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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Koch Brothers Deny Defund Obamacare Strategies. Why Lie!

Koch brothers funded organizations are shaping your life far more than you know and probably far more than you would find palatable if you look very close.

We offer a somewhat long, but poignant clip from The Rachel Maddow Show. The clip explores Koch shaping GOP policy and practice, and how once again Koch behind the scenes directing strategy has failed the GOP. Correction, we see how Koch strategy to the GOP fails the nation.  You and I can not afford stumbling leadership of the party on the Right. They, like, many wealthy conservatives can afford the impact of a government shutdown. You and I are starting to see societal fraying easing in from the periphery in many areas. The GOP sequester (so named by Obama mind you) has lasting impact on the nation; what we have now is continued bullying resulting from not taking a hard-line with the Right Since Obama took office.

2009 The Rights Principles (Read and remember the first three pages of the attached pdf file)  
2012The First Principles (Clear resistance and obstruction to the ACA)

  • Why have the Kochs come-out via a spokesperson with a disclaimer of their support for defunding Obamacare?   Their self-fish trail of plutocracy and oligarchy is as obvious and as prevalent as the slimy trail of nocturnal slugs.


    The trail is indisputable as the Kochs provide major financial support to  organizations with clear missions to repeal ObamaCare. It is obvious to even a moron financial garners attention and sets the stage for strategy.

     WIKI (Political Activities of the Kochs)

    Political organizations

    Citizens for a Sound Economy was co-founded by David Koch in the 1980s.[22] According to the Center for Public Integrity, the Koch Brothers donated a total amount of $7.9 million between 1986 and 1993.[1]In 1990, the brothers created the spinoff group Citizens for the Environment.[1] In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy was renamed FreedomWorks, while its affiliated Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation became Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Since then the Koch brothers have given more than one million dollars to AFP. 
    At an AFP rally in 2009, David Koch said "Five years ago, my brother Charles and I provided the funds to start the Americans for Prosperity, and it's beyond my wildest dreams how AFP has grown into this enormous organization." AFP is the political arm of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, for which David Koch serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees. Americans for Prosperity created Patients United Now, which advocated against a single-payer health care system during the 2009-2010 healthcare reform debate. Both FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity have provided support for the Tea Party movement.
    MSNBC's The Daily Rundown, absent Chuck Todd, provides a spot-on 2:05 minute segment related to the new strategy of denial from the Kochs.

    Investigative Journalist Michael Isikoff addressed the new Koch brothers denial "strategy."


    The Kochs are the latest recipients of our "We know nothing" segment.  Let's take one more quick journey into conservative libertarian politics. The Kochs are multi-billionaires and two of the world's most wealthy people. We will use a bit of deductive reasoning or a syllogism.
    A major premise

    The Koch brothers are conservative libertarians who by paradigm are anti-government, hold contempt for assisting people in need, are driven by reductions in government Vs. expanding humane government programs. 

    And a minor premise 
    It is reasonable to assume they would exercise their wealth and potential for influencing elections and national policy.  

    And a conclusion 
    The Kochs would logically harbor and undoubtedly promulgate opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
    The WIKI information above includes verbiage of Koch support for Freedom Works and Koch support for the tea party.  In fact, David Koch conspicuously self-praised Koch involvement in the developing tea party movement.  A movement which served the Koch mission of infiltrating the US Congress with veritable anarchists. And, a movement that has fizzled outside the US Government in the minds of voters. 

    Read more after the break

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    Sunday, March 24, 2013

    The Daily GOP Ignominious: FOX Propaganda And Entertainment Network (FOXPEN)..GITMO

    Roger Ailes successfully mimicks David Hannum and PT Barnum 
    with the WWE of Network News

    Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network (FOXPEN) has taken its broadcast well beyond simply Right-Wing orator and rhetoric.  Of late, the network has moved into outright anti-administration seditious lies and misrepresentations.

    This week's Armed Forces Committee Hearings provides the latest example of the extent to which FOXPEN feeds lies and misrepresentation to its viewers.  General John Kelly's testimony about facilities upgrades at GITMO offered FOXPEN an opportunity for "mommy bird to baby bird" feeding to its viewing sycophants.

    Michael Isikoff, MSNBC News contributor,  addressed GITMO request for facilit—É  upgrades.

    The proposed spending spree comes amid mounting signs of unrest among Guantanamo detainees that lawyers say is threatening their  lives. U.S. military officials confirmed Wednesday that the number of hunger strikers at Guantanamo has more than tripled in the last two weeks -- from 7 to 25 -- and that eight of them are being force fed through tubes. Defense lawyers said in a letter to Congress this week they have gotten reports that “over two dozen men have lost consciousness.” 
    U.S. military officials denied any lives were in danger but acknowledged that resistance and frustration among the detainees is growing, a development that a senior general said is because they are “devastated” that President Barack Obama’s pledge to shut down the facility has not been fulfilled. 
    “They had great optimism that Guantanamo would be closed,” said Gen. John Kelly, the commander of the U.S. Southern Command, when asked about the hunger strikes during testimony before the House Armed Services Committee. “They were devastated, apparently… when the president backed off -- at least their perception -- of closing the facility. 
    “He said nothing about it in his inauguration speech,” Kelly continued, referring to President Obama. “He said nothing about it in his State of the Union speech. He has said nothing about it. He's not -- he's not restaffing the office that… looks at closing the facility.”
    I will be the first to state, Obama failed in one of his first initiatives after taking office in 2009.  He clear promised to close GITMO with the coming year.  As indicated in the video below, Obama had no idea the extent to which the GOP would obstruct his every wish, desire and demand.  Despite the clear fact the US properly and effectively houses 373 terrorists  in the US Prison System (across the nation), the GOP successfully fought back on closing GITMO. 
    Morning Joe, after Scarborough criticizes about pre-inauguration naivety regarding GITMO. 


    General Kelly's testimony focused almost to the word on need for improvements which includes facilities for our troops stationed at GITMO.  The general also clearly stated the president's lack of closing GITMO was frustrating to those who serve there and via implication for all involved in the detention of combatants held at GITMO. FOXPEN, used recently reports of detainee (combatant), hunger strikes as a basis for their latest round of sycophant nourishment.

      As is always the case, if  FOXPEN had no audience for their seditious lies, the lies would dry-up and go away. That is the nature of consumerism.  "There's a sucker born every minute" WIKI
    "There's a sucker born every minute" is a phrase often credited to P. T. Barnum (1810–1891), an American showman. Though this phrase is often credited to Barnum, it was actually spoken by a man by the name of David Hannum.
    David Hannum - Banker and Horse trader
    David Hannum
    PT Barnum
      ....AND THE BAND PLAYS ON......

    Saturday, February 16, 2013

    Iraq War Hubris: Bushed ...US History From The Dark Side

    Rachel Maddow will broadcast a special this coming Monday evening that promises to hit close to home with the 'worse' president in US History.   A president who along with a crew of unethical war mongers, lied our nation into a war. The Iraq War was a war of personal vendetta and one that cost 4,500 Us lives.  The war took the lives of 100,000 (Estimated) Iraqis while yielding not on atom of WMD.  We should also mention John McCain's personal libido teasers known as the "Surge" did not stop the killing in Iraq. One thousand US troops lost  their lives during the so-called "surge". 

    The BBC and an Iraqi perspective on McCain's surge.... (poll) Read color bar legend at bottom of chart first.

    "The United States has increased the number of its forces in Baghdad and surrounding provinces in the past six months. Please tell me if you think this increase of forces has made it better, worse, or had no effect?"

    Graphic: security situation

    The results of the poll reflect a great degree of dissatisfaction with the US "surge", with a vast majority of respondents considering the move to have made the situation in the country worse rather than better.

    See more linked above (poll)

    Unfortunately, during the course of the 2007/2008 campaign candidate Obama made the grievous mistake of saying the surge was an overwhelming success.  McCain on the other hand lives and breathes 'surge" when he is actually chasing an oasis. 

    We will also remind the Iraq War was one leg of a triad of federal malfeasance that contributed to our economic toes dipping into early stages of an economic depression.   The other two legs" The War in Afghanistan and cutting taxes that dis-proportionally benefited the nation's wealthy.  Of course, passing an unfunded Medicare Prescription Plan also contributed to a Bush Legacy of fiscal insanity.

    The following is a 'deck' from the Rachel Maddow Blog. We offer "kudos" to Michael Isikoff who has once again led in investigative journalism that matters.

    We are posting this piece as an unabashed advertisement for the Monday evening special.


    How the Bush administration sold the Iraq war