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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New York Affordable Care Act Exchange Rates!

There are times when major changes require a degree of initiative from those who stand to benefit most.  

"If we cannot help ourselves, do not expect others to help." The Pardu

The following  APRIL 2013 graphic shows 69% of a specific group of survey respondents felt the ACA was "Confusing and complicated." and only 22% felt they were "Pretty well informed."

Now, contrast that level of knowledge with the good healthcare exchange rates news from California and New York State.

According to CNN Money, we offer yet another example of how the ACA can work for the good of the people and insurance companies. Both New York State and California have realized true benefit from healthcare reform. While, I some states will not have the exact experience as New York and California reform has proven effective in the nation's two most populated states.  

CNN Money

New Yorkers to see 50% drop in health insurance costs in Obamacare exchange

  @Luhby July 17, 2013: 5:32 PM ET

obamacare nys
NEW YORK (CNNMoney)New York state residents will be able to get health insurance next year on the Obamacare exchange for half the average price available in the state today. 
The cost of a "silver" plan -- which covers at least 70% of medical costs, on average -- will drop to as little as $359 a month for a single adult Manhattan resident, for instance, according to a rate sheet released Wednesday by state officials. Currently, the cheapest plan a city resident can buy on the individual market is $1,001.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

US Chamber of Commerce under investigation

Citizens United is facilitating never before fathomable amounts of political contributions from conservative Top 1 per centers and probably large sums from crony foreign concerns into the Romney presidential campaign.  The 'Uber' wealthy and GOP operatives like Karl Rove are funneling secret contributions into and through organizations that will eventually fall to negative scrutiny.   It seems the political Right learned nothing from other failed examples of 'promulgating' their agenda through organizations.  Susan Koman's flop of temporarily dropping funding for Planned Parenthood is a clear example of just how ill-advised and ill-planned right-wing dogma ends in embarrassment.  The Koman affair was not related to unlimited campaign contributions; it was a testament of decisions and actions which often lead 'Water Gate' like revelations. The American Legislative Exchange Council was another such shadowy organization with corporate contributions funneled to state legislators.

Thom Hartmann of the Thom Hartmann Program is reporting on the classic Citizens United malfeasance.  Malfeasance that has led to an investigation of the US Camber of Commerce. 

The US Chamber of Commerce is under investigation 
Submitted by louisehartmann on 27. June 2012  

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is taking a close look at the Chamber of Commerce’s political activities.On Tuesday – Schneiderman issued a subpoena to executives with organizations that have funneled millions of dollars into the Chamber of Commerce under the disguise of charitable contributions, to determine whether or not that money was actually used for political purposes – like running ads against Democrats and lobbying Congress. 

Conservatives like Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers may have been violating the tax code, claiming tax-exempt status, to shield their donors, while they run blatant political advertising.  But now, Attorney General Schneiderman is on to them, and his investigation could blow open the doors of these giant pools of dark money – revealing exactly who is behind at least some of the cash flowing into the 2012 election.

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Louise Hartmann closes her piece with the following:

" Keep an eye on this one."

We live in the United States. Unlimited secret contributions will end as any American endeavor involving huge sums.  The greedy will find a way to personally gain, get caught, hire high fee lawyers, beat any prosecution and all while we sit 'collared' with an undesirable 'yes man' as president of the United States.