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Saturday, March 2, 2019

North Korea Accuses Trump Administration of Racism

 A couple of former Trump employees agree

During last weeks Michael Cohen House Committee Hearing, Cohen made this statement:

As clear as the accumulation of an early morning snow storm. As horrible as Trump stating "there were fine people on both sides" as the nation moved away from its most visible and "in-your-face" exhibition of Anti-Semitism and racism since the 1940s: Charlottesville, VA.  The evidence is mounting, America elected its most racist President since Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson.

Image result for charlottesville murder Murder of an anti-racist protester via car. Doesn't ISIS espouse murder by vehicle? 

 Image result for charlottesville murder Murder

Trump and his White House communications operatives have proclaimed Trump as non-racists since taking office. Despite years of evidence of overt racism associated with the Trump family and reports of Trump disdain for blacks handling his casino money, we have turned away from the ugly reality.

Trump is a stock and barrel racist of the most heinous sort. One who could work to move some people away from both closet and overt racist acts; yet he refrains. US Presidents not only have that social power, they, in recent past US History, have spoken out against racism and anti-Semitism.

As Trump's racial facade fades into the reality of a racist in the White House, we are seeing some of his former associates speaking frankly when asked the direct questions.

Here is such an example. The CNN segment if about 5 minutes in duration, but don't forget information is valuable and often comes with a willingness to expend tie and effort.
After Trump's recent international flow with the dictator of North Korea (AKA Chairman Kim via Trump), isn't it noteworthy North Korea has latched onto Trump's leadership as a conduit to a more racist US? Newsweek linked, here.

If you didn't visit the link, consider.....

“White Paper on Human Rights Violations in the U.S. in 2017,” issued by the Institute of International Studies in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“Racial discrimination and misanthropy are serious maladies inherent to the social system of the U.S., and they have been aggravated since Trump took office,” the paper read. “The racial violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 is a typical example of the acme of the current administration’s policy of racism.”
Yes, the white paper was developed by the most repressive regime on Earth, but should any US Administration lends itself to such criticism? North Korea has been a US adversary for decades. What is it about the current administration which allows such a regime to target the US? I offer Donald J. Trump is that national weakness. 

The real tragedy?  Ninety-percent of Republicans support Trump to the letter and well over 80 percent of conservative support Trump. Now, what does all of that say about American conservatives and conservatism?


Sunday, July 8, 2018

As Trumps World Turns: Charlottesville And Fired Engineer, Trump, North Korea, Immigrant Discharged From Military, Tariffs, GOP In Russia

Image result for trumpism definition
Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpism - Slang by

The times of Trumpism: Anti-Jewish and Anti-Black protest..and the aftermath.

Earlier in the week we ran across posts regarding the continuing efforts to ID and expose white supremacists who attended the Charlottesville torch rally. Recall that rally: "Jews will not replace us."   

A Northrup Grumman Ph.D. candidate engineer is no longer employed by the defense contractor.  

The hand and fist wrapped racist pushed an African-American man to the ground and repeatedly punched him. When open wraps their hands as if preparing for a boxing match, one should be in a boxing ring and not representing white supremacy while working for a defense contractor (with a Secret Security Clearance). It should be noted the racist engineer defies false belief that hardcore racism is the exclusive domain of Baby Boomers.

Image result for michael miselis punches protester
 White Supremacist (Engineer) Defense Employee Fired
I can't help but wonder if our efforts in commenting via the defense contracts website assisted in the infamous entity to the US unemployed. 

On another front, Trump and his secret cadres are seeking out and discharging immigrants for the US military. Many immigrants joining the US military with a promise of citizenship. well, promises out of the Trump machine are tantamount to flatulence in a hurricane.

     This photo provided by Panshu Zhao shows Zhao at the White House on April 21, 2018. Zhao is one of dozens, if not more, devastated immigrant military recruits and reservists struggling this summer with abrupt and often inexplicable discharges and can Promises broken.

As we speak about Broken promises as a form of lie, misleading statements and general what has to be expected from Trump, we simply must touch upon a couple of high-level lies and utter disrespect for two American War Heroes.

Exhibit One:  North Korea returning Korean War casualty remains to the families of the fallen heroes.  An over-the-top disgraceful lie.


“And I understand ... that they’ve already sent back or are in the process of sending back the remains of our great heroes who died in North Korea during the war,” Trump said at a Cabinet meeting. 
Trump, who met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at an historic summit in Singapore earlier this month, said on Wednesday the remains of 200 American servicemen had been sent back. 
Two U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that while North Korea was expected to return the remains of soldiers in the coming days, they had not yet been returned.
How low will the nation allow Trump to slither before a time of reckoning? Was it actually necessary to lie to the families of the fallen soldiers?  Was the optic with North Korea so important the short-term excitement among his supporters was worthy of the longer-term revelation of a lie? 

As Trump prepares for another round of "suckle with the dictator" the "deal: lies he told are unraveling like a windblown comb-over.  The North Korean delegation (NK)  which met with Pompeo shows signs that Trump's secret talks with Kim left many with misperceptions.  The least of which seems to be the North Koreans. Why wouldn't the NK delegation expect discussions of de-nuking from Trump's man in the State Department?  Quite probably because Trump and Kim did not discuss de-nuking.
Apparently, the GOP or maybe Trump functionaries in the GOP (with visions of rubles in an election year) spent the Fourth of July week execute what can only be described as unctuous groveling to a group of Russian officials. The wayward GOPers sought a pre-Trump/Putin meeting with the Russian leader but met with "....he is too busy." 
 Image may contain: 5 people, text

While the GOP is courting Putin's government, Trump's tariffs are reaping hell on US farmers, manufacturers, and middle-class employees. One German auto manufacturer with the largest auto assembly plant in the US is threatening to close its South Carolina facility if Trump ups tariffs on the EU.  Well, you might think, you don't really care, after all, it is a German company, not a US company.  Well, how about US farmers who grow and export Soybeans to China. 

Is it actually possible Trump's economic advisers failed to consider the reality of Brazil as the most agricultural nation on Earth?  Take a quick look at a chart from the linked Bloomberg article.

Bloomberg linked

What follows represents a couple of stark examples to go along with other horror stories available via a simple Google search of companies affected by Trump's tariffs.

Despite being halfway through the 2018 calendar with the mid-term elections looming in the fall, I cannot help but think back starting at Trump 2017 at the annual CPAC Oozfest.

Thirteen percent (13%) believe; Trump is honest.

A US President sets the tone of the nation while serving as a guidepost to the free world. When a president lowers themselves to the depths of Trump, humankind is at risk.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Three Released From North Korea

The three US citizens held in North Korean work camps have been released. There isn't any better news so far in today's news cycle.

We knew the release was pending at the same time we were reminded a few days ago of Trump's claim for accolades.  

As everybody is aware, the past Administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a North Korean Labor camp, but to no avail. Stay tuned!
Well no, a couple of the prisoners were taken in 2017 after the largest inauguration in US history.

Earlier today Keith Boykin posted a tweet which further highlights Trump's daily regurgitation of lies.
Do you think we will have any day in which Trump doesn't offer the world a bundle of lies?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Quick HIt: USS Carl Vinson Headed Towards Korean Peninsula? "NO"

Do you recall this: Trump on North Korea's Kim Jong Un: He's doing the wrong thing

Image result for us navy's uss carl vinson aircraft carrier naval groupIf you have fallen for Trump Administration saber rattling, or Trump and Pence idle threats against North Korea, you should know the New York Times is reporting there is no naval armada headed to the Korean Peninsula.

The New York Times
WASHINGTON — As worries deepened last week about whether North Korea would conduct a missile test, the White House declared that ordering an American aircraft carrier into the Sea of Japan would send a powerful deterrent signal and give President Trump more options in responding to the North’s provocative behavior.
The problem was, the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the four other warships in its strike force were at that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean, 3,500 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula.
Read More linked above
If the Times story is accurate, think of the implications. Is the Trump administration so inclined towards lies and misinformation they would attempt to bullshit the world? What message does such unprofessional and readily discernible military posturing "behavior: send to US adversaries and allies? If the USS Carl Vinson wasn't headed towards the Korean Peninsula, is it possible Russia wouldn't know differently (and share such with Kim Jong Un)? How could high ranking military leaders follow Trump into the world of reality TV?

If the story is true, we have again fallen for another case of Trumpism.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Anonymous To North Korea.....

We are often intrigued by the hacktivist exploits of Anonymous. After the revelations of the Steubenville,  Ohio Rape case our intrigued quickly became a commitment to align and serve.


Anonymous communicates with North Korea.
"Threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death."
An Anonymous Pastebin (while part of the post excerpt below this is a must read now or later)

Anonymous claims first strikes against North Korea

Warwick AshfordFriday 05 April 2013 09:21

Members of the Anonymous hacktivist collective claim to have launched the first strikes against North Korea as part of its Operation Free Korea. 
Earlier this week, the hactivist group threatened North Korea with cyber war if the country’s leader Kim Jong-un does not resign and install free democracy in the territory.

Anonymous is also demanding that North Korea abandon its nuclear ambitions and give universal and uncensored internet access to its citizens. 
The threat was made in a message posted to Pastebin that also claimed that 15,000 membership records had been stolen from the Uriminzokkiri website. 
Anonymous also claimed that it had access to North Korea’s local intranets, mail servers and web servers. 
Now the group claims it has forced Uriminzokkiri offline and breached the state-run website’s Twitter and Flickr accounts. 
The accounts have stopped sending out typical content, instead the Flickr account posted a picture of Kim Jong-un’s face with a pig-like snout, according to the Belfast Telegraph. 
The paper said the accompanying text reads: "Threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death." 
A series of postings on the Uriminzokkiri Twitter account said "Hacked" followed by a link to different North Korea-related websites. 
In addition to taking down Uriminzokkiri and its social accounts, Anonymous has defaced books and music store Ryomyong and a website belonging to a North Korea-linked political group, known as AINDF.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Jong-Il’s Korea – A Human Rights Hell On Earth

Cross Posted from Mario Piperni dot Com

Human Rights Watch on the death of North Korea’s tyrannical sociopath, Kim Jong-Il.

Kim Jong-Il exercised total control for 17 years over one of the world’s most closed and repressive governments. He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of North Koreans through widespread preventable starvation, horrendous prisons and forced labor camps, and public executions. Kim family rule, starting with his father, Kim Il-Sung in 1948, is projected to continue with Kim Jong-Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un.]