. So they would not be deterred by a lack of patience or uncomfortable climate. And they certainly would not be deterred by you. 
And Jon, there’s something else you should know about the memory of those voters. In 2014, when you’re up for re-election? They are also going to remember what you tried to do.
Sincerely, Melissa

Friday, September 7, 2012

"Welfare" as GOP/Romney "Southern Strategy"

Nixon’s Southern Strategy:  The Democrat-Lie Keeping Their Control Over the Black Community

I have written so much about GOP use of code as part of their consistent and dedicated use of Lee Atwater's "Southern Strategy", I am going to forgo lots of dialogue in the post.

Rachel Maddow in the midst of  DNC Convention Day Three.

The shameful Mormon Mitt Romney resorts to his lifelong teachings and settles-in to spew divisive mantra and political sloganeering.  The strategy, attempts to grab as much of the white vote as they can manipulate from those who are not already in the fold. For those in the fold, 'feed them'; they thrive on matters of division and their social paradigms blinds them to facts, reality and GOP shame.  He rails about 'welfare' when the president simply gave the GOP and the nationsomething requested over the past few years: state rights regarding certain Human Services programs.

As you view the segment, Note Al Sharpton's handling of the GOP surrogate when he attempts to deflect GOP race -baiting, dog whistling, and flout out racism.

Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Steve Schmidt, Melissa Harris-Perry, Chris Hayes, Ed Schultz

And, many of you vote with these people. No, you may not believe in their social agenda. You may not even be a bigot.   Of course, you are not a racist or you would not read The Progressive Influence TPI).  Yet, you surely must know that when you purchase an old jalopy, you get all of its innards, and it is yours.  The bumpers, tires, engine and steering wheel are all yours.  Some place in that old GOP jalopy there exist "Code", bigotry, and hatred. When you vote along with them, you have bought the compete jalopy. You share in its existence.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rush Limbaugh GOP Party Leader

The ideology leader of the GOP

People will sometimes challenge me on my position that Rush Limbaugh is factually the ideological leader of the GOP.  The common retort is right from the conservative bag of,
'rationalization", "Limbaugh is an entertainer".  If find retort extremely offensive from many perspectives.  First, are his racist rants so easily assimilated into the conservative psyche and written-off as entertainment? Joseph Geobbels did same for Nazi Germany.  If the speaker is relaying that message to me, "Limbaugh is an entertainer", then the speaker is telling me, "He entertains me".  

Next, those who refuse to admit Rush Limbaugh has more influence of a major segment of conservative America than the US Congress (collectively) live in a fantasy land with Limbaugh held in high esteem like a Wizard of Oz. 

Since I am including video in this piece, allow me to have the vids make my point about Limbaugh's leadership of the GOP.

Limbaugh July 16, 2012 

In other words, "GOP go ethnic, grab falsehoods. lies and cheap innuendo as strategy". "Romney, bring back that campaign strategies that points to our president as' "THE OTHER"!  "He is not like us, he is not American!"

GOP July 17, 2012

Sunnunu has been spewing fire on any network that will give him a camera and a seat for months.  His disdain for, better yet hatred of, America's 44th President is so very obvious.  Well, his angst and his following the instruction of the GOP Ideological Leader, Limbaugh, has led to yet another false apology.  APOLOGY!  Sunnunu and Romney deploy the time proven race baiting GOP 'southern strategy' and one pundit gives a perfunctory apology.   
Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum also deployed the southern Strategy. rick Perry might have dared, but his use was pre-empted by revelation of his fathers ranch headstone, "Nigger Head".  As Perry might say, "ah sucks". Gingrich actually won one of the top three conservative states in America via use of the strategy. Why not follow Limbaugh's ignorance and do same?
The GOP is 92 per cent a party of American whites. No real problem there.  The problem; the party wants to force its ideology, policies and governing practices on the rest of the nation.  Women must also note the party is the domain of the white male.  One has to only watch the party's actions since the 2010 election for full perspective of GOP authoritarianism against women. An election that was effectively stolen via the Koch Brothers, Dick Armey, and Karl Rove via the Tea Party. 
The real question is, does Rush Limbaugh set the political and social agenda for you, the conservative voter?

Monday, June 4, 2012

GOP Pundits have trouble defending voter suppression! Micheal Steele even denies it as a racist act.


If you wish to see just how a paid pundit works, we offer the perfect example.   The pundit is currently under contract with MSNBC, a mostly progressive media network.  The pundit has been the past Chair of the RNC and we can assume the pundit is well entrenched in GOP election strategy.   The Pundit is Michael Steele.

Steele is paid by MSNBC as a news show contributor; meaning he is paid to appear upon request, and it is safe to assume to provide GOP perspective on issues. The arrangement works well as the MSNBC Left-wing hosts and guest take turns running the GOP into the dirt. Of course, yo are saying, most things GOP are already in the dirt. Well, yes but Steele has to play the middle of the road, half sane, Jekyl and Hyde pundit.  Actually, he provides a necessary service because most republicans politicians, pundits and GOP operatives will never agree to appear on MSNBC.   Why would they when they can visit across the street in New York City and sit for the softest of interview imaginable? Steele fills a symbiotic relationship with MSNBC; both parties need each other to assist and entertain viewers.  Steel also provided a bit of sanity during the dark periods of NBC employment of Pat Buchanan.   

While providing more intellectual insight into the GOP perspective than Buchanan, it seems that Steele has far greater talents at sitting on national television with millions of viewers and almost straight faced lie.  

This Sunday Morning's Up/Chris Hayes show devoted significant time to lengthy discussion of  GOP Voter suppression.  If you locate  video of the show  you will see a stark contrast in Steele. He sat quietly while two authors thoroughly and very civilly dismantled modern conservatism as a national illness.  Steele did not utter one word as he listened to two people he must have considered learned and well able to unfavorably discuss his party.  As soon as the discussion moved to voter suppression, Steele appeared a bit uneasy, but unable to avoid his role on the panel: defend the GOP.  

The following link navigates to a Up/ Chris Hayes four minute segment of Steele and total lies as he claims the GOP is not perpetrating voter suppression as a form of racism towards Latinos and African-Americans.