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Sunday, April 9, 2017

SNL Does Trump W/ O'Reilly Icing

I am not a Saturday Night Live viewer,. Yegt from time to time, and increasingly so now that you have given Trump the Oval Office, I check for great video on the following Sunday. Well, last night's show was apparently a good show.  The opening segment is linked below via the Daily Motion. After that segment I have embed a classic segment with Alec Baldwin spoofing both Trump and Bill (hands on) O'Reilly.

SNL 4/9 - Video Dailymotion: SNL Alec Baldwin

A great segment.

When a president offers so much material from CNL, one has to know there is trouble in the administration.

If you need perspective, AOL News offers a brief and non detailed synopsis under the umbrella of Ruppert Murdoch's Company will investigate Fox News. A concept which is a bit perplexing since Fox News and O'Reilly have issued $13 million in lawsuit settlements to five women. And that is in addition to Gretchen Carlson walking away with $13 million based on surreptitious tapes of Roger Ailes,former Fox News head, harassment. AOL News

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WSJ Uses A Black Hitman To Go After MSNBC!

We never realized that News Corp. was so diverse!

Let's take this one from the top.  Around the change of 2013 to 2014, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry attempted to entertain viewers with an all too familiar "year in review" segment replete with a panel of comedians for insertions of frivolity.  We posit 'year in review" segments are mere time air-time fillers with no serious relevance to networks that have a news business model.  While the last comment may read as a bit 'stiff' and curmudgeon-like, we suggest such segments are best left in the domain of late night talk shows or SNL skits' especially when offered with comedians for "color commentary" (excuse the unintended pun... we sought a sports analogy) and presented outside the  scope journalistic standards . That said, Ms. Harris-Perry apologized for the comedian induced comments (she did not personally make the comments and at least one of her panel also issued an apology) and she did so with the most heartfelt emotional delivery as I have witnessed in the entirety of my experience with public apologies. While she did not make the egregious comments, she certainly partnered in developing the segment which included a planned set of words regarding the Romney photo. The apology was in order and professionally delivered.

If you read here often, you may know my personal beliefs and paradigm relates to: "apology. "If we manage ourselves with more critical thought, self-analysis of our actions, and consideration of ultimate impact on others, we will never need to issue an apology. In other words, "Check yourself out before exposing yourself to the need to apologize."

Let's move to another media episode that did not garner an apology. It, instead, was dealt with via lies about "tongue-in-cheek", charges of a lack of humor via (mainstream media), and an advertisement for the host network.

The Christian Science Monitor published the following video segment which covers the Megyn Kelly "White Sante and White Jesus" proclamations as thoroughly as any media. It is a bit long and the video quality is well shy of high definition, but it is comprehensive in scope and delivery.  We ask you to note Kelly's obvious management developed advertisement for Fox News after addressing the issue.  (Forget our racist segment, they attack us because we are "powerfuI.") Kelly may have issued an apology.  I did not see nor hear an apology for offending millions who feel Santa is a mystical spirit  available for the cultural interpretation of people who chose to portray the spirit in terms other than those postulated via "White Privilege". It is also important to remember, Aisha Harris was very careful in not suggesting that Santa is black.  She chose a surrogate object, we suspect  to facilitate humor and to avoid the very scorn reaped upon her article by the very racist Fox News network.  Oh, and Megyn Kelly was no more attempting tongue-in-cheek as I am singing this screed to you.  Her body language, matter of fact look into the camera and privileged host seat comments addressed the issue such that her predominant white audience would derive satisfaction.  And, she did so with an all white panel, while (for effect) inserting "Jesus" into her scornful retort to Ms. Harris. Hey, gotta reach those Fox News evangelicals!

We want to remind, Kelly is a non-credible news personality, before we move to more recent examples of Ruppert Murdoch owned and operated racist business models and 'mind-blowing' crass. Not only were her remarks at the end of the embedded segment ridiculous, contrived and uppity (Fox News uppity), her remarks should be taken in the same context as the following.

In 2011, RT News explored Megan Kelly and Bill O'Reilly's insane analogy of pepper-spraying a group of college protestors  as comparable to being sprayed with a vegetable!

Ok, so Megyn Kelly's position in the two segments above was that of a Fox News "tool." Why did we go there?

I am still re-running the first segment for a clear apology (again I may have missed it).  We remain astounded that Fox News management and producers took Kelly's remarks and inserted a commercial via use of the word "powerful" as an adjective in reference to the network. Much more significantly, we used Kelly's racism, in light of the current attack on Harris-Perry and MSNBC from Murodch owned Fox News, WSJ, and (employee) talking heads. Of course, Murdoch's management chose an obvious republican "Black" talking head to level charges of 'tokenism at MSNBC.  Why expose your criticism to counter scrutiny via use of a white talking head?  Facetiously, the impact is just not the same, and use of the black talking-head, in the minds of the feeble-minded and "privileged" conservative. Theoretically, the black critic carries more impact on conservative viewers. The bottom-line, "See the black guy said it so it is true and we canto be labelled racist."  If you need a quick example of how it works click this link.  

After the interview, Juan williams was hired by Fox News after being terminated from his contract at NPR. I read reports O'Reilly was instrumental Williams's hire after being fired as a result of his Fox News "color commentary" (pun in this case intended).

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal's Political Diary writer, Jason Riley joined WSJ Opinion Journal host Mary Kissel in a guttural attack on MSNBC that was clearly aimed at 'red meat' for the conservative WSJ audience and fodder for Fox News viewers.

If you give the segment a viewing, you will see how Ruppert Murdoch has taken US media to a level lower than olden days of "Yellow Journalism."

Jason Rile and Mary Kissel......

Before close let's have a little fun with a set of  quais-syllogisms.

A. Ruppert Murdoch owns Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.
B. Murdoch is staunchly conservative and competes politically and socially with MSNBC as new entities political enemies
C. We can assume that Murdoch properties and employees would reach the level of deploy nerve gas to win-out both politically and socially over MSNBC. 

A.  Jason Riley is a black person (many Black Conservatives do not care for the words "African-American.") who works for the WSJ.
B. WSJ management develops a video segment to disparage MSNBC and by default all African-American's hired by MSNBC.
C.   Riley's comments must be accurate because he is black. 
A point-on syllogism.

A.  All Murdoch properties work to advance conservatism
B.  The WSJ and Fox Are Murdoch properties
C. Therefore, MSNBC progressivism is a logical target for Murdochs conservatism

Jason Riley's remarks read as clear efforts to attack MSNBC and to do so with what he calls "mediocrities."

me·di·oc·ri·ty  \ˌmē-dē-ˈä-krə-tē\
: the quality of something that is not very good : the quality or state of being mediocre
: a person who does not have the special ability to do something well


WSJ Columnist: MSNBC Has a ‘Pattern’ of ‘Hiring Black Mediocrities’ to ‘Race-Bait’

Riley said that MSNBC has established a pattern of hiring African-American hosts that he describes as “mediocrities.” 
Riley, a Fox News Channel contributor, insisted that he “didn’t buy” Harris-Perry’s first tweeted and later tearfully broadcast apologies to the Romney family and to interracial families across the country.
“She suggested that it was sort of a segment gone awry,” he continued. “I somehow doubt that.” He said that the intent of that segment was neither “uplifting” nor “constructive.” 
RELATED: Ann Coulter Calls Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC’s ‘Token’ African-American
“I think the segment went exactly as planned,” Riley asserted. “Her apology was really about the blowback.” 
“I think there’s a pattern at MSNBC of them hiring black mediocrities like Melissa Harris-Perry,Michael Eric DysonTouré, and, of course — the granddaddy of them all — Al Sharpton, simply to race-bait” Riley asserted. 
He added that these and other MSNBC hosts routinely assert that “all of black peoples’ problems are caused by white people, and if you disagree with that, Mary, you’re a racist.” 
Riley concluded that MSNBC’s modest ratings are “encouraging” that there is little “appetite” for the kind of discourse he identified. However, he said that these points of view are not “representative of the larger black population” or “responsible.”
"Mediocrities." Jason Riley via his comments illustrates the lack of professionalism and seriousness with which Murdoch properties goes about it business.  He agrees to sit on camera to disparage 80 plus percent of MSNBC's African-American hosts and contracted pundits.
Riley specifically stated....
He added that these and other MSNBC hosts routinely assert that “all of black peoples’ problems are caused by white people, and if you disagree with that, Mary, you’re a racist.” 
The statement is so over-the-top hyperbolic and factually inaccurate, it is shameful. Shameful, but not surprising, if you are fortunate enough to have some understanding of conservatives 'yellow journalism.' 

Whenever, a person speaks in absolutes such as "all" and "every" it is virtually impossible to back-up the statement with data. Therefore, you reveal yourself to consideration of motive driven mantra spoken without a modicum of substance.

While MSNBC employees more African-American straight news hosts and talks news (opinion) host we question the wisdom and motive of Riley's attack on over half of the professionals.  

"Race-baiting -"mediocrities."  
Riley's choice of plural noun used as an adjective is without merit and hypocritical to keep my comment clean and civil.  First, his adjective denotes incompetence and a person possibly working outside the scope of effectiveness. His choice of word is wasted as we consider the education levels of both Harris-Perry and Dr. Eric Dyson. Both are learned professors who are more than capable of intelligent, cogent and relevant news related point-counterpoint with associate dialog. Al Shaprton's experience in matter of Civil Rights activism and advocacy, his research staff and production team more than qualify as a competent deliverer of news stories and analysis; as evident by his virtual mistake free broadcasts since the show first aired. Both Sharpton and Toure are capable and willing to speak frankly about matters of race as race due to the GOP is an everlasting and growing area of discourse. While, there are tiems when MSNBC hosts will label a subject racist, the charge emanates for host across the MSNBC racial spectrum. While would Riley's focus on African-Americans who work for MSNBC and who rightfully speak about racism, he criticizes without without inclusion of Chris Matthews who often and rightfully so, levels the charge?  You can answer that one! 

Should MSNBC apologize for staffing its programming with diversity unequalled among all major news networks? Should the network stifle what we all see as ever-present, over-the-top and growing examples of racism from conservative America and specifically some in the GOP?  Do you recall hearing either of the aforementioned msnbc personalities use the words "all black peoples' problems" when addressing the impact of racism and oppression from whites against black?  I watch MSNBC on 'the daily' and I have never heard such and I doubt MSNBC management would allow false assertions to the level charged by RIley. As to the matter of "watching," I do not recall Jason Riley speaking so very publicly about numerous and increasing racism from the GOP. 

In closing, allow me to revisit a topic that I have posited about since starting The Progressive Influence. Jason Riley's should think introspectively before use of the word "mediocrities" to denote his perception of people hired who are not qualified to speak on topics relevant to the mission of the network: news and news analysis.


The first image above is part of a revealing study in FOX "news leg-ology." If you watch carefully the subject in the blue dress appears to accept direction from off camera. In any case the hand-dress-raise is as intentional as my keyboarding this piece.

We ask, does Jason Riley and the Opinion Journal (WSJ) producers care to leer into their own corporate family for exampled of Riley's misapplied "mediocrities."  We are in no way asserting the photo subject above are "mediocrities."  We will, however, refer you to this very short audio clip from Grethcn Carlson, Fox News host, as we close.

Former Host Gretchen Carlson: "Pants Were Not Allowed On Fox & Friends"

We close with what has to be the perfect example of why no one from Murdoch's empire should speak related to "mediocrities." I am certain at least one of these people were hired for other than then mental acuity and commend of current events.  In fact the last gentleman pictured below is the perfect example of what Riley's speaks.

FoxNews blondes hired by Roger Ailes over the years.

If you are going to use the word or imply 'token', make certain that "Someone has shut the front door!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ignore Rush Limbaugh, Really?

Afraid not Mr. Shattner, afraid not...

It may appear I have gotten stuck on the Media web site.  Well, I am certainly not stuck on the site, but I will admit to much affinity for their work and the thoroughness of their monitoring and communication.  I am linking another Media Matters article below that deserves a thorough read. The article basically relates to why it is very much ill-advised to simply ignore the utterances and drivel of Rush Limbaugh and for that matter the 'goings-on' over on Fox Entertainer/Public Relations Network (AKA Fox News). while the Media Matters article focuses on Limbaugh of as an example  "we cannot afford to simply ignore" , I am going to briefly delve into a bit of Fox News with the cross-posted and linked Media Matters article below.

US electronic media has evolved into a form of  'political lobbying and persuasion' organism. Some of the major media outlets (of which there are only six) are managed very professionally and make what appears to be balanced efforts to report the news despite providing programming with intent to influence.  Yes, of course, some more than others, but I doubt even one of the six media conglomerates are free of programming that supports the network's political, social and editorial slant.  I offer a quick infograhpic to illustrate the point.

The infograhpic is a bit long, but there is little reading, so run through it and walk away more informed.