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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ben Carson: Conspiracy For The Fox News Viewer

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Ben Carson as an innocent victim of US media (other than Fox News)?  Really?

Before we move to recent comments from noted conservative conspiracy mogul, Monica Crowley, it is important to peruse a few comments from Ben Carson.


Ben Carson's 9 most controversial quotes

It is important to state, not one of the Carson mental/oral foibles involved edited video tape. As the following strategy from the Right unfolds recognize Carson is handing media all it needs to fill hours of coverage (observation, analysis and reporting). 

While many will cover for Carson with comments about his "different and avant-garde" comments, the problem is much deeper ad significantly more serious. He aspires to be President of the United States. Regardless of one's perspective from any the opposite realm of perfectly balanced, his comments reveal thought processes which are so far outside the norm. He cannot be trusted to effectively lead. His words are manifestations of cognitive processes that are yielding communication that leads to either  head-scratching or attempts to defend his words.

Let's watch and listen as Bill (Mr. Cover It) O'Reilly and Monica (Allow Me To Conspiracy It) Crowley fills their conservative mission. But, let's do so with one leading thought: No one is forcing the words from Carson's mouth.

Crooks & Liars

Monica Crowley: The Media Is Out To Destroy Ben Carson Because He's A Black Conservative

Leave it to Fox News contributor Monica Crowley to come up with a conspiracy theory as a way to "defend" Dr. Ben Carson's remarks about the Umpqua Community College shooting. Right before she fear mongered about the Muslim "invasion" in Europe. On The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly set the stage for Carson's victimhood by saying…


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hilary Clinton Hospitalized...As The GOP Turns ( Fox News Video)

Secretary Of State Clinton

Hilary Clinton has been hospitalized for a blood clout.  I recall just before Christmas Day a number of very mentally  deficient (ill) Republicans and Fox News demagogues railed about Clinton's faking illness to avoid appearing before a Benghazi Security Hearing Committee. Yes, The sickness called Conservative America has denizens who lurk around with soiled minds and cast false aspersions and lies like a crowd throwing stones.

Posted by Brian -8PC ON DECEMBER 20, 2012
Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton fainted as the result of a stomach flu and suffered a concussion. ABC News reports that she will likely be out sick for most of the rest of her term as Secretary of State. ABC also notes that this is not the first time Clinton has fainted as the result of an illness. But because this illness/injury has delayed her testifying about Benghazi, Fox has accused her of faking it. 
As the video from Media Matters, below, shows, John Bolton opined,
“Every foreign service officer in every foreign ministry in the world knows the phrase I’m about to use, when you don’t want to go to a meeting or a conference or an event, you have a ‘diplomatic illness,’ and this is a diplomatic illness to beat the band. I certainly hope it’s nothing serious. But this was revealed in a way that I think was not transparent, and I think there’s an obligation here, especially if Secretary Clinton decides to run for President, to indicate what happened. She may beat testifying this week, but she’s not going to escape it forever.”
Greta fired back “I don’t think that she’s indicated she wants to not testify ever. I will say it has been reported prior to the concussion that she had the flu because she missed an overseas trip, and for a woman who’s lived in an airplane for 4 years, that was unusual. She reported that she was dehydrated, and if you fall and hit your head and get a concussion, that is a brain injury.” 
But Media Matters also caught Fox’s Monica Crowley sneering that Clinton’s illness had “impeccable timing.”

When did John Bolton or Crowley become doctors? 

I truly do not expect better form John Boulton (Bush's Recess Appointment to the United Nations Ambassadorship), but I do wonder if Fox News will address Crowley's disgusting propaganda.

As I often say, you may wallow deeply in the pig pen of GOPism (as a conservative). However you have to know that there is a point out there. like in a Venn Diagram, where you and these people meet and share existence: the vote. 

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