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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Roy Moore Impacts The GOP, Black Surrogates Losing Battles, And One Minority Escapes The Party

Let us start where it counts: alleged pedophilia.

What you witnessed in the video segment was the long-term effect of inherent in millions who reside in the deep south. Let there be no mistake, the Republicanism is a common mental state across the nation. But, I wager you will not find such a severe case of chronic republicanism couped with over active disregard for pedophilia in most red states.

In order to appreciate current conservative mind-shaping and Trump rationalizing , let's step back for a quick CNN segment regarding Trump's "fine people" comments after the white supremacists rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. "....fine people on both sides."


Now for the point at hand. 

Watch as Trump's number one "black" presstitute works for his CNN paycheck. I use the word "Black" due to reality African-American conservatives seem to harbor a great deal of disdain for use of the more common vernacular as an identifier of black people who live in America and are of American ancestry (non-immigrant post slavery). 

Paris Rennard battles with CNN host Chris Cuomo.  I would be amazed it in the segment, Rennard didn't throw out his common defense against people "questioning his blackness."  A common ploy which seems to have roots in his own discomfort with his chosen political affiliation.  He also knows 96% of African-Americans hold the GOP in contempt for reasons he chooses to overlook or simply ignore. 

Rennard knows, to his core, the GOP doesn't give one damn about the African-American community. If you really need evidence, take a close look.

Take a close look at the Mitt Romney website from the 2012 campaign.

Romney campaign website.

Has anyone ever asked Rennard about the 2012 outreach menu?

As you watch Rennard go about spewing Trump apologism, notice his demeanor and associated strategy when challenged about Roy Moore's affinity for a tine of US slavery. The "blackness defense" rolls-out on cue.

Oh, know Rennard isn't the only Trump talking head who earns a nice paycheck from CNN. The following segment is relevant in understanding the level and scope of Trumpism as its fissures into the black community, via another popular CNN Trump surrogate.

Apparently, one former Breitbart News editor has had enough of the GOP.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Black Vote, Polls and GOP Website: Dismissive

An alarming statistic was broadcast via MSNBC this past (late) week.   A NBC/WSJ Poll yielded poll numbers indicating African-American respondents were alarmingly anti-Romney (94% - 0%).  

Anyone who understands the dynamics of a survey, took the survey results in perspective, acknowledged the results and moved on. The respondent group is a critical factor in dissecting the meaning of polls. The NBC/WSJ poll will be dissected below. here is, however, a degree of alarm in the results. 

The broadcast piqued my interest.  The survey is reported to have potential response group of over 1,000 people, with at least 100 (specifically 110) African-American respondents.  There-in lies the interesting aspect of the survey.  It seems impossible for NBC/WSJ tapping into a survey group absent of any support for Mitt Romney. Therefore, the results may not be a true barometer of actual support in the Black Community, but it certainly illustrate why the Romney Campaign has excluded African-Americans from its "Communities' section of its webpage.