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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ebola: "It's Here."

"It's Here!"

"Witch Doctor"

"Traditional Medical Care"

Fox News draws the attention of CNN's Reliable Sources, Brian Steltar's and production team.

Fear, loathing and racism, the hallmark of Fox News and a testament its viewers. Viewers who not only tune-in for daily does of various concoctions of derangement, viewers who tolerate and possible relish the undercurrents of racism that permeates and infiltrates Fox News as a media or entertainment center. 

Brain Steltar and guest Miles O'Brien explore the dark passages of Fox News as network "Fear Bringer."

For expediency and out of respect for our many screeds on Fox News, I will simply end the piece here.

When your resume includes this, should we really expect more?

Not a Fox News set image
Competent minds and purveyors of media (even opines) do not have to go there. But, ultimately the lowest level of denominator is the viewer who seeks or tolerates such mindless libido enticement laced propaganda.