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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trump Doctor's Office Raided? (In 2017)

There is something very totalitarian about what follows.

Read this quick piece from NBC News. Apparently, in February 2017, the doctor who discovered that weirdly written report about Trump's health during the 2016 Campaign stepped outside the bounds of Trumpism. He mentioned prescribing a drug to facilitate hair growth, Oh boy an arch crime in Trump world.

According to multiple media, the good doctor's office was raided by Trump longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller and a couple of additional henchmen. They sought and took Trump medical records. It should be noted and reinforced the raid took place just after Trump was inaugurated.


Trump doctor Harold Bornstein says bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files

It appears Trump via Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn't quite ready to use the word "raid." 
Didn't Michelle Wolf last Saturday comment about Sanders and "burning facts?"

Now I must ask: "Who are you going to believe?"

Talking Points Memo posted a telling post on Facebook this afternoon.


Monday, April 30, 2018

White House Correspondent's Dinner Happens; Trump To Michigan (Unscripted Speech)


So, Trump exited DC to the safe confines of Washington Michigan to host a rally replete with red (MAGA) caps and his Blacks For Trump guy very visible over his right shoulder.

As is always the case, Trump peppered his audience with moderate amounts of hate Pelosi and Schumer, veiled comments grounded in race, personal bluster all bundled into yet another embarrassing archive to US History.

Let's take a look at a few clips from the prolific Twitter poster, Aaron Rupar (@atrupar).

A clear shot of bigotry and possible white nationalism. "Any Hispanics in the room?"

National Anthem demonstraters
Pelosi and Schumer hatred.  A truly sad sidelight of sycophancy. Many of the people in the audience lost a tax deduction (at or over-age 65) which literally took money out of their pockets if they itemized deductions. 
The military and crime in the context of Democrats. He speaks about M-13 when he didn't state one word about the white man in Tennessee who killed four restaurant patrons.  He mentions immigrant crime when we are seeing evidence of angry white men killing Americans on a monthly basis. He does so while we experience gun-related crimes throughout the nation on a daily basis. 
"They don't care about our military. They don't. They don't care, & they don't care about our borders. And I don't think they care much about crime because if you look at it, MS-13, they pour through, everybody pours through, and they want it. They want it."
Politicians closing manufacturing plants in Michigan!  Really?
Fake News? From a person with reports of pathological lying from The New York Times, The Tampa Bay Times (Politifact)  and The Washington Post.
Trump addressed his failed attempt to place the White House Doctor in charge of one of the nation's largest agencies; The Veterans Administration ($300,000 employees) A doctor with zero experience at managing large groups of people or employees. A ridiculous nomination which led to yet another Trump associate melting under scrutiny inherent in Trumpism; Dr. Jackson is no longer in the position of White House physician). In this segment of the speech, Trump offers a false claim of dirt on Congressman Tester. Didn't Trump also claim to have an investigation team in Hawaii which uncovered unbelievable stuff about Obama's birthplace?
What? What?
"Now I have asked some of the richest countries in the world -- 'sorry, folks, you have to pay for this.' We'll work with them and stop the trip to the Mediterranean for the enemies. But we have to come home, we'll have those people pay."
I highly encourage a visit to Mr. Rupar's Twitter page.  I have run across any posts related to the Michigan rally which equal Rupar's work. 

While Trump was rhetoric fillings his audience, the White House Correspondent's Dinner unfolded with a fair degree of controversy. Comedian Michelle Wolf set the comedic house on fire and the Right and some journalists have been whining like pacifier missing babies since Saturday Night. MSNBC staged a point-counterpoint segment with a comedian and one of its cadre of talking head conservatives.