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Thursday, February 22, 2018

CPAC: Did She Say "Crying White Women"? Did The CPAC Crowd Chant Lock Her Up." (VIDEO)

 Do you want to see and hear a reminder of the heart of my core hatred of American conservatism?  Dana Loesch at the racist oozfest called CPAC.


The CPAC reference relates to the Parkland murders and Loesch deflection to the media instead of heartfelt concern for the victims and the families of the victims.
 via GIPHY

Also at CPAC Ben Shapiro excited the crowd on a day when special Counsel Mueller unsealed additional charges against Trumps Campaign Chair. During a week when an attorney working for an English firm pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. And, as we look back of Trump's National Security Adviser who literally worked as a foreign against, and lied to the FBI.  He whipped-up the crowd as such.
“Most of all, President Trump brought us one really fantastic thing. Hillary Clinton is not and will never be President of the United States,” Shapiro said. 
The crowd then erupted into cheers of “Lock her up!”

If you have forgotten let's give Flynn another run here on the TPI.  Listen carefully to every worked ..... and then think a bit.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Trump/Manfort Swamp Thing Falls To The US Legal System

Image result for der zwaanThe Trump swamp continues to drain. During the 2016 campaign, Trump rallied crowds with rhetoric about draining the swamp. It turns out (as is consistently the case with Trump) the swamp would be filled via his post-election transition team. Trump's swamp started to drain almost immediately upon taking office when then acting director of the DOJ visited Trump to alert him of Mike Flynn as a vulnerable agent of a foreign nation. 

The swamp plug hasn't stopped the drain yet.

Yet another career ruined via association with an international loser: Trump. It is impossible to wonder if Der Zwann will lose his law license and his opportunity to work as a lawyer. His marriage to the daughter of one of Russia's highest level oligarchs, in my mind, places the lying lawyer in the category of "not caring about the guy", but the shame of association with Trump never ends.

While not directly related to the Trump Administration, Der Zwaan is yet another indication of the growing number of Trumpets who are under legal scrutiny (ethical issues).

Der Zwaan legal documents via Lawfare dot com.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, suit and text

Again that old adage:

If you wallow with a Pig, the pig loves you.  You have wallowed in his pen...... and NOW YOU STINK. StumbleUpon

Friday, December 1, 2017

Flynn To Plead Guilty? (VIDEO)

Do you recall the following during the 2016 campaign?

RNC Trump campaign event longer version.  I assert this man was working for the Russians and had literally reached the pinnacle of administration positions before it all fell apart (after 24 days). Recall former President Obama advised trump to not appoint Flynn to a key position of National Security Adviser during their first transition meeting. Also, recall Trump fired the then acting Director of the Justice Department after she met with him about Flynn (shortly after taking office in January of this year). 

Now this: (linked The Daily Beat)

Michael Flynn Charged With Lying to FBI

Expected to plead guilty in a sign of a possible plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller's office.

A bit more from The Raw Story.

Image result for flynn putin dinner

Trump is crumbling into a sea of Russian caviar. StumbleUpon

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Day In The Life Of Trump (The Fifth, Israel, Russian INTEL)

Image result for trump news

Radical Islamist

Yesterday after news of the Manchester concert terror attack.

July 2016...

Trump sure didn't call the terrorists, "Radical Islamic Terrorists."
“I won't call them monsters, because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name."
Another campaign conservative "rebel yell' which seems to have dissipated like drops of water on a sunny day sidewalk. And, no groundswell of angst for people who so loved the mantra as key to campaign Trumpism.

Trump digs himself in deeper

Have you ever heard the old joke of two criminals caught while perpetrating a burglary? Well, take a minute.

Two burglars broke into a retail store to steal items and pilferage the cash register. Police arrived, the burglars panicked and attempted to hide. One burglar was found hiding and as he and the headed out police left the retail store, the burglar said, "hold on a minute." The burglar asked to be led to a trap door to the basement of the establishment. Once at the trap door, he told the police to open the door. After the door swung open the burglar yelled: "Come on up man, we are caught."

Trump's out of no place yelping four times about not using the word "Israel"  regarding his divulging highly classified INTEL.
I believe I recall a presidential candidate mentioning a block of Trump supporters she called "deplorables."  The comment undoubted cost Hilary Clinton a few votes, yet we are seeing Trump's "D" people oozing around with their Red Trump caps.  

Video only...Yes this is that speicers referrd to as "deplorable."

Pushback, pushback and ignore possible collusion with Putin

Taking The Fifth

As Trump's choice to lead the nation's highest INTEL and Security agency (the NSC) works to avoid cooperation with Congressional investigationsnto possible election collusion between Trump's campaign and Putin's international operatives, Mike Flynn's former boss (Trump) is coming unglued. Herewith is another case of Trump's carnival barking shysterism regarding Clinton's home email server as a catalyst for campaign mantra about her staffers enacting their Fifth Amendment rights against possible self-incrimination.

We await today's embarrassment, missteps and reality show intrigue.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism (Hannity, Vicente Fox, Maddow, The New York Times)

As I watched the Rachel Maddow /show last night, and as you may have watched, she interrupted the planned flow of her show for a breaking segment. The New York times reported last night that Mike Flynn told Trump and company he was under FBI investigation before Trump appointed Flynn to head the NNational Security Council.

Here is the post-commercial break segment. It is less than three minutes in duration as I am certain MSNBC producers chose to restrict their comment and reporting to what the New York Times reported. 

Earlier in the day, Trump literally hijacked a US Coast Guard commencement service with classic Trump narcissism and defensive posturing. How very crass!  

The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Michael T. Flynn told President Trump’s transition team weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign, according to two people familiar with the case.
Despite this warning, which came about a month after the Justice Department notified Mr. Flynn of the inquiry, Mr. Trump made Mr. Flynn his national security adviser. The job gave Mr. Flynn access to the president and nearly every secret held by American intelligence agencies.
Mr. Flynn’s disclosure, on Jan. 4, was first made to the transition team’s chief lawyer, Donald F. McGahn II, who is now the White House counsel. That conversation, and another one two days later between Mr. Flynn’s lawyer and transition lawyers, shows that the Trump team knew about the investigation of Mr. Flynn far earlier than has been previously reported.
Read more linked above

Though somewhat unrelated, I cannot help but involved a few items related to Trumpism. First, Jake Tapper's on-camera retort toTrumps silly whine of yesterday. One item is from the former President of Mexico; the other item is from the nation's number one Trump radio and TV mouthpiece Sean (fake video) Hannity.

CNN's Jake Tapper offered a pretty good response to Trump's childish whining.

He whined like a sleepy toddler upset about dropping his pacifier from his won mouth.

Lying Hannity

Vincente Fox
The Trump reality show is providing far more entertainment for his sycophant supporters than they could have imagined.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Public Thrashing Of The Unprepared And Disinterested (Leaks VS Putin)

Image result for senate hearingsShouldn't GOP committee members who poses questions at the frequent GOP public hearing spend much more time in pre-hearing preparation? The singular GOP mission yesterday was to move the dialog over to "Who leaked to the Washington Post?" Imagine the professionalism of he witnessed (drilled by the conservatives) to avoid asking the Senators a key question: "What would we have had the Washington Post not been alerted of Ms. Yates or my visits to the White House?"

Why do Republicans do this? First the short version.

Long version, if you prefer.

Another Texas lecturer got sent home for more homework via his target.

Ted Cruz and his turn at the whipping block.
Don't these MEN know those people seated behind Yates are probably lawyers or staff who worked to prepare her for each contingency?  

And, how did the White House react to the public thrashing via Yates?


Monday, May 1, 2017

Trump OiI and HIs Side Kick Fake And Fraud Circus


Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

The following short video is a must view if you are going to read or view the remainder of this post. Yes, it relates to Trump lies through his first 100 days in the White House.  

While Trump's inner core can be summed up via a basic syllogism, the critical nature of his surrounding himself with like characters bodes not so well for what once was the greatest nation on Earth. 

an instance of a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn (whether validly or not) from two given or assumed propositions (premises), each of which shares a term with the conclusion, and shares a common or middle term not present in the conclusion (e.g., all dogs are animals; all animals have four legs; therefore all dogs have four legs ). 
deductive reasoning as distinct from induction.
  Trump talks incessantly;
  1.    Whatever Trumps says comes from a compulsive dishonest           pathology;
           Therefore the majority of Trump statements are lies.

OK, Trump's lying pathology re-positioned, what follows?

Trump's family knows the man has issues with veracity, honesty and is unable to avoid lying. It is literally impossible to spend one's life with a person and fail to see through an outer veneer.  Unless, of course, one is a serial killer who is often reported to have perpetrated their chronic mental illness outside the knowledge or perception of people who comprise family and friends. Trump's pathological serial lying doesn't lend itself to an opportunity to mask, as with the serial killer, random and infrequent killings.

Does it surprise trump would surround himself with like personalities?  

We offer a few examples:

Wife: Melania
Campaign surrogate and (public for hire) black talking head supporter: Darrell Scott
Campaign surrogate and another (public for hire) black talking head: Mark Burns
Former Fox News (blond) Newsroom mode: Martha Crowley
Former NSC Head: Mike Flynn and VP Mike Pence
Former Surrogate, CNN talking head contributor (apparent brute Brownshirt type): Boris Epshteyn
Former Campaign Manager: Paul Manafort
Former Trump adviser and apparent international operative: Carter Page

Yet there is one who remained in the closet only to be discovered via the sharp eye of an educator. University of North Carolina professor Andrew Reynolds located key information about Gorka which places him squarely in the same false degree "closet" as other key members of the Trump circle.
Gorka’s Ph.D., said Reynolds, “is about as legitimate as if he had been awarded it by Trump University.”

Apparently, Reynolds found evidence Gorka worked through a correspondence course from a Hungarian university with which ranked below the top 1,000 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

If you are following the rumbling of Trump for within, you might have an interest in a more detailed piece. If you decide to read the FreakoutNation piece, retain the thought; Trump seems to attract an inordinate number of people who have character flaws.

RePub HUB via Freakout Nation

Trump Adviser 'Doctor' Sebastian Gorka Is A Fraud With A Fake Ph.D

We already know that the star of ‘Presidential Apprentice' runs an amateur-hour White House. But Donald Trump's deputy assistant adviser Sebastian Gorka has come under close scrutiny ever since his appointment on January 22nd, and now his clear lack of experience or expertise has been connected to a very sketchy academic background. Most famous for his…

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Flynn And His Incompetent Former Boss

Early this morning I sipped a cup of  Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and watch a couple of minutes of CNN news.  What follows hit me squarely in the midst of my caffeine injection.

As I watched the two-minute segment from CNN, I suffered visions of this:

Image result for flynn dines with putin

How does a former US Army General get to a place os seating tot he very right of one of the world's leading (quasi-elected) dictators?

Oversight Committee Chair Chafetz and Senior committee member Lewis came out of a morning briefing which included never before seen documents related to Trump's future head of the National Security Council Mike Flynn and reports of actual dollars paid by Putin. 

From the public statement to the Q&A. We didn't post the full Q&A; herewith is the point of the Q&A which is of most importance.

"....have no evidence Flynn followed the law."

As I moved away from that part of the Q & A, I mind took me here: Mike Flynn leading Trump sycophants in a chorus of "Lock her up!

Watch ad Listen very carefully. Did he mention and FBI investigation? 

After the subsequent lapse into a state of repeated contempt for what has become of the US electoral process and memory fo the extent of my contempt for some voting blocs (and non-voters), my mind leads me here:

As I am not one to spend lots of tie exploring the nation's newly elected carnival barker, is there someone out thre who can assist in explaining how Trump found Flynn and how Flynn managed to secure a position as the National Security Council Chief?


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Did Someone Say "May Have Flipped On Trump?"

A quick hit worthy of a FOLLOW.

We will most assuredly watch for more! StumbleUpon