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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: When A President Should Shut Up

A few days ago we published this piece: 

The piece has a genesis in personal observation of the very visible portrait of former US President Andrew Jackson hanging visibly near Trump's desk.

It seems the nation's 45th President continues to sit for interviews without realizing his signaling his deep-rooted bigotry and racism, is harmful to the nation. He may tickle the innards of the nation's overt and closeted white nationalist, but he also signals a regressive personality to non supporters and people across the globe. Trump's early morning interview led to comment about Andrew Jackson. (Newser) (Mediaite Sirus audio).

President Trump: "Why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?"
— CNN (@CNN) May 1, 2017

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Here's Trump's full answer on "swashbuckler" Andrew Jackson and the Civil War: "Why could that one not have been worked out?"

Long story short, Andrew Jackson was a murderous slave owner and perpetrator of genocide against Native Original People North Americans.  

While the Internet is full of varied scribes and articles about the causes of the US Civil War, we offer a very abbreviated piece which seems to capture the essence of what we learned about the war. 

Wonder if Trump (and Bannon) are not aware Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War? Rest assured Bannon knows Jackson was a slave owner. Of course, there wouldn't have been a Civil War if Jackson was the US President.

Donald Trump is a dangerous person. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Andrew Jackson...Native American - Honoring our Ancestors, Culture & Spirituality

Native American - Honoring our Ancestors, Culture & Spirituality
Native American - Honoring our Ancestors, Culture & Spirituality

Right now our Country is busy preparing for the 246th birthday celebration of our 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson which will take place all across the Nation on the March 15th. To this day many Americans still continue to think of Andrew Jackson as some great American hero, a true and honored leader....a true "Patriot." Here is the real truth about Andrew Jackson's history. An "American History" that IS omitted from the history books and is NOT taught in school:

This is Andrew Jackson, our 7th President of the United States whose face gloriously adorns the $20 bill. He is also recognized and honored as a great American hero by statues, on memorials, and in paintings. And.....YES, he is even in our wallets!!! Andrew Jackson earned his fame as an "Indian fighter" in the US army. One known fact about Andrew Jackson is, unlike previous Presidents, he DID NOT defer to Congress in policy-making but rather used his "POWER OF THE VETO" and his party leadership to assume his own command to suit his needs. Jackson executed many of his enemies without any due process and regularly settled his own personal disputes by deadly duels, and was once again rewarded for his atrocities and crimes against humanity by being elected to a 2nd term in office.

Andrew Jackson was a wealthy slave owner and an infamous Indian killer, gaining the nickname ‘Sharp Knife’ from the Cherokee. He was also the founder of the Democratic Party, demonstrating that genocide against indigenous people is a nonpartisan issue. His first effort at Indian fighting was waging a war against the Creeks. President Jefferson had appointed him to appropriate Creek and Cherokee lands. In his brutal military campaigns against the Natives, Andrew Jackson recommended that troops systematically kill Native women and children after the massacres in order to "complete the extermination." The Creeks lost 23 million acres of land in southern Georgia and central Alabama, paving the way for cotton plantation slavery. But this was not enough for Andrew Jackson to satisfy his greed as he then set his greedy eyes on the Spanish territory of Florida, home to the Seminole Indians.

Many of the black slaves "owned' during Jackson's "reign of terror" had already managed to escape from their bondages in Georgia and Alabama and fled to live with the Seminoles in the Spanish territory of Florida. The original "runaways" and their descendants over the years managed to establish a very peaceful black farming community deep inside the Seminole territory. This did not set too well with Jackson. He took an army of Southern whites illegally into Seminole territory and viciously attacked the peaceful black farming community, murdering and slaughtering 270 men, women and children. Jackson then took the slaves who had managed to survive his vicious attack back to Georgia and Alabama and literally "gave them away" to ANY wealthy white plantation owner who claimed to be an "original owner" or a descendant of an "original owner" of the original runaways!!! 

In 1830, a year after being elected President, Andrew Jackson signed a law that he had proposed – the "Indian Removal Act", which legalized "ethnic cleansing." Within the next seven years 46,000 Indigenous People were forcefully removed from their homelands east of the Mississippi. Wealthy white Southerners wanted to expand their profitable and fertile slave-based plantations and needed the these Native lands to do it. These Native lands were home to the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole nations. This forced removal, known as the Trail of Tears gave 25 million acres of Native lands to these wealthy white Southerners. In the Trail of Tears, over 4,000 Native men, women and children died of cold by exposure to the harsh winter temperatures, inadequate clothing, lack of blankets, starvation, and to diseases of the white man as they were forced to walk the 100's and 100's of miles from their fertile Native homelands to the western, most dry, unyielding and barren lands now known as Oklahoma.

I often wonder how many of our current members of congress still consider Andrew Jackson to be some kind of great American patriot? Why is Andrew Jackson's DARK and SHAMEFULL history still being omitted from our History books and not taught to our children in school? My belief is it is much too shameful to acknowledge and teach to our children!! It is much easier for them to continue to cast a more favorable light on this murderer rather than teach them of the true atrocities of Andrew Jackson and his crimes against humanity that occurred during the colonization process of the American Continent. It is true to say that this countries "other founding forefathers" also committed crimes against humanity, but Andrew Jackson holds the top honor in this country's "HALL OF SHAME"!!! 

No birthday celebrations here for Andrew Jackson!!!! Just the facts!!!! If you agree with this post, by all means like and share it. Let's see just many this can reach before the birthday celebrations begin on March 15th. Share the real truth and then feel free to post the link to this page on any site you see fit to do so!!! Many thanks and much Love & Peace to all!!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Native American - Honoring our Ancestors, Culture & Spirituality's

The screed following our introduction is available via special permission from the Native American - Honoring our Ancestors, Culture & Spirituality's Facebook page. A page that I will wager not many Americans visit.  We do not visit such places for various reasons, all of which are losses to ourselves via information deprivation. Of course, we do not visit, we are not First Nation People.  How sad!  We are not actors, celebrities or professional athletes, but we damned certain follow them as if they are human magnets and idols for materialist worship.

We are "avoiders".

One major reason for avoiding such repositories of history, is the dissonance that flows through the mind when we see the horrible images. The horrors of the written words. The horrors of our past invade our  'comfortable' and delusional psyches.  We do not like to think about a past that was manifest genocide of a people: First Nation Natives North Americans.  The "avoiders" do not like being reminded of African slavery in North and Southern America.  The very thought of Japanese (or Asian) internment camps in WW II, is a topic to avoid. And, most have no idea the horrors of discrimination reaped upon Italian immigrants. Ah, Italian Immigrants...a people who could assimilate via skin color far more readily than people blessed with deeper levels of melanin or skin pigmentation.

The Progressive Influence's December, 29 commemoration of the Wounded Knee Massacre (1890) was as critical as any and all Martin Luther King, Jr commemorations three weeks later.  We commemorate just as we do the Holocaust, Memorial Day (AKA Decoration Day (see Early History), and the honoring of 9/11 dead in September of each year.  

We post not in angst against those who gave us a 'soiled' and tragic past, we post for sake of honor, remembrance, and with an eye towards the future.

We do not forget!

"The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors."

Chief Plenty Coups (Crow)

"How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong like right."

Black Hawk (Sauk)
 "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
 George Santayana (Non- First Nation) 
(Black and white images below added by The Pardu of The Progressive Influence)
Actual tiny handcuffs used by the U.S. government on Native American children to drag them away from their families and send them to boarding schools where their heritage was stripped from them.

Haskell’s Cultural Center & Museum, located on campus, tells the full—and often cruel—story of Haskell’s painful past as well as providing a venue to showcase Native art, culture from the past and present. Opened in 2002, the center features the permanent exhibit Honoring Our Children Through Seasons of Sacrifice, Survival, Change and Celebration, featuring artifacts, photos and letters from the school’s early days. 
Among the artifacts currently on display is a heavy lock and key from the small on site jail used to punish unruly students. Soon, perhaps, the handcuffs will be included among these artifacts, adding its chilling testimony regarding the practices used by early educators to kill the Indian and save the child.
Not much is known about the diminutive handcuffs, which were donated to the Cultural Center in 1989 by a non-Indian man who described their use to Bobbi Rahder, former director of the Haskell Cultural Center & Museum. “He told us they were used to restrain captured Indian children who were being taken to boarding schools,” says Rahder. The middle-age white man said his father had the handcuffs for years but that he no longer wanted to have them in his possession. “He seemed relieved to get rid of them,” Rahder recalls.
I made many phone calls, but was unable to track down the man, who is said to have lived in Lawrence. According to Rahder, he failed to respond to messages they had left him over the years, and he has not been seen at Haskell since the day he brought the handcuffs to the Cultural Center. “It was all very vague. He didn’t tell us how his father came to have the handcuffs. He just showed up one day and donated them to the Center."
Mysterious donations are common at the Cultural Center. The handcuffs, however, were much different, “I was shocked and afraid to touch them."A number of elders and leaders, conducted a modest ceremony the next day at the school’s medicine fire. Women from the Creek and Choctaw Nations, provided a tiny handmade quilt in which the handcuffs were reverently wrapped before being stored in the Cultural Center’s archives. The handcuffs remained in storage for more than 20 years.
Although the Cultural Center displays a number of artifacts related to the harsh treatment of early Indian students at Haskell, the handcuffs were simply too painful to be addressed. Elders blessed the handcuffs and were further advised to put them away. The handcuffs languished in the archives of the center until this past summer.
As word of the handcuffs began to leak out over the past few years, students and faculty began discussing the importance of acknowledging their existence and putting them on display. For whatever reason, no one at the school has been willing to take the lead in the handling of this powerful artifact, but with the approval of Haskell administration, it was agreed to unwrap them for ICTMN.
The tiny handcuffs are a tangible example of the painful history between Native people and the U.S. “The history of our genocide has been so swept under the rug by the mainstream. People need to see the impact that these policies had on us,“ she  says. “If those handcuffs could talk, they would tell some terrible stories,” she says.
Steve Prue, spokesman for Haskell, says there are no immediate plans regarding how the handcuffs will be presented to the public, nor how they will be displayed. He agrees with students that the handcuffs are an appropriate item to be included in displays of other Haskell artifacts at the Cultural Center. “It’s good to have these sorts of things on display in the Cultural Center,” he says. “They tell the real story of who truly paid the price for us to be here today.” There is no doubt, to any compassionate reader of this horrid and unspeakable history, as to who were the real savages were.

Actual tiny handcuffs used by the U.S. government on Native American children to drag them away from their families and send them to boarding schools where their heritage was stripped from them.

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