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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Marco Rubio and His A Third Place Victory Lap


As I was running from political coverage this past Monday night, I was distracted from my television remote journey via the site of Marco Rubio's Iowa Caucuses victory speech.  First and foremost the speech appeared strikingly close the context and theme of a past set of speeches from candidate Barack Obama.

Nomadic Politics

Borrowing from Obama: Marco Rubio's Not-So-Victorious Victory Speech | Nomadic Politics

Even more striking was the reality of having tune-in to what was delivered as a victory speech and facing the reality of a Florida Senator (who hates his Senatorial duties) actually didn't even come close to winning Iowa. He finished a distant third behind two candidates who may better represent today's GOP. Have we come to a point that a candidate delivers a victory speech by coming in third ahead of a field of weak campaign candidates?  The answer to the question: obviously.

Crooks and Liars

Marco Rubio Gives Victory Speech For Finishing 3rd In Iowa

Marco Rubio and many of the pundits from the Mainstream Media are absolutely tickled that Marco finished in third place in the GOP Iowa Caucuses. Marco was over the top ecstatic himself, and his 'victory' speech hardly reflected a normal victory. Senator Ted Cruz finished first with 28%, Trump came in second with 24% and Rubio…