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Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump's Oval Office Hobnob With Russian International Operatives

Do you recall this?

Paul Ryan speaking on behalf of Trump against Clinton as the GOP successfully deployed "do not Trust Hillary" strategy.  
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W/top Russian Spy  Russian spy, Sergey Kislyak
In the Oval Office with barred US Press and photographers

" I get great briefings, isn't that great?"

After the visit, we have a few matters to consider. First, Trump and company claimed they were duped and Russia's TASS news released images without Trump's approval What the hell did Trump and company think would happen with these photos? Did they feel TASS would only conduct a private Putin oozfest about his top US spy hobnobbing with the gullible Trump? Or, is Trump and company lying about being duped. 
What came next was no surprise. The White House denies shared classified INTEL.  
Your social vote  for Trump, your third party vote or your non-vote in 2016 is bringing our house down.

Putin oozfest about his top US spy hobnobbing with the gullible Trump. Or, is Trump and company lying about being duped? After all which transpired with Trump's consorting with an adversarial nation via hosting top emissaries (one a known Russian spy), wouldn't you expect more to the story?

MSNBC also reported ob the Washington Post article. 

Trump again stumbles, his White House and cabinet circles the wagons, broadcast and social media come alive...and we are certain Putin is loving it. His money stooge is paying dividends. 

CNN host Anderson Copper with former CIA operate Phil Mudd: Mudd isn't buying MCMaster's comments.


Members of Congress, at least Democrats, are also coming alive.

Senator Tom Udall (D-NM)

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) 

If you find Trump's Keystone Cop meandering pathetic, what actions are you taking to counter and resist a nation slipping into an abyss? 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

US Officials Personal Finances Cloaked. What Next?

The House of OZ limits public access to their personal finances.

The US Congress can come together for 'the good', when it is critical to do so. 

Their recent actions in repealing a bill in record time and with support in both Houses of Congress is unprecedented since President Obama was inaugurated in January 2009.  NPR reported it took 30 seconds for the House procedure to pass.  

You may not have heard of read about the joint repeal of the regulation.  If you are like me, you would hope Congress was working together on a jobs bill.  Maybe, they had joined as Americans in passing legislation to move issues of immigration to the back burner via a path to citizenship and other vital immigration considerations?  If the two Houses did not join in those critical issues, surely the members of Congress must have come together on issues related to gun violence?  Alas, the two Houses of Congress joined in insulating Senior officials of US government from public readily available internet scrutiny of personal finances. The repeal specifically relieves top officials in the executive and Legislative Branches from posting their personal finances on the Internet. (NPR reports).

The House, like the Senate, acted quietly without a vote. Instead, they sent the measure to the president's desk by unanimous consent.

The provision was part of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (Stock), which became law in March of 2012. The act was intended to stop members of congress from profiting from nonpublic information.
Update at 5:35 p.m. ET. 30 Seconds:
NPR's Tamara Keith tells us the House procedure took exactly 30 seconds.
Correction at 5:29 p.m. ET. An earlier version of his post said the House followed the Senate. In fact, the Senate voted Thursday and the House voted today.
Required disclosure forms remain available via formal request. The Sunlight Foundation address the repeal as an epic failure and summed-up the repeal via this link piece as follows: 
"The result: More corruption and less trust in government."
Maybe, just maybe, Mitt Romney in a roundabout way, left an unopened blossom bulb on American politics.  Do you believe Romney's obtuse handling of his personal finances was for any reason other than to avoid public scrutiny? 

After the president signed the legislation with the repeal neatly embedded, it seems the following is US History.

 OGE Dot Gov

Public Financial Disclosure

The Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, requires senior officials in the executive, legislative and judicial branches to file public reports of their finances as well as other interests outside the Government. The statute and the U.S. Office of Government Ethics's (OGE) regulations specify which officials in the executive branch file an OGE Form 278. Unlike confidential financial statements filed by some mid-level employees, the OGE 278 is available to the public. Reviewing officials within each agency certify and maintain these reports. Agencies do, however, forward reports of Presidential appointees confirmed by the Senate and certain other reports to OGE for additional review and certification.
Although a financial disclosure report sometimes reveals a violation of law or regulation, the primary purpose of disclosure is to assist agencies in identifying potential conflicts of interest between a filer's official duties and the filer's private financial interests and affiliations. Once a reviewing official identifies a potential conflict of interest and consults with the filer's supervisor as necessary, several remedies are available to avoid an actual or apparent violation of Federal ethics laws and regulations.
 Legislative History!

We will go forward as a nation with much less ease in securing the following pieces of information.

ROLL CALL Dot Com (2011 data

USAToday.30usatoday Dot Com (2011 data)
Members of Congress disclose their assets and liabilities in broad ranges. The estimated net worth is the middle of that range, as reported on their 2010 disclosure forms. Net worth does not include primary residence or other personal property. Updated Nov. 16, 2011.
Net Worth

Issa, DarrellHouseRCA$448,125,017
McCaul, MichaelHouseRTX$380,411,527
Kerry, JohnSenateDMA$231,722,794
Warner, MarkSenateDVA$192,730,605
Kohl, HerbSenateDWI$173,538,010
Polis, JaredHouseDCO$143,218,562
Buchanan, VernonHouseRFL$136,152,641
Pelosi, NancyHouseDCA$101,123,032
Rockefeller, JaySenateDWV$99,057,011
Lautenberg, Frank R.SenateDNJ$85,572,116
Blumenthal, RichardSenateDCT$73,151,590
Feinstein, DianneSenateDCA$69,046,622
Corker, BobSenateRTN$59,550,022
Risch, James E.SenateRID$54,088,026
Marchant, KennyHouseRTX$49,340,275
Miller, GaryHouseRCA$46,008,028
Frelinghuysen, RodneyHouseRNJ$42,900,594
Renacci, James B.HouseROH$42,060,709
Lowey, Nita M.HouseDNY$41,210,018
Kelly, MikeHouseRPA$34,612,518
Franks, TrentHouseRAZ$33,925,002
Berg, Richard A.HouseRND$33,562,590
Black, Diane LynnHouseRTN$31,272,522
Maloney, Carolyn B.HouseDNY$28,605,505
Petri, TomHouseRWI$28,106,012
Hanna, Richard LHouseRNY$27,837,562
McConnell, MitchSenateRKY$27,213,024
Farenthold, BlakeHouseRTX$26,654,549
McCaskill, ClaireSenateDMO$26,511,109
Johnson, RonSenateRWI$22,949,507
Pearce, SteveHouseRNM$22,639,007
Alexander, LamarSenateRTN$22,538,024
Rigell, ScottHouseRVA$21,969,526
Hoeven, JohnSenateRND$21,622,050
Campbell, JohnHouseRCA$20,731,033
Snowe, Olympia J.SenateRME$19,348,026
Hagan, Kay R.SenateDNC$18,750,305
Sensenbrenner Jr., F. JamesHouseRWI$18,730,850
DeLauro, Rosa L.HouseDCT$16,626,008
Harkin, TomSenateDIA$16,597,062
Upton, FredHouseRMI$16,288,608
Bingaman, JeffSenateDNM$16,251,135
McCain, JohnSenateRAZ$16,017,639
Hayworth, NanHouseRNY$15,905,120
Sessions, JeffSenateRAL$15,842,033
Doggett, LloydHouseDTX$15,008,544
Lummis, Cynthia MarieHouseRWY$14,822,011
Berkley, ShelleyHouseDNV$13,662,359
Speier, JackieHouseDCA$12,517,035
Bennet, Michael F.SenateDCO$12,225,513
Price, TomHouseRGA$12,204,367
Isakson, JohnnySenateRGA$11,975,057
Neugebauer, RandyHouseRTX$11,553,036
Inhofe, James M.SenateROK$11,288,027
Nelson, BenSenateDNE$10,180,548
Fleming, JohnHouseRLA$10,172,792
Yarmuth, John A.HouseDKY$9,608,004
Hartzler, VickyHouseRMO$8,894,512
Whitehouse, SheldonSenateDRI$8,883,112
Portman, RobSenateROH$8,804,534
McKinley, David B.HouseRWV$8,777,538
Franken, AlSenateDMN$8,747,525
Dreier, DavidHouseRCA$8,496,043
Shelby, Richard C.SenateRAL$8,341,022
Landry, Jeffrey M.HouseRLA$8,205,506
Flores, WilliamHouseRTX$7,924,008
Herger, WallyHouseRCA$7,535,509
Cooper, JimHouseDTN$7,472,020
Camp, DaveHouseRMI$7,292,073
Manchin, JoeSenateDWV$7,177,543
Runyan, JonHouseRNJ$7,053,008
Garamendi, JohnHouseDCA$6,948,503
Wyden, RonSenateDOR$6,847,018
Reid, HarrySenateDNV$6,806,026
Schmidt, JeanHouseROH$6,765,026
Tipton, ScottHouseRCO$6,506,537
Bass, CharlesHouseRNH$6,438,010
Schrader, KurtHouseDOR$6,401,531
Mica, John L.HouseRFL$6,401,005
Shuler, HeathHouseDNC$6,275,511
Schweikert, DavidHouseRAZ$6,165,011
Cantwell, MariaSenateDWA$6,163,505
Ross, DennisHouseRFL$6,137,503
Webb, JamesSenateDVA$6,131,593
Foxx, VirginiaHouseRNC$5,928,518
Barrasso, John A.SenateRWY$5,730,007
Benishek, Daniel J.HouseRMI$5,645,540
Biggert, JudyHouseRIL$5,638,531
Cantor, EricHouseRVA$5,471,054
Stearns, CliffHouseRFL$5,458,014
Bartlett, Roscoe G.HouseRMD$5,306,008
Coons, ChrisSenateDDE$5,281,178
Hutchison, Kay BaileySenateRTX$5,243,540
Conaway, MikeHouseRTX$5,080,558
Latham, TomHouseRIA$5,025,421
Rehberg, DennyHouseRMT$4,988,504
Gingrey, PhilHouseRGA$4,960,015
Johanns, Michael O.SenateRNE$4,941,519
Blumenauer, EarlHouseDOR$4,924,520
Coats, Daniel R.SenateRIN$4,827,527
Carper, TomSenateDDE$4,607,078
Tsongas, NikiHouseDMA$4,566,021
Green, AlHouseDTX$4,532,505
Crenshaw, AnderHouseRFL$4,479,509
Sessions, PeteHouseRTX$4,420,525
Keating, William R.HouseDMA$4,415,026
Welch, PeterHouseDVT$4,396,553
Himes, JimHouseDCT$4,324,025
Boehner, JohnHouseROH$4,092,053
Stark, PeteHouseDCA$3,963,507
Hatch, Orrin G.SenateRUT$3,962,048
Smith, LamarHouseRTX$3,925,560
Mulvaney, John Michael HouseRSC$3,912,539
Calvert, KenHouseRCA$3,900,002
Aderholt, Robert B.HouseRAL$3,879,009
Ribble, ReidHouseRWI$3,845,064
Rooney, TomHouseRFL$3,784,003
Nelson, BillSenateDFL$3,765,503
Barrow, JohnHouseDGA$3,758,001
McCarthy, CarolynHouseDNY$3,753,658
Cole, TomHouseROK$3,737,538
Blunt, RoySenateRMO$3,717,509
Lance, LeonardHouseRNJ$3,706,030
Rogers, HalHouseRKY$3,683,841
Costa, JimHouseDCA$3,614,503
Paul, RonHouseRTX$3,576,519
Dold, RobertHouseRIL$3,545,509
Rothman, Steven R.HouseDNJ$3,485,529
Cardin, BenSenateDMD$3,477,540
Boxer, BarbaraSenateDCA$3,449,004
Scott, TimHouseRSC$3,432,500
Luetkemeyer, BlaineHouseRMO$3,407,501
Boozman, JohnSenateRAR$3,405,505
Bonner, JoHouseRAL$3,402,509
Pascrell Jr., BillHouseDNJ$3,386,520
Kingston, JackHouseRGA$3,357,262
Owens, BillHouseDNY$3,306,015
Dingell, John D.HouseDMI$3,250,546
Toomey, PatSenateRPA$3,250,534
Frank, BarneyHouseDMA$3,236,534
Denham, JeffHouseRCA$3,200,000
Coburn, TomSenateROK$3,191,118
Inouye, Daniel K.SenateDHI$3,186,509
Grassley, ChuckSenateRIA$3,182,541
Walden, GregHouseROR$2,957,016
McGovern, James P.HouseDMA$2,853,505
Buerkle, Ann MarieHouseRNY$2,850,501
Schwartz, AllysonHouseDPA$2,830,021
Southerland, SteveHouseRFL$2,826,001
Whitfield, EdHouseRKY$2,794,523
Harris, AndyHouseRMD$2,787,525
Forbes, J. RandyHouseRVA$2,749,302
Fleischmann, Charles J.HouseRTN$2,723,807
Landrieu, Mary L.SenateDLA$2,685,511
Price, DavidHouseDNC$2,665,539
Carter, JohnHouseRTX$2,617,499
Roe, PhilHouseRTN$2,611,376
Cohen, Stephen IraHouseDTN$2,589,537
Shaheen, JeanneSenateDNH$2,579,507
Udall, TomSenateDNM$2,551,518
Sanchez, LorettaHouseDCA$2,466,000
Conrad, KentSenateDND$2,454,021
Rahall, NickHouseDWV$2,445,377
Heller, DeanSenateRNV$2,426,114
Peters, GaryHouseDMI$2,420,582
Long, BillyHouseRMO$2,406,516
Slaughter, Louise M.HouseDNY$2,387,009
Davis, Susan A.HouseDCA$2,383,525
Hirono, Mazie K.HouseDHI$2,362,516
Graves, TomHouseRGA$2,339,007
Latta, Robert E.HouseROH$2,298,017
Begich, MarkSenateDAK$2,272,023
Rogers, Mike D.HouseRAL$2,252,508
Farr, SamHouseDCA$2,114,510
DeFazio, PeterHouseDOR$2,104,008
Cochran, ThadSenateRMS$2,100,539
Ryan, PaulHouseRWI$2,067,050
Coble, HowardHouseRNC$2,046,052
Lipinski, DanielHouseDIL$2,045,029
Connolly, GerryHouseDVA$2,001,523
Langevin, JimHouseDRI$1,988,011
Lieberman, JoeSenateDCT$1,981,541
Cassidy, BillHouseRLA$1,972,526
Simpson, MikeHouseRID$1,924,838
Chu, JudyHouseDCA$1,917,012
Burgess, MichaelHouseRTX$1,903,542
Hanabusa, ColleenHouseDHI$1,888,506
Goodlatte, BobHouseRVA$1,884,522
Ruppersberger, DutchHouseDMD$1,855,522
Levin, SanderHouseDMI$1,846,624
Hensarling, JebHouseRTX$1,841,512
Eshoo, AnnaHouseDCA$1,841,505
Burton, DanHouseRIN$1,819,009
Scott, AustinHouseRGA$1,814,872
Bachmann, MicheleHouseRMN$1,783,508
Gutierrez, Luis V.HouseDIL$1,774,507
Boren, DanHouseDOK$1,768,008
Butterfield, G. K.HouseDNC$1,759,135
Capito, Shelley MooreHouseRWV$1,732,028
Sherman, BradHouseDCA$1,731,008
Thompson, MikeHouseDCA$1,730,504
Levin, CarlSenateDMI$1,694,508
Murkowski, LisaSenateRAK$1,669,020
Vitter, DavidSenateRLA$1,640,530
Merkley, JeffSenateDOR$1,640,511
Brady, Robert A.HouseDPA$1,640,503
Johnson, Timothy V.HouseRIL$1,636,015
Gallegly, EltonHouseRCA$1,633,509
Becerra, XavierHouseDCA$1,588,528
Burr, RichardSenateRNC$1,584,080
Lofgren, ZoeHouseDCA$1,555,518
Brown, Scott P.SenateRMA$1,542,594
Holt, RushHouseDNJ$1,531,005
Markey, Edward J.HouseDMA$1,494,512
Matsui, Doris O.HouseDCA$1,467,010
Udall, MarkSenateDCO$1,405,524
Olson, PeteHouseRTX$1,397,017
Cravaack, ChipHouseRMN$1,394,009
Barletta, Louis J.HouseRPA$1,391,551
Boustany Jr., Charles W.HouseRLA$1,384,945
Rodgers, Cathy McMorrisHouseRWA$1,338,009
Tiberi, Patrick J.HouseROH$1,332,015
Wilson, Frederica S.HouseDFL$1,329,006
Bucshon, Larry D.HouseRIN$1,318,526
Reed, TomHouseRNY$1,297,505
Gibbs, BobHouseROH$1,296,519
Bishop, Timothy H.HouseDNY$1,283,002
Bilbray, Brian P.HouseRCA$1,272,509
DeGette, DianaHouseDCO$1,267,012
Capuano, Michael E.HouseDMA$1,262,011
Rangel, Charles B.HouseDNY$1,252,009
Visclosky, PeteHouseDIN$1,225,012
Shuster, BillHouseRPA$1,214,516
Berman, Howard L.HouseDCA$1,181,670
Castor, KathyHouseDFL$1,164,017
Enzi, MikeSenateRWY$1,159,033
Miller, Candice S.HouseRMI$1,157,011
Waxman, Henry A.HouseDCA$1,150,510
Hall, Ralph M.HouseRTX$1,150,003
Tester, JonSenateDMT$1,141,002
Palazzo, StevenHouseRMS$1,126,010
Olver, John W.HouseDMA$1,119,509
Graves, SamHouseRMO$1,108,005
Durbin, DickSenateDIL$1,099,550
Coffman, MikeHouseRCO$1,075,002
Pastor, EdHouseDAZ$1,072,005
Boswell, Leonard L.HouseDIA$1,067,501
Schiff, AdamHouseDCA$1,052,016
Roskam, PeterHouseRIL$1,040,523
Waters, MaxineHouseDCA$1,013,009
Gillibrand, KirstenSenateDNY$998,003
Akaka, Daniel K.SenateDHI$990,504
Schilling, BobbyHouseRIL$988,503
Gosar, PaulHouseRAZ$982,501
Perlmutter, Edwin G.HouseDCO$967,519
Cicilline, David N.HouseDRI$966,001
Cardoza, DennisHouseDCA$964,512
Hastings, DocHouseRWA$962,006
Ros-Lehtinen, IleanaHouseRFL$957,504
Matheson, JimHouseDUT$956,512
Lee, Sheila JacksonHouseDTX$935,005
Murray, PattySenateDWA$916,509
Kind, RonHouseDWI$909,510
Watt, Melvin L.HouseDNC$905,021
Cleaver, EmanuelHouseDMO$891,506
Graham, LindseySenateRSC$881,786
Stivers, SteveHouseROH$877,019
Giffords, GabrielleHouseDAZ$865,516
Duncan, JeffHouseRSC$864,507
Ayotte, Kelly A.SenateRNH$863,506
Ackerman, GaryHouseDNY$862,510
Mack, ConnieHouseRFL$856,036
Schumer, Charles E.SenateDNY$851,009
Mack, Mary BonoHouseRCA$848,035
Quayle, BenHouseRAZ$846,544
Roberts, PatSenateRKS$845,022
Young, DonHouseRAK$840,003
Manzullo, DonHouseRIL$828,503
Johnson, TimSenateDSD$828,017
Cummings, Elijah E.HouseDMD$815,502
Hinchey, MauriceHouseDNY$800,509
Wilson, JoeHouseRSC$796,003
Bachus, SpencerHouseRAL$785,504
Canseco, FranciscoHouseRTX$784,517
Turner, Michael R.HouseROH$780,535
Paul, RandSenateRKY$774,009
Thompson, Bennie G.HouseDMS$773,013
Murphy, TimHouseRPA$768,027
Moran, JerrySenateRKS$768,009
McDermott, JimHouseDWA$767,756
Fudge, Marcia L.HouseDOH$764,006
LoBiondo, Frank A.HouseRNJ$758,506
Brooks, MoHouseRAL$755,023
Pingree, ChellieHouseDME$750,000
Filner, BobHouseDCA$742,008
Brown, SherrodSenateDOH$730,005
Klobuchar, AmySenateDMN$724,514
Crapo, MikeSenateRID$722,664
Nugent, Richard B.HouseRFL$709,001
Dicks, NormHouseDWA$706,003
McCotter, Thaddeus G.HouseRMI$677,018
Kyl, Jon L.SenateRAZ$676,736
Lugar, Richard G.SenateRIN$670,508
Miller, GeorgeHouseDCA$668,006
Chandler, BenHouseDKY$654,006
Lucas, Frank D.HouseROK$650,501
Chabot, SteveHouseROH$643,515
Honda, MikeHouseDCA$639,505
Tierney, John F.HouseDMA$636,007
Deutch, TedHouseDFL$635,007
Payne, Donald M.HouseDNJ$628,006
Lynch, Stephen F.HouseDMA$623,503
Sutton, Betty SueHouseDOH$613,511
Nunnelee, AlanHouseRMS$612,005
Kildee, Dale E.HouseDMI$606,004
Shimkus, John M.HouseRIL$589,503
Cuellar, HenryHouseDTX$589,004
Broun Jr., PaulHouseRGA$584,509
Guthrie, Steven BrettHouseRKY$582,015
Reed, JackSenateDRI$568,521
Amash, JustinHouseRMI$568,007
Baldwin, TammyHouseDWI$564,502
Heck, JoeHouseRNV$561,504
Huizenga, BillHouseRMI$560,007
Grimm, MichaelHouseRNY$560,000
Brady, KevinHouseRTX$551,515
Granger, KayHouseRTX$548,007
Andrews, Robert E.HouseDNJ$547,504
Holden, TimHouseDPA$547,010
Kaptur, MarcyHouseDOH$537,008
Pitts, JoeHouseRPA$531,003
Michaud, MikeHouseDME$524,011
Posey, BillHouseRFL$523,005
Green, GeneHouseDTX$522,503
Carney, JohnHouseDDE$517,515
Sarbanes, JohnHouseDMD$517,507
Chaffetz, JasonHouseRUT$513,006
Jenkins, LynnHouseRKS$510,013
Desjarlais, Scott EugeneHouseRTN$501,502
Roybal-Allard, LucilleHouseDCA$501,006
Loebsack, DavidHouseDIA$499,008
Critz, MarkHouseDPA$492,508
Woolsey, LynnHouseDCA$490,505
Emerson, Jo AnnHouseRMO$490,503
LaTourette, Steven C.HouseROH$490,502
Paulsen, ErikHouseRMN$487,017
Roby, MarthaHouseRAL$482,511
Rokita, ToddHouseRIN$478,515
Pallone Jr., FrankHouseDNJ$473,525
Wolf, Frank R.HouseRVA$472,776
Kline, JohnHouseRMN$471,006
Thompson, GlennHouseRPA$467,501
Alexander, RodneyHouseRLA$465,502
Davis, Danny K.HouseDIL$460,507
Bass, KarenHouseDCA$458,002
Bilirakis, GusHouseRFL$454,016
Terry, LeeHouseRNE$452,020
Johnson, BillHouseROH$450,026
Braley, BruceHouseDIA$435,508
Webster, DanielHouseRFL$430,504
Sanders, BernieSenateIVT$429,004
Menendez, RobertSenateDNJ$423,502
Thune, JohnSenateRSD$423,011
Dent, CharlieHouseRPA$420,023
McHenry, PatrickHouseRNC$418,006
Duncan Jr., John J.HouseRTN$414,511
Smith, AdamHouseDWA$407,507
Wittman, RobHouseRVA$405,007
Cornyn, JohnSenateRTX$392,506
Lee, BarbaraHouseDCA$392,503
Larsen, RickHouseDWA$390,511
Clyburn, James E.HouseDSC$388,267
Thornberry, MacHouseRTX$386,502
Scott, DavidHouseDGA$383,001
Rubio, MarcoSenateRFL$379,505
Rohrabacher, DanaHouseRCA$375,000
Woodall, RobHouseRGA$373,503
Courtney, JoeHouseDCT$364,010
Reichert, DaveHouseRWA$361,504
Casey, BobSenateDPA$361,009
Garrett, ScottHouseRNJ$354,507
Blackburn, MarshaHouseRTN$349,011
Costello, Jerry F.HouseDIL$347,502
Royce, EdHouseRCA$345,007
Chambliss, SaxbySenateRGA$337,504
Culberson, JohnHouseRTX$337,501
Mikulski, Barbara A.SenateDMD$336,508
Smith, AdrianHouseRNE$330,006
Carnahan, RussHouseDMO$328,001
Inslee, JayHouseDWA$323,511
Clarke, HansenHouseDMI$304,004
Ross, MikeHouseDAR$304,004
McCarthy, KevinHouseRCA$299,508
Hollen, Chris VanHouseDMD$296,503
Westmoreland, Lynn A.HouseRGA$291,001
Huelskamp, TimHouseRKS$287,007
Larson, John B.HouseDCT$280,004
Altmire, JasonHouseDPA$279,504
Jackson Jr., JesseHouseDIL$276,507
Pompeo, MikeHouseRKS$267,514
Moran, JimHouseDVA$266,509
Rogers, MikeHouseRMI$263,505
Womack, SteveHouseRAR$263,504
Peterson, Collin C.HouseDMN$263,005
Fitzpatrick, Michael G.HouseRPA$258,001
Nunes, DevinHouseRCA$258,001
Fortenberry, Jeffrey LaneHouseRNE$257,503
Meehan, Patrick L.HouseRPA$250,009
Fattah, ChakaHouseDPA$250,001
Miller, BradHouseDNC$248,514
Collins, SusanSenateRME$247,502
Walz, Timothy J.HouseDMN$247,502
Guinta, FrankHouseRNH$246,007
Jordan, James D.HouseROH$240,504
King, Steven A.HouseRIA$240,001
Towns, EdolphusHouseDNY$239,506
Austria, Steve C.HouseROH$231,004
Walberg, TimHouseRMI$225,511
Jones Jr., Walter B.HouseRNC$224,503
Miller, JeffHouseRFL$223,501
Schakowsky, JanHouseDIL$223,012
Sanchez, LindaHouseDCA$218,009
Lankford, JamesHouseROK$217,509
Crowley, JosephHouseDNY$211,009
Scott, Robert C.HouseDVA$209,025
Griffith, MorganHouseRVA$203,501
Engel, Eliot L.HouseDNY$199,002
Lewis, JerryHouseRCA$195,000
Ryan, TimHouseDOH$191,502
Sires, AlbioHouseDNJ$188,503
West, Allen B.HouseRFL$176,003
Doyle, MikeHouseDPA$175,000
Gibson, ChrisHouseRNY$175,000
Sullivan, JohnHouseROK$175,000
Donnelly, JoeHouseDIN$174,005
Grijalva, Raul M.HouseDAZ$163,504
Myrick, SueHouseRNC$162,004
Akin, ToddHouseRMO$160,508
Crawford, RickHouseRAR$158,001
Harper, GreggHouseRMS$158,001
King, PeteHouseRNY$158,001
Gerlach, JimHouseRPA$154,003
Higgins, Brian M.HouseDNY$146,005
Kinzinger, AdamHouseRIL$137,504
Poe, TedHouseRTX$136,507
Wicker, RogerSenateRMS$133,008
Leahy, PatrickSenateDVT$129,503
Lamborn, Douglas L.HouseRCO$129,503
Neal, Richard E.HouseDMA$126,505
McIntyre, MikeHouseDNC$124,503
McKeon, Howard P. HouseRCA$117,500
Young, C. W. BillHouseRFL$115,501
Capps, LoisHouseDCA$113,006
Gardner, CoryHouseRCO$105,506
Davis, GeoffHouseRKY$105,502
Clarke, Yvette D.HouseDNY$105,003
Schock, AaronHouseRIL$100,913
Hurt, RobertHouseRVA$99,002
Kissell, LarryHouseDNC$94,004
Murphy, Christopher S.HouseDCT$90,503
Pence, MikeHouseRIN$90,007
Kirk, MarkSenateRIL$89,002
McCollum, BettyHouseDMN$88,005
Baucus, MaxSenateDMT$85,005
Platts, ToddHouseRPA$84,007
Barton, JoeHouseRTX$81,002
Marino, TomHouseRPA$75,478
Lewis, JohnHouseDGA$72,004
Heinrich, MartinHouseDNM$69,507
Flake, JeffHouseRAZ$65,001
Young, ToddHouseRIN$65,001
McClintock, TomHouseRCA$64,502
Gonzalez, Charlie A.HouseDTX$58,501
Hoyer, Steny H.HouseDMD$57,002
Gowdy, TreyHouseRSC$56,502
Johnson, SamHouseRTX$48,501
Smith, ChrisHouseRNJ$45,967
Quigley, MikeHouseDIL$42,500
DeMint, James W.SenateRSC$40,501
Bishop, RobHouseRUT$40,501
Lujan, Ben R.HouseDNM$40,501
Moore, GwenHouseDWI$40,002
Lungren, DanHouseRCA$36,001
Kucinich, Dennis J.HouseDOH$33,503
Hultgren, RandyHouseRIL$32,500
Serrano, Jose E.HouseDNY$32,500
Clay Jr., William L.HouseDMO$32,002
Edwards, DonnaHouseDMD$30,921
Nadler, JerroldHouseDNY$28,001
Baca, JoeHouseDCA$24,502
Walsh, JoeHouseRIL$24,502
Richmond, Cedric L.HouseDLA$19,001
Adams, SandyHouseRFL$17,002
Lee, MikeSenateRUT$16,001
McNerney, JerryHouseDCA$9,001
Johnson, Eddie BerniceHouseDTX$8,501
Pryor, MarkSenateDAR$8,500
Herrera, JaimeHouseRWA$8,000
Reyes, SilvestreHouseDTX$8,000
Rivera, DavidHouseRFL$8,000
Tonko, PaulHouseDNY$8,000
Brown, CorrineHouseDFL$3,501
Hunter, Duncan D.HouseRCA$0
Johnson, HankHouseDGA$0
Meeks, Gregory W.HouseDNY$0
Rush, Bobby L.HouseDIL$0
Ellison, KeithHouseDMN-$14,497
Scalise, SteveHouseRLA-$20,498
Griffin, TimHouseRAR-$24,498
Carson, AndreHouseDIN-$25,998
Schultz, Debbie WassermanHouseDFL-$27,496
Labrador, RaulHouseRID-$31,998
Stabenow, Deborah AnnSenateDMI-$32,500
Diaz-Balart, MarioHouseRFL-$32,500
Israel, SteveHouseDNY-$55,000
Stutzman, Marlin A.HouseRIN-$84,495
Ellmers, ReneeHouseRNC-$91,497
Yoder, Kevin W.HouseRKS-$91,998
Napolitano, GraceHouseDCA-$91,999
Noem, Kristi LynnHouseRSD-$111,996
Conyers Jr., JohnHouseDMI-$120,001
Velazquez, Nydia M.HouseDNY-$146,999
Gohmert Jr., Louis B.HouseRTX-$150,001
Bishop Jr., Sanford D.HouseDGA-$159,496
Duffy, Sean P.HouseRWI-$167,497
Sewell, TerriHouseDAL-$173,493
Richardson, LauraHouseDCA-$383,496
Hinojosa, RubenHouseDTX-$2,500,488
Fincher, SteveHouseRTN-$3,302,503
Hastings, Alcee L.HouseDFL-$4,732,002
Showing 1 to 530 of 530 entries
By Christopher Schnaars; Source: Center for Responsive Politics

I must admit the latter half of the list is interesting and draws questionWhat?

Let's look at one more list of Congressional net worth.

Members of Congress (2011 data)

While one list above ends with Al Hastings (D) FL. showing $4.7 Million in the 'hole". The Lansing State Journal list (a comprehensive list) shows Herb Kelp (D) Fl. $18.5 million in the 'hole.  Surely the gentleman from Florida has his campaign indebtedness included in the disclosure. If that is not the case, his district and the Feds had best place 24 hour surveillance on the guy.  One can only hope!

One additional look at information that has been removed from viewing by the majority of Americans going forward. We end our Congressional personal  finances review with none other than the inimitable Mitch McConnell (R) Ky., Senate minority leader. 

The Moderate Voice Dot Com 

How many people do you know whose net worth was greater in 2009 than in 2007 — you know, after the financial sector nosedive created a new economic impact crater

If you’re like most of us, none or very few. That’s because the average household net worth in the U.S. dropped 23% between 2007 and 2009

Thus this rise in net worth from $7.8 million in 2007 to $19.9M in 2009 (and $27.2M in 2010) is nothing short of spectacular.* In 2010, McConnell was the 10th wealthiest U.S. Senator, moving from 41st in 2004.
Mitch McConnell Open Secrets
 Given that it belongs to a Congressman who has reportedly never held a private sector job, spectacular isn’t the word I’d use to describe it.

 Yes, I noticed Ms. Gill's chart reflects McConnell's net worth at from $9 plus million to $44 plus million. Yet she precedes the chart with financial data that coincides for 2010/2011 with the posted list and link posted above at $27 plus million In any case, $9 million plus to $27 million plus (or $44 million plus) when compared to earnings from $190,000 to $250,000  (depending on Chamber leader pay level) plus investment and business endeavors seems a far cry from reality.  As noted by Gill, the vast majority of Americans suffered serious setbacks in investments during a period with McConnell's net worth cruised along like a luxury private jet.

Freedom of information is a cherished American right. Freedom of information is best accomplished for the masses via ease of access as most will not affect formal requests for information Open and transparent information is critical to any democratic state whether a democratic republic, direct democracy or republic. How can it be a Congress with a record as follows can in record time insulate themselves from the inquisitive eye of the US public?
The salient question is why would legislators want to shield their personal finances from easy public access?  The Sunlight Foundation piece (linked above) takes a shot at why the repeal was enacted. The Foundation also does not appear to find the reason credible in the least. 

You and I both know there is no good answer to the question.  Citizens United paved the way for unlimited secret contribution to campaign sponsorship, are we to believe that other forms of contributions are not available for those who wish to sell their votes and their support?

Restricting access to the personal finances of today's politicians is comparable to placing a billboard on the City Limits of Washington DC. 
With New Finances Opportunitites