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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Debt Crisis and' Morning Joe' Producers (What were you thinking)

Debt Crisis!!!!

Yes, the nation's debt is over the top. The fact is not a new phenomena (problem).  What is interesting is how the RIGHT is using the nations' debt to completely stifle all federal government efforts to provide fixes in our economy where fixes are more critical.

If the Congress (Democrats in congress) has not proposed a dozen jobs bills, the word jobs would be completely absent from D.C. 'talk'. Of course, each jobs bill has been voted down by the GOP members of the House and Senate.

All conversation these days is on the debt ceiling. It is an issue that must be resolved but should the issue be such that all industrialized nations live in fear collapse.

The following videos are too long for a one time sit. I believe that one vid is 11:00 minutes long and length of the other vid escapes me.

Each vid was broadcast this morning on The Morning Joe Show, MSNBC... whenever I see Peggy Noonan on the Joe Show I anticipate the following:   Condescending demeanor, Conservatism with a twist of intellect (but still dangerous), loftiness, and a slight bit of moderation.  If you watch the eleven minutes you will come away with a balanced dialogue about this 'fabricated' issue.  The segment is fairly balanced but the inner workings and dynamics of the moments bother me in a total sense .Oh, by the way, what is with the 'hands on her hips' non-natural moment from Noonan:  loftiness and a tad showboaty.

The major reason for my psoitng the firs vid is the dialogue from the two Show guests.   Jeff Milon Harvard University Economics/ Sr. Fellow CATO Institute and Josh Ttyrangiel, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, posit on the nations debt/budget crisis.  There are a fewer interesting dynamics beyond the message for the segment.  After a long and somewhat rambling but relevant introduction from Tyrangeil, Jeff Miron speaks and lays clear (via implication) blame for the current issue on entitlement programs.  Yes, our leaders are guilty of typical American planning (equals none) in not working to fix entitlement programs long before now.  Tyrangiel gets an opportunity to accurately portray the crisis from another perspective: Revenue , entitlements, etc.  The Harvard guy never once mentioned revenue during his first opportunity to speak.  After Tyrangiel laid out a balanced case for pending doom, Milon 'for the rest of the segment, "I agree with Josh...As Josh stated'.

Meanwhile Noonan goes through her, "I am stuck on me' contribution to the segment. I find it really crafty how a conservative like Noonan can almost give off an air of a moderate independent. My compliments on her ability to perform as an effectively cloaked conservative: She may even fool quite a few people.  Watch and listen to her speaking parts if you can skip around a bit.

Back to my point for this article.

While I am not very aware of the CATO Institute, I do not recall ever hearing about the organization as progressives speak. Well, it took me one minute to find out why.  Peruse these exerts from  the CATO Institute web page.

About Cato 
"The Cato Institute is the foremost upholder of the idea of liberty in the nation that is the foremost upholder of the idea of liberty." - George F. Will
The Cato Institute is a public policy research organization — a think tank — dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace.

I suppose I received my answer about the CATO Institute and I received another little enlightening moment.  Milon is a typical Harvard Business (economist) who is well attached to a conservative 'think-tank'. If not countered by Trangiel of BusinessWeek and specifically questioned about Trangiel's remarks by Mike Barnacle, I have to wonder if Mr. Milon would orchestrate a nice anti-progressive dialogue between he and Noonan.   Informed and less than gullible people are good at watching for nuance. If one buys the Noonan and Milon argument for its surface message, one would walk away thinking the sole problem with our debt ceiling (debacle)/budget issue is social programs.  If Milon was going to start with Social Security, he might have thought to mention that the "CAP" is practice that should be considered for elimination.

In a fairness the segment is a good one, if one approaches it with a strong degree of askance. "UUUUM, why did that person...go there"?  Evidence to support my 'askance' point.  Watch Noonan, ever mindful of the time remaining in the segment, turn to the CATO conservative and ask about '......what type of President?" Well, Ms. Noonan rest assured that the type of president is not embedded in a John McCain and it was not embedded in a George (the Younger) Bush!

The second video below is a segment of the lofty Noonan. If you decide to watch the second video, watch Noonan's, sickeningly condescending non-verbal demeanor.  After exposing yourself to the non-verbals, think about other guest to such shows, ever recall such behavior.  also notice the damned near fall out of her chair as she mentions the debt ceiling crisis.  The crisis is a crisis because Republican and fiscally conservative independents, including libertarians, have made it a crisis.  It is about paying our debts...not a carte-blanche for more spending!  It is not a 'big-government guidepost per se.  Even if it was such, where was Noonan, Milon and the rest of the choir of others who are now taking increasing the debt ceiling to the level of all-out revolution?

After her hyperbolic exhibition of snottiness, NoonanThe Wall Street Journal. I do not read the Journal; gave it up when Murdoch...wait a minute who?  When Ruppert Murdoch purchased the publication and `folded it' neatly into his bag of conservative propaganda outlets-.  I hope Noonan's article was not placed on the WSJ Editorial Page.   

Did Noonan call the President a loser?

Now, ask yourself.  You work for a conservative newspaper which is owned by a far Right-wing (extremely elderly) multi-billionaire, and your earnings from the WSJ may approach seven figures.  Do you think you would find any redeeming qualities in any Democratic President? Now factor-in other dynamics associated with President Obama.

Noonan works for the WSJ!  

Ahhh, the WSJ.

Even John McCain recently spoke sarcastically about the WSJ Editorial page as he approached his knee-dragging butt whipping by, of all people, Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity could not conduct an interview that would extract 'serial hamburger eater' confession from this guy......
"Will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a Hamburger today"! Wimpy (Popeye and Friends) 

Within seconds of sitting on Hannity's Show, McCain was groveling, demurring and anxiously agreeing with every word from the FOX News PR guy.

The real crisis associated with raising the debt ceiling; The fact that it has developed into such a dangerous issue. It should have been signed months ago and could be signed overnight.  There is time to deal with the deficit and budgets after raising the ceiling.

Alas, raising the ceiling does provide opportunity for the RIGHT to tie-up the President and DEMs  such that they cannot focus on jobs, Infrastructure and other economy improving issues.  But, then I have joined that club of folks who feel that RIGHT does not want an improved economy and they do not appear to want an improved unemployment rate.

President Obama shares some level of blame, I agree.  He has compromised with these people far too often. He also allows the RIGHT to dictate issues for which he becomes immersed.