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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Romney (Serial Liar)

Birds of a Feather......

Of course, we speak long and loud about Mitt Romney's penchant for speaking with a great deal of the mendacious. Romney is the perfect 'storm' of GOP politics. He will commit to nothing. claim what he likes and disavow what he dislikes (even with memory of prior comment), and is the master of the political 'lie'.  I offer he is a prototypical short term Vulture Capitalist CEO.  Most CEO's are in their positions for extended periods and care about the 'comment' trail that receives scrutiny from its Board of Directors and major stockholders.  {Wall Street CEO's are a different breed as they wield full control over most oversight authorities that might separate them from unlimited riches and unchallenged decision-making.} 

 Romney as venture capitalist never was forced to learn and practice the aforementioned dynamic. He learned the art of  the 'lie for effect' while doing what is necessary to build 'cash cows',  then sell them off.  Some might refer to the 'noodle' candiate as one who "fakes it to make it". 

Romney's 'serial lying' is both disconcerting and dangerous. Disconcerting that he has to resort to bold, easily refutable lies to massage his base and nip away at Independents and CERTAIN Democrats. He is dangerous in many ways. If he uses 'serial lying' to win office, do you think his learned behavior will cease; au contrar.   He will do as all humans being do, he will rely upon and use his learned tendencies especially those behaviors which have proven successful.  Presidential lies from the Oval Office are a serious matter for the nation.  We often fail to think in terms of the international scrutiny given to just about all things Americana.  All foreign leaders are watching.  Do you think they relish dealing with a president who will evade, mumble through, show signs of being detached from reality, and one who cannot even recall and say the word 'donut'?  No, they will be as leery of Romney on matters of state as some are regarding his 'etch-a'sketch-ism' as he campaigns for office.  

The following video is a classic testamonial  of an non-credible campaigner calling Romney more 'serial' than himself.  If you open the video, skip to gthe 29 second mark and watch/lsiten to the 35 second mark.  That is all you need for a GOP perspective on Romney. The remainder of the interview is typical Newt. I cannot stand Romney, he cannot lead as president, but he is better than Obama. 

How about a perspective on "serial liar' Romney from a couple of professional journalist?