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Friday, October 20, 2017

Kelly's Failed Presser, Niger, Failed Leadership (VIDEO)

Yesterday many of us sat and watched Trump's Chief Of Staff Kelly step-up to the White House Press Corp room podium not knowing the path he would take in working to cleaning up yet another Trump mess.

The on-camera(press room) visit was somewhat pathetic, his demeanor was vindictive, and his running interface for his incompetent boss failed miserably. His admission that he gave Trump the words to offer to Sgt LaDavid Johnson's 24-year-old widower his mother his kids, and the world was shocking for reasons embedded in a social media post (below).

Social Media post
A moment among very few available moments. 
If you have no interest in your government and your future, don't read any further. Trump's Chief of Staff Kelly showed today why he is nothing more than a political dink, who was actually at the root of Trump's insensitive comments to the wife of Sgt LaDavid Johnson. If one is to believe him, and I am not sure I do in total, he handed his robot boss the words, the thought behind the words without any thought to the really whoever gave him the words upon his son's death in Afghanistan. Can he not make the cognitive and heartfelt connect with was speaking to a person who delivered the news to a Four-star General, not a 24-year-old mother of two and one at nine months pregnant who isn't very far away from finishing high school? A woman who's husband once worked at a local Walmart store and volunteered for military service. We also found the genesis of trump's comments about Obama and his predecessors didn't call Gold-star families (or at least some of them). No words about why it has taken 12 full days before trump was forced to comment on the dead soldiers (Crickets from the White House). No words about the reality; words have been shared from his boss which aren't standing up to a fleeting trait from the White House: Truth. No, Kelly is no saving grace for the US. He works for a dink and he is, in fact, a dink (spelling intentional). BTW, his and trump's use of the word: "woman" with emphasis is truly bothersome. Kelly also mentioned women have been denigrated from his past young life when he serves a serial genitalia grabber who once agreed with Howard Stern his daughter could be referred to as a "piece of ass." OK, back to more pleasant (but less important) stuff.

We should add a couple of points.

First, what was the significance or restricting presser questions to reporters who know Gold Star families? It seems as if silliness inherent in Trump and the likes of Steve Miller vs. a person some feel is an exalted four-star Marine general.

Next, a question. Kelly's comments followed an unnecessary description of what happens to our military killed in action prior to hand-off to the grieving families. The point totally fails me unless I allow myself to think in terms of a teenager who struggled to justify some ignorant action (or non-act) when cornered. The question. Could the 12 days fail to mention the ambush something which contributed to the long delay in speaking of the ambush? Kell's long description of ice filled caskets is a reality, but the point of going there at that moment seemed a form of deflection from failed leadership form the White House.

Also, the significance of Trump's poor leadership led to an abrupt end to the daily briefing. It seemed Trump and his adult day care staff felt they would punish the press by denying any opportunity to question about other matters of State. Of late, Trump has sat in meetings (once the cameras of turned on) with his arms folded. You and I both know that nonverbal position is very uncharacteristic for the hand and arm waving carnival barker. The abrupt walkout of the briefing seemed another form of defensiveness inherent in people who have much to hide.

Last night Lawrence O'Donnell spent 20 plus minutes of his hour on Kelly's briefing room comments.   O'Donnell's dissection of the comments was stellar and point-on.  (See below)

The utter ineptitude and insensitivity of the Trump White House are "stunning."

UPDATE:  I believe it is Murphy's Law which states (in essence) If the Worse can happen, it will happen. Wouldn't you know The Florida Congressional representative and family friend to the Jonson family has offered a Sun-Sentinel video of her remarks at the FBI Building dedication. It shouldn't take a leap to realize Kelly lied about her "bragging" regarding securing funding?  

When will conservatives realize technology is such there is always a metaphorical paper trail? 

It seems Kelly has an axe to grind with what we will call "women who rightfully stand tall" when faced with Paleozoic Era conservative dogma.

The Death of Four US Soldiers (WHY?) VIDEO

When journalist and research teams hit close to home with the prospect of hitting the head of the nail.  The following segment of The Rachel Maddow Show is without question a must watch. Oh, it is a very long segment (25 minutes), but the segment touches on a few reason why Trump and his fumbling Defense Department is reticent about mentioning the deaths of four US Special Ops soldiers.

Think the African nation of Chad, Passports and Exxon Mobil along with Trump's idiotic travel ban.  Could either of those items have contributed to the deaths of the four soldiers?

The thoughts are horrific. But, so is Donald Trump. StumbleUpon