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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gallup Looks To Assess "What Went Wrong" And Romney Clings To "Gifts".

Fox News Insider  November 3, 2012

Check out the numbers in this latest, potentially game-changing Gallup poll. The poll taken among likely voters shows the GOP presidential hopeful Gov. Mitt Romney leading over President Obama, 51 to 45 percent — and for the first time, the advantage is outside the poll’s margin of error.
Do you think Romney can maintain the lead through the next debate? Let us know!
pics on Sodahead November 03, 2012
Gallup poll of early voting results with 15% of registered voters having already cast their votes: Romney currently leads Obama 52% to 46% among voters who say they have already cast their ballots. Yay or nay?
A former polling giant 'blew' poll surveying and reporting during the run-up to the 2012 General Election. 

Gallup and other polling companies performed miserably during the final months leading to the landmark electoral defeat of Mitt Romney. Yes, I used the Romney defeat Vs. the Obama win to make a point.  Poll companies like Gallup, Rasmussen and a few others (including NPR) without doubt contributed to an election night 'nightmare" for the Romney campaign, conservative media, Karl Rove, and conservative supporters who believed failed execution of political polling.  Moreover, it has been reported that Mitt Romney was so confident of being president-elect on November 7, 2012 he did not prepare an election night concession speech. 

Gallup has embarked on a focused study on methodology that led to their "way-off" predictions.  

Huffington Post

Gallup Presidential Poll: How Did Brand-Name Firm Blow Election?

Posted:   |  Updated: 03/08/2013 6:40 pm EST

WASHINGTON -- Gallup, which has long touted itself as the most trusted survey brand in the world, is facing a crisis. If Barack Obama's reelection in November was widely considered a win for data crunchers, who had predicted the president's victory in the face of skeptical pundits, it was a black mark for Gallup, whose polls leading up to Election Day had given the edge to Republican nominee Mitt Romney.
As quick review a POLITICO post election results piece reveals the extent to which some major polls failed in accurate reporting. The review will also reveal polls that were evidently considered reliable by the Romney Campaign (Et tu Karl Rove). 

The salient question is will other polling companies join in internal study and review that could result in more reliable survey data.  Any study of Gallup failings in 2012, will lead directly to the need to expand their survey into groups that seem to have alluded their efforts, thus failing the GOP and Mitt Romney.

A review of the NY Times 2012 Exit Poll Results it doe snot take much to realize that Gallup and certain other polls accomplished their flawed work without consideration of various dimension of diversity (religion race, educations, geographic considerations etc).  In America, when one overlooks diversity, they are effectively planning to fail.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Christopher Jordan Dorner: "Hero", "Murderer", "Victim", "Nat Turner", Or Something Else?

These people were not LAPD management...

As the nation moves away from the case of a person who chose his own "way-out", allow a few words from one who suffers from a dichotomy over the last ten days.

Various forms of mental deterioration and a "shelf of murderers."

Aurora murderer
Sandy Hook murderer
I am unbiased in my view that Dorner "flipped" to a state of mind that touched into the irrational and mentally disturbed. He touched into the irrational because, he did not seem to be a permanent resident denizen of the insane as was the case of the Colorado theater murderer. Doner was a much different case of mental deterioration.   His actions appeared to resemble the acts the equally insane Sandy Hook murderer.  Yet, each exhibition of insanity were as different as day and night. No one kills five to six year old children. It just does not happen! 

I also do not place Dorner in the same 'mental' bag as Timothy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols (Oklahoma Bombing perpetrators).

Dorner shared one fact with Ted Kaczynski, Ph.D, the "Unabomber": A manifesto. Kadczynski and Dorner also appeared to have shared deep rooted and long developing mental deterioration with associated desire to harm other people.

Murderer, Maimer and Terrorist

Despite differences in the listed perpetrators, I place Dorner on that same shelf of shame: Murderers

Wayne LaPierre's (NRA) "The only way to deal
with a bad guy with a guy, is a good guy with a gun
" Really?

Murderers all and with varying degrees of mental deterioration.

Dorner's Manifesto linked 

LAPD (And other large city Police Departments)

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

America's Right-wing Bigotry Shows its Ugly Head!

The perfect spokespeople

Is Chick fil A a profile in bigotry

Whether intentional or 'by corporate principles' does the corporation attempt to affect its paradigm biases?  If the corporation uses its considerable clout (money) for the good of athleticism as delineated in the NY Times article below, does it also via its roots (owners) also use said clout against LGBT existentialism. More specifically, the very existence of the prospect of gay-marriage.

In response to the NY Times article below, I have offered the following.
.....To add to the comments about Chick Fil A (below) a real progressive 'soldier' posted this on her FB Page. I am very grateful for the posting as it is evidence of just how corporations and the nation's moneyed classes manipulate and influence issues that we minions simply roll around in like kids in a sand play pit. (The whole Chick fi A kerfuffle) Seriously reminds me of the Hunger Game Movie.
The New York Times has accomplished a bit of investigative journalism related to Chick fil A. The findings point directly to the root of the CEO's remarks. The CEO is reported to be deeply religious; his corporate owners have a history of anti-gay dogma. The combination is very much akin to the corporate blunders of Susan B. Komen for the Cure (Planned Parenthood funding). Owners have their will with their property and their will permeates  their property (the corporation). When the moneyed powerful push their agendas down (as if some sort of Trickle-down theory) it is disconcerting and harmful to the greater good, and eventually doomed to failure. Do these Top 1% (ers) actually believe that they can counteract human nature once it sets about taking a path that ends in realty? Despite all of the 'supportive' protests, at the end-of-the-day, the protesters are actually supportive of bigotry. The issue somewhat reminds me of Little Rock, Ark, during the school desegregation strife of the mid 1960s. The Examiner's Robert Sobel (today) reported on 19 cases of discrimination filed against Chick fil A. Apparently, the corporation has ingrained management practices and corporate culture that reaches the illegal side of fair employment practices. "The tip of the Iceberg is just that". That which is visible with a greater presence below the surface.

Chick-fil-A Thrust Back Into Spotlight on Gay Rights