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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Clip Of The Day: Mike Pence Visits Red State And Meets Protester

It has been a few months since we heard that now famous conservative rebel yell: 
Mike Pence arrived at a speech in Kansas City, Missouri and was promptly met with an immigration protester. The protest was removed to the conservative rebel yell.

It didn't take long for the conservative revelers to affirm their support for the trump zero-tolerance policy.


Friday, May 11, 2018

VIDEO Quick Hit: CNN Pence Rolls Nixon

Give this CNN segment 1:20 minutes of your day.

CNN Twitter Page
Vice President Mike Pence's call for Mueller to "wrap it up," referring to the special counsel's probe, is reminiscent of Nixon's words during Watergate.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trump's Unconventional Introduction of Pence: Disdain Or A Rush To Twitter?

As Donald Trump cities to expand his reality TV audience, his campaign has moved to a critical point: the selection of a vice president.  As you know Trump bolstered excitement in conservative America with his (or his family's) choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. The selection is literally a rave and wave move for American bigots as Pence is probably the most regressive Governor in the nation. The National Committee To Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM) pegged Pence as an enemy of Social Security and Medicare. 

As we hear rumors of an RNC/GOP election platform which may include a prohibition on pornography along with rumors of a promulgation of religious dogma, Pence's selection should not surprise.  Yet, there was a surprise during yesterday's unveiling of Pence as Trump's co-carnival barker. 

Trump introduce Pence and quickly left the view of all viewers as Pence mumbled through his comments.  Is Trump so weird and anti-tradition he would fail to show support for Pence via standing within feet; as is customary?  CNN's Donna Bash joined a discussion of the odd nature of Pence's introduction.

Crooks & Liars

CNN Shocked By Trump's Handling Of Pence Introduction

Is there a possibility Trump wanted to run-off stage to feed his addiction to Twitter?  While the following Crooks & Liar's piece relates to Trump's Twitter addiction (and Elizabeth Warren's success in irritating Trump), assuming the New York carnival barker needed a Twitter fix, may not be a leap.

Before the Crooks & Liars piece, a critical question.  Do you Trump supporters not recognize his outside of the norm addiction to Twitter? What about Trump's addiction do we find in other uber wealthy people (Internationally)?  Thus, even you supporters must admit to behavior well outside of the norm probably denotes and unbalanced mind. 

Donald Trump Can't Stop Angry Tweeting Like A 10 Year Old, Warren Continues Her Endless Taunting

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, one would expect the presumptive nominee to be focusing on meeting with his team, perfecting his speeches, talking with speakers and resting. That would be if the candidate was moderately sane, functioning at above a 3rd grade level and capable of a modicum of self control. Apparently, Donald…

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Perception Is Reality", GOP Pundits Blowing It On The Pence Law

I realize I have posted the following image there times over the past few days. 

Embedded image permalink

The image is a poignant reminder of Indiana Governor's affinity for all things anti-LGBT. Republicans can argue points related the 'silliness' or "craziness" of the uproar surrounding the Religious Freedom Law, but they cannot argue with the image. What you see in the image is much more a "message" conduit than a "picture." Pence was clearly sending a signal to his major constituents via his invitation to (sit and stand with) such anti-LGBT activists. Let's face it, GOP politicians are far more indebted to their uber wealthy money-brokers, than public sentiment. Among the various national polls available via the link, not one poll indicated non-favorable opinions regrading same sex relationships. Pence's carefully chosen pose may have resulted from a motive as he considered his almost certain future run for the White House. 

The image was indeed a message image, but that was before his weekend of hell and the "Pence Law." A weekend that ended with a well rehearsed and strategically developed press conference in which he ordered a "fix" to his bill on his desk before the coming weekend

"Well rehearsed and strategically developed?" The video embeds below contribute to what should be considered the outcome of a failed attempt to place a refgressive law on the Indiana registers that would have been used to sanction "States Rights" discrimination. Watch the first few seconds of Pence's press conference and recognize a common public speaking technique that denotes impact as a construct in starting a speech. 

Delivery is a key component of communications. After, watching Pence stumble through a weekend of Non Fox News interviews, We can rest assured he accomplished two "move forward" items.

First, he consulted with key decision-makers before speaking freely about the Pence Law. If you do not think he consulted with party money-brokers and operatives, you might be a conservative blind to the inner workings of the GOP. Second, he prepped for the press conference (as well he should) with a heightened emphasis on cleaning up a Sunday of stumbling/mumbling/jumbling refusal to answer direct questions.

The remaining portion of the Maddow segment is a bit long, but if you are a regular reader you know we value information of quick reads. Here is the remaining nine plus minutes of the segment. 

Pence and his GOP legislature, screwed up and seriously underestimated the level of concern regarding bigotry and GOP authoritarianism. The need for a "FIX THIS NOW" ensued. 

Pence via his speech is retrenching a bit, while continuing to make false claims about his law compared to 1990s federal government legislation. He also uses the former Illinois state Senator Barack H. Obama as fodder for his efforts to cleanse his SNAFU. But, all was not lost within his party as GOP presidential aspirants sniffed an opportunity.

All notable GOP presidential front-runners have come out in support of Pence's law. They have lock-stepped in yet another case of GOP and conservative dogma despite majority public opinion to the contrary. It should be noted that Fox News and other GOP talking heads are sticking with the original Pence law as if it was void of issues that could lead to discrimination against Americans.

The need to support the Pence Law even spilled into a conservative guest on MSNBC. If you have a few more minutes and have not seen the following segment, skip through the on-camera exchange. The star of the segment is Michael (Gotta circle the wagons around Pence) Steele, former RNC Chair. 

MSNBC via Mediaite

The segment was "telling." Michael Steele should be recognized for what he is: a highly compensated Republican shill who for some reason is adored by Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball. 

Steele will from time to time speak out when his party and its denizens go nuts with actions that are so over-the-top ridiculous even he has to stand at arms length. It seems Steel should have taken the same raised arm and 'showed the HAND" regarding the Indiana law. 

If the law wasn't a soiled effort to 'states rights'; discrimination, why is Pence and company revamping or tweaking the law? Why would Steel assume he is more accurate in his assessment than the some conservatives who have come out against the law, public opinion and major business entities and sports conglomerates? 

Steele is way off base and as is generally the case when members of his party go far-right regressive, he demeans his credibility (even for a conservative) when he uses descriptive words like "crazy" or "craziness."  Even, Pence admits he created a "perception" problem. Does the GOP pundit not recognize "perception is reality?"

Ed Schultz handled an interchange on The Ed Show in a manner most effective and warranted when Conservative pundits go on-camera with Gish Gallop debate techniques to drown-out dialog with hyperactive loudness and non-stop oral diarrhea. Ed managed his air-time and guest panel as a seasoned professional: he cut the demagogues mic

One more Twitter post before I close this screed.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UPDATE: Fiorina Joins in.....The GOP Ignominious: Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) Shows His True Homophobia; GOP Join-in

Embedded image permalinkA Homophobic GOP Twitter Gallery

Governor Pence comes forth on the Monday after his "D-DAY" Religious Freedom Law and his proud signing ceremony replete with three avowed anti-gay activist.

Pence the full seven minute press statement (excludes the Q and A) MSNBC excerpt....
Let’s also not forget that with several Republican presidential candidates endorsing the new law as-is, Pence isn’t doing the GOP’s 2016 field any favors by quickly looking to add “clarity” to the controversial anti-gay measure.


Pence is either completely misguided psychologically or he is doing what many in the GOP do routinely: lying. I posit the latter. He claims to have been dismayed by the tsunami reaction to his signing the bill into law, but he sat proudly with the three anti-gay activist.

Other attention seeking members of the party have also stepped-up.

Cruz stepped-up like a proud bigot with support for Pences actions well before Pence come forth today with a well rehearsed set of lines and strategic demeanor.
Of course, the ever opportunist Jeb Bush would waddle along like his older brother following Dick Cheney through years of political malfeasance.
And the Kentucky "Chameleon" Rand Paul speaks! DId Paul once claimed to be a Libertarian? If I am not mistaken about his past claims, it seems the political campaign has induced yet another Chameleon change in his colors (excuse the pun). Does Paul "The Younger" remain strong wand unwavering with any convictions?
A notieable absence of Marco Rubio in this Twitter Gallery was resolved today. Rubio, of course joined the chorus as a "full supporter" of Pence and the Religious Freedom Law. Notice Rubio also came-out in support before Pence stood before the press with a Donald Trump like show.

What about other GOP Presidential hopefuls. We know the long-shot candidate Ben Carson's position on the law. 

Since Carly Fiorina has indicated a 90% probability she will join the GOP fray, I wonder her position on the Pence D-Day signing and the Religious Freedom Law? (UPDATE BELOW) We await comment from the future candidate, but rest assured she will avoid the issue until forced to speakout.

Pence indicated over this past weekend he had no idea the signing of the law would generate the level of scope of reaction that has resonated. I suggest a resounding "poppycock." Checkout the net embed.

REALITY CHECK: Almost Every GOP-Controlled Red State May Roll Back LGBT Rights #BoycottIndiana
— The Baxter Bean (@TheBaxterBean) March 31, 2015

You will hear and read the Pence Law is a carbon copy of federal law from the 1990s.  A GOP lie hatched over the weekend that holds as much credibility as Reince Priebus declared the GOP would perform minority outreach and stop acting like the party of old angry white men. 

Update: Fiorina joins other GOP Presidential aspirants in criticizing the media and progressives instead of speaking out against potential discrimination. 

The Hill 

Fiorina denounces Indiana law 'frenzy'

They really do Lock-step very well.  


Pence Gets Burned By Stephanopoulos And Seeks Fox And Friends For Safe Harbor

Social engineering via religion

The tsunami following Indian Governor, Pence signing the states Religious freedom law continues with no subsiding in sight. In fact, the tsunami is battering the governor and the state unlike any political push back Richard Nixon refused to hand over audio tapes from his days in the White House. Actually, Pence and Indian are receiving more flak than the GOP garnered for shutting down the US government at $24 billion and more flak than Bush Cheney received for their failed 'white horse' crusade into Iraq. 

Pence is squirming like an Earthworm exposed to on hot pavement during a 100 degree afternoon. From multiple appearances on Sunday Morning news shows through an inordinate number of supportive pundits willingly accepting invitations on networks they would ordinarily avoid (e.g. MSNBC). You may have run across few examples of damaging control post Pence's signature, but if you did not sit and watch the following two minutes you "haven't seen anything yet."  (I prefer the much more colloquialism iteration of the previous, "You ain't' seen nothin yet." but I will leave the previous structure for those with more formal preferences).

George Stephanopoulos during the course of an eleven minute interview expended two full minutes trying to secure a "Yes" or "No" answer from Pence. The ABC Sunday morning show host asked the governor if he felt the law could be used to discriminate against the LGBT. His lack of response was the epitome of telling. He will provide a direct "yes' or "no" answer to avoid a public statement he knows is a lie. Moreover, he has to maintain a stern upholding of doctrine from those who offer millions to to fund right wing social dogma. One simply has to satisfy their customers.

Let's take a few minutes to review how the Right goes about transforming our social world. The following ABC interview is in stark contrast to what you will see in the second video. That video is from a episode of Pence with (what an apropos show title int his case) Fox And Friends. Do you see a major softball interview forthcoming? Rest assured the softball is not this interview.

ABC's Stephanopoulos delivers hardball questions to a squirming and stuttering governor. 

Mike Pence Runs To Fox For Damage Control Over 'Religious Liberty' Law
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ran to the loving arms of Faux "news" this Tuesday to do some damage control -- following his disastrous interview with George Stephanopoulos -- where he was lobbed softballs and allowed to play the "I have one black friend" card when pretending his state's newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act isn't intended…