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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Polls, Polls, And More Polling Data

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On A busy Sunday morning, there is little time to devote to promulgating information. We thought a set of Trump approval rating graphics would tide you over for a few hours.

Chuck Todd's, Meet The Press, and early morning Trump.

Trump low marks for first 100 days: NBC News/WSJ poll

While NBC is reporting on Trump as the worse president in modern times, we wouldn;t be fair if we did not mention Trump is doing very well in one category on the poll. It seems Americans love the dropping of bombs and explosive ordinance. Trump has a 62% approval rating among the respondent group when asked their opinion of Trump's Syrian fireworks display over and across and empty airport. 

The following set of graphics is not meant as a form of snark. The data shows we are heading down a path which gave us George W. Bush and an international crisis (when coupled with poor banking decisions from the Clinton administration). 

Graphic derived from New York Times Exit Polling Data 

Image result for who voted for trump by race New York Times

We do asset it is impossible to view the previous two graphics without contemplation of a couple of points. Non-whites vote moderately fewer than whites and whites seems to vote very much down the lines of social voting. Republican economic data is well published as a reliable flop after a period of good fortune. People who avoid such data while keeping their eyes and ears open to GOP political mantra (nationalism, militarism and in the case of 2016, celebrity worship) doom us to reliving our past. The current president, his cabal, and the GOP are so very administratively deranged, we may not escape the next Republican national abyss.