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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Propaganda White Supremacist (Alt-right) Style

The original misogynist play Internet games against the Antifa with you as their target

Have you seen the tweeter post (below) across the Internet?  If you haven't yet run across the Twitter post you are probably not one who visits Far-Right Nazi.white supremacists/ "alt-right" pages. You are certainly not linked to such pages or you would already serve as a conduit for propaganda from people who have an agenda.

The images in the tweets below are a clear case of Joseph Goebbels-like propaganda for the advancement of hatred and versions of conservatism. 

have a look and read via the BBC

A Twitter account from @Antifascist19 shows a photo of a battered woman with the text

If you contrast the fake reports and messages with what follows, you get a real inner core look into the very racism and misogyny imbued in what has come to be in the GOP and American conservatism.

In April of this year, one of the nation's upper echelon white supremacists was capture cold-cocking a woman anti-fascist protester  A real sucker punch he unloaded on the protester.  

Here is a bit more on the man who hit women.
The woman abuser is often pictured within an arms reach of white supremacists leader Richard Spencer.

Image result for richard spencercharlottesvilleImage result for richard spencercharlottesville

As we have moved through the various information tricks and propaganda for conservative America, it is important to know one aspect of it all. It works on the minds of Americans who have been conditioned to accept all things conservative regardless of the information source. If the message comes through Drudge, The Daily Caller, Hannity (and greater Fox News), Limbaugh and Levine. It works while servings as the top catalyst to elections of political figures like Donald Trump. 

The images from the tweets are of advertisements against woman abuse. The message works in recognizing and combating cases of domestic abuse; they also work for the white supremacists to impart false messages and deflection.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Former Google Engineer Has History of An Affinity for White Nationalism (AKA Alt-right)

Do you recall hearing about the "alt-right?" If you recall hearing the moniker, it is worth noting the words have been deployed to deflect and disguise a great evil, much like the wearing of hoods and robes by Ku Klux Klan member at their cross burnings and cases of African-American harassment.

As an example. while not the classic white hood and robe, a two-minutes scene from the movie Django Unchained should, in a humorous way, speak to the cloaking analogy.

The words: "Alt-right" serves a similar purpose. The leaders of the far-right racist, misogynist, and anti-Jewish ideology have also developed and promulgate a cartoon character to facilitate subliminal advancement of their social disease.
alt text

A brief set of excerpts from Wikipedia will help.

The alt-right, or alternative right, is a loosely defined group of people with far-right ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of white nationalism, principally in the United States, but also to a lesser degree in Canada and Europe.[1][2][3][4]


The Associated Press stated that the alt-right' or 'alternative right' is a name currently embraced by some white supremacists and white nationalists to refer to themselves and their ideology, which emphasizes preserving and protecting the white race in the United States in addition to, or over, other traditional conservative positions such as limited government, low taxes and strict law-and-order. The movement has been described as a mix of racism, white nationalism and populism ... criticizes "multiculturalism" and more rights for non-whites, women, Jews, Muslims, gays, immigrants and other minorities. Its members reject the American democratic ideal that all should have equality under the law regardless of creed, gender, ethnic origin or race.[1][46]

 So what of the long intro to this piece?

Since you successfully remembered the "alt-right", you may very well recall the well-publicized Google firing of a young Engineer (late last week).

If you do not recall the firing and all that precipitated the termination, here is the story (or reminder).

The memo, called “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” Is basically ten pages of "alt-right far-right bull cap (For expediency). The essence of the memo and the item which precipitated the Engineer's firing was as such:  he argued that women are innately incapable, unwilling, or unfit to perform a wide range of engineering and tech industry jobs. 

Indications of bigotry and misogyny: 

I wonder if the young racist is aware of women have a dominant and integral role in tracking international terrorists while many serve in our security services.   
Is it possible he is unaware that we have women pilots in our military, and that includes fighter pilots?   
He is actually old enough to know that an increasing number of woman are serving at the highest levels in US corporations.   
The Verge offers an excellent report on the socially degenerate former Google employee. Link.

I still haven't explained why I opened with the so-called Alt-right, have I?  within hours of being fired for his Paleozoic Era 10-page treatise what did the young bigot do?  He sat for a video interviewed with a well known and popular YouTube alt-right facilitator: Stefan Molyneux.  His full interview is posted below but if you are a rational person you like me, skipped through the far-right broadcast picking key points.  After all, the salient point is the actual visit with Molyneux in an of itself.

45 minutes of unadulterated bigotry.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. 
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew. 
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Of course, you are not one who supports alt-right far right lunacy, bigotry and racism Yet if you think with any level of depth, you will accept the fact your vote for the GOP is as enabling (and facilitating) of Neo-American fascism as the low intellect bigot who joins white nationalists and alt-right protest gatherings. You are ,more precisely, a facilitator of the very ideology stated by Demore ad the alt-right.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump As Trump

Presidential? The shame of it all!


 And the shame continues..... StumbleUpon

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Sean Hannity invites misogynist friend to speak on his show

Does this man think he is so affiliated with Fox News's Sean Hannity the Hoodie cold not cause him problems if he walks to buy snacks at Seven Eleven?  Fox News loves people like this man.  Juan Williams secured a Fox News Contract for showing his racism for Bill O'Reilly. Read below.

Fox News and their evening 'entertainers' never cease to amaze.  Their number two demagogue, Sean Hannity,  has again stepped into the spotlight and exposed himself for what he is:  an over compensated Right-wing bigoted mouthpiece with "in-your-face-tendencies.  His latest  example of complete Un-American actions: an invite to sit with a known sexist and bigot who cloaks himself under the robe of a "pastor".

The Raw Story has published a piece about a recent guest on the Hannity Show.  The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is an outspoken Tea Party activist (member), and an obvious draconian misogynist believer in "women should remain barefoot, have babies and live in the kitchen".

If can stand it give a few minutes of wallowing in the gutter and listen to this 'clown's' oratory. 

Needless to say, his reference to Sandra Fluke is an obvious 'ditto' of Rush Limbaugh's misogyny.  The Pastor is so out of place as an orator one must wonder about his veracity as a thinking person.  

Peterson is a rare breed who is so Jurassic Era he boldly declares women should not have the right to vote. Is it possible this man actual preaches to congregations of a real church vs. one of those rented hotel meeting rooms?  Does he have women who come to hear his deliver his form of misogynistic demagoguery?

The Raw Story....
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a Fox News contributor, tea party activist and personal friend of Sean Hannity’s said in a sermon recently published to YouTube that America’s greatest mistake was allowing women the right to vote, adding that back in “the good old days, men knew that women are crazy and they knew how to deal with them.” 
In the video, published to YouTube in March, Peterson explains that he believes women simply can’t handle “anything,” and that in his experience, “You walk up to them with a issue, they freak out right away. They go nuts. They get mad. They get upset, just like that. They have no patience because it’s not in their nature. They don’t have love. They don’t have love.”
The sickness continues.  Peterson is obviously one-step from either a lobotomy or he should be a customer of an industry that produces arm-restraint jackets. I’m going to tell the truth.”  
That “truth,” it would seem, isn’t just about liberal women, or even women in general. Peterson made headlines in January after telling a Huffington Post reporter that he would like to see black people put “back on the plantation so they would understand the ethic of working… They need a good hard education on what it is to work.” On his website, Peterson has published an open letter to Attorney General Eric Holder that advocates the arrest of New Black Panthers members 
In another post, he explains what he calls “the end of one-sided defense,” in which Peterson insists that men should re-take the right to physically strike women. “While I certainly do not sanction men attacking women, neither is it right for men to allow themselves to be beaten by a woman,” he wrote. “It’s time for men to re-assert their right to self defense.”

Peterson is so deficient in cognitive acuity I am going to draw my contributions to this screed to a close ad refer you to the Raw Story piece.

The Raw Story Linked

While the black community is not nearly as monolithic as some think, people such as Peterson seem to be about their work for purpose of money.  

One last question. Did the writer for The Raw Story say that this man is a personal friend of Sean Hannity?

I must add this point.  Do you realize that your vote for the GOP validates every word out of the mouth of one so outside the (sanity) box people he should have a standing and readily applicable restraining order while in  his presence?  He is proof positive of my consistent refrain regarding GOP regressionism

.....And the Band Plays On.....