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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"He Knew What He Signed Up For"

The context is disturbing.

As we move away from the ambush deaths of four US Army  Special Forces troops in Niger, it is critical to note the US President has once again offered up a dose of insensitivity, callousness and an exhibition of indifference uncommon from a Commander-In-Chief

While responding to a question form the Rose Garden press corp Trump offered a lie based assertion that other US Presidents may have been lax in contacting the families of US troops killed in action. Within seconds Trump backtracked on his initial lie.  

Should we responded with astonishment when we read reports Trump's call to the wife of one of the dead soldiers included typical Trump indifference to our armed forces?

Let's explore Trump's call for a bit. 

The family of the dead soldier arrived at the site of her husbands arriving body after a call from Trump which took place via cell phone in the apparently on speakerphone. 

Sgt. La David T. Johnson

Myeshia Johnson and her daughter

Trump told his widow, who was in a car heading to the airport with her family and U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami Gardens, that “he knew what he signed up for … but when it happens it hurts anyway,” according to Wilson, who heard the call on speakerphone in the car.
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has sat for interviews on a few early morning news shows.  The following is her segment on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Of course, Trump responded to disavow along with a claim of proof.

“Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!”
Trump has a method of deflecting away from issues with which he is challenged with a refrain which disputes his claim of proof. One such example available via this link:   Donald Trump: I have proof Jersey residents celebrated 9/11 attacks ...

Within weeks of occupying the Oval Office, Trump awakened the world with a claim Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States had his Trump Tower phones wiretapped He issued the false claim with " I have proof." It should be noted the department of Justice immediately stated the accusation had no merit. A deeper investigation yielded a final result that Trump's comments were not accurate. Link.

Two things stand out about Trump's proclamations and messaging when he is cornered. He frequently offers one of the following: "I have proof", "that's what I have been told", or "believe me."  Of course, we hear the later far more than the " have proof" as "Believe me is often a closing comment after Trump has issued a classic Trumpism lie.  

While we do not yet know which side of the story is the absolute truth, as the family has indicated Trump certainly disrespected the family and come in the car have specifically stated Trump didn't know the deceased soldier's name, we do know one thing for sure.

Take 41 seconds an watch the nonverbals. This man is lying. Tight arm fold, no waving hands et al.

Trump's "believe me?" 

No, we do not believe him.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump's Tax Plan (Trickle-down Trump)

If you are old enough to recall Ronald Reagan's insemination of Supply Side economics (trickle down) into the heart of GOP ideology, you shouldn't be at all surprised about what Trump is promulgating as his "tax plan." The tax plan is a mere rehash of past GOP economic policy which almost leads to a total economic collapse.

Two MSNBC news segments best state a case against a return to Trickle-down economics. 

I offered two segments, but there is more. If you are an informant geek or a High Information Voter (HIV) MSNBCs Morning Joe Show included an extensive segment with great detail and relevant comment about Trump's "sly of hand" tax cuts.

Trump's tax cut will not only offer a significant tax benefit to the uber-wealthy it could launch the nation on another path to economic oblivion. Especially if we consider other GOP policy regarding "regulation."

Related image

Now, take a look at the same chart with specific direction to compare two out data points.

Compare these two figures<br />
If you review a comparison chat of income growth from 1980 through the subprime Bubble burst of the Bush Era, the effects of trickle-down are stark and frankly, "in your face."
The superrich have grabbed the bulk of the past three decades' gains.<br />

If the chart about isn't descriptive enough, check out the is graphic.

Image result for trickle down economics myth
Trickle-down (supply side) economics is the most stifling economic measure Republicans had ever administered against the US middle class and lower-income citizens.

Image result for owsley county white GOP voters

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump: Cubs, "Surprise Lies", Comey Tapes, Twitter Sleaze

Trump and his Chicago Cubs! 

Now, why did the Cubs have a second opportunity to meet with a US President in the White House? We realize the Cubs owner is a money man for Trump's campaign but could there be another reason? Could the Cubs owner place a premium on having his team meet with a white US President?

OK, so here we go again with over-the-top blustering Bull crap from the world's most prolific carnival barker and con man. We have been down his path before and we went down the path very recently.  Remember the Comey tapes?

When asked about the alleged Comey tapes during his Rose Garden appearance with the Romanian President Trump let loose another case of cognitive flatulence which smelled like a lie.

"I’ll tell you about that, maybe, sometime in the very near future."
"“You are going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer.” 

Well, rational Americans, and even a growing number of Trump supporters, were not surprised. We might have actually been surprised if he delivered actual tapes.

If you need perspective and a reminder of Trumps serial lying, view this short segment from CNN's Anderson Cooper.

While seemingly off topic, we cannot resist visiting with this morning's example of the child with his IPhone.

After viewing the Morning Joe Show and consistent criticism of the child president, Trump burst with a couple of tweets which are well beyond sad and pathetic.

CNN's Brian Steltar published a piece with video of John Berman and Poppy Harlow's CNN segment. link.  If you are a Trump supporter and find the guttural attack even close to palatable, well, you are a "deplorable." 

If you are one who disfavors clicking links, here is the CNN embed.

It is impossible to ignore the serious cognitive deficiencies of Donald Trump, regardless of your political ilk, regardless of your favor or disfavor of Trump or regardless of your real or self perceived status as a "deplorable" or non-deplorable.

As Barack Obama told us. " He is unfit to be president." 


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Ridiculous And Shameful

During the course of this past weekend, Donald Trump spent hours in on Friday Night and the wee hours of Saturday morning developing a strategy to influence the coming Sunday morning news shows. His strategy to follow right wing demagogues in crafting a false accusation against past president Obama. No, Obama did not order wiretapping of his Trump tower phones. Enough said about what could be the most telling garbage from Trump in the past two weeks.  Alas, Trump was working through part of his early morning hours on another salvo of pure garbage with an ultimate focus grounded in deflecting media from Trump/Putin/Russia and international cronyism.

The Bipartisan Report captured Trump on Day two of Week Seven in the Oval Office. What follows is utterly shameful. Trump, folks, is not of sound mind and his over-the-top resistance to in any probes of his dealing with Russia is obvious.

122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obamadministration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!
122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!
Kudos to the BiPartisan Report.  Only about 13 of the release detainees were with the approval of former president Obama.

How about a quick run through a few visuals and other ignominious garbage for Trump's GOP?

Relaxation And Presidential Focus


NBC News Confirms: Trump Has Spent 31% of His Presidency at Mar-a-Lago on Vacation

Personal Resignation

A reminder of what life can evolve to when people in media so facilitating(ly) pathed Trump into our TV monitors. Regardless of your perspective on the Morning Joe Show, the show host and producers were very instrumental in mainstreaming Donald Trump. Watch thirty seconds of the two show hosts. Trump's weekend attack on former President Obama and its associated effort to deflect the Sunday Morning news shows was a bridge too far for the early morning conservatives. The two mainstreamed Trump like a hospital nurse seeking that key vein in which to attach operating room surgical sides.

"A Bridge Too Far"

The Ridiculous

Watch and listen to a GOP congressional leader remark about National healthcare. (Click the image below)
Just in case you missed a piece we posted related to Ben Carson's re-insertion into the American Experience: more ridiculousness.  

The utter shame of it all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week Three and "Trump's Power Will Not Be Questioned!" Seriously?

Let's start with a couple of pieces to remind of the lack of competency and lack of sophistication imbued in the Trump Administration. 

Can we get some professionalism, please? The identified typo is just below the correct use of the word "too".
There is a glaring typo in Trump's official commemorative portrait— Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) February 13, 2017

Trump Just Humiliated Himself In Front Of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau And The Entire World
— #TheResistance (@SocialPowerOne1) February 13, 2017
 Reports are Trump exposed his Mar-Lar-go weekend crowd to matters of North Korea's missile launch.  Can we get some professionalism when it matters?

Now, for something very much more serious. Trump has a 31-year-old Serving in the White House who has as background which could be loved only by the GOP.  Stephen Miller was dispatched to the US broadcast media Sunday shows as part of a strategy to counter legal blocks to Trump's unconstitutional Immigration ban. You can have a look at Miller's DC background below.

The White House adviser's appearances on one news how drew particular attention. He emphatic stated Trump's powers would not be questioned. Why does that sound like something from Putin's Russia?]

Let's follow Trump's Week Three declaration.

.....president's power 'will not be questioned'

What follows is a short version video from Morning Joe. The show is not of my favored news opportunities, but this segment is relevant to the bush league keystone cop-like team at the White House. Problem is, as I have stated many times before bush-league, in this case, is dangerous since many millions in the nation subscribe to every utterance, mismanaged thought every lie and every act of nationalistic discrimination. 

If you fail to consider viewing the video Twitter link (here) you will miss the perfect example of Trump hypocrisy and phoniness.  Flynn took the RNC convention stage late one evening to declare Hillary Clinton weak and potentially non-law compliant president while leading, by appearance, leading a "Lock Her UP Chant".

Mediaite also published a quick read piece.  ABC News  Stephanopoulos and Miller duelled over Trumps "thousands of illegal immigrant voters" lie.

Miller's effect, the content of his message, and his outright declaration of "absolute" power should send messages to all rational Americans.  It is ironic, but how does his words differ from that of  Hitler's Joseph Goebbels, Saddam Hussein's henchmen, Assad's leadership and even that of the former Libyan leader Qaddafi?

A WIKI review of Miller

After graduating from college, Miller worked as a press secretary for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Congressman John Shadegg, both members of the Republican Party.[10] Miller started working for Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions in 2009,[10] rising to the position of communications director.[2] In the 113th Congress, Miller played a major role in defeating the bi-partisan Gang of Eight's proposed immigration reform bill.[2][10] As part of his role as communications director, Miller was responsible for writing many of the speeches Sessions gave about the bill.[11] Miller and Sessions developed what Miller describes as "nation-state populism," a response to globalization and immigration that would strongly influence Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.[2] Miller also worked on Dave Brat's successful 2014 House campaign, which unseated Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor.[2]
In January 2016, Miller joined Donald Trump's 2016 campaign for president, serving as a senior policy adviser.[10] Starting in March 2016, Miller frequently spoke on behalf of the Trump campaign, serving as a "warm-up act" for Trump.[2] Miller wrote the speech Trump gave at the 2016 Republican National Convention.[4] In August 2016, Miller was named as the head of Trump's economic policy team.[12]Trump White House
In November 2016, Miller was named national policy director of Trump's transition team.[13] On December 13, 2016, the transition team announced that Miller will serve as Senior Advisor to the President for Policy during the Trump administration.[14]

Miller seems to be yet another the visible part of the Trump sebaceous cyst.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Sinking GOP- Trump "Punches To the Mouth", Carson More Black Than Obama

Another day of the Donald Trump and his GOP.

Yesterday during a campaign speech in Nevada, Trump was interrupted by a protester. It seems with Trump's GOP, there can be no dissent and no interruption of his reality TV like speeches. Sensitivity to being interrupted in a speech is understandable. Of more importance, how the speaker handles such interruption is an indication of temperament, civility, leadership acumen and class? Trump doesn't seem to possess any such qualities once outside of his various business empires

Trump's way of handle protest from a US Vet enacting a protest on behalf of sensitivity to Muslims shows the current state of the GOP. "I'd like to punch him in the face!" His railing was truly sad and shameful from a candidate who aspires to the Oval Office with all requisite need for temperament in dealing with matters inherent in the US Presidency. 

The Telegraph UK Trump to protester Id like to punch you in the face

Oh, the state of the GOP! A party and ideology now in the hands of a reality show entertainer with enough sycophant worshippers to sway elections.

As is the case with all entertainers, what you see and hear before the cameras and on stages are carefully crafted for effectively deliver to the audience. Listen as MSNBC's Scarborough and Brzezinski perform off-camera (with a hot mic) with the carnival barker from Manhattan. If you want to see the developments of a soft interview, check this out.

Watch as the carnival barker sets the stage with handing-off a supportive set of words for the MSNBC host's "pathing" for Trump earlier in the day. It is all about Trump.

Town-Hall hot mic: 
Trump: I watched your show this morning. You had me almost as a legendary figure. I like that.

[More good-natured chatting and joshing until the 30-second on-air warning.]

Mika: Do you want me to do the one on deportation?

Joe: We really have to go to some questions.

Trump: That's right. Nothing too hard, Mika.
Le show with Harry Shearer February 21 2016

"You had me almost a legendary figure. I like that."  You have seen if before, it is like an adult positively reinforcing children. And, yes the children really do respond with more glowing words to offer the carnival barker to the Morning Joe audience. Trump gave more from the GOP leader to the host with a bit less devotion to GOP sycophancy. "Nothing too hard, Mika." Trump knows Scarborough will never challenge his reality show charade. Joe is the good conservative.

Let's take a quick look and listen at another issue that has oozed from yet another GOP candidate. The Differentiator, Ben Carson, has for some reason adopted Marco Rubio's tactic of continuous attacks against President Obama. While we recognize the universal hatred of Obama on the Right, we find it ridiculous and shameful the extent to which some GOP candidates will stoop.

Ben Carson has yet again followed former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in questioning the upbringing of President Obama as it relates to his race. 

While also joining a radio show, Glenn Thrush-Off Message, Carson during a 35-minute interview drew upon the Obama is not black strategy when questioned about his receptivity in the Black Community.

Also linked to CNN audio (linked):
While Carson reached into a deep no-win bucket, you should not in any way be surprised another GOP talking head joined in the fray. Of all people, California's Darell Issa joined in on he inane strategy. Granted, Issa was led into comment via Chris Cuomo, CNN Host, but nonetheless the thought and iteration of Carson as (effectively) more black than Obama, is shameful and ridiculous.


And, The Band Plays On...with a song that remains the same.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santorum Has Yet Another "BLAH People" Moment ...This One Media Induced)

During his semi-successful primary campaign run in 2012, Rick Santorum went here:

This morning his total aversion to tolerance and his deep-rooted bigotry was cornered like a wild and crazed Alligator. Morning Joe's Mika Brezenski asked the "second tier" Candidate a question that should be posed to each candidate (Republican and Democrat).

Santorum Finally Asked teh $64,000 Question! by thepardu

Santorum seems to be America's Number one perpetual presidential candidate who doesn't seem to have a source of income. Who is funding his bigotry and racism?


Monday, August 10, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News Ailes Calls Trump?

Early today Morning Joe (Scarborough) and his team of conservatives apparently hosted a phone conversation with the nascent GOP party leader, Donald Trump. 

The segment is 14 minutes long and filled with attempts to question Trump and filled with Trump yet another rambling Trump diatribe. Scarborough was apparently on a mission to pin trump down on his ongoing issues with Fox News and the suspicion Trump and Roger Ailes talked over the weekend. Of course, Trump wouldn't answer the direct and repeated question, but uttered an interesting statement amidst his responses. He clearly stated he would not answer as he has spent his career avoiding "embarrassing people." Would a phone call over the weekend tend to embarrass Roger Ailes? Interesting.

Listen closely....

Trump: Megyn Kelly should be apologizing to me!

When the GOP communications department butt-heads against the nascent GOP party leader, you can imagine the communications department backs down. Trump has tweeted about a call he received from Roger Ailes.

Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


Trump: Fox News Boss Roger Ailes Called To Say I'll Be Treated Fairly


AP Photo / Evan Vucci


Friday, June 26, 2015

Ken Burns Appears On Morning Joe: Nails The Confederate Flag.

Well the past two weeks have been pure hell for conservative America and the GOP. The same period has proven to be redemption of Americans who long for glimpses of a US that foretold the prospect of the good life for all: US like prior to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. 

The world turned against the GOP, after the racist slaughter of nine innocent worshippers in an African-American church by a radical racist. Party tolerance of the Confederate flag as a quasi moniker has worked to expose core values. Once, the killer's alleged manifesto was found to include brandishing the Confederate Flag while similar images depicted the killer burning the American flag. An act of terror despite a denial of such for the Director of the FBI.

Why has it taken a wanton and senseless killing for Americans to turn against a flag that clearly depicted rebellion against established order for many and outright in-your-face defiance of human rights for others? Why has overt racism from increasing numbers of Americans gone unaddressed ad literally ignored to the point of an enabling acquiescence?

A critical contributing factor is GOP manipulation of our psyches via their effective Southern Strategy. When politicians and facilitate media are allowed to manipulate intolerance, fear of the other and aversion to  acceptance of a changing society people follow the dogma. It doesn't take much of a leap to move from a follower to enacting one's twisted beliefs and values.

SLATE'S Daniel Politi authored a must read piece a few days back that includes evidence of a young mind influenced by radicalizing racist. I have heard reports of suspicion Roof may not have written the so-called manifesto. In any case, Roof's use of the Confederate flag and right- wing affinity for the flag is clear evidence of anti-African-American and Anti-civil rights dogma.

Ken Burns, video and documentary historian, echoes the same sentiment. Since, I swore off MSNBC's Morning Joe over three years ago, I did not view the following segment in its entirety. I apologize for my inability to edit out typical Mika and Joe chatter. The Burns segment minutes are worth the time.

Americans should stand against festering and politically expedient policy that divides the nation and contributes to crackpot racist acts.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MSNBC's Morning Joe Goes Ballistic (AGAIN)

What we have next is the very reason I gave up on watching MSNBC's Morning Joe.  Well, over two years ago I witnessed behavior from MSNBC's morning show ($100,000 per week) conservative show namesake that reminded of a spoiled children in a candy store. I have also grown great deal of disdain for his co host's demeanor with regard to Scarborough's acts.

If you need additional evidence of typical behavior for Scarborough, watch as his on air prop and dialog does not follow his script. You should also watch his tool  co host as she (outside of camera view)  seemed to touch Scarborough's leg in an effort to quell what she knew was coming, Moreover, what Brzezinski's face as she notices Todd is going outside of script.

Crooks and Liars (2014)

Joe Scarborough Goes Ballistic On Chuck Todd Over Sgt. Bergdahl's Father

Why does Scarborough so remind of Bill O'Reilly? Why is there an obvious undercurrent of anger just below the surface in so many conservatives. If you find the last statement a bit of a subjective perspective, try interacting with a few conservatism on social media. 

Apparently, this morning Scarborough forgot to take his meds.  The background for the segment was rooted in the Clinton Global Initiative (The Clinton Foundation) and recent conservative efforts to use the Foundation as a magnet for large contribution for foreign contributors. Contributors also include icons of conservative America

Tamp Bay Times Politifact ran a piece on the Foundation. My reading did not yield enough about the initiative to raise any ire. Actually, other than the fact all donation recipient organization spend significant funds on administrative costs, the Foundation seems to at the "end-of-the-day" offer a degree of global "good."

Despite revelations of significant contributions to the Foundation from conservative Americans, Scarborough seemed to desire an anti-Hillary segment that simply did not go according to Hoyle.

It seems Scarborough left the set still fuming with silliness and an effort to discredit his guests choice of ananlogy. He tweeted the following after the show ended.
 FYI, the Nazi comparison on our set came from a Churchill quote from 1943 when England was at the height of its fight against Hitler.
I will defer additional comment due to my comments in the opening of this piece.