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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Jeff Sessions, Roy Moore And Mo Brooks (YOUR GOP)

A Day In The Life

Today is video day. While the majority of our pieces include video segments, we are asking fr a opportunity to occupy a bit of your time and gray matter with what is turning into penultimate examples of a GOP which is fizzling into an abyss of shame and disgust.  While we are posting about this week's House hearing with Jeff Sessions as well as the horrors of Alabama's Ray Moore, we must remained steadfast that what we are seeing must be defeated at every turn. And that defeat starts with your votes.

One US member of Congress dealt with Sessions' attempts to occupy the congressman's allotted five minutes with pure Alabama drivel.  It should be noted the first Democrat member of congress to question Sessions was Michigan's Conyers.  Sessions effectively neutralized Conyers with Gish Gallop drivel common to conservative politicians when they have the advantage of time constraints. 
New York Congressman Jeffries also used his five minutes both judiciously and effectively. Linked, here. Think Progress transcript here.

California's Rep. Bass five minutes revealed Session;s utter uneasiness in matters of race and white supremacy. Sessions actually mentioned "skinheads." When is the last time you heard of saw  or heard a person referred to as a "skin head?" Linked, here. CSPAN

California's Rep. Ted Lieu may have exposed sessions as an Attorney General indicative of  a trump appointee. Linked here (18 seconds mark) CSPAN

Texas Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, moved into the current case against Alabama's GOP Senatorial candidate. Linked, here. CSPAN

Let's segue into the next set of video we offer: Roy Moore accused Predator.

Of course, you know Alabama is about to open an election to replace Trump's Attorney General Jeff ("I don't recall") Sessions.  One candidate-the Republican-, Roy Moore, has been accused by five women now over forty year of age of inappropriate sexual behavior when they were in their teens. One accuser was 14 years of age and a nascent accuser claims potential sexual misconduct at a similar age.  What is the issue? Since the accused was an Alabama District Attorney in the in his late 20s and ealry 30s, his efforts to sexually consort with a 14 year old and what seemed to be case to rape of another young woman, is a problem for most rational people.

Since you have without question heard or read of the issues associated with Moore's potential election to the US Senate, Let's shorten this piece by moving to Moore's horrific defense on Fox News Radio.

On November 9th, Fox News Radio host Sean Hannity: linked here.

The interview was as sad as the reality of Fox New offering Moore an opportunity to lie to its viewers. of course, nothing new for Fox News, right?

Moore has been on a "recoup" and "reframe" campaign since the first woman spoke of her abuse. As days have passed and Moore has lawyered-up. we are getting glimpses of a potential defense (or in-artful retorts).  Moore' Lawyer sat for an interview with MSNBC's Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruehl earlier today.  

Short version:  recall Moore indicated in the Hannity interview he would not date an 18 year old (as a 30 something man) without approval of the young girl's mother (or parent).

The full morning segment (10:06 minutes)

If you watched the video, you should feel totally squeamish about Moore and his lawyer. If you do to have any feelings of uncomfort with the Moore accusation and his lawyer' appearance on MSNBC, you should consider counseling.

Here is another perspective on Moore and the Great State of Alabama, a congressional representative and the GOP. Mo Brooks, AL-R, runs down a set of tapes while answering about his support for Moore. 

Another archive for Republican history.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Alabama Congressman, Border Wall, Lack Of Public Support

Image result for why does the alt right lie the gop

Image result for why does the alt right lie the gop

Trump Wall

Alabama congressman, Mo Brooks sets a flame to the "border wall" issue as he campaigns for Jeff Session's vacated Senate seat.

I doubt there are 150 members of the total US Congress (House and Senate) who actually are serious about increasing the US deficit via funding a flipping border wall.  

Pew Research in February of this year posted a piece with the following graphic, as we consider Trump's campaign mantra (utter lies) about a southern border wall.

While the nation seems to have no interest in a border wall, it should be noted the same Pew piece shows dominate support for the wall among Republicans. 

Well, there isn't a surprise in that data; not at the very least. Take a close look at the right side of the graphic display bars and you will see exactly why Brooks deploys the "border wall" elections strategy. Alabama runs a close thread to the GOP's most reliable regressive states. South Carolina and Mississippi are the GOP's top tier dungeons of draconian.

During the same period, Quinnipiac ran a comprehensive survey with itemized poll results. Item 38, shows public perception of the wall in the same realm as Pew Research.

38. Do you support or oppose building a wall along the border with Mexico?
                                                               COLLEGE DEG
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom    Yes    No
Support              38%    81%     4%    32%    45%    32%    39%    50%
Oppose               59     15     95     65     52     66     59     46
DK/NA                 3      5      -      3      3      2      2      4
                     AGE IN YRS..............    WHITE.....
                     18-34  35-49  50-64  65+    Men    Wom    Wht    NonWht
Support              27%    39%    39%    47%    50%    40%    45%    20%
Oppose               70     59     59     50     47     57     52     79
DK/NA                 3      2      2      3      3      3      3      2

It is unfortunate the border wall issues seems to be an issue for conservative white Americans who tend to be older, and who actually vote. They vote GOP regardless of GOP policy as they share the paradigm and obvious social views. 

Brook's like Trump knows the exact nature of the issues and its potential appeal to Alabama voters.