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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick Hit: Racist At The Tennis Championship! (Racist Email)

There are times when people want to question or challenge assertions of bias, and discrimination regarding employment.

If you are a minority, regardless on ethnicity or nationality, you have been discriminated against, and there is a strong prospect you will face it again. If you are a woman, rest assured you have been discriminated against, especially in the workplace.

We posted a piece this week about the disgusting racism that manifest as Tweets when Miss New York, (East Indian ancestry born in Syracuse, NY.) won the 2014 Miss America Contest. Well, despite one's thoughts about the 'beefcake" nature of the contest, it is an established annual event. While African-American women have won the event, the 'air' has changed in social America. In 2013, racism and bigotry have devolved to the point total intolerance of all things non-white. A change from years past solely attributable to American conservatism and A moderate number of GOP politicians. Linked piece.

Miss America aside, how about the prospects of getting a job with this guys organization regardless of one's experience and equipped with a fully matriculated PhD in Mathematics? Experience plus education, a ticket to success and very employable (in most cases). Well, not if you are an African-American.

“No African Americans please only limited quantities that have brains and can actually do a day’s work,” Dennison wrote on Oct. 1, 2009, in reference to recruiting potential employees for the prestigious tennis tourney, whose women’s title was won by top-ranked Serena Williams this month.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

CNN, Fox News, New York Post: Right-Wing Media Gone Rogue
"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ..."~Poet Emma Lazarus 

After John King, CNN News, and his phantom sources incorrectly reported arrests in the Boston bombing and after labelling a possible suspect as "dark-skinned",  American xenophobia kicked-in like a tsunami.  African-Americans have centuries of living in xenophobic fear as well as various ethnic groups and people from other countries.  The nation blossomed as the hub of the free world and properly flock to the nation's shores; all hoping for a better life.  Italians,  Germans, Scots, Prussians, Chinese et al. as ethnic and cultural groups caught heavy discrimination and intolerance from those who preceded them to the new world. Ethnic groups like Africans (forced immigration) and Native Americans (the bronze of manifest destiny genocide) were clearly identifiable via their brown, bronze and black skin color.  

American Xenophobia A Short Illustrated History of Xenophobia in the United States
Italians immigrants were particularly mistreated for decades.  I have excluded Native Americans. How dare anyone to classify First Nation People and people native to North America as an immigrants.  African-American immigration is well known by and often reinforced by anyone reads the TPI. Italians Americans are reported throughout written US history to have suffered oppressive hell at the hands of xenophobic US citizens.   As I am no anthropologist and I am no social scientist my layman's mind takes me to the fact that some Italians may possibly have possessed more Melanin laden  melanocytes than others who lived in the nation. 

Skin color has contributed to discrimination and bias as much as religion has contributed to human conflict and war.  During an all too brief time in US history,  oppressive acts against people of color were less overt, less perpetrated and overt racism was well hidden in personal closets to avoid exposure.  Since the early 1980s,  xenophobic racial strife and white privilege has oozed from the American under-psyche as surely as Ronald Reagan's overt support for the racist Bob Jones University.  Kevin Phillips and Lee Atwater's political election focused "southern strategy" in the mid to late 1970s and 1980s may very well have paved the path for the state of today's "racial" America.  and it is not a good state, when we sit and watch highly compensated supposed news professionals air broadcast akin to TV shows like "COPS". 

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has tracked hate groups,  militia and extremist groups since 1980.  Hate groups and militia are one set of racist manifestation, subtle, closeted and social bias leading to acts of white privilege is yet another. While we recognize all who are biased do not perpetuate hate crimes. However, we are also cognizant that acts of hate (increased militia groups, etc.) are manifestations that accompany intolerance and fear. When media like Fox News, CNN and the New York Post broadcast or print damning stereotypical reports focused on people of color and false arrest reports, bad things happen. 

If you accept or question my premise that hate group members and activities are influenced by our politics follow me through two quick charts.   

patriot and militia groups in America

The charts tell a story.  Hate groups and militia groups seem to swell in number with Democratic Administrations. In 2008 and 2009,  something took place to drove the numbers up the scale like a thermometer and an influenza patient.

Parallel to the charted depictions above, the nation has also grown via our politics into a state of racial divisions and conservative malcontent. When Phillip's and Atwater's strategies are applied to consideration of our changed social dynamics, it is easy to see the result. Evolved intolerance to the point of increasing overt manifestations, politicians using "code" phrase as dog whistles (Blah People, food stamps, welfare queen, gifts), overt voter suppression, and resurgence of male domination of all things "woman".  While Atwater was no racist, his strategies, over time, have contributed to John King's callous reporting as surely as Fox News broadcast daily anti-Obama segments. 

Conservative media's quest for ratings and viewership in addition to its role as disseminaters of propaganda, feeds undercurrent of bigotry and racism unattainable via other means.  Fox News, Beck and Limbaugh radio, the New York Post and the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal are powerful catalyst and influencers of conservatives, their politicians and the nation's social well being. 

Limbaugh and Beck are obvious carnival-barking money hounds.  Each radio demagogue has loyal listeners who tune- in on a daily basis for inoculations of brain cell killing drivel specifically and effectively developed and spoken as entertainment in support of their multi-million dollar contracts.  when the message moves to television it takes a far more powerful and sinister and nefarious aura.  It reaches more people, it reaches casual viewers (who view for the moment without deep thought of what they just watched) and the message is driven deep into the psyche via visuals.  FOXpen (Fox Propaganda and entertainment Network) is a longstanding anti-liberal, anti-progressive and anti-Obama source of propaganda and misinformation.  Now that CNN has adopted a concerted strategy to garner market share and viewers via moving to the Right on the political spectrum, it joins Fox in presentation of false and manipulated broadcast stories.  

Examples of the new strategy are both visual and news content oriented. The New CNN President has removed African-American host and pundits from CNN broadcast so overtly, it reminds of Jim Crow television. Recent reports of CNN's failure to fully cover climate change via mention of combustion emissions as a possible cause is very revealing.  And, John King's overt example of flawed journalism this week places the icing on the new CNN cake. (e.g.,"dark-skinned male"...."under arrest".... Cuomo's "arraignment").  Watching CNN this remind me so much of Fox News I literally looked twice to see if my remote was functioning properly. 

The New York Post joined the 'shark feed' via the following

Rachel Maddow last evening on false reporting and the New York Post


Authorities circulate photos of two men spotted carrying bags near site of Boston bombings

  • Last Updated: 1:54 PM, April 18, 2013
  • Posted: 2:30 AM, April 18, 2013
Aaron “Tango” Tang
Cops are seeking these two men (above) who were spotted near the site of the Boston blasts.
A response from the New York Post is as surreal and astounding as any Right-wing rationalization I have heard in my lifetime. Media Matters
New York Post Editor: We Would Need a "Crystal Ball" To Report Marathon Bombing Accurately
Read the Media Matters link for details.   We are not going to keyboardi anything on our pages from the New York Post.  It is a modern-day example of "Yellow Journalism" unparalleled in the United States.  There is no rational words an editor can share that will rationalize or justify the "BagMen" headline.  
Do you get the impression the New York Post scoured images from the Marathon Finish Line and chose images with men of Arabic ancestry?
One more mental exercise.  Can you imagine the number of black people who were lynched over the centuries under circumstances similar to that of the New York Post.  If that prospect is too deep for your sensitivity, how about the number of African-Americans who were or are falsely imprisoned as a result of journalistic malfeasance such as the New Post "Bag Men" story and photos. Neither CNN, FoxPen, nor the New York Post have gone public with apologizes for their journalistic flubs.  As Rachel Maddow intimated in a portion of the clip that I did not present.  "They just seem as if they do not care."

Monday, February 18, 2013

Forest Whitaker: Victimized by The Fabric of Oppression



ROUSTED: Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker was stopped and patted down at a Morningside Heights deli when an employee wrongly suspected him of shoplifting.
Pacific Coast News
ROUSTED: Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker was 
 stopped and patted down at a Morningside Heights deli when 
an employee wrongly suspected him of shoplifting.

 Warzer Jaff;
Do you recognize this guy?  He reminds me of an Academy Award winner actor, who appears in a few movies and theatrical performances from time to time. It is probably safe to assume he is a multi-millionaire. While petty shoplifting is a crime of convenience well outside of crime that harms people (either physically, socially, or monetarily), there are shoplifters who pilfer to satisfaction a psychological need, and others who do so for the simple thrill. 

Forrest Whitaker was probably not dress as he appears he last Friday when accosted and detained for suspicion of shoplifting.   We do not know if others have been detained by employees who work at the deli, we have to assume at least one employee must have watched Whitaker's every move upon entering the deli.

Click for larger view the click chart
Have you ever felt you was being watched by a retail store employee?  Have ever heard of profiling, mostly perpetrated by police officers?  Would it surprise you to know most liberal cities in the nation, which happen to have large African-American populations, are fertile fields of profiling. (see chart above)

GAWKER published an entertaining yet poignant piece about the employee detention.  A link related a a patron's perspective on the incident is both telling, and tragic.

No matter the level of accomplishment in our "exceptional" nation, some people suffer under the engulfing umbrella of The Fabric of Oppression
FEB 17, 2013 10:52 AM 
Forest Whitaker Accused of Shoplifting, 
Frisked at Upper West Side Deli
 Molly Fitzpatrick Oscar winner Forest Whitaker was wrongly accused of shoplifting and subjected to a humiliating pat down at a Morningside Heights deli on Friday morning.  
If West Side Story were written today, "Officer Krupke" would contain at least a verse and a half about stop-and-frisk, the NYPD's favorite pastime. But in this case, no cops were called—Whitaker was publicly frisked by a Milano Deli employee, in what seems to be an instance of blatant discrimination.  
Is it possible that the man had just Netflixed The Last King of Scotland and thought the brilliant actor was, in fact, the reprehensible Idi Amin himself? On second thought—nope, just blatant discrimination. Gothamist spoke with a regular deli patron who was present for the incident with Whitaker. She claims to have witnessed previous negative treatment of black customers by the store's employees, as well having heard staff spout "racist crap."  
Classy as always, Whitaker (who came into the store to buy a yogurt—any forensic scientist worth his weight in old-timey fingerprint powder knows that yogurt and crime do not mix) agreed to the employee's request not to involve the authorities out of fear of losing his job. Good luck with that one, buddy.
[Image via Getty]
Whitaker as a member of a minority group is by default suspicious, at least from the perspective of one deli employee. The actors situation is all too common and has deep, deep roots. Those roots are far deeper than pure bias or bigotry (or even racism). He was victimized (albeit it temporarily) by the deeper gamut of oppression.

The Fabric of Oppression
The fabric of oppression is a "systematic phenomenon that creates some groups that are dominant or privileged by it and other groups that are targeted or oppressed by it" (24). Much like the culture of power, it is plausible to be in the dominant group and benefit, but not be aware or behave in a manner that is mean, prejudiced or hateful. In the same way, "one can be part of a targeted group without ever experiencing a hateful act" (24). Another key aspect that although one may belong in a dominant group does not guarantee wealth, power and success, but greatly improves the chances. On the other hand, being part of a targeted group, does not literally translate to failure, but once again increases the chance for it. 
A key aspect of the fabric of oppression is that there is institutionalized oppression. This institutional oppression, which can be legal, illegal or self-perpetuating, is different from internalized oppression. This type of oppression occurs "when an individual takes the external misinformation, stereotypes and negative images" (26). 

It does not matter that Whitaker is an accomplished actor (artist). It does not matter that he via the scope of his financial means, was not shoplifting. What matters was his race and an apparent accepted norm in that deli the black male, is a suspect upon entering the establishment. 

The Fabric of Oppression is much deeper and systemic phenomena in the United States, than one isolated case of false detention.  However, Whitaker and other 'famous' celebrities of color discover that race permeates every aspect of life in America.  It is without doubt the culture of the New York deli is a perfect example of pervasive oppression.

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